Part 140

I was swimming naked in the pool when Greg arrived home late in the afternoon. He ditched his shorts on the lawn, and dove in.

"How did it go, bro?"

"I'm totally fucked! You said the jobs were washing cars! I had to vacuum the interiors, the trunks, blacken the tires… you name it. And when I thought I'd done everything, the dudes would find something else to do."

"If you'd been ugly, you would've been outa there in ten minutes," I cracked.

"I've never been gawked at so much in all my life… except for you, of course." He scooped a handful of water, and sent it flying into my face.

"Anybody hit on you?"

"Nah… just gawked. Did that old dude come around?"

"Yeah… it's all pretty cool now, though. Your dad even shook his hand."

"Hey, listen, I'm sorry I kinda jumped to conclusions…"

"Don't worry about it. No biggie. Anyway, maybe it's just as well… kinda got a lotta stuff into the open."

"Not about you and me, I hope."

"Nope… just about Pop. So how much did you make?"


"Cool… you owe me six."

A third naked teen flew through the air, and splashed down. "Hi," Paul beamed as he surfaced, with his shiny black hair clinging to his forehead and scalp. "I made eighty bucks today! Cool huh? Easy stuff… cleaning leaves outa gutters, collecting trash, kinda tidying up stuff." He swam to the edge of the pool, and hauled himself up onto the timber decking, giving me an eyeful of his spread buns, and his delicious rosebud. "I dunno if I wanna do this kinda work every weekend, though. Maybe we should have a roster system where we only work alternate weekends or whatever. Whaddaya think?" He was standing at the edge of the decking, dripping wet, preparing to dive back in, but waiting for my answer first.

"I'd almost forgotten how hot you look."

"Jeez! Don't gimme that! I've had eyes drilling holes in me all fucking day! Must admit, though, I kinda got used to it. It wasn't so bad, I guess. Anyway, whaddaya think of the alternate weekends thingy?"

"I figure it's up to each dude to decide when he wants to be available… but we'll have to let Freddie know a month in advance, so that he can take care of the bookings."

By then, Greg had exited the pool, sneaked up behind Paul, and pushed him into the water. "Whaddaya mean how hot he looks?" my bro demanded, with his hands on his hips.

"Hey, I put both you guys to shame, anyway," I joked, then turned my back on my bro as he leapt into the air, held his knees to his stomach, and bombed me.

Mom had invited Paul to stay for dinner… mom's home-made pizza! Woohoo! Irre-fucking-sistible! So the three of us guys got busy in the kitchen, helping mom to prepare all the fresh ingredients for the topping, while Andy kneaded the dough. "It's a good thing Ned's not here," he said, quietly.

"You mean 'cause we're naked?"

"I know I shook his hand, and I know he seems to be a responsible adult, but I just can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong. It's just not normal for an older person to be interested in teens."

"Let's not discuss that again," mom pleaded. "Once was more than enough."

"Sorry, Nancy… I just can't shake the feeling."

"Hey, Andy, it's not like Pop hangs with us or anything. Did you see the look on his face when I offered to lend him my blades? Damn! That totally cracked me up."

"Anyway," mom interrupted, "I think the main point to emerge from today's meeting was trust… and I'm not talking about trusting Pop, I'm talking about trusting Daniel. Do you trust Greg?"

Andy stopped kneading the dough for a moment while he studied his son's face. "Yes," he smiled. "And you're right, of course, Nancy. It is about trust, and it is about trusting our children. We can only lead them so far, then the rest of the journey is up to them."

Mom and Andy decided to watch the TV news while they ate their pizza. Meantime, the guys and I sat cross-legged on the lawn to devour ours. "Kyle! Dammit! Your dinner's in your bowl, man! Over there! So get your black nose outa my pizza! Why is it that dogs figure that our dinner's gotta be better than their dinner?"

"'Cause we won't eat theirs," Greg laughed. "And they're smart enough to know it."

"So what was all that shit about the old dude?" Paul asked, despite having his mouth crammed to absolute capacity with food.

"Just a load of bullshit. It's cool now, though… well, kinda. I don't think that Andy's completely convinced."

"About what?"

"Andy called Pop a pedo at one stage… and I've got a feeling that Andy still thinks he is."

"Is he?"

"I dunno. He didn't hit on me. And I kinda gave him a hard time."

"Like teasing?"



"'Cause teasing's way cool fun. Hey, we all tease each other, right?"

"But an old guy?"

"You had to be there, dude. He went all redfaced, and got totally flustered. Man, that really cracked me up big time. He didn't know which fucking way to look… well, he did, but it was like he'd gone into some kinda trance. Besides, I think he enjoyed it. Being flustered, I mean. It was like we were playing some kinda game."

"You must've known that you were safe," Greg reasoned.

"Yeah, I guess I did. I didn't really think about being safe, though… I just kinda knew that I was. You know how it is… it's kinda like an instinct."

"So you figure the old guy doesn't wanna suck your cock?" Paul asked.

"Maybe he does… but I wouldn't offer, and he wouldn't ask." I glanced at the two boners opposite me. "You guys got something in mind?"

"Hey!" It was as though Paul had just remembered something important. "Do you think your folks suspect anything… like with us?"

"Dunno," I shrugged. "They haven't said anything."

"Yeah, but like we're always nude and shit… and I sleep over."

"So?" I turned to Greg. "Has your dad said anything to you?"

"No. Anyway, why would he? I'm straight, remember? OK, dudes," he announced as he stood, and brushed the crumbs from his body, "I've got a bit of homework to catch up on before school tomorrow. See ya 'round."

Paul and I watched Greg's firm, dimpled buns disappear into the house.

"Hey, Paul. You wanna get wet in the pool?"

"Nah… I've got homework to catch up on, too. Guess I'd better jet."

"Not before I fuck your lights out, bud. When I saw that pinky of yours this afternoon… whoa!"

Paul laid on his back on the grass, lifted his ass with his hands, and threw his legs into the air. "You mean this one?"

"Damn! I've really gotta fuck that thing!"

"Lick it first," he grinned.

"Cut the crap, Paul. Let's get into the pool. That way, it'll look like we're wrestling or whatever if somebody comes."

"Lick it first."

I gazed at his wrinkled rosebud for a moment and studied its pink and brown colors, and the way it sat there like a winking bullseye between his smooth, golden buns. "Yeah, well, it's kinda tempting."

"I know you love it."

"Get in the pool."

"Not before you lick it."

"Dammit, Paul! What if somebody comes?"

"You've never worried about that before. Anyway, you're the one who's always saying that the risk heightens the thrill." Then he gave me his trademark, cheeky smile. "Mmmm, imagine your tongue licking all the way from my hole up to my balls, and back again. You can taste me, Daniel. You can smell me, Daniel. You can't resist me, Daniel."

"Teasing bastard." I leaned forward so that I was on all fours, then pressed my face to his wide-open globes. I was immediately in his power, intoxicated by his warm, spicy boy scent. At first, I licked the surface of his skin, then worked my way up to his hairless nads, which were perched above his ass like a couple of ripe gooseberries.

"Oh, fuck, Daniel… that feels do damn good. Jeez! Don't stop."

Using my elbows to support my upper body, I placed my flat hands on his ass and forced his buns further apart so that I could get my tongue inside his tasty hole, which he'd relaxed to make it easier for me. Even so, my nose was squashed against the hard muscle below his balls, and it was difficult for me to breathe. After a minute or so, my tongue had begun to ache, so I had to stop.

"You should buy a fucking giraffe, Paul. Have you seen the tongues on those damn things? Anyway, one good turn deserves another." I got to my feet, stepped forward a little so that I was standing above his head, then squatted over his face. "Go for it, babe."

I was helluva tempted to jack off as his wet, warm tongue explored my hole and hangers, but I wanted to save my truckload of boy juice for his sweet rosebud. I had to admit, though, I could've quite happily hovered above his face for hours, just luxuriating in the wicked attention that his lips and tongue were giving my balls and asshole. Damn, it felt awesome! Kinda relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Paul suddenly and unexpectedly got a clear view of the setting sun, and the crimson-streaked sky, as I sprinted to the pool and dove in. When I'd surfaced, he was standing on the timber decking, grinning down at me like a Cheshire cat. "Guess I'd better jet, Daniel… got a stack of homework."

"Get in this pool now!"

"Why? Are you horny?"

"Just get in the fucking pool!"

"Nah… I'd better jet."

I heaved myself outa the water, then chased the little fucker all over the yard, darting and zigzagging in all directions, before I managed to dive-tackle him, and bring him crashing to the lawn with an audible thud. "You're one helluva tease, you know that?" Then I picked him up, dragged him to the edge of the pool, and pushed him into the water.

A moment later, I was behind him, holding his chest, and pressing my rock-hard seven against his ass crack. "You're so damn cool when you're masterful," he laughed. "Maybe it sounds kinda weird, but you make fucking so much damn fun."

"I'm as horny as a damn rhino, Paul… no time for being gentle. Sorry, dude, lift your legs, and lemme in." And with that, I thrust my boner into his tight hole, and began to pump like crazy as my hands squeezed his small but muscular pecs. "Oh, jeez!"

"Whoa, Daniel! When I said masterful, I didn't mean that fucking masterful! What's gotten into you?"

"It's me who's gotten into you," I groaned. "Sorry, bud, but I'm just… oh… fuck!" Paul's ass muscles gripped my cock like a fist as I jetted the first of my wads. At the same time, I sank my teeth into the nape of his neck, and pulled his body closer to mine. I was on auto-primal mode as I kept ramming my throbber home, and my balls kept slamming against his ass. It was as though everything had suddenly gone into slo-mo… as if each explosion of cum was taking a helluva long time to jet outa my knob… as if our two writhing bodies were gonna spend an hour enjoying the most awesome pleasure imagineable. But ten seconds later, my load had been spent, and Paul and I remained in our embrace, silently basking in the afterglow of our incredible lovemaking.

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