South Africa
Part 27

Subject: Got beaten up AGAIN! :)

Hi Gary. Monday. Wingnut has been around :) He phoned when he got home from school and asked if I still wanted some help with the boxing stuff. He was wearing a loose-fitting white vest and brown cargoes when he came over. He smiled when I opened the door, and that totally fucking relaxed me cos I was so worried about what the vibe would be like.

He didn't beat around the bush, so we got right into the boxing. I'd already hung the boxing bag in the gym. Was gonna put it in the garage, but that would've been a hassle, and I wouldn't have been inspired to use it. Anyway, the gym's got mirrors. :)


Wingnut was stoked about being the first to hit the bag - well, the second cos I'd been hitting it before he arrived. It's still shiny new.

The grommet put on a pair of thin leather gloves, and gave the bag a smack. Oh, my fuck! I would hate to be on the wrong end of that fist. The whole fucking [supporting] beam shook. And his arms! Aaaagggghhhh!

Then he asked me to put on some gloves, and hit the bag while he held it. Typical. I tried to put as much force into my punches as I could to show him some of my power, but the grommet simply absorbed it all as he stood behind the bag. It was a hot day, so it wasn't long before we were both sweating quite a bit.

"I can see why Craig fucks you up all the time, Steve. You hit like a girl!"

"Fuck you."

"You do!" he insisted, then burst out laughing - and his teen laugh was just soooo fucking cool to hear.

Then he began to show me how to position my feet and hands, and how to use my shoulder and body behind each punch. I could feel the difference almost right away. After a minute, the sweat was already pouring off me.

Then I held the bag for Wingnut, while he started knocking the shine off the thing. He was in a real up mood, and said he would come around again the next day [Tuesday] to hit the bag with me. "Hey, I'll even do some sparring with you if you want."

My fucking arms were feeling like lead while I watched him testing some of the equipment in the gym. It was all over way too soon, though. He'd spent almost two hours with me, which was totally fucking great. And it seemed to me that he'd had a good time as well.

Tuesday. On Monday after Wingnut left, I could not get him out of my head. I had the best fucking jack that I'd had in weeks! I gave myself a Cody wank. :) Lifted my knees up, then raised my shoulders so that I could get my finger into my ass crack. I gently massaged it while I let my other hand cruise over my nads until they were tight. Then my fingers drifted up and down the length of my skin-splitting shaft. Are you reading this, Gary?


By the time I wrapped my fist around my cock it was rock solid. I kept playing with my ass crack as I jacked, and fucking showered myself [with juice]. It was one of those totally awesome power ejaculations where my cum just fucking sprayed in long fast jets. I'm going to do the same thing again when I've finished writing this. :)

Wingnut arrived at my house straight after school, and was still wearing his school tracksuit cos he'd been at swim training. He got changed into his gym shorts and vest in my room, then we went to the gym and both put gloves on.

"I'm gonna take this slow so I don't hurt you," he said matter of factly.

I was pretty sure the little fucker really did want to hurt me, but he lived up to his promise and took it pretty slowly at first, showing me how to hold my hands up again, and how to place my feet properly.

"OK. Hit me."

Hit him? Yeah, right. My hand hadn't gone half the distance toward him when he connected me on my cheek, and rocked my fucking head. Then he swayed backwards so that he was out of my reach. Thank fuck he was wearing gloves! Tried to hit him again, but his fist connected with my breadbox and sent me plummeting to my knees.

"I thought this was supposed to be a fucking training thing so I can learn stuff? You little cunt."

"Yeah, well," he smiled as he danced teasingly around the room, "you're learning to get to your knees when I'm in the joint."

That's how it went for about half an hour. His glove kept connecting with me on my cheek, or in the soft spot of my gut. One time I got so fucking mad, I asked him how he'd like to be hit in the stomach the whole damn time. So he lifted his top off, and let it fall to the floor. SWOOOOOOOON! What a bod! Jeez, Gary, you'd be beside your fucking self if you saw him in real life.

"So, c'mon," he mocked as he stood there in front of me, "hit me." He kept his arms by his sides while I rounded up a punch, which connected with his tightly contracted abs. I could hardly believe it when the little fucker absorbed the impact as though my effort was no more than a minor irritation. "OK," he said, "so now it's my turn, but you'll have to tighten that fucking paunch. So take your top off."

I did as he asked, then looked at my flat stomach. "What fucking paunch?"

"That one," he said as his blurred fist flew into my gut - the same fucking place as before! Ouch!

I had to give him credit, though. He was fucking patient. He spent ages getting me to do things correctly. When we were done, and he was undoing the gloves, I approached him from behind and put my arms around him, with my hands on his solid meaty pecs and fleshy nipples. But my hands began to shake like fuck, and I couldn't control them. My cock came to life right away. He didn't say or do anything, though. He just carried on undoing the gloves. So I let my hands glide over the smooth bumps of his abs, and thanked him for the lesson.

"It's cool. But you're useless. It's gonna take some time before I organize a challenge with [you and] Craig."

"Don't you fucking dare!"

I've gotten to the stage where I'm actually scared of him, Gary. Craig doesn't fuck around. Meantime, my fingers found their way into the top of Wingnut's shorts, and I felt his damp cockhead and pubes.

"I've gotta get [home] before my mom freaks," he explained as he turned to face me. "I didn't tell her that I was coming here first. I've also got homework to do."

"I'm sorry... I shouldn't have gone that far."

"Why not? You're still Steve, aren't you? But you're right, and you shouldn't have gone there. It scares me when you do that, and I don't know what to do about it." I could see that he was checking out my cockstand in my shorts, and I didn't bother to try to hide it. "So," he continued, " I guess you're gonna go and jack off now, huh? Thinking about jacking me or something."

"Or something," I smiled.

I watched as he put on his tracksuit, then prepared to leave. And, yes, I did jack with the memory of my fingers on his cockhead, and how tight it was, and how his pubes felt against his hard stomach. There's so much about Wingnut that's like Cody, it's scary.

"Thanks for coming around, bud. I'm really chuffed."

"Hey, it's cool to be able to beat you up for a change, rather than the other way around."

"Then you owe me a hug, I reckon."

I felt his arms tighten around me, then his hands patting me on the back - as though he was encouraging me to stay clean and fit - before he headed to the door. THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL, GARY!!!!

Wednesday. Wingnut's still the little kid, but he's matured such a fucking lot lately. He'll like jack around [goof off], but when it's time to show me something [about boxing] he's like a little coach, and I'm the one who's feeling like the kid hahahaha.

He weighed himself on the gym scale yesterday, and he came in at 55kg [121 pounds]. But he can pick me up and carry me on his shoulders... and I weigh 74kg [163 pounds]. He is FUUUUUUUCKING strong! His hands and feet are huge as well.

I need to get a more relaxed look at his dick. :) I know that he's got fucking balls like a bull elephant's. Makes me look like fucking Peter Pan. I guess I did go too far by going into his shorts, but I need him so fucking much. At the same time, I don't want to fuck it up. I know you [Gary] said to take it cool and all, but it's like a catch 22. I want him now before I lose him again, and I'm paranoid about losing him anyway without getting a chance.

Thanks for the other mail. That was really neat. As for Craig, I really don't want to run into him again. I'm shit scared of him, Gary, and not too afraid to admit it. He's hurt me twice now. Hey, Gary. That is such a cool pic of you. It really is damn fucking neat.

I'm not reading the Steve story yet. I read up to the Joburg bit, then the first chapter after that, but I don't want to have to live through that shit again right now. I'm still fucking borderline at the moment, so.......

Your friend and the Codeman's


> Hi Gary. Monday. Chris has been around :)

G'day Steve - That's the best news since you and Mark became friends in Joburg. Whoa! We're making real progress here. :) I couldn't be happier for you. But we've gotta tackle this paranoia thing before it gets way outa hand!

We all suffer from paranoia, just like we all suffer from jealousy. They kinda sneak up on us and take over. The only way to deal with it is to understand it. You're a Virgo like me, so we're naturally analytical. My advice to you is to talk to Wingnut about your paranoia - about your fear of losing him cos you lost him once before. Talk to him about it like you've talked to me about it. Let him reassure you. But for fuck sake don't pressure him. That's the worst thing you could do. He needs to feel relaxed when he's with you. It's like I said, you've gotta build up that trust again. So everytime you're tempted to go too far, think of the word "TRUST" - have it in huge flashing neon letters in your mind. Actually, it would be a good idea to talk to Wingnut about trust - and that your goal is to build up a bond of trust between the two of you. He'll understand. And it will give him a "weapon" to use if he thinks you're pushing the situation a bit too far. In other words, he won't be frightened.

Talk, talk, and talk some more. Let him inside your heart and mind. Share your feelings with him. Let him know how important he is to you, but - again - don't let it sound like you're being possessive. Remember always that jealousy, possessiveness and paranoia are your enemies, and should be treated as enemies.

Anyway, the fact that Wingnut has turned up at your house twice already [and probably more by the time you read this] proves that he likes you, and wants to be your buddy. Actions speak louder than words. He probably doesn't have the words to express his feelings right now, so let his actions do the talking until he feels comfortable about telling you how he feels. Things are looking great, so DON'T FUCK IT UP!

Speaking of fucking, my guess is that Wingnut's ass is still virgin. He probably imagines you trying to talk him into it, and that could be a serious source of fear and trepidation. If he wants to fuck you at some stage, that's for him to decide. But never forget that he's 14, albeit a pretty smart and experienced 14. It would be a tragedy if you scarred his mind forever by talking him into something he didn't wanna do. You're treading on eggshells, Steve. Never lose sight of that. We're not talking Steve and Bruce here, or Steve and Cody. We're talking an adult and a minor. Don't let your hormones overrule your common sense.

You've been looking for love for a long time - from your folks, from all those girls you've porked. And I guess you thought it had eluded you until you found Cody. Same here. But now you're finding that love comes to you if you're tuned into the signal. You've got mine, you've got Mark's, and you're getting it from Wingnut. And the more love you get from people, the more "finely tuned" you'll become. Mark is living proof of that.

Hey, who did you have to rap with about your deepest feelings before you got yourself your own personal fossil? That's been one of your worst probs - keeping everything bottled up. No wonder you turned to drugs for some kinda release or solace. I hope you become as addicted to me as you did to that stuff. :) I need to feel useful, and you're making me feel very useful. I'd say that, right now, you're the most important person in the world to me.

You liked my pic? Cool and neat? Jeez. I think I've got the roughest head in Oz - second roughest - Lindsay's is worse. But I liked the pic cos it was well composed and had a number of points of interest instead of just me. So I kinda blended in hehe. Anyway, I think it helps to be able to visualize your fossil when you're talking to me. You can think about my hat, and I can think about your neck. :) Pretty cool hat, huh? Now all I need is a ferocious bucking bull.

Craig? I don't blame you for being scared of him. Guys like him are scary. But if you peel away all that macho crap - and his need to constantly prove himself - you'll find a very insecure person. There's your weapon. Actually, you've got two weapons. He ain't gonna get any better, but you are. You're building your arsenal with help from Wingnut and your gym. Right now, Craig thinks he can hit you at will and not get hurt himself. Are you reading this, Craig? Do you know a good dentist?

Oooooo, I can't wait! This is like the old cowboy movies [but with better looking guys] where the goodie gets beaten to a pulp by the baddie, much to the amusement of the moron gawkers, 'til the movie is almost over. Then WHAMMO! The baddie gets his comeuppance, and wins the heart of the swooning damsel. But I like this movie better cos the swooning damsel is Wingnut. :)

Actually, I thought of you immediately yesterday when I saw this tall blonde dude walk into the post office. I was standing behind him, trying not to gawk - too much. He was wearing a tank top and knee-length shorts. Broad shoulders, totally edible pecs, natural tan, smooth skin, helluva cute face. A little stubble on his chin, but hey. It wouldn't have been his chin I was blowing anyway. AWESOME! Had to be a surfer. He had all the trademarks. Then he walked outa my life. BOO HOO!

Steve? I'm not sure you should've gone into such detail describing your "Cody" wank. How am I supposed to react? Lately, when I've been gawking at pics of guys doing all kinds of hot things, your words pop into my head, and I start thinking about the things you've done, either to yourself or with someone else. I think I've got myself a major addiction here, and I'm not sure how to deal with it hehehe. You're only the second person I've known who loves to go into AWESOME detail about sexy stuff. We both know who the first was. Some years ago, when I was writing the first chapters of Daniel's Diary, Cody chastized me about the lame way I was describing blow jobs. "Don't you know anything, Gary?" Then he'd tell me in explicit detail what actually goes on when a dick is going feral inside someone's mouth. He was as good as Tonsil Cam anyday. :)

Your last few emails remind me so much of Cody. Maybe that's what Cody saw in you - a part of himself. Maybe what you saw in him - and also see in Wingnut - is a part of yourself. The person you want to be, and can be. The person you are becoming.

Y'know, Stevie Wonder, the longer this goes, the more apparent Cody's profound influence on us - then and now - becomes. Wingnut, Mark, you, and I are not just his friends, but his achievements. Know what I'm saying here? I don't think Code had any fucking idea of what a powerhouse influence he was, or remains. I think the same can be said of you. Your story is impacting on, and will continue to impact on, many people. For you it was an opportunity to lay on the fossil's couch and pour your heart out. It may seem like a selfish act, but it wasn't. The word is "sharing". What you've shared, and are still sharing, will make a big diff to a lotta peeps, including you. Saint Steve? Hehehe. I'm reminded of artist's representations of saints - halo, angelic face gazing toward heaven, etc - but I prefer your graphic of Code with his angel wings and a boner hehehehe. That's a classic. I think I'm gonna hafta invent a new religion. Hmmm. Naked altar boys sound cool to you? :)

I can understand why you haven't read your story beyond the Joburg chapters. I don't think I wanna reread them either. This is all about moving on, and moving on is what you're doing. I'm soooooooo glad that you're on a high from things that produce the REAL highs of life, like love and friendship. Nothing can compete with those as you're quickly discovering. Just remember what I said about jealousy, possessiveness and paranoia. Be aware of them when they surface, and treat them like enemies - foreign bodies invading your mind. They are NOT a part of you. They're a cancer, and they are always waiting in the wings to take center stage. Don't let them. AND THAT'S A FUCKING ORDER!

You're a wonderful young man, Steve. Use your gifts to make other people happy. By making other people happy, you'll be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

LYT, mate
Your friend and the Codeman's


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