Part 143

One of the things that really appealed to me about Pop was that he was easily shocked… not in the same way that other people might be shocked… that would be more like offended. But what made me curious about the old dude was that he wrote totally hot stories, yet he was kinda innocent.

"Guess I'd better jet… school tomorrow, and all that shit. Thanks for the Coke. You want me to finish the yard next Saturday?"


"Huh? I thought…"

"I have a feeling that it'll never be finished."

"Oh… right! Cool! Besides, there's a whole buncha stuff I wanna ask you."

"Likewise. In many ways, you're like a person from a different planet… a different culture. I'm fascinated by you, but I can't quite identify with you. In other words, I could never be like you… or ever was like you."

"You make me sound like some kinda hero."

"You are," he grinned. "But you'll be one very sore and sorry hero if you don’t get your cute butt outa here before your folks discover that you're missing."

I stood up from the table, raised the can of Coke to my lips, and tilted my head back as I drank the last of the contents. I figured I'd give Pop an opportunity to gawk at my semi without being watched. Sure enough, when I replaced the can on the table, Pop was in major gawk mode, which cracked me up big time.

"You're incorrigible, Daniel."

"I'd better put my blades back on," I said as I heaved my ass onto the kitchen bench. "Can you pass them to me? One at a time?"

"You're doing this on purpose."


"Daniel… really! I didn't come down in the last shower, y'know."

"I'm just glad you came down."

Pop picked up one of the blades from the floor, and offered it to me. "You mean that?"

"What? That you're here? You betcha. Hey, you're pretty cool for an old dude. You wanna put the blade on for me?" I raised one leg, and rested my heel on the edge of the bench.

"You're doing it again, dammit." Pop tried valiantly to keep his eyes off my rosebud, but he couldn't help taking a quick… well, not so quick… peek.


"You know very well what." Then he paused a moment while he held the boot a few inches from my foot, and studied it.

"You dunno how to put it on?"

"Yes… I know how to put it on. You've got very nice feet." He tipped the boot so that my foot could slide into it, then slipped it over my heel as he held my ankle.

"You look kinda funny."

"I feel kinda funny."

As he guided the second boot over my other foot, I sensed that he was getting a buzz outa touching me, even though it wasn't sexual. "What's so nice about my feet?"

"Proportion. Anyway, I'm going to have to take your boots off again. You don't have your shorts on."

"Baggies, Pop. That's why baggies are cool. You can pull 'em over your blades. But, hey, who needs shorts? Maybe I'll blade home naked."

"You can't do that!"

"Yes I can… I'm from another planet, remember?

"So who's gonna tidy my yard while you're in jail?"

"Don't worry about me, Pop. They don't put teens in jail for being outrageous… only old dudes like you."


"Hey, I gotta take a leak. Can I use your bathroom?"

"How very sensible. Knowing you, I'm surprised you didn't ask if you could use the kitchen sink."

"Don't tempt me," I cracked.

"You wouldn't!"

"Wouldn't I?" I slid my bare ass off the kitchen bench, then rolled over to the sink.

"You're not serious?" Pop's eyes were bouncing on springs as I took my semi and pointed it at the drain, then let my piss run free. For a bit of added entertainment, I ran my stream around the walls of the sink. He didn't say a damn word during my whole performance, but was obviously entranced.

"You've never seen a dude piss before?" I asked as I squeezed the last few squirts from my cock, then gave it a shake.

"Not in my kitchen."

"Are you mad at me?"


I turned on the faucet and ran clean water around the sink to flush any remaining piss down the drain. "Why not?"

"You already know the answer to that, Daniel. You love to shock, and you know that I'm shockable. You also know that what you just did was something you would never do at home. And that's something that bothers me a little."

"How so?"

"You'd better be getting home. We can talk later."

"I wanna know now. Why did my pissing in your sink bother you?"

"Would you do it at home? In front of your folks?"


"Why not?"

"They'd fucking freak!"

"So what does that say about me?"

"I dunno. You're cool, I guess."

"There's that word again. Does that mean that your folks aren't cool?"

"There are different kinds of cool, Pop. It's kinda like I'm one person with them, and another with you. There's a whole bunch of stuff I do that my folks don't know about… a whole bunch of stuff I could never tell them about. But I can with you."

"But I'm an adult," he mumbled as he resumed his place at the table, and stared gloomily at his empty cup.

"You mean there's only one kinda adult? Like my mom and Andy secretly write sexy stories like you do? Yeah, right."

"You're infuriating."

"Yeah, but you dig it," I laughed. "Anyway, you said I was from a different planet. Hey, maybe you are, too. Maybe you're not supposed to be like my mom or Andy. Can I ask you something? What were you thinking when you were putting my blades on?"

"How ridiculous I'd look in them."

"Don't bullshit me, Pop. You had a funny look on your face when you were handling my feet."

"Where's my brandy?"

"Forget the fucking brandy. I wanna know what you were thinking."

"Just one nip?"

"One! That's all!" I grabbed the bottle and poured a small amount into Pop's cup, which he immediately put to his lips, then paused.

"It was unbelievable to touch you."

I watched Pop empty the contents of the cup into his mouth before he swallowed, then continued. "Fucking hell! How come NASA doesn't know about this stuff? Whoa!"

"Touch me? It was only my feet for fuck's sake. What's the biggie?" I lifted one foot, and placed it on Pop's lap. "Can you tie my laces for me?"

"There's no such thing as 'only' about you, Daniel," he said as he laced my boot, but kept his eyes away my cock, which was dangling just a few feet from his face. When he'd finished one boot, I put my other foot on his lap.

"Whaddaya mean there's no such thing as only?"

"I know it sounds absurd, but it was a special moment for me. I'm not a tactile kinda person. Even hugging freaks me out. Then, when you asked me to put your boots on -- which you did on purpose, you irrepressible scallywag -- I was kinda forced into a situation that was basically foreign to me. I was uncomfortable, but I was also… privileged? Damn! That sounds so fucking ridiculous! Ha! Privileged? Jesus! I must be losing my marbles. I'm sorry, Daniel. Ignore all this bullshit."

"I like Greg's feet… and Paul's feet… and Kyle's feet. Does that mean I'm losing my marbles?"

"There you go... laces tied. You'd better be getting home."

"Did you like tying my laces?"

"You know very well I did."

"You didn't look at my dick, though."

"If I had, your laces would've become a hopeless tangle of dreadlocks. Anyway, I got a quick peek while you weren't looking."

"One more question."

"One more nip."

That really cracked me up, and I almost spilled the brandy as I poured it into his cup. "What were you thinking when I pissed in your sink?"

"I knew you'd eventually get around to asking that question."

"So what did you think?" I asked as I watched the brandy disappear down his throat.

"Truth? It was outrageous, disgusting, ill-mannered, despicable, shameless, monstrous, reprehensible, and downright grossly offensive."

"So you thought it was cool?"



"You said that was gonna be the last question."

I poured another nip into his cup. "Second last."

"Are you sure you don't wanna ask me about the Big Bang or the meaning of life? That would be so much simpler." Pop raised the cup to his lips, then sighed after swallowing, as if he were undergoing some kinda major inquisition. "OK. It's all the things I said… shameless, reprehensible… all that stuff… but it wasn't meant to be that way. Those things weren't a part of your motive. You were teasing me, and attempting to shock me… and you succeeded. Brilliantly."

"But you thought it was cool. Right?"

"Yes… but for almost inexplicable reasons. I suppose it's the rebel in you, the daring, the willingness to test the boundaries, the innocence."

"Innocence? Hey, Pop, I just pissed in your sink!"

"There was no malicious intent. It's just a game with you. I know that you don't like to think of yourself as a boy. You'd prefer to be called a teen or a young man, but there's still a lot of boy in you, and I hope it never disappears, at least, not in spirit. In fact, it's the boy in you that makes your behaviour outrageous on the one hand, but amusing, and even desirable, on the other. When you become an adult, your pissing in the sink days will be over."

"Is there still a lotta boy in you?"

"There is when you're around," he chuckled. "As well as brandy. Whoa! This stuff'd kill a brown dog."

"Guess I'd better get going." I slung my shorts over my shoulder, and rolled toward the kitchen doorway.

"Daniel! You're not going home like that? What if somebody sees you?"

"What if they do? Hey, you wanna hug before I go?"

"I'm not very good at hugging."

"You nervous?"


I threw my arms around Pop's neck, and could feel the tension in his body. His arms remained by his side as he allowed me to do all the hugging. "You're too fucking stressed, Pop."

"And who do you think is to blame for that? Wanna hint? A blonde dude on wheels?"

I placed my hands on his shoulders, and studied his eyes at arm's length. "You gonna jack off thinking about me tonight?"

"What? Piss off, Perry."

"I just wanna know."

"Is that what you'd like me to do?"

"It'd be kinda neat."

"Why is that?"

"I dunno exactly. Kinda like a challenge, I guess."

"I might."

"You will."

"I said might."

"But you meant will. See ya!"

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 Daniel's Diary Part 144