South Africa
Part 68

At first recess, Kyle and I were together, sitting under a tree, watching Wingnut playing soccer with his buds.

"So how come you were 10 minutes late for class this morning?"

"Slept in. Guess all that stuff you said to me about Wingnut yesterday kinda eased my mind. Anyway, the prefect on late-gate duty let me off the hook."

"I wouldn't have. I would've busted you. Did Steph call last night?"

"Yep. And you've got a big mouth."

"Well, I figured she needed to know about your depression. Anyway, I didn't tell her directly. I told Carol."

"Carol said she wants my bod when Steph's finished with it."

"Yeah? She'll change her mind when I'm finished with it."

Just then, Wingnut rocked up. "Hey, Kyle."

"Hey, miniature dude. How's it going?"

"Not so cool." Then Wingnut directed his attention toward me. "Hey, Mark, you've gotta help me out, and give me some tips."

"That's why you need to train every day."

"I just want you to train me enough so that I can beat the crap outa that dickless dude."

"He's been training since April."

"Gimme a speed lesson. I want him to pick up his teeth. Then I can also beat up on Kyle," he smiled, giving my bud a wink.

"OK, you're on. I can go with that... beating up on Kyle, I mean."

"What was that all about?" Kyle asked as Wingnut was called away by one of the guys on the soccer team.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? I invited Wingnut to come and box this morning. I put him up against one of the best juniors we've got. Sent Wingnut flat on his back with the first punch. Had to fetch the smelling salts. He's strong, though. Fucking hell, he just gets up and takes it again."

"I can relate to that. What's with the boxing?"

"Just a thought. Keep him busy, and he'll stay outa crap. It also gave me a chance to speak to him when we were in the change room."

"About what?"

"Just told him that you're worried about him, and that you're his friend."

"You didn't need to do that. He's gonna fall, and have to pick himself up."

"You don't really want that, though, do you?"

"Nope. Thanks anyway."

Next morning, Kyle and I were sparring while Wingnut was being coached. He spent most of the time on his ass, but then he'd get straight back up again, and have another go. Tough little shit.

Meantime, my spiky haired bud and I had other things on our minds... our tuxedos for the Senior Prom. We both went to the hire shop together, and tried on our suits just to make sure the temp alterations had been done properly. I was checking myself out in the mirror when I noticed Kyle's beaming face behind me.

"What were you laughing at?" I asked as we walked home, carrying our suits.

"I wasn't. I was just thinking how wicked you looked in your tux... like one of those hunk film stars, with your dimpled grin, and your gelled hair."

"You looked pretty wicked yourself."

"Steph bought a new dress... must've cost her folks a fucking bomb."

"Carol's folks are forking out for a limo to take us to and from the Prom. 300 bucks just for the night. Chauffeur and everything. Fucking awesome."

"All of us?"

"Yep. They wanna make sure we all get home in one piece."

Friday morning, it was one of those chilly but sunny days, with no wind. Winter was over, and spring was well on its way.

Before sparring in the ring, Kyle and I worked out... he hit the bag while I skipped, then he held the bag for me. He wasn't too crazy about skipping, Besides, he was totally fucked after punching the crap outa the bag.

Wingnut was there with the other juniors, being harassed by the coach. I wasn't surprised to see the grommet lose it, and give the coach some lip in return. If corporal punishment had still been allowed in schools, Wingnut would've gotten six of the best right across his insolent butt.

Kyle was also getting his punishment... in the ring... from me. If I hadn't been so serious about my boxing, I would've been laughing my tits off. My fists were way too fast for the fucker. Jab, jab, jab, then whammo in his gut. Or I'd connect with the side of his headgear, and send him flying. But, when he did manage to get through my defence, he made damn sure it counted. He'd always go for my head. "Got no choice. Your stomach is like steel plate."

In the change room, I cornered one of the grade 11 guys. They were responsible for creating the theme for the Prom, arranging all the decorations, and being food and drink waiters for the night.

"Hey, what's the theme for tomorrow night?"

"Not allowed to say. It's supposed to be a surprise."

"Fuck the surprise. What's the theme?"

"Can't tell you."

"I'll beat you to a pulp."

"And what do you think the rest of my class will do to me if I tell you?"

I was still checking myself out in the mirror at home when the doorbell rang. It had to be the limo driver.

"See ya later, mom!"

"I think I'm in love."

"Jeez, mom. You're making me blush."

"Have a wonderful night, son."

Woohoo! A limo! The damn thing was almost as long as the block. I stood to one side as the uniformed driver opened the rear door, then I sat on the leather seat, taking care not to crease my tux. Wow! This was amazing! Me! Being chauffeured in a car the size of a fucking living room! Wicked!

As the limo rolled to a halt outside Kyle's place, he and his folks were waiting for me. Three lower jaws hit the deck. Actually, it was four, 'cause Kyle looked fucking awesome. Somehow, that tux he was wearing had managed to transform that mop of spiky, black hair into a very handsome, young man.

Before I knew what was happening, Kyle's mom had her arms wrapped around me, giving me a huge hug. Jeez. One mom was enough! Two was way over the top.

"You looked like a teenage James Bond when you stepped outa the car," Kyle said as we were being driven to Carol's house. "Love those Boss stinkies you're wearing. I had to try hard not to get a damn boner when..."


"Yeah... OK."

Carol looked like a princess. Absolutely fucking magnificent. She was wearing her hair up, and oozed so much damn class. I could hardly believe what I was seeing -- an apparition -- and I could feel my face beaming from ear to ear.

Next, the car stopped at Steph's house. She looked totally smashing. Her hair was done in ringlets, hanging down over her bare shoulders. She was wearing a strapless evening gown, which revealed just enough cleavage to send most guys troppo. Like me, Kyle was also totally dumbstruck at the sight of his girl looking so incredibly beautiful.

The grade 11s had done a fantastic job with the hall. From the ceiling hung yards and yards of blue and white material to represent a summer sky with clouds. The walls and floor were decorated in such a way that you got the impression of being underwater, on the sea bed. They'd also installed special lighting that caused all the decorations to constantly shimmer... like sunlight dancing on water. Unreal. Maybe surreal.

The grade 11s who were selected to be the waiters were all pretty good looking dudes. Obviously, they'd been chosen 'cause of their superior physiques. As part of the nautical theme, they were wearing mini-skirts made from strips of shiny, green satin, which represented seaweed. And under the skirts, they wore Speedos. Kyle was trying not to gawk, or, at least, to keep his bug-eyed staring from becoming too apparent, but I busted him quite a few times with his eyes bulging big time. I had to laugh, though. He just couldn't help himself, the horny fucker.

Everyone at the dance looked fucking smashing. Ross, Kev, Jumbo. Not schoolboys any more. Young adults. Transformed from kids to sophisticated young people overnight. Even dipshit Alan looked almost human. And he was escorting a total doll. How the fuck?

Each of the tables had a bottle of wine between four people. Yeah, right! And each tuxedo had a half-jack of something a little stronger hidden away in the inside pocket. Did the organizers really think we were that dumb? Or innocent?

There was no band, but they had a DJ who was really hot. He knew just the right music to play... and when.

All the teachers were there... all decked out in their finery, accompanied by their husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends, and obviously very proud of their students.

We didn't have a Prom King or Queen, but Kyle and I agreed that Ross would've taken out Prom King, easy. That guy had class written all over him. And we figured Steph would've been judged Prom Queen, even though Carol was my girlfriend. Steph looked absolutely magic.

The Prom finished at 1am, then everybody headed for the barn where the swim team had done the strip show for the girls about a year ago.

Somehow, we all managed to get there. Tuxedos were swapped for jeans and ts. Most of the guys, though, were happy to be topless 'cause it was a warm night. We were back to being ourselves. Outrageous teens looking for fun. Some of them found more fun than was good for them, and popped a couple of e's. Other guys were cutting lines in one of the stables. Carol and I settled for one joint, and were joined by Steph when Kyle wasn't looking. She knew how he felt about drugs... any drugs.

A lotta the guys paired off with their girlfriends, found a private stable, and did their thing, including Kyle and Steph. He must've smelled the j on her breath, but, according to her, he didn't say anything about it.

Just before sunrise, everybody wandered back into the barn, looking worse for wear... a lot worse for wear... so they were pretty chuffed to see that coffee was available. How weird. If you'd offered me coffee a few hours ago, I would've called you a dickhead. But now? Hey, it was a fucking godsend.

Then a couple of guys suggested that we all should hit the beach, and get into a sunrise swim. Huh? You're fucking crazy. But Carol was keen to go, so I relented.

The girls stripped down to their panties and bras, and the guys stripped down to their boxers or briefs. Then we all hit the water. Pretty soon, though, the guys started to play "strip the ladies", and a lotta the girls lost their bras, including Steph.

Then we all sat on the beach, with our arms wrapped around our raised knees, watching the sun rise, and shivering our asses off.

"Can you believe this?"


"Us... tuxedos one minute... boxers the next. Adults for a night, then back to teens."

"My dad says teens are supposed to be crazy."

"Yeah... I guess."

"Wouldn't wanna change it, though."


A couple of early morning surfers ran down the beach, boards tucked under their arms. They gave us a quick glance before running into the surf, and paddling out.

"You think they think we're crazy, sitting here almost naked?"

"Probably. And they're teens as well."


"So maybe we really are."



"Wouldn't wanna change it, though."

"You said that already."


On the trip home, the limo driver said that we were the best behaved bunch of teens he'd seen in a long time. Yeah, right. Well, I guessed we didn't damage anything, so maybe he was right. Anyway, it was one night none of us would ever forget. Not in a million years.

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