South Africa
Part 11

Mark and I stayed awake for about another hour, talking about Code and whatever, before we turned in. I was at his bedside, waiting for him to pull on a pair of boxers or briefs, but he never did. So we got into bed naked together.

Mark had his back to me, so I snuggled up against his warm, comforting body, and draped my arm over his chest. My cockstand didn't seem to worry him at all. But the most special thing of all was when his hand held my forearm for a moment, and gave it a friendly squeeze. That was his way of telling me that everything was OK, and I appreciated it big time.

I was fucking exhausted, so I fell asleep almost right away. But on reflection, I didn't think Mark slept at all. Maybe he was thinking that I might get carried away being naked in bed with him. Or maybe he was thinking it would be OK for the two of us to have sex. Or maybe he was thinking of our convo about Code. I wasn't sure.

He woke me up early in the morning, and told me that if I wanted to continue sleeping I should move over to the sleeper couch in case Fingers walked in. So I obeyed instructions, mainly 'cause I just couldn't keep my damn eyes open.

I figured Mark would have stayed awake. Probably went swimming or jogging or something. He was pretty much a fitness fanatic. Hmmm. Maybe not quite. He smoked and drank. But his bod was in absolute peak condition. Perfection on two legs. Was I far behind? Hahahaha! Maybe not that far behind.

I was eventually woken by Fingers, who had his hand on my erection. A cup of hot coffee was on the floor beside my bed. He asked where Mark was, but I didn't have a clue. Then he kissed me tenderly on the lips, and I responded 'cause I'd really come to like that guy. And, in a way, I felt quite sorry for him.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of his hand rubbing my chest and stomach. He also gave my boner a few jerks, but I didn't think he wanted to get too involved in that department in case Mark suddenly reappeared.

I was in the shower when Mark returned. He explained that he'd been down to the yacht 'cause one of the black guys had to work on something or other, and Mark had to open the shed containing all the tools.

"Yo, Steve."

"Yo, yourself. I'm still fucking tired."

"Serves you right for talking the whole damn night."

"Hey, Mark, thanks for last night. I really needed that."

"I think I did as well."

Fingers' girlfriend arrived just before lunch, followed closely by Candy. Then Mark disappeared for the afternoon. He'd previously explained to me that he'd promised Candy that he would spend the afternoon with her - LUCKY HER! - and had apologized like fuck to me about it, but I told him it was cool.

I felt like a bit of a spare prick at a wedding, so I lazed around the pool for a while, then slept for another couple of hours.

"Can you picture me there, Gary? Laying naked on the bed with a huge boner? Pecs and abs?"

"Shuddup and get on with the fucking story."

Fingers then arranged to get some meat and have a braai [barbecue] for all of us. Another couple arrived - friends of Fingers. The woman kept checking me out, which didn't impress her boyfriend too much. He was getting pretty upset after a few drinks. So what was I supposed to do? Wear a potato sack? There wasn't any fuss, though. Jeez, that's all I would have needed!

Candy asked Mark if he would sleep over at her place, but he insisted that he couldn't leave me alone. "Hey, bud, don't stress. Do yourself a fav and sleep over at Candy's. I'll be OK." Besides, I had other plans hahahaha! No way I was gonna tell Mark what they were, though.

After the place had been deserted, and it was just Fingers and me there, it was totally fucking cool. The two of us got naked, then swam in the pool, picking up from where we'd left off two nights beforehand. He was a lot more relaxed about us being naked together, and was actually less intense as well.

The more time I spent with him, the more attractive I found him. He could've been a fucking model if he'd been younger. But I especially loved his thick cock. I'd never seen anything that thick before, except in pictures.

We spent a long time laughing and just enjoying ourselves. When we eventually got into his bed, I asked him if he had any condoms. "Yes. Why?"

"I'm in love with your meat. I want it inside me." He became nervous again, but I calmed him down. "Let me give you a blowjob first just to prepare you."

When I figured the time was about right, I rolled a condom over his enormous cockhead, then down the length of his muscle shaft. He didn't have any KY lube, but the condom seemed well enough lubricated.

I made him lay down on his back, then put my feet next to his hips as I towered above him. For a moment or two, he savored my bod with his lust-filled eyes.

"Raise your knees so that I've got something to hold onto."

Then I slowly slid down so that his cockhead was positioned in the center of my rosebud. My ass wasn't virgin, but fucking hell! That monster of his was stretching my ass muscles to their very fucking limits! Although it was painful, the pure fucking heaven of something that size inside me outweighed any discomfort.

It took ages to get the damn thing all the way in, and during all that time he kept his eyes closed. Maybe did didn't wanna see the weird expression on my face. Meantime, my own cock had gone soft, so I held my nads up as my ass continued to slide down his massive throbber. But my ass kept contracting involuntarily, which sent a signal to his brain to push against me.

The lube on the condom was no fucking way sufficient for this purpose. When my ass cheeks had reached his pubes, there was no fucking possibility of him fucking me. He would have ripped my hole to shreds. Nevertheless, because of the pressure of my ass muscles around his shaft, and his cock getting even bigger inside me, I felt like I was in fucking heaven. Outasight!

"How does that feel?" I asked him as I leaned forward, forcing his cock to bend at an angle it tried valiantly to resist.

"Not like I thought it would. Are you OK?"

"Yeah, 'cept for the monster beef that's shoved into me, I'm fine."

He laughed at my comment, then added: "It feels fantastic, Steve. I can't fuck you, though, 'cause my cock is stuck where it is."

Yep, that was the problem alright. His cock was so damn thick that, without any lube, it wasn't gonna go anywhere. As I lifted myself off him, it felt like his cock was dragging half my guts with it, and it was fucking painful. I tried not to show it, though. Didn't wanna upset the dude.

Once I was free of his monster, I rolled the condom off his tool. It was covered in precum, which made it look even more awesome. I went down on it with my mouth. At the same time, I pushed two fingers into his ass crack, then finger fucked him as I sent my lips up and down that rock-hard shaft.

When the first of his thick, creamy wads exploded, I decided to swallow. It actually tasted fucking sour, but it also excited me to hell. It was glutinous, and arrived in long, dense sections, almost like mine did, except mine jetted out and left a long swinger attached to my cockhead. To get all of Fingers' load, I had to suck it out, but I couldn't swallow all of it. Some of it ran down his shaft and got tangled up in his pubes.

Even after he'd finished blowing his load, he kept fucking my face. But as the seconds passed, his cock eventually began to go soft in my mouth. Then I allowed it to slide from my lips, and settle on his stomach like an exhausted lizard covered in slime.

I layed between his legs, then freaked him out totally when I transferred some of his cum to his mouth. I wouldn't move away, though, and he was forced to swallow hahahahaha!

"So do you wanna fuck me now?" he asked.

I thought about it for a while. Maybe I could lube him up with my tongue. But then I thought better of it, and decided against it. "Not without lube. You'll get sore, and you'll hate it."

Then he picked me up, and held me down while he kissed me. After that, he slowly sent his lips down my body 'til they arrived at my woody. And as he sucked, he drilled two fingers into my ass. Whoa! What a fast learner!

As my cock thrashed about in his mouth, and fired jets of my juice down his throat, he gagged. The wuss moved his head away, and fisted my cock. Oh well, maybe some other time he would swallow my load.

We laid together for ages, just enjoying each other's body heat and affection. Then I decided to take a break outside, and dove into the refreshing coolness of the pool. While I was swimming, Fingers made us some coffee, which he brought to the side of the pool, along with two joints. As we drank and smoked, he kept staring at me and smiling.

"What's up?"

"You have no idea how often I've tried to imagine what this would be like. Me with another man. But to have you! You're a teen stud, Steven," he stressed. "I would never have thought [this could happen]. The first time I laid eyes on you, I fantasized, but never thought it would happen."

"Hey, I'm a teen slut. Ask my buds."

He laughed at that, then suggest that we do a 69, with him on top. When we eventually got into a decent position, I spread his cheeks and went to work on his crack with my tongue. It drove him fucking bananas, Gary.

"Shuddup for Christ sake, and get on with the fucking story!"

I worked him with both my tongue and fingers simultaneously. Meantime, he was gently sucking my cock, and tonguing my sensitive knob, while his fingers played with my nads.

When I felt the rush about to begin, I asked him to stop. Then we rolled onto our sides, maintaining the same end positions, and I began to suck him. He was having the same problem I was... getting perilously close to offloading. So he too frequently asked me to pause for a while.

For a long time, we kept starting and stopping 'til we just couldn't handle it anymore. I heard him trying to swallow my load, but all he did was gag, then took my throbber outa his mouth. I was trying desperately to swallow as much of his load as possible, but it was just too much, and a lot of it spilled over and dribbled down my face.

We laid quietly together for ages before I got to my feet and said that I needed to go shower.

"Let's shower together."

Whoa! From zero to a hundred miles an hour in a couple of days. This guy was a fast learner! Later, he gave me a towel wrap to put on, and we sat in the kitchen talking 'til the rising sun began to bring with it a brand new African day.

The more time I spent with this guy, the more I liked him. Was is a paternal thing? I wasn't sure. My dad had never shown much interest in me. Anyway, I got around to talking to Fingers about my [drug] habit and my situation back home in Cape Town. He didn't seem too fazed by what I was telling him.

"If you had to live here in Joburg, Steve, you'd be safe from all that."

"What? And end up running all my life? In any case, I don't think you'd like the real me. I've used everyone I've ever known. Even my very best friends."

"I can't believe you're that bad."

"Well, believe it. I used you the other night. Started out just for sex."


"Now?" I repeated. "Now I think I like you quite a lot."

"Like? I think I love you."

"It wouldn't work, though. Would it?"

"No," he said thoughtfully. "You're right. I would always be tempted to stop you from being you. And I would get insanely jealous if you went out with anyone." He paused again. "You need to get your life together, Steven. I look at you and can't understand why you're trying to destroy yourself."

Damn! My eyes were stinging. But I managed to speak without choking on my words. "Maybe it's 'cause the only person who ever saw any good in me isn't around anymore."

"Mark told me about your friend who was killed. That's very sad. You can cry if you want to, y'know. There's no shame in that."

Fingers wrapped an arm around me, and I totally broke down. Later, Gary, when I wrote you about it, I thought it sounded pretty stupid.

"If you thought it was stupid, Steve, then I'm also stupid. Half the world is stupid. Everyone who's reading your story is stupid. So you're in good company. Now get on with the fucking story or I'll...!"

Mark arrived home pretty late in the morning. I was swimming in the pool while Fingers was lighting another fire for an afternoon barbecue. Mark was in a chipper mood, and everything was really cool. All of us were eventually swimming in the pool. Fingers was wearing a pair of Speedos, which didn't look too bad on him. But all too soon, it came time for me to pack my bags for the trip back to Cape Town.

I'd managed to get Fingers alone in his room. "Time for me to jet outa here."

He handed me an envelope. "This is for you. It may help you out of the trouble you're in."

When I opened the envelope, I counted one thousand rand [African currency]. But I handed it straight back to him. "Hey, I think I've had a very special time here, and you're a fantastic fantastic person, not to mention a hunk with a delicious cock." My last remark brought a huge smile to his face. "But I can't take that money. It would make the time we've had together cheap, and I would feel like your toy boy. Neither of us wants that."

"It's to use... to get you out of trouble," he insisted.

I pushed the envelope back toward him. "That's something I need to sort out for myself."

"Will I hear from you again?"

"Is the Pope a Catholic?"

He hugged me, and I kissed him. He tried very hard to hide his tears, just as I did. Then I went to see Mark.

"Hey, buddy. I've gotta get moving or I'll never get to the airport. It's been really fantastic, and I just wanna say thanks for everything."

"Where are you going?"

"Down the highway. Need to get moving."

"I'll drive you."

"Hey! What was it you said about me being desperate [to get here]?"

"Yeah, well you're not desperate to get home. So I'll drive you just in case you change your mind and decide to hang around. I wanna make sure you don't miss your flight."

As the Beetle sped along the ribbon of tar that led to Johannesburg airport, we got another chance to talk in private. "So what happens now?" he asked.

"Damage control. I need to sort out a lotta stuff."

"How serious is this pulling outa selling gonna be?"

"I'm scared to death. I know that I'll at least get a beating for it, but hopefully that will be the end of it. I don't handle pain too well, though, hahahahaha!"

"It's going to be hard to stop using."

"I know that. It's been hard this past week. But I've worked at it, so I know it can happen."

"I'm a phone call away if you need to talk. And a flight away if you need to get away for a while."

"Yeah, right. Like you need me to hang around."

"I've never understood you. You have everything I wished for, and yet you've stuffed up your life. You even had Cody, and tried to stuff up that friendship. If he'd been anyone else, you would have lost him a long time ago."

"Did you know that Cody was raped?"

"Yeah, right. He probably bent over and said, "Here, rape me.""

"I'm being serious here, Mark. It happened on a school swim tour. I never knew about it either ['til Gary told me about it]. I don't think anyone did."

"So how did you find out?"

"A diary that he kept on a disk about the swim tour. That guy who was billeted at Code's house during last year's swim tour - good looking blonde guy. Remember him?"

"Yeah, I know him. Cody hated him."

"Now you know why. Cody got wasted with him, and an older guy climbed into him. Total bondage stuff. Drugged and gang raped. It's like a news headline."

"So that explains why he was so anti [drugs]. You live and learn, huh?" As I was listening to him, I saw the airport buildings looming closer. "Steve? Cody must've seen something in you that you haven't recognized yet. How are you going to try to sort yourself out?"

"I guess by hard work, and trying hard."

"I'm serious about you coming back here," he reiterated. "I'd like that. I'd like to think that the two of us can get along like Cody wanted us to. You also need to look after the grommet."

"That's the last thing Wingnut wants right now."

"Don't you believe it. He's got the same problem as you have. You guys can help each other. Steph had the same problem, but totally stopped when she started going out with Code."

"Well, Steph won't want to see me around again."

"Like I told you... you've broken a lot of trust, and it's gonna take some time [to mend]. Ask Cody about time and friendship. It's hard work."

Mark accompanied me into the airport terminal, where we sat and had a cup of coffee while we waited for my flight to be called.

"You've got a cool boss [in Fingers]," I said. "Treat him gently."

"He's very cool. I'm glad he didn't freak you out."

"I like him quite a lot."

"It's obvious what he thinks of you," Mark said knowingly.

"I'm going to miss you. I can't handle not having Cody around."

"Come up [to Joburg] during school vac. There's enough work up here, and maybe you can even earn some bucks next time."

"I might take you up on that."

We gave each other a hug, then I walked through the boarding gate. When I turned around, he was still standing there, and gave me a friendly wave.

If you're not madly in love with Steve by now, you never will be. But be warned. The following chapters contain descriptions of horrific scenes. Steve has been to hell and back several times lately. He will test your love for him. He will try to convince you that he is worthless. He will tell you things that will tempt you to hate him. And now? As I write this on February 06, 2002, he's OK, but the story is about two or three weeks old at this point. If this is not the most important story I've ever written, then it's up there with the best. And I have Steve to thank for that. He has bared his soul. He has allowed me to see inside his heart and mind - the good and the evil. I'm betting on the good to win. Stick with this story. Keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers. No matter what you read in future chapters, always remember the wonderful moments Steve shared with Fingers and Mark. Therein lies the real Steve - the Steve who will soon be our hero. MrB

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