Part 123

Jason looked at me as though he'd just read his school report -- straight Ds. "I dunno if I can do this, Daniel."

"Do you ever work out naked in front of the mirror?"

"Sometimes." He paused. "OK, a lot."


"'Cause I can see my muscles, and how I'm doing."

"But why naked?"

"Can we change the subject?"


"OK," he sighed as he sat beside me on the bed. "I guess I kinda think about stuff. Y'know, what people might think if they saw me like that."

"And what would they think? No! Let me rephrase that. What would you like them to think?"

"That I'm kinda hot, I guess," he shrugged while gazing at the floor.

"And are you?"

Jason lifted his brown eyes and studied mine. "That's not for me to say, Daniel. You've seen me. I don't look anything like those dudes in the posters."

"I'm glad you don't."

"So if I do work out naked in front of you, and I mean 'if', what are you gonna be thinking?"

"You sure you wanna ask that question?"

"I guess not," he grinned. "I'm helluva nervous, though."

"You wanna know something? So am I."

"You? Nervous? Yeah, right."

"Hey, since that night when I saw you after Dick delivered the pizza, I kinda knew I wanted to be your bud. Don't ask me to explain it, I just knew. Psychic or something."

"Me, too."

"Anyway, I also knew that if I told you all about myself, you'd probably fucking freak big time."

"I did."

"But I figured I'd be cheating if I didn't. You've got no fucking idea how my mind's been spinning the last few days. If this, if that, if fucking whatever. If, if, if. And you know what's really weird? It's like I need another friend like I need a second fucking navel. I've got heaps already."

"Friends or navels?"

"Hey, you know something? You've got a totally wicked smile, man. It lights up the whole damn room."

"So why me?"

"I guess that's the $64 question, dude. I dunno. It's like we don't always make decisions about things. They're kinda made for us, sometimes."

"You've got me so damn curious now. What exactly do you like about me?"

"Well, I haven't seen your dick yet, so that doesn't count right now," I laughed. "I'm not sure. I think it was when you yelled for me to stop after Dick had delivered the pizza. You ran down the path and your shirt was unbuttoned. It caught the wind and it kinda flew open and I got an eyeful."

"Of my chest?"


"But it's just a chest, man. All guys have chests. It's no biggie."

"Maybe not all chests have guys… I mean, guys that kinda grab your attention. Besides, just a minute ago you were telling me you left your shirt on 'cause… never mind. Anyway, so then I saw your face and heard your voice, and it was like 'whoa'! I gotta get to know this dude."

"But I didn't do anything special."

"Jeez, you're fucking thick! Anyway, I guess I've changed my mind about you working out nude. I shouldn't have asked."

"Tell ya what. You do it, and maybe I will."

As I undressed, I was not nearly as confident as I usually was. I couldn’t remember a time when I was so damn conscious of being scrutinized by a pair of eyes that weren't sympathetic to the cause. What the hell was he gonna think? Anyway, I stepped outa my boxers and threw them on the bed. Even my dick was nervous. It was kinda shrivelled by my standards -- lucky to be four inches, with more wrinkles than Methuselah.

I stooped to pick up the barbells from the bed while avoiding Jason's eyes. Hey? This was me? Where had my ego gone? Fuck! Not one hour ago, I'd been pissing in Paul's face!

I was up to about the tenth curl when I took a chance and glanced at Jason's face. His eyes were on my dick. Well, that did it. From that point on, it grew and grew until it was seven inches of hard teen meat pointing skywards -- but I continued with the weights and pretended to be focused on working out.

"Hey, Daniel, don't overdo it, man. You'll strain something."

It was a relief to drop the weights on the bed. My arms were beginning to feel like fucking lead. "So?"

"What did I think? Yeah, I guess I can understand what Paul sees in you. You're not ugly, that's for sure."

"And?" My throbber was barely a foot from his eyes.

"You mean that?" His eyes lowered for a second to indicate my crotch. "Yeah, pretty impressive, I must say, and I've never seen blonde pubes before."

"So what's the verdict?"

"Well, I guess I'm kinda feeling that it's OK to… admire… is that the word? Maybe appreciate another dude's attributes… not like in a mag where the dude can't see you, but like here in the same room."

"You crossed your legs."

"Yeah," he blushed. "Had to."

"You said your chest was only a chest, so why isn't my dick only a dick?"

"Are you kidding? I've never seen one that close before, or that fucking big. Jeez, it's fucking frightening!"

"Does it make a diff that it belongs to me?"

It took a while for Jason to answer that one. "Yeah. I guess it does."

"And what about the rest of me?"

"Do I get a prize if I answer all these questions correctly? Huh? Is this a quiz show? Hey, man, what do you want me to say? You're impressive, OK? But it's not like I wanna rape you or anything. And I get your point about being confident about who you are. You looked totally cool while you were working out, and it showed… but not like you were tripping on your own importance. No, that's not quite right. You were, but it was cool," he grinned. "And it was totally awesome the way your dick looked so proud to be hard, like it was a statement or something."

"I was scared shitless at first."

"Honest? 'Cause that's how I feel right now."

"Hey, Jason," I said as I joined him on the side of the bed, "I've got this theory about stuff that scares us. How long do you wanna be scared? All your fucking life?"

Jason didn't answer, but it was obvious that he'd formed an opinion. He stood and began to lift his t over his head. Damn! He had the most wicked torso -- probably no better than mine, but it demanded to be admired. I couldn't take my eyes off his lats and pecs as they rippled with each fluid and erotic movement. Then he dropped his jeans and pulled them off his bare feet. When he was upright again, and standing in his tented shorts, he smiled the most self-conscious smile. "I'm gonna hate myself for this." I watched as he lowered his shorts and revealed a bush of brown pubes. "Promise you won't laugh."

"Just fucking get on with it."

The elastic waistband of his boxers rode slowly down his thick, solid shaft until it arrive at his knob, then his boner bounced out as if it had finally been released from prison.


"It's not that big."

"Big schmig. It's perfect!" Damn! Why the fuck wasn't he gay? I wanted to eat that piece of hard teen meat right there and then. OK, so it was maybe five and a half, but it was the dope -- cut and smooth, and with a wicked shaped knob. I could almost feel my lips bumping over the high ridge, and my tongue working its piss hole -- not to mention swallowing a bucket of his delicious boy juice.

"You're just saying that," he grinned as he threw his boxers on the bed. "It's nowhere as awesome as yours."

"Jason, listen up. I've seen a lotta bods and a lotta dicks. Yours rock. So don't gimme any shit about size or whatever. See those guys on the posters? They've got bigger muscles than you do. Do they look better? Not in my book, man. You're way awesome."

"I wish I could believe you."

"Jeez!" I threw my hands in the air in a gesture of exasperation. "I don't fucking believe this! Hey, do your thing and just watch my face. OK? Hang! I just thought of something. Forget the weights. Do like the bodybuilders do -- pose and stuff. K?"

"You mean like this?" He put a fist to his forehead and twisted his other arm behind his back.

"Yeah, like that. Woohoo!"

"Feels kinda weird being nude, though."

"Doesn't look weird, man. Looks hunky as hell."

"OK, if you're sure it's cool."

"Just fucking do it!"

As he went through his pose routine, I was hanging like hell to fist my boner but I daren't. He was skittish enough as it was without my adding to his trauma. The surprising thing was that, despite his nervousness, his cock remained hard, and slapped his belly when ever he made a sudden move. Damn, that looked hot!

"You wanna see my back muscles?"

"Yeah, cool."

Back muscles? OK, so he was broad shouldered and well developed, and they looked totally wicked, but my attention was riveted on his buns and how tight they were. Every now and then, as he posed, they would dimple and, somehow, accentuate the narrowness of his waist and the curve of his muscular thighs. Hot!

"Hey, do you do any calisthenics thingies? Like touching your toes?"

"Sure," he said, turning to face me.

"I was hoping you'd stay with your back to me."

"But how could you….? Oh! I get it. Jeez, Daniel, are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"What am I saying?"

"If I touched my toes while I was facing away from you… well, hell, man. Is that what you wanna see?"


"Fuck, man, don't gimme that fucking innocent look. You know what I'm talking about!" Even when he was angry he was too cute for words.

"Well, dammit, your buns are so fucking tight I couldn't see anything… I mean, I could see stuff but not… well… not everything."

"Everything? Lemme get this straight… No, on second thought, I don't think I wanna know."

"Forget all that shit. How did it feel posing naked in front of an audience?"

"To tell you the truth, it was kinda scary watching your eyes running over my bod like a pair of sex-crazed hands. That's why I turned around."

"But did you feel good? Anyway, you must've 'cause you've still got a boner."

Jason put his hands on his hips, rested his weight on one leg and hung his head slightly. "Yeah, I guess I did feel kinda good. It was like I was being appreciated… kinda like how I fantasize sometimes in front of the mirror."

"Hey! That's way cool! That's how you're supposed to feel!"

"But I also felt guilty 'cause I was tripping on the attention."

"Hey, dude. Einstein didn't keep his theory of fucking whatever hidden in his fucking sock drawer 'cause he thought it might look like he was boasting. Get real, dude!" Well, I didn't expect Jason to crack as much as he did. He was practically legless, and caused me to become hysterical as well.

"OK," he said after the giggling had ceased, "you're saying it's OK to flaunt whatever you've got."

"Go to the top of the class, dude. Hey, it's almost seven. I've gotta jet."

"One more thing. You were joking about wanting to see my… well, you know."


"But it's just a… I mean…"

"That's what you said about your chest."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 124