Part 104

Benny was pretty pissed that the brothers had disappeared from the window when it came his turn to be blown. "Damn! Just when I was ready to…"

"Chill, you guys," Josh interrupted, "we've taken enough fucking risks already. If those kids tell their folks…"

"That they snuck out at midnight to spy on another trailer?" I laughed. "Yeah, right."

"Hey, this is our last night here," Steve said, "let's do something totally rad."

"Like what?"

"I dunno. Daniel's pretty good at coming up with rad ideas."

"There's no pedestrian crossing around here," Paul giggled.

"Something rad?" Josh grinned. "Hey, there are five nude, horny teens in a trailer, and that's not fucking rad? Jeez, what kinda lives do you guys lead?"

"Just the usual," Paul mocked, shrugging his shoulders.

"You're forgetting something, guys." Benny bent his boner down and let it slap back against his firm, flat abs. "I'm still waiting to fuck Daniel's face."

"Awwww. Poor Benny! How's Daniel supposed to come up with a rad idea if you've got your fucking throbber jammed half way down his throat?" Steve argued, then looked at me and grinned. "So Daniel? Got any ideas?"

"Well, like you said, it's our last night here, so I figure we should think about Josh and give him something to remember us by."

"Like what?"

"Yeah, like what?" Josh echoed nervously.

"The whole box and dice, dudes, the whole kit and kaboodle -- everything happening at once."

"Such as?"

I opened the door of the trailer to check if the coast was clear. A couple of trailers still had lights on, but there was no sign of life outside in the park. "It's cool. Follow me." I led the guys -- all of us nude -- to a grassy spot not far from the water's edge. There was enough illumination from one of the park's night lights to see what we were doing, but not enough to make it too obvious to anybody else who might venture out of their trailer for a breath of fresh air.

As arranged, Josh got down on all fours. Paul knelt at his face while Steve slid on his back between Josh's legs until his face was directly below Josh's hangers, and Benny knelt over the top of Steve's chest so that his throbber was aimed at Josh's ass. Meantime, I'd been pouring the beer down my throat. "OK, guys, don't take too long -- I'm gonna be busting for a fucking piss pretty soon."

I watched as Benny spat on his six inches, then lubed Josh's hole. Steve was already sucking on Josh's boner while Paul was sending his shaft between Josh's lips. The plan was that all the guys would try to offload together -- which would be my signal to piss over Josh's face while he was swallowing Paul's boy juice.

It was totally fucking rad to see four, good-looking, tanned teens fucking and sucking simultaneously, but it was especially awesome to watch Benny's shiny, sweating pecs and lats twitching and popping as he gripped Josh's hips and slammed his crotch against Josh's butt with each of his eager thrusts. It seemed like everybody was having a pretty cool time, 'cause the expression on each of their tensed faces was one of pure ecstacy. Whoa!

While all this unbelievably erotic activity was going on, I was drinking the beer hoping that it would send a signal to my bladder just at the right moment. I wanted this experience to be one that Josh would never forget. That thought made me laugh. Fuck! How the hell would he ever forget this?

Sure enough, Benny let out a yelp which was quickly followed by Paul's. The other guys couldn't make a noise -- apart from gulping and gagging -- 'cause their faces were stuffed solid with exploding, rock-hard teen meat.

I aimed my semi-hardon at Josh's face and let my piss stream loose. I could see his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he forced each of Paul's sticky wads past his tonsils, while his own hot lava was jetting down Steve's throat, and Benny's was filling his sweet ass. It was so damn cool to watch my torrent wetting his cute face as three pairs of balls emptied their creamy prize in unison. Way too soon, though, it was over.

Steve, of course, was the only one whose load was still intact, so I suggested that Josh lay on his back while Steve knelt over his chest and fucked his face. By this time, Benny and Paul needed to pee. "Wait until Steve offloads," I ordered, "then stand behind Steve and piss between his legs.

"Ohhhh, shiiiiit!" Steve moaned as his balls rested on Josh's chin, and his throbber had completely disappeared between our bud's lips. I watched two snaking jets of piss trying to target Josh's face which was being filled with boy juice, but it was hidden behind Steve's smooth, spread ass and tight nads. Those, and Josh's chest, copped most of the deluge as it splashed wildly in all directions. But it was still a totally fucking excellent sight! Woohoo!

After a quick swim in the bay, we headed back to the trailer. "So now you know what rad really means," I laughed.

Josh put a hand on my shoulder and forced me to stop walking for a moment. "I'll never be the same again, Daniel. Never. Meeting you and the guys, but especially you, has been… Well… I'm fucked if I know how to explain it."

"Some things just can't be explained, Josh," I grinned. "Gimme a hug." The two of us stood with our arms around each other, bathed in the soft, yellow light of the park lamp for a minute or two, then followed the guys back to the trailer.

"Hi, mom! Hi, Andy! Where's Greg?" I didn't have to ask where Kyle was 'cause the damn frisky ball of black and white fur was almost licking me to death.

"He's gone to the mall with Lindy. How did the camping go?"

"It was cool. We met this rich kid and he had this totally wicked boat with skis and everything and then these other guys stole our stuff but we got it back and then we stayed in Josh's trailer and…"

"Put all your stuff away, settle down, and tell us the story when you can punctuate your sentences," mom laughed. "But give me a hug, first."

hiya Daniel!

Ya know this week is gonna be totally wicked! On wednesday and friday im performing. Wednesday is the usual gig at the Jazz Cafe. But Friday is something special. There is this council that likes to put on shows and the such. So they're puttin' on an open mike show with some scheduled performances before hand. I'm gonna be on stage for 45 minutes just doin my thing. but only 15 minutes of that will be solo stuff. Its just a tad stressful.
Next Saturday Tom and I are gonna do some recording. I'm not sure if i'll send ya anything, it really depends on how the recording sounds. Although i have fun playing with Tom (not like that) doing solo stuff is just more satisfying. Hey! I'm talking music here Daniel!
But that's not why im writing. Nope. Ive got some wicked news for ya! IM COMING TO TAMPA! Pretty cool huh? The guy who runs the council thingy is friends with the promotions guy at your mall and he asked me if I wanted to play a gig there. A gig? With Daniel in the audience? WOOHOO! Ill be there in a week from now drivin in my new car! Tell your mom to stock up on creamsicles.
Well i gotta go slay some dragons... yippie! Byegones!


A week from now? Jimothy wrote that email just before I'd gone on the camping trip, so that meant… "Hey, mom! Jimothy's gonna be here in a few days!"

"Who's Jimothy?"

"He's this totally cool musician guy who sings and stuff and he's got a gig in Tampa!"

"A gig?"

"Y'know, a job… a job performing, like singing. Can he stay here in my room?"

"How well do you know this Jimothy?"

"Like he's my bro. We've been emailing like for ever. He rules. Can he stay, mom?"

"It's fine with me if it's fine with Andy. He's out in the garden."

"Andy? There's this…"

"I overheard you in the kitchen. A musician, huh? Does he do drugs or anything like that?"

"Drugs? Of course he does! His eyes are always bloodshot and hanging outa their sockets on springs and he's always falling over or crashing into walls. Y'know, the usual stuff."

"Don't get smart with me, Daniel. I just wanted a simple answer to a simple question."

"Well, if you knew me as well as mom does, you'd know that I don't do drugs and I don't mix with guys who do. Is that good enough for you?"

"OK, OK… gimme time." He paused for a moment. "I'm sorry, Daniel. I didn't mean to jump to conclusions. If he's a friend of yours, of course he can stay."

"It's OK, Andy. Anyway, you're gonna love Jimothy. He…"


"Yeah." I paused at the back door. "Big time!"

After returning to my room, I answered Jimothy's email, and explained that I'd been away for a few days on a camping trip, which was why I hadn't gotten in touch sooner. "It's cool with my folks if you wanna stay with us. Hey! It's gonna be so fucking wicked to meet you after all this time. Woohoo! I'm getting so damn excited my baggies are dripping already!"

There was a stack of other mail which I answered as quickly as I could. Kyle was doing fine and getting his fair share -- correction, more than his fair share of hot cock. Danny was having a hard time 'cause his best friends had left town to attend colleges outa state. Anyway, I did my best to console the poor fucker -- but email had its limitations. By the time I was done writing to the rest of the guys, Greg had arrived home. "Bro!"


It felt mighty good to have my long-haired bro hugging me again, and to feel his strong arms and the warmth of his body pressed against mine. "Did you miss me?"


"Don't gimme that fucking bullshit, Greg."

"Did you miss me?"

"Nope. Hey! Guess who's coming to stay for a while?"


"Jimothy! My bud -- the one you think is a weirdo."

"Hey, I was wrong about that. OK? Let's not get into that shit again. Anyway, how was your camping trip?"

Greg and I ditched our clothes and skinny dipped in the pool while I told him about the camping adventure, but I was careful to kinda gloss over the bits that I thought might piss him off.

"Jeez! I wish I'd been there to piss on those fuckers who stole your stuff. That was an awesome plan Josh figured out. How come all the exciting things happen to you?"

"I'm home. Isn't that enough excitement for you? Anyway, are you and Lindy kinda getting it on?"

"She's way cool company, and we connect, but that's about it."

"I can understand that, bro. You've still got the hots for me." And with that, I dove and swam underwater to the other end of the pool. After I'd surfaced, I sang, "Greggie's got a boyfriend, Greggie's got a boyfriend" until he started to give chase. But I was outa the pool and standing on the lawn before he realized where I was.

"You're dead meat, bro!"

"Gotta catch me, first," I laughed.

For the next ten or so minutes, he chased me around the yard. It was just so fucking cool to be goofing off with my bro again, and giggling like crazy, as we zig-zagged and darted every whichway. When he finally did tackle me and bring me crashing to the grass, he pinned my arms and sat on my heaving chest. "I guess I did miss you, you little shit."

"Yeah, I guess I missed you, too."

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