South Africa
Part 2

Wingnut had been threatening to sleep over at my house for ages, so when I told him it would be OK, he jumped at the chance.

I'd read the Wingnut stories on the MrB site, but Cody's description of the grommet's bod really didn't do it justice. He was big for a lightie, and about as tall as Code was; maybe 5' 7" or so, and hung like a horse. His big, meaty pecs were the kind you'd expect to see on an older teen of about 18 or something.

When he arrived at the front gate, he appeared to be a little nervous about being at my place alone, so I invited him to chill out in the pool. He was wearing Speedos, and I was wearing boardies, which soon slipped off my waist after I'd dove in. Hey, no biggie. So I threw them onto the deck.

"You wanna keep your Speedos on?"

"Yeah, I'm OK with that."

I swam up behind him, put my arms around him, then grabbed his pecs. He freaked. I thought he'd be OK with my touching his bod, but no. I decided it would be better to leave him alone, so I sat on the wall, mainly 'cause I wanted him to see that I was sporting a massive fucking erection. That was one sure fire way to turn Cody on, so why not Wingnut? Yeah, right. He got outa the pool, dried himself, then wrapped the towel around his waist. At that moment, I was feeling like a right fucking cunt who'd made a total ass of himself.

"What's the problem, Winger?"

"Are you a fag?"

"A what?"

"Remember that time I walked into Cody's room and you were humping him? How am I supposed to forget that?"

"You think I'm twisted or something?"

"Go figure."

I wasn't gonna argue with the dude. Cody often told me that Wingnut would rile him really bad, so I wasn't gonna let the grommet do that to me. I lit up a reefer, and smoked it right there in front of him. I was still naked, and still sporting a major boner, but I figured if the lightie couldn't handle it, then that was his problem. Besides, it had soon become apparent to me why he'd wrapped the towel around his waist. His own dick was screaming for air.

"So you're saying that Cody was a fag?" I asked after blowing a cloud of blue smoke into the warm night air.

"I didn't say that. I know you were friends and did stuff. I also know that you were Cody's friend and did stuff together. Cody never told anyone. He didn't need to. You've just told me anyway... so what did you do?" The grommets eyes then focused on the reefer. "Can I have some of that?"

"Lose the towel."

Wingnut dropped the towel, then walked over and stood beside me. His Speedos were glistening with fresh, shiny boy juice, and showing the outline of his massive - and I mean massive - hardon. I didn't know if Cody had ever managed to swallow that thing whole, but I doubted it. It had to be a seven at least.

"So what's the problem?" I asked as my eyes drifted up his awesomely defined bod to his eyes. "You think Cody's gonna hate you if you get naked with me or something?" But Winger didn't answer. He just let out a cloud of smoke and never said a word.

I figured I had to do something to chill the atmos, so I went inside, grabbed a couple of beers, then returned to the pool. We sat there for ages, drinking beer and talking about the Codeman, surfing, and whatever. Eventually, the housekeeper came outside to say goodnight. Wingnut might have guessed that I had a thing going with her. But I figured she must've thought the grommet was too plastered to notice her fondling me.

Right about then, I thought of Gary, and what he'd be thinking when I told him about this night in an email. "What the fuck does Steve think he's trying here?" Well, I figured if Cody could be honest with Gary, maybe I could as well. The fact was that I wanted Winger sooo badly. But I also wanted him to reciprocate. I figured he wanted me as well, judging by his Speedo-clad monster, but I guessed he just didn't know where to start. I mean, it wasn't like I was being a dog or anything - if you didn't count doggy style hahaha!

After downing a few beers, he dove into the pool, then removed his Speedos and threw them onto the wall. "So you wanna come and swim?"

Woohoo! I didn't need a second invite, so I was in the water in a flash. This time, when I swam up behind him and put my hands on his pecs, he didn't try to stop me. "You've got beautiful pecs, Winger."

"Beautiful is for girls' tits, Steve. Anyway, Code thought they were pretty awesome."

"And your stomach is flat, flat, flat. Not to mention defined," I sighed as I ran my hands over the smooth skin of his sixpack. He also had huge hands and feet for his age, and the little fucker was incredibly strong. His index finger was about half an inch longer than mine. When he lifted his arms, his biceps would show without any effort at all. I could understand why Cody loved him so much. All that awesome muscle plus a wonderful nature made a pretty wicked package.

But this time, I could tell that the grommet was pretty fucked by too much beer, so I turned him around to face me, then kissed him. Thankfully, he followed suit, put his arms around me and returned my kiss. And while our lips and tongues were playing mouth hockey, our boners were engaged in a swordfight down below - much more exciting than anything Errol Flynn could have done.

Wingnut was a good kisser. Whoa! And it was an awesome pleasure to feel his hard, muscular body against mine.

Without warning, he pulled away: "Hey, I don't feel so great." He swam to the side of the pool, hauled himself outa the water, then hurled his guts up all over the lawn. A few seconds later, he passed out. He was laying on his stomach, with one arm and one leg bent.

I lit another reefer, then sat down next to him on the grass. I studied his beautiful body for a while, then used my finger to trace the outlines of his back muscles all the way to his ass crack. Hmmm. It looked delicious.

I arranged myself in a position where I was able to spread his firm, rounded buns and taste his rosebud. Hmmm. It was as musty as hell, but cute. The little - must stop using that word - dude had no body hair, 'cept for his bush of pubes and the mop on top of his head. None under his arms, and none in his crack.

I let my tongue play in his spongy ring while I jacked off. Then I shot a truckload of jizz all over his back. I couldn't help thinking about how tight his hole was, and how he needed a hard cock up there to loosen it up a bit.

I rolled him over onto his back, and saw that his dick had gone sleepy byes across his stomach. Even so, that lazy snake of his was still the best part of five inches. When I began to stroke it, it quickly started coming to life, and so did he. Uh oh. He turned over onto his hands and knees, and puked again. That was followed by a session of dry heaving. I guessed I was too fucking zonked to be sensitive, so I laughed at him.

"Fuck off! I'm dying!"

"Want me to blow you straight?"

Too late. He'd passed out again. So I picked him up, and threw him into the pool. That was quite an effort. He weighed only like 55 kg, but he was a dead weight. I watched him cough and splutter and gasp himself back into the land of the living, then climb outa the pool, and flop on his back on the lawn. I lit up another reefer, and offered it to him. "Hey, Winger, I know this stuff helps me to wake up a bit sometimes. Sorry about the beer, man. You've got the greenies real bad."

While he smoked it up, I played with his nads, which were huge, like two pears. "Wanna go to bed and play a bit?"

"I'm hungry." I waved my nads in front of his face, but he told me to fuck off. "I need food, not those fucking things."

"I'll make something after you let me blow you." He didn't seem to be fazed by my remark, so I pushed him down on his back, and he just carried on smoking... well, that was until I started tonguing his sensitive cockhead. It was kinda funny really, 'cause he arched his back, and began to cuss like hell. But the dude had willpower to spare. My jaw was aching big time by the time he finally jettisoned fuel. The damn stuff was all over the place. Prob was I couldn't take him all in, so when his cock started bucking like a crazy bronco, it slipped outa my mouth. Long thick sticky ribbons of Wingnut juice flew everywhere - all over my face, and all over him.

"So how was that?"

"OK," he said without showing any emotion. "So are you gonna make something to eat now, 'cause I'm fucking starving."

I went inside the house, but I was as mad as all fucking hell. Fuming! Who did that little shit think he was? At least he could have said that the BJ was cool or something. I heated some pizza, but by the time I'd returned to the lawn, he'd passed out again. "Hey!" I said as I shook him. "Wake up! I've got some pizza."

After we'd eaten, I asked him if he felt like going to bed now.

"No, it's cool. I think I should move on home."

"Why are you chickening out on me? What's there to chicken out about?" I tried to reason with him. "We'll just sleep in my bed, man. Nothing's gonna happen. Anyway, it's 2 in the morning, and I can't have you rocking up to your front door looking all fucked up like you are."

Then he passed out again, so I carried him into my shower, and turned on the water. It shot out in a cold blast, which scared the shit outa him, but he still wasn't fully awake. So I cleaned him up, towelled him, and put him to bed. For a while I observed his sleeping face. Innocent, but not all that innocent. Even so, he looked like an angel.

By then I was so wide awake, I decided to get my stash and "tools" and shot myself up with coke. Then I phoned Steph. "Hey, babe, you wanna come around here?" Whoa! She let me have it with both barrels. She knew I was trashed. BITCH! Hey, I was ready to party, and I was surrounded by wussies! So I called her a fucking whore and hung up.

So what was all this shit? One night, Mark and I shot ourselves up with coke and we partied for almost two fucking days! Cody hated me for that. He and Mark were tight, though. What Mark never told Code was how Mark had beaten me up after the Steph episode. That was even after I told him that Cody had already given me a hiding. "You ain't seen nothin' yet, asshole." He used me like a fucking punching bag. His forearms were like two blurred pistons, hammering away at me 'til I dropped to the floor.

Cody was also pissed at me 'cause I'd gotten some backup before he arrived at my house to cave my fucking head in. What kinda backup? Drug buddies, of course. But, hey, even Paul bought some reefers from me when he was down for Codes 18th birthday, and he fucking hates my guts. Hey! Check out the colors. Woohoo! I would have loved to have had Mark, Paul and Cody in a fuckergy. I would've fucked Mark's brains out and left him wanting more. Things between me and Cody were pretty tight until Mark got involved, and then he plays fucking hard to get as well. Yeah, right. But I still would've wanted to fuck that hunk or, even better, have him fuck me. As for Paul, well, I would give it to him any day and hurt the fucker as well. He treats me like a piece of shit but I'm okay if he needs something. Cody was a good fucker. Fucking right! Hahahahahahaha.

One night when Mark stayed over at my place I thought he wanted some action with me. Haha can you imagine if I'd pulled something like that? What a mess I'd be right now. Instead, we got Carol and Steph around and had a massive fucking orgy. Yeah, how's that? Mark organized Steph to come around and we fucked them both. This was still in the early days. Yeah, even Carol. We were so badly up the tracks, though, that Mark didn't even notice me into Carol.

Hey, I'm getting carried away here. Happens when I shoot up. Anyway, Wingnut slept until almost afternoon before he woke up, and then slept on and off until about 8 or 9pm. By then I'd gotten my jacks off with the housekeeper. What the fuck? Thats what the help is for hahahahahaha. It was either her or I rape Cody's little buddy. But he wouldn't have appreciated that. Cody said that he used me as a character called Ross in one of his stories with TJ.

Wingnut only went home late that night after I'd managed to get him into some sort of right frame of mind. Later, I copied down the Continuum poem that Cody wrote for the MrB site. Probably the best thing he's ever written. Then I wrote Gary, and included all the shit I've just mentioned above. I also sent some poems that Cody had written for me. He always made me feel like I was some god or something. Wish I felt that way about myself. There's a poem that I wrote the other day when I wasn't quite on this planet either. Thought Gary might like to read it. Whoa! This screen is swimming. Doing the fly I think. Maybe it's Code telling me to pull myself together AGAIN!!!!!!!

What kind of friend would do what you did?
You left me alone, to look after the kid.
We talk about you all the time in my bed.
And we whisper about the tears that we shed.

I loved you my friend, more than you knew.
I didnt always show it cos of the fists that you flew.
A jealous heart cries now for what could have been,
But your love for all was boundless.
That was clearly to be seen.

Cody, my Cody, I loved you so much.
My body still trembles, as I remember your touch.
Your lips on mine, and the taste of our love,
Is there a chance now,
It might come from above?

The kid still loves you, and whispers your name.
He tries to love me and make it the same.
His heart is aching and longing for your hand
Much as mine is, but I must take a stand.

I have come to love him, as if he was you.
I hope you forgive me the things that I do.
He knows that its not you cos it cant be the same,
But his rush of love makes him call out your name.

Im so sorry Cody, that I wasnt there for you
You wouldve been safe, if it was just us two.
I can hear the screech of tyres as your driver drove his race
I get tears in my eyes at the metal embrace.

Im trying so hard to do what you would like
But its almost impossible, just one more spike.
Its bad now, I know that youre watching dear friend
But I hate that your life
In a flash
Had to end.

I look at the ocean and think of good things
But its hard when its hazy, my love still clings.
Colorful images and tears fall like rain,
I cant wait and
Maybe quite soon, Ill meet you again.

Copyright 2002 All rights reserved. mrbstories


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