South Africa
Part 33

Carol hardly recognized me when I arrived back from the hike.

"You're almost black!"

"It was hot."

"And there's no tan line!"

"Hey, it was just a bunch of guys… we were naked most of the time. We hardly saw another person the whole time we were there."

"You? Naked? In front of other guys?"

"Yeah, well, I guess it felt kinda weird at first, but I got used to it."

"I can't believe the changes in you since we met. You're so different!"

"Not that different, Carol. I haven't had a fuck for almost two weeks."

"You're not the only one."

Despite being back with Carol, she and I spent a lotta time during the Christmas holidays with Kyle, including at the beach. Hell, one time I even tried my hand at surfing. I lasted about five seconds on my feet, but I went totally ballistic. Even that brief triumph gave me an insight into the kinda adrenalin rush that kept surfers coming back for more.

My only prob with being shirtless in the sun was the bruises on my back from the hidings I'd gotten from my mom's fuckwit boyfriend. Kyle noticed, of course, as did Carol. But they both knew that it was something I didn't wanna talk about. They'd both learned to read my moods.

There were also thousands of tourists enjoying the beach and the hot weather, with temps up around 30 C. Kyle, Steve and Wingnut got kinda friendly with a bunch of Swedish teens who were staying at a Bed & Breakfast just down the road. They were pretty hunky looking dudes, and the girls were hanging around like flies to shit. I'd also noticed that Kyle wasn't too far behind them. He spent one day trying to teach them how to surf… the Swedes, not the girls.

Kyle had an innate friendliness about him that attracted both sexes, but he always gave the impression that there was nothing sexual about it, at least, not overtly. His big, wide grin was open to everyone, which made him very popular, and easily accessible.

On Christmas day, I rocked around to Kyle's house for a while just to say hi. I had no idea that he'd bought me a gift… actually two… a thick book of jokes ["that's to make you smile more often, 'cause you've got such a wicked smile"], and an island style watch strap, which I thought was totally cool.

"Fuck, Kyle, I never got you a damn thing."

"Hey, I wasn't expecting anything. Besides, your watch strap was fucked, so I got you a new one."

"Is there anything you don't notice about me? Don't answer that. It was a dumb question."

Well, did I feel like a heel or what? There was my best friend treating me… yeah, treating me like a best friend, and I hadn't even thought to buy him a gift. Well, I had, but I kinda wondered if it would look a bit wussy or something. Gift giving wasn't something I'd been used to. Hey, having a best friend wasn't something I'd been used to. So, on the weekend I went looking for a gift. It would be belated, but better than nothing. But what could I give him? I didn't have a lotta money, and, worse still, I didn't have any ideas. Then I remembered the surf shop. But what the fuck would they have that I could afford?

On the Monday, I rocked around to Kyle's again, this time armed with a long, wrapped, cylinder-shaped package. "Hey, bro, this is for you. Merry Christmas."

"Fuck, Mark, you didn't need to do that! What is it?"

"A three foot long condom. Hey, I should've gotten it before Christmas, but I wasn't sure what you'd say if I bought you something." I watched him unwrap the package, then unroll the giant surfing poster.

"Woohoo! It's totally fucking neat! Awesome!" He studied the poster for a moment, then grinned at me. "Now I owe you a blow job." That cracked me up completely. "Hey, did I tell you what I bought Steve? A Quicksilver wallet, and I put an edible condom in it… chocolate flavor. It's gone already."

"You're crazy, Kyle. Totally off the wall. But I'm really glad you like the poster."

"It rules, Mark. Rules. I'm gonna stick it on my wall right now."

I helped my bud with the Blue Tac, then we stood back to admire the way the poster looked on his wall. "Hey, Monday after New Year's, mom's going away for the night. You wanna sleep over?"

"Sure. I'll check with my folks."

The pizza restaurant was packed as usual, but we managed to find a table. Steve, Wingnut and Kyle were there, plus the girls. It was fun to watch Wingnut's girl… she was obviously crazy about the grommet 'cause she could hardly take her eyes off the handsome little bugger all night. But, with kids being kids, they had to be home fairly early.

After we'd walked Wingnut's girl home, then said goodbye to the grommet, the rest of us took off to Wipeout for a couple of beers. A couple? The nightclub was aptly named, 'cause we downed a lot more beers than we'd planned. To add fuel to the fire, Steve and I disappeared at one stage to smoke a joint. By the end of the night, we were totally trashed, which pissed the girls off big time. Even Steph was mad at us, so they all toddled off in a huff to Carol's place. It didn't bother Steve and me, though. We just laughed.

We called by Steve's place, then Kyle and I continued on to mine where I collapsed in a heap on my bed.

"Cool," Kyle grinned, "now that you're totally fucked, I can give you that blow job I promised you."

"Fuck off, Kyle. I'm too fucked for your crap right now." Well, that didn't do a whole lotta good, 'cause the crazy dude jumped on me and ripped off my shirt. Then he started to undo my jeans. "Touch me, Kyle, and I'll fuck you up."

"Hey," he laughed, "you're too fucked, remember?"

He was dead right. I just laid there while he removed my jeans. That's as far as he went before he also undressed down to his boxers. By that stage, I was feeling so damn bad that I waddled to the bathroom and puked into the toilet for ages. At least that made me feel a little better. Then, after brushing my teeth, I staggered back to my room.

"You OK?"

"OK as a dying dog. Fuck!" I collapsed onto the bed, and laid on my back. Kyle sat down beside me, and began to rub my chest and stomach as I closed my eyes. For some weird reason, I didn't tell him to stop.

"You feeling OK?"

"Only just."

The next thing I knew, he was rubbing his hand up the inside of my thigh, and brushing against my nads. My cock had begun to stir. "Uh, Kyle, I don't know what you're doing, but it may not be such a good idea."

"Hey, just chill. I'm enjoying this. Unless, you want me to stop."

"Truth? You can go ahead. I'm just not sure that we wanna go in that direction."

"I guess I've always wondered how Carol felt when she was close to you. Can I take your boxers off?"

Fuck! How was I supposed to answer that question? On the one hand, I was as horny as a rattlesnake, but on the other, I was helluva nervous. What the fuck, I thought, after a long pause. "Sure." I lifted my ass off the bed so that he could pull my boxers down my legs. I felt the elastic waistband drag my boner with it, then felt my hardon slap back against my gut.

"Hey, Mark, I don't want you thinking I'm weird, but can I jack you?"

I opened my eyes. Jack me? I'd fantasized about it. I'd even done it with a guy when I was a kid. But now I was being confronted with a situation that had ceased to be fantasy. It was real. I was naked in my room with a boner, and Kyle was sitting on my bed. I had to deal with it… somehow. Then something deep inside me took over, and answered the question for me. My own words surprised the hell outa me. "Want me to jack you, too?"

"Not if you're not into it."

"Kyle, doesn't this feel fucking weird to you?"

"It probably should, but it doesn't. We're friends."

"Have I told you that I've done this before?"

"Sorta… when?"

"When I was a lighty. Also with a friend. But this is different." My words were useless. Pointless. There was a greater power at work. His hand was gliding up and down my nads and cock, and I found my hand doing the same to his. There was a look in his hazel eyes that seemed to be begging for something more. I figured I knew what he was thinking. "Hey, Kyle, would you really have blown me?"

"Wanna see?" His trademark grin spread across his face, and his eyes filled with hope. I should never have asked the question.

"Nope, that would be going just a bit too far."

He laid down next to me, and we continued to stroke each other's boners for ages. How far was too far? I didn’t really care, 'cause the sensation of his hand on my cock had numbed my conscience. It was also cool to feel his masculinity, and to see in his beautiful eyes the pleasure of my touch.

He wrapped his fist around my rock-hard throbber as he drew nearer to climaxing, which caused me to do likewise. Then it happened… together. As we shot our loads, we groaned and writhed like two guys having an epileptic fit. Then, we laid there, in contemplative silence, for a long, long time. After almost a year of hills and valleys, of fights and reconciliation, of tears and laughter, of suspicion and trust, our special moment of truth and intimacy had arrived. There were no words to describe it.

Eventually, again in silence, I went to the bathroom to clean up. Kyle took his turn after I'd returned to my room. When he came back, he said nothing as he grabbed his boxers and began to step into them.

"Hey, don't hassle about those. It's just us here, anyway."

He looked at me for a second, dumped his boxers on the floor, then climbed into my bed as he'd done on previous occasions… head to toe. What a crazy guy, I thought. It was as though he was embarrassed about what had just happened… that maybe it was his fault. For all his bravado and cheek, Kyle had proved to me that night that he was an extraordinarily sensitive person who took nothing for granted.

"Fuck, Kyle, just lay here normally. It's just us here." My bud gave me a sheepish grin, then turned around so that we were laying head to head.

There'd been countless times in the showers after we'd sparred in the gym, or after swim prac, that Kyle had taunted me, and cracked jokes. But now? As unbelievable as it was, I didn't feel threatened anymore. I didn't feel aggro. Hey! This guy wasn't a threat to me. He loved me. More than that, he respected me. He'd been willing to sleep head to toe. Yeah! Kyle! The crazy dude who didn't have a shy bone in his body! Incredible! Under the circumstances, it came naturally to me to put my hand on his leg to console him. I wanted him to know that everything was OK.

"Hey, Mark, I don't know what you're feeling right now… maybe what we did was weird or whatever… but I thought it was pretty damn special. It probably won't ever happen again, so I'll remember it forever."

"How are you feeling?"

"Kinda strange. Different. You?"

"Fucking special."

It was the way he spoke, the warmth of his words, the genuineness of his affection, that prompted me to cuddle up to him, and place my arm around him.

"You've got a boner again," he giggled.

"'Night, Kyle."


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