South Africa
Part 15

I didn't write Gary much for the next few days. Sent him the graphics of Code that I'd promised, then answered a bunch of questions in an interview he sent me. Ha! Fancy interviewing me! Never thought that would happen in a million fucking years.

Hi Gary. Here's the interview. I'll read the Steve story later tonight. Weird to read about the vitamin B you mentioned [that cured your migrains] cos that is what Bruce fed me the whole fucking weekend. I know you dont like him, Gary, but right now he's all I got and he's had a tough time as well. He didnt have it as lucky as me when he tried to stop selling. Anyway I'll write you about it tomorrow. Hope the interview is okay.

Your friend and Cody's

Hi Gary

Monday 6:12am. I've been up all night. I'm on such a fucking high you won't believe it. Hahahaha. I can see your fucking eyebrows rising. I'm str8, Gary, so don't stress. You can stretch it if you want though. :)

School went well today, and there's not a lot to catch up on cos not a lot of work was done during the first three days [of school] anyway. I spent Saturday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon with Bruce. He was like a fucking mother the way he was looking after me. I have had so much vitamin C and B pumped into me that my piss is still bright yellow and stinks like hell. That's not talking about all the protein. :)

So Dear Diary, how did my weekend actually start? OK, let's see.

Today is Friday. OK, so it was Friday on Friday even if it's actually Sunday night. Not sure whether you're getting my drift Mr Diary. Had another shit day at school today because I drifted from one minute to the next hoping that someone would take me by the elbow like I was a blind man and lead the way. THANKS BRUCE.

I've been quite upset today because I've been thinking about what is drifting away from me very quickly, but there's not a lot I can do about it. The only thing is that maybe I want him [the blind man?] to leave me alone as well if I'm going to cope with everything that's going on. I'm at a loss at the moment, so I think I'll phone Steph to see if she will give it another chance - even just to go out to a movie or something. OK, OK, so that was a bad move. Fucking hell she can be cruel. What is this? Is she and the other guy on a mission to make my life miserable? Maybe Bruce? Nope, he's playing dealer dealer at a club tonight, but said he'll pick me up tomorrow. OK, then. My girlfriend? Piss off, Steve. Whew! Gets a bit hectic when you lose your looks and you've got no personality to back it up. Yo mirror. Butt check. Hey, there's enough personality there. Quite fucking cute, actually. I know! Mark! Hey, now that went pretty fucking wild. I forgot that I was supposed to keep in contact with him, and he's been worried. Think, think. OK, I'm not in Johannesburg, so I can't go along and just ask Mark for a fuck. Maybe Fingers will catch the midnight flight to Georgia and come and let me sit on that monster muscle of his again. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts. He's one of the good guys.

I know! I'll go out and make some bucks and have some sex at the same time. Nope, not in shape. I'll end up puking all over her or him, and they'll end up being big fat and hairy with floppy tits, and no erection, just a dribbling cock. Cody? Nope, Cody's not around anymore. And anyway, he would be out with that fucking bitch Steph. Sorry, Steph. Didn't mean that. You're a great fuck, and I'm sure Cody thought that too. No, I never said you were a bitch. Me? Would I lie?

Go and chat to mom and dad? Nope. They're gone. Must've heard about my plan. I know! The [household] help! OK, so I had the most amazing fucking night after all. Thanks Mr Diary for helping me to work through all that. She should've been the lady of the house, not the fucking maid. OK, so I couldn't maintain a fucking hardon, but she enjoyed my tongue, and she was fucking wild with hers. That was my thank you for helping me the other day [when I was covered in puke and crap in my bed]. Just what she needed. A good looking teen stallion. Check what you missed, Steph, you fucking cow. I'm missing waking up without a morning erection. Hey, buddy, where are you?

Dear Diary. Hey, bro! It's Saturday. Surf. No. Still too paranoid and don't want to get jerky in the swell. Bruce? Still sleeping. Probably until this afternoon, the lazy fuck. Steph? No. Wingnut? Yeah, right. Oh, hello? Thought you'd gone to heaven. OK. So a good jackoff. No. Skip that cos I need to get a rise when I'm with Bruce later on and I don't want to waste the juice.

Another phone call. "Hey, Acid Head? You gonna get wasted in the surf today?" I slammed the phone down on those fuckwit grommets. I'm not going to get riled today. Swim in the pool. Black Speedos with narrow waist. These were my bud's, so I'll wear them. Now I know - I need to get some exercise. I'm fucked after that. OK, OK. The gym room. Cycled for a whole five minutes. Then pushed a whole 40kg and feel fucked out of sight. Hey, Diary, I used to do 80 situps no prob. Help me out here, OK? No? Back to sleep.

Checked mail from Gary. Replied. Phone ringing. OK, Bruce, so come and fetch me. What must I wear? OK. Hey, Dear Diary Guy, you should have seen Bruce's face when I walked out the door nekkid! Hahahahahaha! It was fucking priceless. "Hey, dude, you said to just bring myself, so here I am." OK, so he chased me back inside the house to put on some clothes. Made the fucker horny as hell though, the way his cockstand was pushing his pants out. C'mon, Diary, you know that our driveway can't be seen from the road, so stop fucking bitching.

As I sat in his car, I wrapped my hand around his perfect cock outline in his pants, and stroked it a bit. He just fucking laughed. He's also uncut. Who says uncut dudes can't have fun? Felt like blowing him right there, but we would've crashed.

Bruce's place is pretty rad. Also got fucked up parents who don't give a shit. But what a pad! A whole fucking house section to himself. C'mon, dad, can't I have one of those too? Gym section with a sauna and a massive pool?

The first thing, we get knto Bruce's room, and the two of us get into a deep kissing graunch. Mmmm. He's just smoked a joint without sharing. My tongue plays with his tongue-piercing, which is fucking horny. He pulls his stomach in because he loves me to go down and lick his pecs and stomach. The nipple ring turns the fucker on no end, so I play with it, using my tongue, and his nipples grow and get rock solid.

Pull his jeans off, and he's wearing a soft black leather G string that perfectly shows off the shape of his cockstand, and I can see the barbell. It looks like he's stepped out of a Greek mythology story. He's completely tanned. No tan lines on this mother. Fit, tanned, and good looking. His tongue tries to drill a hole through my navel while he struggles with my pants belt. E-fucking-ventually, he gets my pants down. No briefs, Diary. I was in a hurry.

His mouth makes a straight move to my cockhead, and he devours the whole thing until my balls are up against his chin, and I almost ejected down his throat there and then. Oh, my fuck! Hey! Stop a sec! So I make him lean back on the bed, and take off the G string. I quickly smell the ass crack, but it's clean - THANK YOU!

His foreskin is held back by small silver barbell which pierces it. He's got a whole lot of different things he puts in there, but the barbell is rad. I take him in - all six inches of solid hard cock. I move over him so that he can get to me as well, and we begin to 69. His whole face, nose and tongue push into my ass crack, while his hands hold my ass cheeks open, and I go down on his cock. And then it happens. My erection goes down the fucking toilet.

Bruce's mouth tries all it can but there is absolutely fuck all. This is like the fucking worst thing that could happen because now I'm horny without a toad. Bruce pulls his cock out of my mouth, and stands up. His cock is so tight that it's shiny, and looks cut because the foreskin is pulled back so damn tight. I WANT ONE OF THOSE BECAUSE I USED TO HAVE ONE!

"Don't worry, Steve. It happens, bro."

"Not to me. What the fuck is going on?"

Bruce pulled me against his bod, and hugged me. "Your body is so fucked up, bro. So we're gonna have to do something about it."

He made me a drink that tasted like shit, but I drank it anyway, along with more of the tablets he'd given me at school.

"What's this stuff, anyway?"

"Pure Bs. Vitamin B concoction. I could give you an injection, which will work faster, but that [drink] should sort you out quickly as well. I'll give you some to take home."

Then we went through to their home gym. We both got dressed in tight lycra shorts and vests. He's got a thing for clothes that are horny, and that show off people's bods and everything else. His shorts were killing my balls, though. Ouch!

Then we did three circuits of high intensity cardio and aerobic shit, and I was sweating buckets. Every time I was ready to give up, he was there to push me further. Our vests and shorts were see-through with perspiration by the time we'd finished.

After that, we sat in the sauna for about twenty minutes, and I was on fucking fire inside. We showered together, and that was cool. The last guy I showered with was Cody. Bruce wasn't as gentle as Cody was. Nobody ever will be. But Bruce was loving, and made me feel great about myself even though I looked and felt like shit. The plus was that he is a fucking hunk as well. He was gently caressing my cock into an erection, and it was working. Woohoo! He'd stop now and again, and we'd kiss. He'd go behind me and tongue my crack. Then I'd do the same to him.

His cock, when it's soft, is like two inches, but grows to six when he gets hard - and it's solid hard! You can just imagine getting a six out of two.

When we'd finished showering - and tonguing - we both laid on his bed, on top of the covers, and just spoke. I had my leg thrown over him, and played with his nipple ring, while he caressed my chest and stomach. We spoke for a long time, and about quite serious things as well. He'd been worried about me since he heard that I was going to stop selling [drugs]. He knew the syndicate guys would fuck me up. I told him about what's happened to Wingnut. Don't worry, Diary. He's the only person who knows about how I feel about Wingnut, and he thinks that Wingnut is str8. He said that if ever there was a hunk he wanted to fuck, it was Wingnut, so it justified my wanting the little grommet. Bruce doesn't know about me and Cody, though. During my convo with Bruce, I found out that Sean now buys his stuff from Bruce, and Wingnut was with Sean at least on one occasion. He says that Wingnut needs to dump Sean ASAP.

"I've seen him more than once lying on the sidewalk puking his guts out. He's a hunk of a lightie. I want to fuck him."

"Might just fuck him up, more likely. He's str8, but I used to be able to get close to him... like touch him and shit like that."

Bruce rolled over so that his chest was on mine. "Well, I've got something you can touch," he smiled as he moved my hand onto his erection.

"How come we've never been lovers, bro?"

"It would fuck up our friendship. You'd hate me hanging around, acting like a fucking girlfriend. But I love your fucking body, Steve. That's a prize. Even if it is a little fucked up at the moment."

We kissed a lot while he had his finger in my crack, exploring the dark side hahahaha! I made him lay on his stomach and I tongued him. When he rolled over eventually, there was a wet spot from his precum that had soaked through the bed cover.

Bruce passed me the condom. I gently took the barbell out of his foreskin, and blew him for a few moments before rolling the condom down his cock. Then I laid on my stomach against the side of the bed with my knees on the floor, and he knelt behind me. I felt his cock go into me, and heard him take a deep breath, and then he pushed it all the way in in one easy movement.

Whoa! I had to hold my breath just to get past the first stage cos his cockhead is like a fucking golf ball, and much bigger than his shaft. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez!

He leaned right over me, and I could feel his warm moist breath against my shoulder blades. One of his hands pulled my nads up, while his other played with my chest and stomach. It felt so fucking good to have him fucking me. Yeah, it was a bit painful but it felt fucking good just the same, and I wanted it to last forever. He wasn't fucking me fast, but it was with power. Masculine power.

He pulled out of me before he offloaded, and took off the condom. I rolled over so that I was on my back, which was arched. He got the message, and straddled my face so that my mouth could get to his cock. I sucked him while he fucked my face.

He gasped, then pulled his cock out before jacking the rest of the way. His juice left his cock slit in a shower of boy spray that lubricated my chest, face and hair. A thick stringer of cum hung from his cockhead, and he aimed it so that it lowered into my mouth. His cock followed the stringer, and slid between my lips so that my tongue could clean his shiny swollen knob.

"Are you reading this, Gary?"

"Nope. I use a Braille keyboard and a blindfold when I'm typing your stuff. Now shuddup and get on with the fucking story!"

Bruce just breathed heavily the whole time, and his sweat was dripping on me like warm rain. Then we kissed, before he licked as much of his cum off my face as he could. We slept for a few hours after that, entangled in each other's bods. I woke up with him resting on his elbow, staring at me, and caressing my chest, stomach, and crotch. I had an erection that he must've been playing with for a while, and I was sooo relieved to see it there! Yes!

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