South Africa
Part 24

It was weird to see the guys in the swim team dressed in their track suits, then ripping them off again for early morning swim prac. But the weather was so unseasonally cold, we were all freezing our nuts off. Worse was to come, though. At the end of prac, Kyle and I were assigned kit duty, so, by the time we made the showers, all the hot water had been used up by the other guys.

"I think this is the first time I've seen you without a boner," I laughed.

"Brrrrrrrr! It's fucking freezing! But I've got an idea how to get a boner if you're interested."

"Don't tell me -- save your teeth."

"Hey! I've heard that guys without teeth…"


"So what did you do on the weekend?"

"Spent it with Carol. Slept over on Friday and Saturday night."

"Aren't you worried about getting her pregnant?"

"Nope, she's on the pill, and I use a condom. By the way, Steph's on the pill, too."

"How do you know?"

"Carol told me. Her folks and Steph's folks agreed that they're not gonna take any chances. They'd rather the girls go on the pill than get pregnant at school. Their folks are big buddies."

"Are Carol's folks never at home?"

"Carol's dad is a big shot director, so he travels all over the damn world. And her mom goes with him quite often."

"That's a fuck up. I'd hate for my folks to be away so often. Sometimes I wish I could have a weekend alone, but not every weekend."

We turned off the taps, then towelled ourselves. "Hey, you can come stay over at my place sometime. My mom and fuckface have weekends away now and then."

"What? So I can watch you fucking Carol the whole time?"

"You make it sound so damn crude. It's more than just fucking. Anyway, I was thinking that it would be more like just us. You and me. We could listen to music and watch vids or whatever."

"Whatever sounds cool."

"After we come back from partying. What did you say?"

"Nothing," he grinned. "Sounds cool. Kinda hectic at the moment though -- my folks have tied the handcuffs on me 'cause of end-of-year exams coming up."

"One weekend's not gonna make a helluva diff."

"Well, lemme know when your mom and… her boyfriend are gonna be away, and I'll check with my folks. Do you and Carol spend the whole weekend in bed?"

That did it for me. I cracked up something serious. "I like your mind, Kyle. Nope, we go for walks and stuff, and sometimes rock down to the gym, or maybe go for a bite. Lots of different stuff." By then, we'd dried our bods, and our dicks had regained some sort of normalcy despite the chill in the air.

"Hey, we've got an English lit test. We'd better go study."

Although Kyle had joked about my invitation to spend a weekend at my house, I could tell that he was pretty chuffed about the idea. Well, I guessed it wasn't my idea entirely. It was kinda put there by the prof when he'd talked about best friends sleeping over. I wasn't sure about Kyle sleeping in the same bed, though. He was the kinda guy who had a constant boner, and, when he had a boner, I'd get a boner. That could lead to certain complications, and I didn't wanna be in a situation where I'd have to make decisions about stuff that… well, stuff that I didn't fully comprehend.

Later that day, Kyle asked me if I was gonna do anything for Halloween. "I can't believe it's been a whole year already! Last year, Steve put all this silver body paint all over his bod. It was so fucking horny!"


"Yeah. Guys can look horny! What's the matter with you? Anyway, the light was reflecting off his bod even in places where there weren't any muscles -- and that's not many places! So I figured maybe the three of us can cover ourselves in silver body paint and go as the Silver Surfer Trio."

"Count me out."

"Hey, you'd look fucking wicked with the light reflecting…"

"Forget it."

"…off your dick."

"You're sick."

"Hey, that rhymes! Anyway, I'm going home now. The wind's shitty for surfing, so I'll jack off, then do some homework."

Kyle was just so damn matter-of-fact about jacking. He mentioned it like most people would mention watching the TV news. His blatant honesty was something that would make me grin and shake my head at the same time. He was entertaining, yet baffling. Crazy, yet intelligent. "Do you talk like that to everybody you know?"

"Pretty much."

"You wanna walk with me a while?"


We'd gone a few yards in the direction of my house, when I found the nerve to ask Kyle a question. "Your friends?"

"What about 'em?"

"Yeah, what about 'em?"

"You mean what do I see in them? I figure I've got the coolest friends a guy could have. Ross? Well, he's a totally serious dude, but, when he gets down to it, he can be totally loose -- like on the last mountain hike, and the strip thingy the swim team did for the girls, and when we go clubbing with the guys. My folks have known Ross's folks like forever, and we're pretty close. And you? Well, I'll get to you. Steve and me? Well, I guess we're about as close as two guys can get. When Paul left Safrica for England, I thought I'd never be as close to another guy as I was to Paul. At the airport, when Paul and his folks flew out, I felt as if a part of me had been torn away -- ripped, like a shark would tear off your leg. No fucking mercy. It was like Paul and I were the only two people on earth who really understood the pain and hurt back then. It fucked us up big time."

"Did you and Steve hit it off right away?"

"Not really. It was a bit like you and me in a way. We had our fights -- serious fights."

"Do you love him?"


"And does he love you?"


"Seems kinda weird, though."

"How's that?"

"Steve's so… well, kinda macho. I mean, he's got every chick in town moist."

"And me?"

"You're the same -- sporty, macho, cocky… all that shit. Anyway, what about me?"

"Chill. I'm getting to you. Wingnut? Well, what can I say? He's Wingnut, and he's the coolest little dude on the planet."

"Yeah, he is."

"Steph? Well, Steph has made me feel a lot different about myself, and I feel different towards her, too. Not like the guys. She makes me feel good about myself, and I think we're getting close to a time when the two of us are gonna get it on quite seriously."

"You mean like sex, or love?"

"Not sure yet."

"And me?"

"Hang. And there's that really old dude across the sea." Kyle took a moment to kick a stone and smile to himself. "I know it sounds weird, but he's pretty teeny for a fossil. And you?" Kyle took so fucking long before he spoke again, I thought he was never gonna tell me what was on his mind.

"What about me?"

"Well," he kicked another stone, ran a few paces ahead of me, turned, and walked backwards while facing me. "You're starting to lighten up, and you're getting me as curious as all fucking hell."

"About what?"

"Hey, you gonna listen or keep interrupting? You seem to be getting closer to me. Not so long ago, you were hidden inside your shell, and you wouldn't open up about anything."

"And now?"

"And now?" he grinned, and I knew he was gonna give me a bunch of crap. "Now you're madly in love with me." He ducked before my school bag could connect with his head.

"Seriously, do you think I've changed?"

"A helluva lot."

"For the better?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely. And it's not just 'cause of me. You've also changed a lot since you heard the prof's lecture at school the other day."

"It's not just him, either."


"Fucking Carol. She burns my fucking ears about… well, about you and stuff. AND DON'T ASK!"

Next morning at swim prac, the wind was howling something fierce. Some of the guys in the science lab measured it at 100 kph. But the wind wasn't the main prob. The goon squad had arrived and were giving us wolf whistles and passing idiot wisecracks about us in our Speedos. Yeah, Alan and his dimwit buddies. Kyle could see that I'd almost reached boiling point, and grabbed my arm. "Cool it, Mark. That's what they want -- they want you to lose it. Don't give them the fucking satisfaction."

It seemed an odd moment to detect something unusual about the way Kyle had touched my arm -- as if there were some kinda subtle message going on. Actually, there was a lot going on about Kyle that I didn't understand. "I'm itching to bounce that fucking Alan around -- and his dickhead buds."

"I guess they feel safe hanging around that nonevent bully. Anyway, that's what you gotta remember. He's a nonevent. And so are his goons. Don't give the fuckers the time of day."

Anyway, the wind was so fucking strong that it blew us into the water even before we were ready to leave the fucking blocks! It wasn't so bad while we were in the water, but when we came out, the wind would whip around us and bite like Jack Frost himself. The only dude who didn't seem to be bothered by the blustery conditions was Jumbo, the tall, built, black dude. Maybe his skin was absorbing what warmth there was, and leaving none for the rest of us. Actually, Jumbo was a pretty cool guy. He used to hang with Alan and his goons until he realized how fucked in the head they were. Jumbo's skin was darker than most of the African kids at school, and it shone like satin. And his dick! Whoa! It was the kinda thing you couldn't help noticing, even with his Speedos on! How he managed to tuck that thick, black monster inside his flimsy nylon togs would forever remain a mystery. And to make matters worse, he had a pair of balls like a bull's. Nobody ever gave him any shit, though. He wasn't called Jumbo for nothing.

"How come you're staring at Jumbo?"

"I wasn't staring."

"You fucking were! I saw you!"

"Fuck off, Kyle."

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