Part 97

Josh's mind must've been racing big time 'cause he couldn't decide what to do, who to do, or how to do it. "I've never even dreamed of being in a situation like this!" he said, throwing his arms into the air. "I don't even know where to begin!"

"You can begin with me, dude," Steve laughed as he caused his boner to slap his abs several times. "My balls are fuckin' bustin'."

"Chill, Steve." I returned my attention to Josh. "When you found out earlier today that four nude teens were here, what were you thinking?"

"I dunno. I guess I just wanted to come look."

"He means gawk," Paul giggled.

"Shuddup, Paul. Have you ever sucked cock, Josh?"


"Would you like to?"

Josh shifted his weight from one foot to the other, shrugged, and raised his hands palm-side up. "I guess."

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, man. We all suck each other's cocks. It's no biggie. Who do you wanna start with?"

The kid's bug eyes travelled slowly from one rock-hard boner to the next. "They all look fucking awesome," he mumbled softly. "Maybe you guys should decide."

"Tell ya what. How about you get down on your knees and we'll all stand in front of you. You can suck on each cock for maybe a minute, then suck on the next one. We'll give you tips on how to improve your technique as you go along. Sound cool?"

"I guess. Do I have to swallow if you blow?"

"There's no law that says you gotta, Josh, but we all do. That's the best part."

"You gonna suck me afterwards?"

"You bet your fucking balls we will... at least, one of us will."


"The guy who offloads last. That'll mean we'll all try to hold back our juice for as long as possible. Everybody agree?" All heads nodded.

Paul was at one end of the lineup while I was at the other. All eyes were on Josh's face as he pulled Paul's pulsating six down level with his lips, then sent them along the length of my bud's smooth, white shaft. Every now and then, Josh would glance up at Paul's face, searching for some indication as to how his performance was rating. From where I was standing, it looked totally fucking wicked! I was already dripping pre-cum.

"Keep your lips tight and use your tongue more," Paul said as Josh moved to Benny's throbber.

Benny locked his hands behind his head and arched his back as our novice sucked furiously on his boner. There was something extra sexy about Benny's armpits, and the way his well-defined pecs stretched upwards and formed a thick layer of muscle that hung from his shoulders. I could see how his ribs wrapped around to his flat stomach, and the pronounced V-shaped lines that travelled from his hips down to his small bush of black pubes. "Whoa!" he giggled as Josh moved along to Steve. "You're doing pretty damn well for a beginner, dude."

Steve wasn't as nuggety as Benny -- he had a slimmer, more fluid kinda build -- like an athlete's or a dancer's. He ran his hands through Josh's short, black hair as the kid sent his lips back and forth along Steve's rigid pole. I could tell by the look of absolute bliss on Steve's face that Josh was learning the tricks of his new skill pretty quickly.

By the time the kid had arrived at my meat, a long, silvery thread of pre-cum was dangling from my piss hole. "Stick your tongue out, dude," I ordered, and watched my blob of cum settle on his tongue before he swallowed it. Then, he spent a moment just sucking the head of my dick. He was probably enjoying the way his lips rose and fell as they bumped over the high ridge of my knob. That was something I liked to do, too, when I sucked guys. To me, the shape of a cock's head was fucking way cool design, and full-on erotic.

Josh was having major trouble deep-throating my seven inches, and gagged noisily each time his nose pressed against my patch of blonde pubes. "Tilt your head back a little, Josh, and try to relax your throat muscles."

Pretty soon, it was Paul's turn again. The first thing I noticed before Josh wrapped his lips around my bud's knob was that all four dicks were at full mast, each dripping pre-cum like a leaking faucet. "This is fucking murder," Benny complained. "My balls are aching like you wouldn't believe!"

"Mine too," Steve agreed. "I'm ready to blow a fucking truckload!"

As for me, I was determined to hold onto my load 'til last 'cause I wanted to be the one to give Josh his very first head job. Nobody ever forgot the first time they offloaded into somebody else's face.

Josh had just removed Paul's glistening, spit-covered meat from his mouth when Paul panicked. "Put it back in, put it back in! Fuck! I'm gonna blow!" He grabbed Josh's head and shoved his fat six inches between the kid's lips -- and just in the nick of time! Josh's eyes were as big as plates as he tried valiantly to cope with Paul's thrusting hips. "Aaahhhh!" Paul groaned with each jet of his sticky prize. I could see Josh's Adam's apple working overtime as he tried as best he could to swallow Paul's exploding boy juice. Some of my bud's jizz was leaking from the corners of Josh's mouth and dribbling down his chin. What a fucking horny sight! Woohoo!

Finally, Paul's balls were dry. He allowed his still-hard cock to flop outa Josh's mouth, then used his knob to scoop up the cum that was still stuck to the kid's chin. "Lick it off, dude. All of it. We don't waste boy juice around here." Josh obeyed, sending his pink tongue on its clean-up mission until every last drop of delicious spooge had disappeared from view.

"Jeez!" Josh gasped, "is it always like this?"

"You're about to find out, dude," Benny laughed, then maneuvered his throbber towards our apprentice cocksucker's face. "Enjoy my boy juice, buddy."

I glanced often at Benny's face to see if he was revealing any sign of offloading before his turn was done. He must've been pretty close to it 'cause he'd shut his eyes and screw his face as if he were in some kinda pain, but he managed to last the distance without firing a shot.

Steve wasn't so lucky. When his time was almost up he yelled, "stop! stop!" But it was too late. Steve grabbed Josh's head and pulled his face to his groin. I watched his knees buckle and his back arch as he rammed his throbber down the kid's throat, then unleashed his torrent of thick, sticky cream. He roared so loudly, I figured everybody around the fucking bay would've been able to hear him.

Josh took a few moments to turn his attention to my hardon. He was still trying to force the last of Steve's load past his tonsils. "Fuck! That stuff is so damn sticky!" he laughed. "Tastes pretty cool, though. Better than I thought it would."

By this time, Josh had learned how to use his lips and tongue to set fire to my dick. He was sending me to seventh heaven, but I was determined to save my juice 'til Benny had offloaded his. It wasn't easy, though. Every time I felt my balls slap against the kid's chin, I wanted desperately to grab hold of his head and fuck the shit outa his face, but I resisted long enough to keep my load in my hangers.

"Aren't I doing it right?" Josh asked, gazing up at me with his sexy, dark brown eyes.

"Fuck, dude! You're driving me fucking insane!"

"Then how come you didn't blow?"

"I wanna be the one to give you your first head."

"You do?" A broad grin spread across his cute face, and his eyes twinkled in the soft light of the torches.

"Yeah," I smiled. "I do."

"Sorry, Daniel," Benny interrupted, "but I'm the one who's gonna blow Josh's lights out."

The kid took Benny's wicked looking, cut cock between his lips and began sucking as though his very life depended on it. I could've been wrong, but I got the impression that he was trying to make Benny blow so that I'd be the one who got to suck our new friend.

Paul, Steve and I watched Benny's face like hawks. He was gritting his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut. Then, suddenly, he'd reached the point of no return. His adolescent voice reverberated across the water as he let out an almighty yell. "Ohhhh, fuuuuck!" He grabbed two handfuls of Josh's black hair and thrust his hips forward. "I'm cummin', I'm cummin'." Josh was gagging and swallowing big time as our teen bud unleashed what seemed like a fucking gallon of boy juice down Josh's busy and willing throat. When his balls were finally spent, he moaned, "Damn! I blew it!" We all cracked something serious at the double entendre.

The other guys sat on the sand to watch as I stepped in front of the kneeling Josh. His face, lit by the romantic light of the flickering flames, looked so damn sweet and angelic as he gazed up at me. He wasn't saying a word, but I could read the silent message in his dark brown, smiling eyes. I pulled his face to my crotch and rubbed my balls across his lips.

"Mmmm, you smell so damn nice, Daniel," he sighed, "kinda like spicy and warm. It's just so damn sexy! It turns me on something fierce!"

"Who's gonna lick my ass while Josh blows me?" I asked.

Within seconds, three horny teens had scrambled around behind me in the sand. Only one tongue had made it to my hole, the others had to be content with my buns.

"Those guys love you, Daniel."

"I love them, too, Josh. We all love each other."

"Jeez, I should be so lucky."

"You are now, dude."

The combination of somebody's hot, wet tongue invading my rosebud, coupled with the electric sensation of Josh's lips and tongue riding my hard teen meat, and so many hands exploring my legs and ass cheeks, was just too much to handle. I was already as hot as fucking hell from watching all the other guys being sucked, so it was only a matter of moments before I felt my boner thump the roof of Josh's mouth and begin to shoot a bucket of sticky juice down his throat. I avoided thrusting my pelvis, though, because I was enjoying having my ass tongued as I jetted my load. As it turned out, it was Benny who'd had his face jammed between my globes. Lucky kid, I thought.

Josh was still as hard as a rock, and couldn't piss. But the rest of us did -- all over Paul's nicely muscled bod as he knelt on the sand before our wildly spraying dicks. It was totally fucking awesome to see three jets of piss splashing all over his cute face and tanned chest, and jetting into his open mouth.

"He actually likes that?" asked a dumbfounded Josh as Paul headed for the water to clean himself.

"Sure he does. Lots of guys do."

"But why?"

"He calls it godpiss."

"He thinks you're gods?"

"In a way, he does. It's a kinda hero worship thingy. It's not easy to explain, 'cause I idolize him, too, but I'm not into being pissed on. Are you?"

"I guess I've thought about it some."

"Cool. We'll have some more beer and piss on you later."

"Jeez," Josh laughed, shaking his head, "never in a million fucking years would I have thought I'd meet a bunch of guys like you. Never in a million fucking years."

"Well, dude, it's time for the big moment. I'm gonna send you to a place you never thought possible. You're gonna remember this for the rest of your life, man."

"It's that good?"

"It's that fucking good. Trust me."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Bend your knees and fuck my face for all you're worth, dude. Don't hold back. If I gag, forget it. Just ram your throbber home until your balls are dry. Got it?"

"I'll try."

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