Wedded Bliss

Part 1

"And don't forget to take clean underwear!" mom said as I gave her a hug, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Jeez, mom, it's only for the weekend."

"Have you packed your toothbrush?"

"Yep. Anyway, if I've forgotten anything, I can always come home and get it... Paul lives less than a block away."

"What about food?"

"I'll miss your cooking, mom. But don't stress. We'll be fine."

"I still don't understand why you didn't invite Paul to sleep over here while his folks are away for the weekend. Two boys in an unsupervised house... well..."

"Chill, mom. Anyway, we're not boys. We're teens."

"That's probably worse. Aren't you going to wear a shirt and shoes?"

"Nah. Too hot."

Paul was not only stark naked when he opened the front door that Friday evening, he also had a raging boner that drew my eyes like a magnet. "Bring your BMX through the house, Daniel... you can put it out back."

I followed my bud's firm, bouncing butt down the hall, and was immediately turned on by the sight of those two delicious, bubble buns, rising and falling with each step of his bare feet. Fuck, that dude had a wicked ass! Totally fucking edible, as well as fuckable. Woohoo! It was gonna be a wild time in the ol' town tonight!

After I'd stowed the bike in the yard, Paul led me to the kitchen where I could smell something cooking. "What's for dinner?"

"Grilled steaks and potatoes. I don't know how to cook any of that fancy stuff like your mom does."

"You gonna make any gravy or sauce or something?"

Paul pulled out the griller drawer for a moment to check the steaks. "Ketchup. You gonna wear your shorts all weekend or ditch them?"

I pulled my baggies and boxers down my legs, stepped outa them, then draped them over my bud's head. "You gonna call any of the guys?"

"Nope. It's just gonna be you and me. Mmmm. I think your boxers smell better than the steaks," he giggled, then hung my clothes over a stool. "Anyway, it's been too long since we were alone together. OK with you?"

"I guess," I mumbled while watching him turn the sizzling t-bones.

"You don't sound too thrilled, Daniel. Sometimes I think you forget how cool it is when we're together. I've had a boner all afternoon just thinking about you spending the weekend here."

"So what do you think this is? A weenie?" My meat was rock solid, and stretched to it's full seven inches. I slide my fist along its thick length, then over the ridge of the swollen cockhead. "Hey? You wanna turn the steaks down for a while, and blow me before dinner?"

"Nope. I've got the whole weekend planned... sorta."

"So you want me to blow you?"

"Not just yet. You wanna check the potatoes for me?"

A cloud of steam rose swiftly into the air as I lifted the lid of the pot. "What are they supposed to look like?"

"Get a fork, dumbass, and prod them to see if they're done."

"I know what I'd prefer to prod."

"That'll come later."

Yeah, I guess I had forgotten what it was like to be totally alone with those electric-blue smiling eyes, cheesy grin, and dishevelled black hair that tumbled boyishly over his forehead. "I think they're done," I said as the fork sank into the white flesh of one of the potatoes. "You got any white sauce? My mom makes wicked white sauce, and sprinkles parsely on top."

"I've got a whole weekend's worth of white sauce, man. So have you. You wanna drain the potatoes?"

"What is this? Fucking slave labor?"

Once the steak and potatoes had been arranged on two plates, Paul took them to the kitchen table. "Dinner's almost served."


"The white sauce... remember?" My bud placed the plates on the table, turned to face me, then thrust his hips forward, causing his cock to bounce.

"Oh... right. OK. You mean like jack over the potatoes?"

"Got a better idea?"

"Yeah... you jack over mine, and I'll piss on yours," I cracked.

"Jeez! You can be so fucking gross, sometimes, Daniel."

"Just joking, dude."

We stood at opposite ends of the small, four-seater table, and watched each other as we furiously fisted our fat, hard throbbers. With each stroke, Paul's cum-loaded nads swayed tantalizingly back and forth beneath his small patch of black pubes. At the same time, his eyes were rivetted to my blonde crotch and balls.

I also took the time to observe his right forearm muscles, which stood out like mini steel rods due to his clenched fist. His right bicep and pec were straining and popping like crazy with each of his jerking actions. Jeez! If what we were doing hadn't been so damn serious, the look of fierce concentration on his face would've cracked me up big time.

Finally, as well as simultaneously, we each used our spare hand to grab the edge of the table for support as our knees buckled, and long ribbons of thick, creamy boy juice exploded outa our knobs, then draped over the still steaming potatoes.

"Now that's what I call white sauce!" Paul laughed. "You wanna swap plates?"

"There's still a bit of cum on my knob... and yours as well."

We used our fingers to scoop the remaining blobs of juice, then wiped them over the potatoes before licking our fingers clean, and exchanging plates.


"No way, dude."


"Only on the steak."

Actually, the t-bone was pretty damn cool. Simple... but it was doing a totally wicked job of satisfying my hunger.

"It's so damn neat to watch you eat, Daniel", Paul remarked over the clatter of knives and forks. "Even cooler to know that I cooked your meal."

"You make us sound like husband and wife or something. Got any Coke?"

"Oh, shit! Hang." Paul darted over to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of soda, and was back at the table in seconds, pouring the brown, fizzy liquid into two glasses. "Sorry, man. In all the excitement..."


"Yeah, don't you think this is exciting? Anyway, it's husband and husband. I don't wanna be a fucking wife... not even for you."

"You'd look stunning in white."

"Yeah, right. Hey! Mom's still got her wedding dress. Maybe we could play a game! I could wear the veil, and you could wear one of dad's bow ties. That's it... just the veil and tie... nothing else."

"You mean like play a game of getting married?"

"Why not?"

"You said you didn't wanna be a wife."

"Hey, it's only a fucking game, Daniel... and it wouldn't be the same if we both wore bow ties."

"So who's gonna marry us?"

"We could phone Dick. No... that's no good. I wanted this weekend to be just you and me."

"Dick wouldn't need to stay long. Hey? What am I saying? I'm not sure I wanna play this damn game! Anyway, Dick would probably wanna fuck the bride," I laughed... almost choking on a mouthful of steak.

"And we could pretend that this was some 5-star hotel... 'cept we'd have to provide our own room service."

"You mean like a honeymoon? Jeez, Paul... sometimes I think you're totally fucking loopy."

"So what's wrong with loopy? Anyway, games are fun. One day we're gonna be boring old farts, and we'll be too old to play games."

"Sounds like growing older has certain advantages."

"Don't be such a fucking moron, Daniel. You wanna play or not?"

"You wanna phone Dick?"

"I guess I'll have to. We can't get married without a celebrant. You wanna do it tonight? Then the weekend can be kinda like a honeymoon. I'll serve you breakfast in bed... after I've fucked your lights out, that is."

"I think you should've slept over at my house."

"Don't be so fucking boring, Daniel. Where's your sense of fun?"

"Under the table... and it's hard again."

"So let's get married!" Paul beamed. "Mine's hard, too! Hey! This is fucking rad! Think of it! Getting married with boners. That is just soooo fucking wild! And Dick will have a boner as well. Jeez, we should... hang! I'll ask Dick to bring the video camera. Hey, we can't have a wedding without a video of it! Right?"

"So who's gonna work the video camera?"

"Fuck! I forgot. So now I've gotta ask somebody else over... and I wanted you and me to be alone. Maybe this wedding game wasn't such a good idea."

"I'm kinda getting to like it."

"You are? So who's gonna work the camera?"

"I could ask my mom."

"Fuck off, Daniel. Be serious, dammit."

"Maybe Freddie or Jo?"

"They'll both wanna come over! Then it'll be like every other time... guys all over the fucking place! Open a kitchen cupboard and, whaddaya know! there's another guy in there between the ketchup and the soy sauce! It'll be like a fucking plague! Guys coming outa the fucking woodwork!"

"We've gotta have a bridesmaid and a best man."


"Don't get your knickers in a knot," I grinned as I swallowed the last piece of potato. "Mmmm. Nice cum. Anyway, phone Dick, and tell him we're just playing a game, and that he and Freddie and Jo can't stay long."

"They'll be pissed off."

"You want me to phone Dick?"

"Yeah! Would you? I'll do the dishes."

By the time Dick, Jo and Freddie had arrived, Paul and I were already dressed for the big occasion... me in my bow tie, and Paul in the wedding veil. Actually, he looked kinda cute, even if his boner did seem humorously outa place. We both agreed that we didn't need a best man or bridesmaid, so we gave the job of working the video camera to Jo, while Freddie would be the 'official' witness.

"So what do you want me to wear?" Dick asked.

"What about one of my dad's suits? Maybe you can leave the fly undone, and have your throbber hanging out or whatever."

"Fuck, that," I protested. "How are we supposed to check out Dick's awesome bod if he's wearing a fucking suit? Has your dad got a hat?"


"Cool. He'll wear a hat... and that's it."

"So who do I get to fuck?" Dick smiled as he peeled off his shirt, revealing the most awesome pair of perfectly defined, tanned pecs, decorated with large, fleshy, brown nipples. "The bride or the groom?" He paused a second to study our faces as he slid his boxers down his muscular legs. "Or both?"

"Hello? Where's your fucking sense of decorum, Dick? This is supposed to be a wedding, not some fucking orgy! On the other hand..." I added as I gawked bug-eyed at his thick, monstrous cock, which was hanging in a lazy arc away from his huge, low hangers.

"On the other hand what?"

"Your boner looks... dammit... sooo fucking delicious."

"Daniel!" Paul complained. "You promised..."

"Yeah, yeah. Chill, bro. Hey, maybe some other time, Dick."

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