Part 99

Benny was mad as hell but laughing at the same time after the guys had shaken the last of the piss from their semis. "Damn! I never thought I'd ever live to see that! Woohoo! That was just too fucking wild for words, man! Awesome! Jeez, if I'd known that you were gonna let Josh and the guys piss all over you, I would've saved mine instead of drowning Paul."

"Too bad, dude, you missed out. That was the first and last time, bud. Anyway, I gotta go wash in the bay."

"Hang, Daniel!" Paul yelled after I'd taken just a few steps toward the water. "Was it cool? You were laughing, so I guess you thought it was cool. Was it?"

"I can live without it, man, but I guess it was OK." The salt water was maybe ten degrees below air temperature, and felt like a comforting, liquid cloak as it surrounded my skin. Considering how hot and humid the weather was, it was the perfect way to cool off. Pretty soon, I was joined by the rest of the guys, jumping and splashing around like fucking ten-year-olds.

Josh swam over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, I'm sorry Paul and Steve kinda joined in uninvited. I didn't mean for that to happen, Daniel."

"No prob. I'm still alive. Anyway, how did it feel?"

"Pissing on you? I dunno. Kinda fun, I guess. We were all laughing -- even you."

"So you didn't feel superior? You didn't feel like you were humiliating me?"

"Fuck, no! Why the fuck would I wanna humiliate you?"

"It's an attitude thing, I guess. Some guys are into watersports 'cause of the humiliation thing. But that's not why I do it to Paul. He just likes being pissed on."

"I wonder why?"

"I heard that!" a familiar voice yelled. "Anyway, Josh, you said before that you'd fantasized about it."

"Yeah, I've thought about it some."

"What do you think about, exactly?"

Josh disappeared under the shimmering, inky surface for a moment, then emerged flicking the water from his black hair. "Man, this is the life -- nude, free, no hassles..."

"You're avoiding my question, Josh!" Paul insisted. "So what do you think about?"

"You'll laugh at me."

"So what if we do? You've joined the crazy club, dude... we all laugh at each other... that's what makes it so fucking cool."

"Well," Josh began slowly, even nervously, while allowing his body to sink until only his head was visible, "you're the kinda guys I fantasize about when I'm jacking off... y'know, awesome looking, no hangups, laughing, natural... all that shit."

"Hate to disappoint you, Josh, but you haven't said anything funny yet." By this stage, Steve and Benny had overheard what was going on and swam over to listen to the convo.

"It all started when I was about twelve. I had this crazy dream where I was laying on my back and a bunch of dudes were standing around me, pissing. I woke up and freaked. What kinda fucking dream was that? How the fuck did that come outa my own head? I thought I was some kinda weirdo."

"Is that it? Is that the whole story?"

"No. It was after the dream that I kinda got interested in piss -- not my own or anything -- but the way some guys pissed. I mean, a guy standing at a urinal is like lamo -- nothing special. But a guy pissing into the wind like he's making some kinda statement -- well, that's kinda cool -- erotic, even. There's a certain arrogance about it, a kinda message that says he can do what the fuck he wants to."

"But what if the streets were full of guys pissing into the wind?"

"Then the magic would be gone. It's only fun if it breaks the rules. If everybody pissed in public, there'd be no rule to break. In some third world countries, guys do piss in the streets. It's no biggie. Do you understand? It's not the piss that's exciting, it's the guy's attitude that makes it exciting -- depending on the guy, that is."

"Like how?"

"Well, like you guys. I mean, I never think of some nerdy guy pissing on me... not even most guys... only some guys... guys like you."

Josh's head sank below the surface again, and I had to wait until he reappeared. "What makes us so special?" I asked, knowing full well that we were about to have our egos massaged.

"Jeez, take a look at yourselves, dammit! Fit, tanned, young..."

"No different to you, Josh."

"On the outside, maybe, but on the inside it's a different story. I could never hope to be like you guys."

"You're doing pretty well so far," I laughed. "Anyway, with all this piss talk, I'm busting. Any takers?"

Paul was outa the water and kneeling on the sand in a flash, closely followed by Josh. As I casually waded toward the beach, I couldn't resist cracking up at the sight of the two dudes looking like wide-eyed puppies begging for their dinner. Steve and Benny had also exited the water, but I figured they just wanted to watch, which was cool with me. What was the point of a show without an audience?

"You'll have to fight over it, guys," I grinned as I stood over them and locked my hands behind my head. My cock was half-hard and hanging in an arc away from my blonde pubes when I relaxed my bladder to let the flood begin. I arched my back a little so that I could observe what was happening below. Big mistake! It was so fucking hilarious to see those guys pushing and shoving each other to remain in the path of my torrent that I just couldn't help laughing my tits off. And the more I laughed, the wilder my piss stream became, making it almost impossible for Josh or Paul to anticipate what direction it was gonna take next. Steve and Benny were cracking up something serious, too, as my dick flopped about, sending my pee every other which way.

As the night progressed, we sank a few more beers until we were all feeling pretty merry. Occasionally, during the laughter and convo, someone would stand and piss all over someone else, but not over me. I'd already made it clear that once was enough. It was a fucking awesome sight, though, to see Paul or Benny or Steve or Josh place their beer on the sand, rise to full height, choose a victim, then drench them from head to toe.

But the funniest scene was one time when Benny was so involved in an argument with Paul about whether black guys could sing rhythm and blues better than Joe Cocker that he stood, still holding his beer, and pissed all over Josh without so much as a pause in the convo. I fucking cracked big time to see him waving his hands around and talking while his cock was spraying the hell out of our new bud -- as though it was totally fucking incidental to the argument.

And the more we drank, the more often we pissed. I was the only dry dude on the beach. The others were wet from top to bottom, with their shimmering tans and muscular bods reflecting the light from the flickering torches. Our combined laughter and excited voices must've drifted across the stillness of the bay for everybody to hear -- even if they couldn't make sense of the noise, or identify the individual words. Jeez, if they had, we would've been dead teen meat!

The alcohol had given Josh the courage to be outrageous -- well, outrageous to him, normal to us. "Do you guys really think I'm hot?" he said as he stood and flexed his biceps.

"Ugly as shit," someone laughed.

"No, seriously, man! Nobody's ever told me that I'm hot. I always figured other guys were hot, but not me." Josh puffed out his well-defined chest, bent his arms and caused his lats to bulge. "This is what you get from windsurfing a lot," he boasted with a wide grin. "Comes from hanging onto the sail all the time."

"Lemme feel your muscles," I said as I stood and approached him. I placed my hand over one of his biceps and felt the steel hardness of the contracted lump of muscle beneath his warm, velvety skin. "Cool bicep, man." Then I ran my hand up and down his lat but, by this time, three other pairs of hands were eagerly exploring the dude's wicked bod.

Josh was obviously pleased with the favorable comments from all of us, as well as the sight of four teen throbbers -- five, including his. "So I am hot! You've all got boners! Woohoo!"

I moved around behind the kid, pressed my hard meat against his ass crack and put my mouth to his ear. "You've never been fucked before, right?"


"Are you scared?"

"Believe it."

"You can say no if you wanna." Just as I spoke, I felt something hard between my ass cheeks. When I glanced over my shoulder, I recognized Benny's cute, smiling face. Then, his expression changed to one of surprise. Paul was behind him. A second later, Steve was behind Paul. "All aboard!" I laughed, then returned my attention to Josh. "You can still say no if you wanna."

"I'll be OK. Just be gentle. This is my first time, dude."

While I was using my spit to lube my throbber and Josh's sweet ass, I felt Benny's monster begin to enter me. Whoa! Maybe it was only six inches, but it was fucking thick enough to split me in two! "Easy, Benny! Easy!"

"Chill, Daniel. Yow!"

"What's up?"

"Paul's all the way in! Jeez!"

As Benny's solid, pulsating meat slid further into me, I pressed my swollen knob against Josh's spongy rosebud. "Ready, Josh?"


"Just relax, man. Open your ass muscles, and try not to squeeze until I'm right inside. OK?"

Pretty soon, we'd all gotten into a rhythm so that we were pumping in synch -- four teens fucking the hell outa the guy in front -- except for Josh, of course. If we'd been able to form a circle, he could've been fucking Steve. Maybe we'd get around to that later.

I didn't know about Paul and Steve, but Benny was squeezing the hell outa my pecs while I was grabbing handfuls of Josh's as we fucked the willing ass ahead of us. Josh's hole was as tight as a fish's -- which wasn't surprising since he was -- well, until recently, a virgin. His ass muscles were gripping my rod like a clenched fist as I slid in and out, and sending me to seventh heaven. My whole body was alive with thrills that zapped throughout my nervous system like bursts of electricity. At the same time, it wasn't like you'd normally fuck a dude. The sensation of Benny's boner ramming my hole, and his groin slamming against my globes with each aggressive thrust, accompanied by a primal grunt in my ear and a rush of hot breath, kinda divided my attention between fucking and being fucked simultaneously. It was a totally awesome experience that defied adequate description.

One by one, we groaned in anticipation of shooting our loads. The night air was filled with a loud chorus of teenage voices that sounded like an out-of-tune choir. Groins thumped asses. Hands squeezed pecs. Teeth sank into the soft flesh of necks. Boy juice flowed freely. Muscles contracted. Bodies convulsed. Knees bent. Feet shuffled about in the sand trying to maintain balance. Then, with one more long groan, we all arched our backs and rammed our rock-hard throbbers all the way home for the final explosion of sticky jizz. Whoa!

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