Part 132

While we were waiting for the pizza to arrive, Jo and Freddie asked Jason if he wanted to check out their rooms. As soon as he'd followed them into the house, Dick approached me. "Hey, Daniel, you wanna piss on me now?"

"Did you organize that?"

"Yep," he grinned.

For a fleeting moment, as he stood above me with his muscles bulging, and his monster schlong pointed at me, I kinda understood what pissing on a guy was all about… and even entertained the idea for a second as I visualized a torrent of liquid gushing outa his knob. Some guys had a way of intimidating you, but in a way that was welcome. It was a bit like when we wrestled… one guy would overpower the other for a while, then the roles would be reversed, but we'd be laughing the whole time. And there was something kinda neat about being pinned to the ground, with your bud grinning down at you.

"Guess we'd better swap positions," I cracked. "If I piss from down here, I'll be the one who gets it."

"Piss?" Paul yelled as he came running toward us. "Are you gonna piss on Dick?"

"What's the prob? Jason's not here."

"No, but I am!"

"Hey, dude, settle. It's not like it's gonna be my last. Anyway, maybe you guys can share it."


Paul and Dick sat shoulder to shoulder on the grass while I stood in front of them, and let them have the full force of my golden stream, which alternated between their faces and chests. It was then that I realized that Steve, Frank and Benny had gathered around to watch Paul and Dick being totally drenched. Pretty soon, three more cocks were in action, spraying piss like mini firehoses.

We'd all returned to the pool when Jo, Freddie and Jason emerged from the back door, carrying several boxes of pizza, and a couple of large bottles of Coke. "Lunch time, guys! Let's have it here under the pergola."

As the rest of us crowded around the table, Jason took three slices of pizza and placed them on a plate. "These are mine. Dick told me all about the 'extra mozzarella'. Noooo thanks!"

"Me, too," I agreed, then put three slices of pizza on my plate.

"What's this?" Dick asked. "Daniel's wussing out? Hey! I don't believe it." Then he took the lead, and began to jack his awesome seven over the opened boxes of pizza. He was soon joined by everybody except Jason and me.

"I figured I could live to be a fucking thousand and never see anything like this," Jason murmured as his bug-eyes were transfixed on the action. He watched the seven throbbers spit their successive long, white strands of boy juice, each of which draped over the pepperoni, ham, and olive toppings until the pizzas were saturated with fresh boy cum. "Jesus! I see it, but I don't believe it! How could you guys…?" He shook his head. "Unreal."

"It's only fresh protein, dude. If anybody gets food poisoning, it won't be from the jizz."

"Hey, I've lost my appetite. I think I might jet." He got up off his chair, and prepared to leave.

"Can you do me a fav before you go?"


"Jack over my pizza?"

"You're outa your fucking tree, Daniel. And I'm outa here. Like now!"

"Jason. Check out your dick, man. It's a skin-splitter. Seems like your boner doesn't agree with your other head."

"What the fuck are you guys staring at," he demanded as he scanned the grinning faces of the other dudes.

"Hey, Jason," Benny rose, and stepped foward. "I figure I'm kinda qualified to say something here. Daniel freaked me out big time when I first met him. And you know something? Since then, I've figured out a few things. It's like what Daniel just said about having two heads. One gets filled with a bunch of stuff from other people, and the other just acts naturally. So which one are you gonna listen to?"

It took what seemed like ages for Jason to respond. He looked at my pizza, then at me. "You serious? You really want me to jack over your pizza?"

"Only if you wanna. I saved it, remember."

"I thought you were grossed out… like me."

"Were you really grossed out?"

"Maybe not," he shrugged. "More like kinda shocked, I guess."

I moved my plate closer to Jason's boner. "So?"

"In front of the guys?"

"Hey, you just saw what they did. And their pizza's getting cold."

"You said it, Daniel." And with that, Dick took a slice, and shoveled it into his sexy mouth. The rest of the guys followed suit while Jason tried to come to terms with what he was witnessing.

"I can't do it," he said, eventually.

"No prob," I grinned, and got behind him. "Stop me if you wanna." I wrapped my fist around my bud's boner, and began to stroke it. At the same time, I placed my other hand on his chest, and let my fingers explore his firm, muscular pecs. I sensed that he was incredibly tense, as well as nervous, but he didn't ask me to stop. I guessed that the head of his throbber was winning the argument.

"Ohhhhhhh, shit!"

A huge wad of boy juice exploded outa his swollen knob, flew through the air, and splattered over my pizza like a little melted snowball. That was followed in rapid succession by another, then another. With my one hand, I could feel his heart pounding like crazy, while my other tried desperately to keep his bucking boner pointed at my lunch. Meantime, the other guys were cheering like they were watching the home team score the winning goal at the last possible moment.

I gathered the last drop of juice from Jason's cock with my finger, then spread it over a piece of pepperoni. "Time for lunch," I grinned, before lifting a slice of pizza to my mouth. "Mmmm, your juice is still warm, dude."

"Of all people," he said at last.

"Say what?"

"You! Daniel! The man!" He watched me take another bite, and chew. "This is totally fucking unreal!"

Just then, Benny saw another opportunity to make a comment. "Yeah, Daniel's the man. But he's also one of us. It's not like any of us is better than the next dude. Sure, we all puff out our chests and parade around like we own the fucking world, but we're all equal. Y'know?"

"Yeah," Dick laughed. "We're all fucking heroes around here."

"Except for one, maybe."

"Cut the crap, Jason," I interrupted. "You're just as good as anybody here. Maybe better."

I figured I'd already pushed Jason to his limit, and probably beyond, for the day, so I took his pizza inside the house and warmed it in the micro. I hadn't realized that he'd followed me until I heard his voice behind me in the kitchen.

"Whaddaya mean, maybe better?"

I handed him the plate of cumless pizza, then closed the micro door. "You're kinda innocent, I guess."

"You feeling guilty?"


"Can I eat my pizza here while we talk?"

We sat at the kitchen table while I watched in silence as Jason demolished a couple of slices of pizza. "Mmmm, this is damn good."

"What did you wanna talk about?"

"About me being innocent." He licked his fingers, then picked up the third slice, which drooped as he held it a few inches from his mouth. "If I hadn't met you, I'd still think jacking was gonna gimme a hairy hand. So much for innocence," he smiled, then took a bite of pizza.

"Are you saying that what you've seen here today is cool?"

"Not sure," he replied casually between chewing and swallowing. "But I don't think it's uncool."

"So it's cool?"

"Not uncool."

"What's the fucking diff?"

"Hey, I'm innocent, remember? What the fuck would I know?"

"I wanna know something. What were you thinking when I was eating my pizza with your juice all over it?"

"Truth? It was way freaky, man. Whoa! Way fucking freaky! My head was a fucking mess, man. I mean, like you're taking me on one helluva fucking roller-coaster ride here, Daniel."

"You wanna get off?"


For the rest of the afternoon, I let Jason chill with the other guys so he could get to know everyone a bit better, and vice versa. I was pretty impressed with the way the guys handled it… they were way cool, and kinda took Jason under their wing. There was a bit of cock grabbing, and goofing off, but everyone was careful not to go too far… whatever that meant.

At one stage, I swam up to Dick while he was sitting on the edge of the pool. "How's the Rabbit going?"

"Keeps me broke, man. But I dig the car. It's me, y'know?"

"You're so damn lucky being old enough to get a license. When I get mine, I'm gonna get a job delivering pizza."

"Why wait?"

"Yeah, right… delivering pizza on my BMX or roller blades?"

"I mean, why wait for a job? You and Kyle still writing?"


"He tell you about his jobs around the hood?"



"You mean like gardening and washing cars?"

"Why not? You want money, dude, you gotta go look for it."

"But there's already guys out there with fucking lawnmowers and all the pro shit. Who the fuck would wanna hire me?"

"Lemme tell you something, Daniel. If I didn't know you, and you came knocking on my door looking for odd jobs, you'd be hired in second, especially if you were naked," he cracked.

"Yeah, right… and busted big time."

I swam away, and began wrestling with the guys again, but an idea had begun to take shape in my mind. Suddenly, it clicked. I made my way to the side of the pool, lifted one leg, and planted my foot on the tiled edge. "Whoa!" My asshole had been stabbed by somebody's finger. "Who the fuck was that?" I hauled myself outa the water, then turned to study all the innocent faces. Something told me that Freddie had been the culprit. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. I've got a really neat idea. Let's all sit on the lawn and talk about it."

We sat in a circle, facing each other, while I told them how we could all go into business, and make a fucking fortune.

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