Part 151

Despite Kyle having already been fed, he insisted on placing his front paws on the barbecue table and taking several big sniffs of the pizza with his curious, black nose. "Sorry, bud, this is human dinner."

"Yeah, right," he would've said if he'd been able to speak.

"Hang," I ordered. A moment later, I returned from the kitchen where I'd gotten a bone from the fridge, and noticed the guys already stuffing their faces under the pergola.

"No extra mozarella?" I asked as I threw the bone onto the lawn, then sat on the bench next to Paul.

"Doesn't need any," Jason garbled with his mouth full. "Your mom makes one helluva pizza! Wicked!" He washed his food down with a sip of Coke, then continued. "Hey, listen, all that stuff Paul told me just now. Am I like you used to be?"

"Nope. You're not as intimidating as I was."

"And still are!" Paul interrupted.

"Don't talk with your fucking mouth full."

"Why? You gonna fill it with something else?"

"Maybe later."

"Intimidating?" Jason asked. "You mean you don't call what Paul and Freddie did to you intimidating?"

"I had it coming."

"I would've punched their fucking lights out."

"And then what? If I'd done that, I'd still be the way I used to be."

"But don't you ever get confused? I mean like the stuff you do isn't normal."

"Are you saying I'm weird?"

"Weird? Of course not! Guys jack over each other's pizza all the fucking time! You've only gotta walk into any Pizza Hut and see it happening at every damn table!"

"So I am weird."

"You got another word for it?"

"So why did you rock over here tonight? Are you weird, too?"

Jason took his time chewing a mouthful of pizza before swallowing, then took a leisurely a sip of Coke. "There are things happening to me that didn't happen before I met you. I dunno whether it's something that was always inside me, or whether it's something you put there."

"Like I'm the Devil or whatever?"

"Are you gonna tell me that you don't influence people?"

"There are only two kinds of people who can be influenced," Paul offered. "Those who wanna be, and those with nothing between their fucking ears. So go figure."

"Paul's right. I have maybe a dozen close friends, not thousands. If I was as influential as you say I am, every damn kid at school would be like me. I don't preach, man. I let other dudes make up their own minds. Besides, are you saying that your gran hasn't influenced you? Or other people?"

"OK, so what's happening to me is my own fault?"

"Fault? Yeah, sure. Like your brown hair, and your brown eyes. They're your fault, too. Anyway, what's happening to you?"

"I think I might be... well... I dunno... gay or something."

"Why? Because I blew you? Hey, just 'cause we're all eating pizza doesn't mean we're gonna wake up in the morning looking like three fucking pizzas under the covers! Oh, hi, Daniel. You're looking a little strange this morning!"

Kyle stopped gnawing on his bone for a moment to see what all the guffawing was about. The three of us had our hands over our mouths to avoid splattering each other with food. Eventually, Jason settled, and continued the convo.

"So you're saying I'm not gay?"

"Why do you have to be anything, man? What's all this shit about labelling? Why does everybody have this thing about being this or that?"

"You're not gay?"

"I'm Daniel... period."

"You do gay stuff."

"OK, I'm Daniel who does gay stuff. But I'm also Daniel who does a lotta other stuff. Y'know what I think, bro? I think gay sex is cool. I think it's fun, otherwise I wouldn't do it. And it's fun for my buds as well. We don't get all hung up about it. It's no biggie. It's natural."

"Natural? How the fuck can it be natural? Nature didn't intend guys to be with guys, or girls with girls. There's a reverend I heard once who said, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

"Yeah, so Steve came later," I laughed. "Better late than never. Anyway, this is all crap, Jason. Sometimes I think our dicks know more than we do."

"Can I ask you something Jason?" Paul interrupted.


"When you like something, do you always try to figure out why you like it? Are you gonna analyze the pizza for fuck sake?"

"I hear what you're saying, Paul, but pizza is not sexuality. Sexuality is who we are. If there's a side to me that's gay, that's the way it might be forever. So what happens to getting married one day, and having a family?"

"So every married guy is 100% straight?" I asked.

"Of course they are!"

"K, so you've done a major survey?"

"No... but it stands to reason that all married guys are... well... OK, maybe not 100%."

"Hey, I've got you thinking."

"Yeah. And that's the fucking prob, Daniel. I was better off before I met you. Things were simple then. I knew what was right and what was wrong."

"And now you're not so sure? So what are you gonna do? Split? And forget you ever saw me?"

"Too late for that now," he smiled. "You're kinda addictive, dammit. So's your mom's pizza."

"How addictive?" I swallowed the last of my share of the pizza, then stood. All eyes were glued to my bouncing, rock-hard teen meat. "Anybody for dessert?"

"I'd better be going."

"Chill, Jason. Finish your Coke." I turned my attention to Paul. "Well?"

"Here? In front of Jason?" Paul studied our guest's brown eyes for a moment. "Cool with you?"

Jason answered with a hesitant shrug, which I took to mean 'yes'. I straddled the bench so that my seven inches of pulsating throbber was aimed directly at Paul's cute face, then took his jet black hair in my hands while I guided my swollen cockhead between his moist, red lips.

There wasn't a sound from the opposite side of the table as I pulled Paul's face to my blonde crotch and sent my knob down his throat. After I'd pumped by bud's face a couple of times, Jason finally broke his silence.

"Hey, I'd better jet. Really."

"Why?" I asked as I continued to slide my spit-covered shaft between Paul's stretched lips, then felt Paul's hands squeezing my buns.

"I, uh... Jeez! I can't believe this!"

"Is it making you horny?"

"I'd better go."

"And jack off? Hey, you can have more fun here, dude. You wanna kneel on the table?"

"What for?"

"So that I can blow you while Paul's blowing me."

The sight of my boner fucking Paul's face must've been sending major signals to Jason's brain 'cause he removed the pizza tray from the table, then climbed aboard. Within a moment or two, his pisshole, shiny and dripping with pre-cum, was just inches from my mouth. Yum!

"Put your hands on my head, dude, and go for it." I had to turn my face sideways to take his hard meat all the way in, so that his balls rested on my chin, and his small patch of black pubes pressed against my nose. Whoa! His scent was totally fucking wicked!

When I glanced up at Jason's face, his eyes were alternating between watching Paul's cock-filled face, and mine. Meantime, it was the total fucking bomb to have Paul's lips and tongue working their killer magic on my throbber, while Jason was going ballistic, stabbing my throat with his thick, hard six.

I felt Paul's finger slide into my tight asshole, and thought about doing the same to Jason, but I was kinda busy holding onto my bud's head as I fucked it. Anyway, it was too late. I heard Paul gag as I fired my first wad of sticky boy juice. I wanted to scream my fucking lungs out, but Jason's throbber was filling my mouth like a small fist on the end of an outa-control piston. The sound of Paul's gagging and swallowing, plus my muffled snorting, turned Jason's boner totally feral, and I felt the silent missiles of his delicious jizz filling my mouth as his cock thrashed about in a fit of wild ecstasy.

Just as two pairs of teen balls had emptied their juicy prize, the phone rang. "Oh, no! That'll be my gran. I said I'd be home before this."

"Chill." I picked up the portable, and used a falsetto voice to match my mom's as closely as I could manage. "Hello?"

"Hello, this is Jason's grandmother. I was expecting him home. Is he alright?"

"What a charming and wonderful grandson you have... uh, shall I call you Gran?"

"Everybody else does. Is he alright?"

"Oh, yes, he's fine. I'm Nancy, by the way... Daniel's mother. Jason's been such a treat! We've all enjoyed his company so much, we totally forgot about the time! It's absolutely flown! We were just about to have dinner... my homemade pizza. Do you think he could stay a little longer?"

"Well... I suppose so. Can I speak to him?"

"Just a moment." I covered the mouthpiece with my hand, and told the guys to shut the fuck up, and to stop giggling their fucking tits off before I resumed talking to Gran. "He's helping Daniel and Paul with their homework. Such a clever boy, and so generous with his time! He probably gets that from you."

"Yes, well, I have to admit that he's inherited my side of the family."

"Just a moment... I'll put him on. Lovely to speak with you."

Jason could hardly keep a straight face as he spoke to his gran. As for Paul and me, we were cracking so much, we had to fuck off outa Jason's sight.

"OK, guys," he eventually yelled. "Coast is clear." When Paul and I joined him under the pergola, he grinned at me, "You are so fucking outrageous, Daniel! If my gran ever finds out..."

"She won't."

"I can't believe you did that!"

"That's what you say about everything I do... which reminds me, was the blowjob cool?"

"Totally fucking awesome. And I kept looking at Paul's face while he was sucking you, and then watching my boner sliding between your lips, and... whoa! it was just so damn mindblowing, man." He shook his head a couple of times, and raised his eyebrows. "That's gotta be the most incredible thing I've ever done."

"You still got the guilts?"

"Kinda. Nothing oughta feel that fucking good. It's like there's gotta be something wrong with it."

"That good, huh?"

"Hey!" Paul interjected. "What about me? I just swallowed a fucking truckload of your juice, Daniel. So where's my fucking thanks?"

I winked at Jason, then we both grabbed Paul by the wrists and ankles, and threw him unceremoniously into the pool. The kid surfaced after a few seconds, spluttering and cussing. "You're forgetting something, guys. Nobody's blown me yet!"

Jason and I glanced at each other. "Oh, no," Jason said. "No way, dude. No fucking way!"

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