South Africa
Part 7

So there we were, in the middle of nowhere, with Fingers wanting to know if I was gay! It wasn't like I spoke with a lisp, or walked like Elle McPherson modeling the latest Christian Dior creation. I was as macho as the next guy. "What the fuck makes you ask me that?"

"I'm just curious. I'll be honest with you 'cause I think you're a great kid. I'm bi."

What a fucking revelation! I had to stop myself from giggling. "You been with guys before?"

"No. It's just something I've always thought about."

"Oh." My lame response was followed by a long silence as the car's powerful headlamps gobbled up the country miles. But curiosity eventually got the better of me. "Can I ask you what you're thinking?"

"I've been in a few situations, but they've been with buds. Tame stuff. Nothing like what you're thinking about."

Oh? So now the guy was suddenly a mindreader? "What do you think I'm thinking?"

"Fuck knows what you're thinking." Well, so much for his being psychic, but he continued. "I think you're a really good looking guy, and you've got a nice body on you. I don't want this to sound wrong, but I really enjoyed touching you the other night."

No fucking kidding! I thought. "I was cool with that."

"It's just going to be the two of us tonight. Any chance I can massage you again?"

Oops! Time to made a decision. My brain was frying big time, but I remained calm. "I'm cool with that."

"Are you shy about this?"

"I'm not sure. Depends on whether or not you are."

As soon as we'd walked into the house, he made a dash for the fridge and got us a beer each. Then we walked through to the den, where he approached me. He began to undo the buttons of my shirt, but his hands were shaking, and his fingers were fumbling. "Steve? Are you sure you're OK with this?"

"Looks like you're ready to have a heart attack, dude," I smiled. "Let your fingers do the walking. OK?"

He giggled nervously, then said, "I've never been in this kinda situation before, where a guy actually allows me to get this close." He was beginning to perspire, and his breathing was really fucked up. Didn't worry me, though. This guy had opened up his house to me. His generous hospitality made me feel good. Better still was having him admiring me the way he was. He wasn't exactly a dog either, and I wasn't unhappy with what I was seeing. It seemed to me that he worked out, and kept himself in shape. To help him, I unbuttoned his shirt, which kinda made him freak a little.

"You might not like what's under there," he apologized in advance.

"You're not too bad for somebody who's forty," I said as I peeled his shirt off his shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. And he wasn't. Maybe a bit soft in the gut, but he'd obviously looked after himself in the home gym. He had a sixpack, which wasn't quite cut like mine or Mark's, but it was hard enough. It looked to me like he shaved or used hair remover. He didn't have a single strand of body hair, 'cept for his armpits and pubes. His skin was well toned as well as smooth. Anyway, I was getting fucking curious.

After he'd unbuttoned my shirt - well, Mark's shirt - I shrugged it off, and just stood there in front of him, studying his eyes. "So what now?"

"Are you sure you're OK with this?"

"What the fuck should I not be OK about? It's not like you're gonna rape me." I cocked a blonde eyebrow. "Or are you?"

He laughed when I said that, then, "I don't need anyone to know about this, Steve."

Curiosity was still getting the better of me. "You've never done this with Mark before?"

"Not like this. He lets me massage him sometimes, but if I get too adventurous he loses his temper, then doesn't speak to me for days. He's not like you. He's a bit homophobic."

"Have you been naked with a guy before?"

"Never. Well... on school and church camps. We would sometimes swim in the nude, but we were all shy, and ran for our towels as soon as we exited the water."

"You wanna go swim nude then?" To chill him out, and give him a bit of encouragement, I added with a shrug, "That will be cool, and pretty normal."

"Do you smoke?"


"No," he said apologetically, "it's OK. I didn't think you did."

"I'll share a joint with you if you've got one."

While he was getting a joint, I went to the pool and stripped. When he came outside, and saw me sitting there starkers, his eyes popped out on springs. I didn't have an erection, though. But if Mark had been there with me, I would've had a buster! My feet were dangling in the pool, and although the night air was cool, the water felt quite warm.

"You've got no problem being naked, hey," he remarked as he sat beside me.

"Nope. So now it's your turn."

I could've bust laughing when he turned his back to me, and took off his pants. Hmmm. I studied his muscular buns. They looked like they'd been given a bit of hard work in the home gym. I figured they could push 20 kegs [kilograms] apiece, no prob.

When he turned around to face me, his cock was rock hard, which made me feel fucking good about myself. His bouncing boner was a real compliment to me. Nevertheless, I tried to play down the situation, and act naturally, as if everything was normal. It worked. He relaxed when I ignored his hardon, which looked pretty damn good to me - hard, smooth, and even muscular - and big! Whoa! I got the impression that it could rip my ass in two.

His boner wasn't what I'd expected, though. He was uncut, like me. But his cockhead was completely exposed 'cause his throbber was so damn hard.

He sat alongside me, dangling his feet in the water, and passed me the joint. The two of us relaxed. I was staring at the twinkling stars, which were magic - millions of them in the clear, matt-black, country sky. Meantime, he was staring at me, which was also magic. :) Hey, I liked to be admired. So many people back home hated my guts, so this was a welcome change. Maybe Gary was right. Maybe there was some kinda hero in me, buried deep down somewhere.

After I'd taken the last drag of the joint, I flicked it into the garden, then eased myself into the water, which bathed me in a cloak of refreshing coolness. He followed me, and we just drifted around, taking a few leisurely strokes here and there. Then, without warning, he swam up to me, grabbed me in a bear hug, and pulled me under. We began play-fighting, and wrestled a bit. It wasn't like wrestling Cody, though. Cody was fucking strong in the water. Besides, if it had been Cody, his lips would've been around my cock ages ago.

Every now and again, Fingers' hands would brush against my boyhood, which was reacting to the touching scene. His body looked more like it belonged to a guy in his 20s who had been athletic, but who had stopped exercising. He had good pecs, and the only body fat was a little on his hips.

"Do you have to go back to Cape Town?"

"Yes, I do, hey. I have to go back to school for a year."

"Would you come here for your school holidays if I bought the air ticket?"

"Not sure if Mark would appreciate that. I don't think I'd like Mark to know about this either. He doesn't know that I'm bi." Then I realized what I'd said. I was pretty sure that Mark knew - or suspected - what went on between Code and me.

"So we share a secret, then," Fingers smiled. "But I'd like to see you again, Steven." He swam behind me, and fondled my chest. His hands drifted down to my abs, then to my cock. I didn't stop him 'cause he was being gentle. But I could feel his body shaking against mine, so I knew he was still nervous as hell. That didn't stop him from moving my foreskin up and down my swelling cockhead, though.

"Did you like that?"

"Pretty much, hey."

Then he kissed me on the neck, and his other hand moved to my pec. His fingers pinched my nipple. Yeah. I was enjoying him touching me 'cause he was making me feel so good about myself.

"I think you'd better take your hand away from my cock if you don't want your pool all messed up."

I turned to face him, and let my fingers find his boner. I allowed it to gently ride in my open hand. Whoa! I'd never felt a cock that thick or long before, but at the same time I could easily picture that monster inside me. For sure, it would be a fucking challenge!

His balls were pulled tight up against his crotch. I watched him close his eyes and sigh ecstatically, "That feels so good." I could feel his muscles tensing. They weren't soft as I'd first thought. He had good legs as well.

Hey! Why not blow his mind? Yeah! Sounded like fun to me. I sank below the surface, and opened my mouth. I allowed his cockhead to slide between my lips, which were stretched to hell. Then my tongue rode down part of his length. His whole body went into an instant spasm, so I rose to the surface again, then saw that his face had turned bright red.

"My fuck! I didn't expect you to do that to me!"

"Not as good as the girlfriend, though," I smiled, eluding to the BJs she'd given him.

"I... that is, we've never done that. None of my girlfriends has ever wanted to give me a blowjob."

"Don't know what you're missing, dude." Then I cracked laughing at the thought of Gary having to type this story one-handed.

I swam to the side of the pool, and hauled my bod outa the water. Still wet, I laid on my back on the lawn. I sucked my gut in 'cause I knew Fingers would be watching my every move. My cock lifted away from my stomach. There was a bit of juice dangling from my pisshole, so I scooped it off with my finger, and offered it to the bossman. "Want a taste?"

By that stage, he seemed totally relaxed... maybe 'cause I was. He lifted himself outa the pool, laid beside me, then took my finger into his mouth.

"So how was it?" I asked after he'd swallowed.

"I'm not sure... It tasted like... uh... Steve from Cape Town maybe?"

He leaned forward, and began to kiss my pecs, then his lips moved down to my stomach and navel. After that, he carefully licked my cock, but I could tell that he didn't have a fucking clue what to do next. Hahahaha!

I was as horny as a fucking rattlesnake by then, and I'd made up my mind that he was either gonna blow me or jack me.

When he resumed kissing my chest and stomach, I let my hands play with his balls. It was the first time I'd ever felt such a bush of hair on a guy's crotch before. He began to move his hips, and fuck my hand. His breathing became heavier. Then he laid on top of me, and let his boner ride up and down my sixpack.

"Fuck, Steve," he gasped. "I don't want you to go back to Cape Town. Please stay here."

"Both you and I know that can't happen. In any case, I've got things to do. And I've got a beautiful girlfriend waiting for me. This is cool, but pussy is better," I lied.

"You won't have to do anything," he pleaded. "I've got money, and I've got a flat in Joburg that you can use."

By now, my gut was totally juiced by his slimy precum, and I desperately wanted his cock. So I pushed him, and he rolled over onto his back. For some tender silent moments, I caressed him. And then, "I can't stay, but I want you to remember this night forever."

I cupped his balls in my hand, opened my mouth as wide as I could, then took him in at least part of the way. His whole body arched, and he grunted between clenched teeth. With all his muscles tensed, his body felt fucking great to me. I lifted one of his legs, then let my finger find his ass crack as I continued to suck him. Once my finger had found its way inside, I gently massaged his prostate.

"I'm cumming!" he screamed at the top of his voice. I took my mouth away, and watched his cock bounce madly as thick wads of juice exploded in long fat strands, then fell to his stomach. His massive boner was still fighting my hand as it kept exploding. When I figured it had shot its last wad, I sent my lips over its swollen head and let my tongue play with its tender cockhead. He was gyrating like crazy, and had his hands on my head, trying to lift my face away from his excruciatingly painful pleasure. But I wouldn't move, and I felt his cock softening in my mouth. I was a bit disappointed that he'd gone limp 'cause all I wanted to do was please him, and make this a good and memorable time for him. Hey! I was having a fucking rave!

"Jesus Christ, Steve!"

"I don't think his last name was Steve."

He laughed, then coughed. A second later, I was straddling his chest with my hardon pointed right at his face. "You wanna try that?" I asked. "Just keep your fucking teeth outa the way."

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