South Africa
Part 96

As my tall, handsome buddy and I headed toward home, he waited until we'd gone a few yards down the road before he grinned at me and said, "Now that was a fucking rave!"

"Hardly saw you guys," I pouted.

"Made love to Carol in Shane's car," he giggled. "How's that bro?"

His cheeky giggle was so infectious that I couldn't help doing likewise, and I had to admit that I was chuffed at the idea of him and Carol doing it in Shane's car. Shane was an asshole. "You're a dog."

"Too fucking right! That'll teach the fucker for being down on her."

"Who had the stash?"

"What stash?"

"Hey, this is Kyle. Remember me? I know you've smoked it up."

"Carol had it. Good stuff, too." Then he giggled again, sending his shoulders into a flurry of activity. "Oh, my fuck! What a night!"

I watched as he pulled another joint outa his pocket, and lit up. "Carol had it?"

"Yeah, and I rolled this one in Shane's car as well... for right now... walking home with you. It's been fucking ages since I've had a chance to totally chill out. Just me and my bud." Then he put an arm around my shoulder, took a drag, and exhaled a huge cloud of blue/gray smoke.

I was over the moon at his show of affection, but I was still worried about what might happen. "I think you might've gotten Carol into some serious shit with Shane."

"Fuck him. Anyway, we both wanted it. It's not like I tried to rape her. That wench is as good as ever."

Mark was laying on his back on my bed with his eyes closed as I returned from the shower. I was wearing a pair of satin sleep shorts 'cause I didn't wanna freak him out.

"You gonna shower?"

"I'll shower in the morning. I'm too fucked to do anything right now." Then he opened his eyes and gave my bod the once over. "You're looking good, Kyle."

"Thanks," I shrugged, trying to be modest. "So you wanna undress and get into bed?"

He sat up, removed his shoes, then took off his jacket and shirt. The sight of his bare chest sent instant signals to my groin. He looked like a sleek animal. Like a panther. Then he pulled off his jeans, and revealed a pair of black, satin boxers, kinda like gym shorts, with an open slit on the side of each leg. They hugged him, moulding perfectly around his package and buns. Yum! Once his socks were off, he laid on his stomach on the spare mattress.

"Hey, you don't need to sleep there. You know that."

"Yep, but I'm cool here, Kyle. Really."

"Those boxers are fucking cool. Look good on you."

"Candy bought them for me, and said the same thing. Then she went out and bought two more the same style in white and blue."

There was no way my hands could stay away from that killer bod, so I began to massage his strong shoulders.

"That feels cool," he sighed contentedly as my fingers worked his smooth, warm skin, and felt the solid muscle beneath.

He must've fallen asleep within a minute as I continued to massage him. Then I got onto my bed, and laid awake for ages thinking about having him in my room all to myself. Mark was just a few feet from me... living and breathing. As real as I was. How fucking awesome!

Eventually, the inevitable happened. He rolled onto his back... his normal sleeping position.

"You sleeping?"

No reply. So.........

In the semi-darkness of my room, I explored his awesome bod. I let my nervous hand cruise over his satin-covered package, then down his muscular legs. Surprisingly, he didn't get a boner, not even when I lifted the elastic waistband of his boxers and stroked his dick. I remembered how it felt when it was in my mouth all those months ago, and how it spat juice down my throat. How I wished it would happen again!

I placed my hands on his stomach and could feel the hard muscles even though he was totally relaxed. Then I tried to wriggle his boxers down past his waist, but 'cause they were like gym shorts, they were too tight. Damn! Oops! He began to move around a bit, which heightened my nervousness. Maybe he was dreaming about somebody trying to rape him or something.

I laid on my side, facing him, so that I could watch the gentle rise and fall of his stomach, and the smoothness of his muscled, perfectly defined chest, while I jacked off. My thoughts were about the night we'd spent in his flat before he left for Joburg... the way he could be so tender and loving... so caring... yet such an animal.

Muffling my groans of pleasure as my throbber exploded wad after wad wasn't easy, but I kept as quiet as poss even though my instinct was to scream my lungs out. Then, as I cleaned myself with a tissue, his voice broke the stillness of the night, and caused my eyes to widen in fright.

"Hey, bud, that was good 'cause you've given me a boner."

"You were awake the whole time?"

"Well, you woke up Mr Snake, and he woke me up."

"So why didn't you answer me?"

"Would've spoiled the fun. Anyway, bro, now I'm gonna get some sleep. See you in the morning."

"See ya."

Whoa! He was awake the whole time! And he didn't complain! Anyway, why the fuck should he? He had the most awesome fucking bod, and he knew it. He must've also known that there was no fucking way I could keep my sticky fingers away from it. Oh, well...

It was about 11am when my dad came into my room with some coffee. He had to pick his way around our clothes, which were scattered all over the floor. Mark was still half asleep as he sat up, and I couldn't help but notice his stomach muscles contract into tight lines, even though I was also still half asleep.

"Looks like you two had a good night out," dad smiled as he placed the coffee on the bedside table.

Mark's response was to croak, "Morning," while he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Hi. Have a good evening?"

"Yeah, it rocked." A succinct, typically teen comment that would've left my dad none the wiser.

After my dad had left the room, I asked Mark how he'd slept.

"Good," he yawned. "I needed that sleep. Now I need to piss."

My eyes followed the V-shaped back and hard buns of my bud as he headed for the bathroom. Then I heard his piss hitting the bottom of the toilet bowl like some horse that hadn't pissed for a week. When he returned, he picked up his coffee and planted his wicked butt on the bed next to me.

"So what are your plans for today?"

"Not sure yet," he said after taking a sip of his brew, and raising his eyebrows as a sign of approval. "I wanna catch up a bit with Carol... said I'd see her this arvie."

"Is that clever?"

"What? Seeing Carol?"

"Yeah. It's just that you'll be gone soon, and leaving Carol holding the can. Or the baby."

"Shane will be cool about it. He knows I'm not hanging around, and he doesn't know that I fucked her last night."

"What about this Candy chick in Joburg?" I asked after I'd drained the last of the coffee, and put my cup on the table.

"She's no chick. She's a real lady. You'll meet her one day, Kyle. She is absolutely totally beautiful. And she's done a lot for me."

"Old lady," I chuckled.

"She may be almost 30, but she can teach both Steph and Carol a few things. She's total class, and she doesn't treat me like a kid, either. She treats me like a damn god. And, boy! Can she make love! She'll exhaust you."

"So that's why you're looking so good... all the exercise."

"Pervert," he laughed after giving me a friendly smack.

"So tell me about fingers."

"He's very cool. A bit twisted, but cool. Best boss a guy could wish for, I suppose."

"'Cept he's a pervert."

"Nah... he's OK. Yeah... he loves to touch me, but he knows if he makes a break for my boxers, he's dead. I've already told him I'd break his neck if he puts his hand anywhere near my dick or my legs and chest."

"You're harsh."

"So far it's cool. Every morning, my boss... hear that, Kyle? MY BOSS wakes me up with coffee. Then he sits on my bed and rubs my shoulders. He gets a lift out of it... and it feels good. Besides that, he's a totally cool dude. Maybe a bit messed up 'cause he gets depressed when I go off for a weekend with Candy, and that really fucks his girlfriend's brain as well. Loves to wrestle me, and tickle me, which pissed me off at first. But then I thought 'what the fuck?' so long as he doesn't try anything with me. His girlfriend hates the way he is with me. Asked me to fuck off once, but I told her to tell him to tell me that. Now she and I just tolerate each other. She's got him pretty well taped, though."

"You touch him?"

"Sometimes... when he's working at his desk at night. I'll make us something to drink, then stand behind him and give him a little shoulder massage or something. He likes that. But that's it."

"What do you mean 'that's it'? Fuck, for you that's loads!" I placed my hand on Mark's leg and let it cruise up and down between his knee and his crotch. "I remember when this would've gotten me a week-long shiner."

"Yeah," he grinned as he placed his cup on the table, "but I understand you... and you're a pervert."

Quick as a flash, he was on top of me, tickling the fucking hell outa me. I was writhing and giggling so much, I was totally outa breath! Every one of my muscles was tight from laughing, but his fingers kept digging into my ribs despite my protests. Eventually, I managed to get one leg around him, and used it to shove him off me, sending him flying onto the spare mattress, where he rolled around, guffawing his tits off.

After breakfast, Mark left to visit Carol. Then the grommet paraded into my room like he owned the fucking joint. I was putting Mark's and my clothes away, and tidying the room.

"Hey, Kyle? Was that Conan who just left here?"


"Cool. Is he back?"

"Nope. Just for the weekend. Thought I told you that."

"Nope. I haven't been around here this week... I've been surfing, skating, and hanging at the mall with my buds."

"Surf's been huge."

"Yep... too huge for me. But I've still been out in the middle getting nailed."

"So, what's up?"

"Nothing. I just saw Conan and wanted to make sure it was him. Looks kinda like him, but different. So I had to check to see if you had a new bud or something. Anyway, I've got some stuff to do, then I'm gonna go surf. What are you doing?"

"Stuff around the house. But I'll just hang out here today, buddy."

"Tell Conan I said hi."

I didn't wanna tell Wingnut that I was gonna wait for Mark to come back... would've sounded a bit lamo. I didn't think Wingnut would have appreciated just how intense my relationship with Mark was, or that every single moment I could spend with him while he was in Cape Town was as precious as all fucking hell.

As it was, the morning really dragged into the afternoon. Every second had a lead weight attached to it. I'd look at my watch, then again later, hoping to see that five minutes had elapsed. Nope. More like five seconds. How could this be? How could I be so deeply in love with another guy? Whenever I asked myself that question, all I could do was shake my head. It had to be an impossible question to answer. And I had to be some kinda oddball.

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