South Africa
Part 25

February 14

Hi Gary. Thanks for the pics of the Cody Glasses. They are so fucking unreal. There's the Codeman at the bottom [of the glass] diving out to sea.

I've had an up day. I went down to the beach very early this morning. Fuck, it must've been around 6:15. Hardly any surf to speak of, but it had a nice glassy surface and a couple of swells that were OK - uh - OK for a gremlin learning [to surf]. Guess that's what I felt like hahahaha! Caught a small bitch swell on my first ride and fell on my ass cos the thing had no power. Thank fuck there was nobody else down there or I would've felt like a right fucking tool. At least I got to paddle around, though. If the swell had been bigger, and had more power, it would have been a Cody morning.

"Anyway, so there you were early in the morning paddling out. What a sight that must've been, and how I wish I could've been on the beach watching. There's something about that scene that beats the hell out of a crowded beach in the middle of the day. You were at one with Nature. Truly a beautiful image. And I'll bet the Codeman thought so too as he watched you. Yep, my heroes are wet heroes!"

That pic [of the Valentine graphic] is not the greatest, but it includes pics of me, Cody and Winger. Now you can see what I mean about Winger's fucking bod. You can post it [to the MrB site] cos I've got his face behind the lettering, and nobody is going to recognize me from that pic.

Sean? Cody hated that dude with a fucking passion. It was the only time that the friendship between Cody and Wingnut was threatened - because of that little prick [Sean]. And you know what Cody was like. If the dude had a killer bod, Cody would think he was cool. Well, Sean's got a killer bod but Cody didn't care for him one fucking bit.

I know what you're saying about Wingnut, and I desperately need to see him. But [I'm thinking] right now that maybe Steph is right about my motives. They're very physical and I'm really lusting after his bod. I don't know what more damage [to our fragile friendship] I might do if I had to get him into bed. At the same time, the longer we stay apart the harder it's gonna get.

Dale [the guy you told me about from Cape Town] sounds pretty cool, but I'm not ready to move out of my current safety zone - and probably won't.

As for one of your readers trying to find out about Cody's accident, there was a two-liner thing in one of the inner pages [of a local newspaper] about two people being killed in a car, along with a lot of other accident reports. There are so many people being killed daily over here that a car accident is not even news.

Cody's folks asked that the money that would have been spent on tributes and flowers be donated to groups that look after animal and marine protection. That's what we all did, even if it was just a few bucks. And that's what the Codeman would have wanted.

I wrote Kim H a few lines about a week or two ago, but I have no fucking idea what I wrote, and maybe I was trashed. Probably was. I hope I didn't put something in that email to make him pissed off with me. Oh, well, another one bites the dust. Well, I hope not.

That Jeffreys Bay trip I did with Cody - Cody wrote about it in a diary he kept on a floppy disk. I helped him write it, and I remember how fucking acid he was when the disk became corrupted, and he lost it [the story]. I'll try to put the pieces together one day, and write about what I can remember. That was the funniest thing I could think of, though - us hitching a ride with our boners stabbing the night air. :)

The juice tree? Hahahaha! It's still there. I look at it differently now. Our seed is on that tree - together forever. The Cody Tree. It's not a big tree or even a pretty tree, but it's one to remember forever. Cody was like that. If he was trashed it was even worse. He had us walk down the white line in the center of the road in the middle of the fucking night once, with our boxers down around our ankles. You're right. All of us who knew the Codeman are the luckiest fucking people.

It's happening, Gary. Maybe it's just a touch of Cody. I've got this feeling that maybe - just maybe [I'll be able to quit the drugs this time].

I wasn't going to write this email today, but when I got those pics of the Cody Glasses I had to. They're fucking beautiful.

A lot of the peeps at school got Valentine's stuff today. It was cool watching their faces, and trying to guess [who sent that stuff to them]. Bruce was delivered a bunch of red roses in class. Later he quizzed me about them, and I told him to fuck off hahahahaha! I'm sure they're from Krish, or maybe he's got a special girl who checks him out. He's probably got a lot of girls who check him out anyway.

My Valentine's present? Two great pictures of the Cody Glasses. Thanks.

Your friend and the Codeman's


February 15

Hi Gary. I guess I know that Cody would've been screaming HAPPY VALENTINE'S to you, so I hope you got lots of good messages to make your day. Else your day was like mine yesterday. I thought of Cody a lot. Sometimes, I can almost feel his skin again. Last night, I laid back on the bed and I gently ran my fingers over my stomach, and imagined it was Cody. But I didn't have the same touch. He had this thing where he ran his fingers over you, and it was like they touched the ends of your body hair - the tiny hairs you can't see. And you could feel like electricity going through you.

When I came out of my semi trance, my eyes just filled with tears cos they weren't Cody's fingers. They were mine.

I was thinking of the first time Cody entered me. He made me lay on my back cos he wanted to watch me. Then he lifted my legs up so that they rested on his shoulders. It must be the single most incredible experience of my life that I will never ever forget. He leaned foward, causing my ass to lift as he pushed my legs further back towards my head. It felt like total power as I sensed his cockhead against my skin, and the first burst of pain as his swollen knob forced its way inside, followed by his never ending cock. At least that's what it felt like.

My own cock went to sleep as soon as he started. I think that was cos of the pain at first. He never started to fuck me right away. When I felt his balls up against me, he stopped and leaned forward to ask if I was OK. I could feel his cock almost pulsating as it jerked around inside me. My ass was doing its own thing - tightening around his shaft. Both our bods were covered in sweat, mainly cos of what we were doing rather than the heat [of the day].

Cody dug his fingers into my thighs as he came, and I can still see his face with my eyes closed. He was biting his lip, trying not to scream out. By then I was experiencing incredible pain cos of the force that he was using but there was no way I was going to ask him to stop. The pleasure was just too fucking spectacular. Hahahaha! Besides, he would've called me a fucking wuss hahaha. Cody's sixpack was there that day cos I was watching his stomach as he moved his hips backwards and forwards. His stomach muscles bulged slightly, almost like a sixpack paunch hahahaha.

I got a call yesterday from my ex girlfriend. Oh, my fuck, I hadn't heard from her in ages. She phoned to ask me if I'd had a kiff Valentine's. Told her that she could've made it better. :) So she's going out with another guy now, but she thought of me, and wanted to check how it was going [with me]. How cool was that? It was very different to her telling me to fuck off when I tried to phone her last time. She was even very friendly. Ours was the longest relationship I'd ever had with a girl, and she managed to sort me out quite a bit as well. Cody reckoned that she was good for me, but I never saw that after he died. I think she just got down about my going into depressions and not handling what happened [to Cody], and then not snapping out of it.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do tonight. Maybe go to a club in town. A couple of friends from school are hitting out there so what the hell. Right now, I'm going to catch a few zs. Well, right after I check to see if there's anything lurking under my foreskin hahahahaha.

Your friend and the Codeman's


February 18

Hi Gary. Saturday. I never went to the club in town last night. At the last minute, I was contacted by a chick that I used to fuck.

"You have a charming way of referring to your old flames, Steve."

She was desperate for a partner to a house party. I thought, "Oh, that's fucking cool cos I could get my end in anyway." :)

So who rocks up to the party? Jason's brother and his girlfriend, and his shadow and his girlfriend. Well, the next time I see Sean he is so fucking dead.

It was a rave party. I just ignored Jason and Craig, and danced with my chick - getting a little mellow from smoking a J and drinking booze. Everyone was drinking and smoking it up, and it was a really mellow evening.

It must've been after midnight that Craig came up to me. By then he was totally sauced. "I hear you're looking for me, bro." He had the same attitude as he'd had down at the beach, so I knew I was going to get another fucking hiding. The only problem was that I'd also had a few drinks. :( And, typically, everyone could sense a fight coming, and started to shift us out of the house into the garden, then gather around like fucking bees to honey.

"Don't know where you heard that," I said.

He gave me a shove. "My boet's [brother's] friend Sean tells me you're ready to fuck me up."

Ah, yes. I remembered what I'd said to Sean on the phone the other day. Meantime, this chick I was with was tugging at my T, trying to get me to back away from Craig. Craig's bird was telling him to leave it alone as well.

"It's cool if you want to believe that fuckhead Sean, but he's talking shit."

"Well, now's a cool time to do it, and you've got witnesses to tell everyone [that you fucked me up]."

"Look, it's a cool party," I reasoned. "Let's not spoil it, huh?" My chick was still madly tugging at my T, while Craig's chick had given up. She was sulking in the fucking corner of the garden instead of trying to pull that moron away from me.

"Nah... c'mon, let's rumble," he snarled after he'd flathanded me across my face - not too hard - more of a tease. "Just for the party."

My T was being stretched like fuck, so I turned to tell this bitch [my chick] to let go. When I turned to face Craig again, I'd planned to catch him off guard. Instead, I walked right into his fist and saw stars. I thought my nose was bust cos there was just fucking blood everywhere. I'm always too fucking slow, and the second punch in the gut just sent me to sleep.

I couldn't have been out [unconscious] for more than a minute, with a bunch of faces peering down at me to check out the damage. Craig had gone back inside the house, and was partying and laughing with his buds. My bird wanted me to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up, but I said rather to get to her place because I wasn't going to hang around.

Yeah, Gary, I know it was a chickenshit move, but it was the second time that this fucker had climbed into me, and it wasn't just like a bee sting either. That guy could pack a punch. My nose had burst a blood vessel, which I managed to sort out. But my solar plexis was fucking painful.

Got my rewards, though. All I had to do [back at the chick's house] was lay on my back. :)

"As for Craig, I remember in the Wingnut story where Wingnut used to complain to Cody about Craig pissing off all the juniors cos he wanted the school pool for himself. Cody and Craig almost came to blows when Cody's old boys' team beat the crap outa Craig's senior team. Craig is under the false impression that his shit doesn't stink. He's the fool, not you. His so-called buds are even more foolish cos they also believe that Craig's shit doesn't stink. They're not buds; they're sicophants, gleeful in their own stupidity and ignorance. Anyway, it's only a matter of time before Craig gets his own shit thrown back at him. And when he goes down, his sicophants will find someone else's ass to lick. Craig is destined to never know the kinda friendship and love that Cody gave you and Mark and Wingnut. Craig is a loser. I know that doesn't solve your problem, but at least it puts it in perspective."

"Forgot a few things. One, you weren't chickenshit when you bypassed Craig at the house party. I've got a vested interest in your nose, and I want you to take good care of it. Besides, Craig is heading for a fist. Could be yours, could be anybody's, even Wingnut's. So don't worry about Craig now. You'll get your jollies soon enough with him. It's called karma. Trust your fossil."

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