South Africa
Part 44

Hi Gary. Saturday: Last night Bruce and I went to play pool [in town]. We shared a joint in the car going through and we were in a real mood to celebrate his first free Friday [from the drug biz].

Craig and a group of his friends were at the club playing pool as well, and I wanted to leave as soon as I saw them. But Bruce told me to just ignore them and enjoy the evening. He was paying for everything, and I didn't want to spoil the night for him.

We played a few games together, and against other guys who were there as well. It was getting quite late when Craig approached Bruce and said that he and his buds needed our table. Bruce explained to Craig that we had a game to finish, and that there was another group already waiting [for the table] after us.

Then Craig started to poke Bruce in the chest with his finger, and demanded the table. I grabbed Bruce and told him to just fucking leave it alone. "Let's fuck off outta here." I didn't want a fucking fight with Craig. Had one too many of those already. So Craig grabbed my shirt. "It's a pity you've turned into such a chicken shit."

What I should have done was put my hands in the air in fucking surrender, but instead I grabbed his wrist to force his hand away from me. He instantly kneed me in the fucking nuts. The pain was was like an express train running up my legs, and into my stomach, then up to my head. My knees just fucking buckled. Bruce was totally amped to climb into Craig, but I knew that although Bruce could've done Craig some damage, Craig would've flattened him. So I just grabbed my buddy, and we left. Bruce was totally pissed off with me for dragging him away from the club.

"Don't fucking do that!" he complained as we got into his car. "You can become a fucking target yourself [if you want], but don't turn me into a lowlife chickenshit. I could have handled that cunt."

"Yeah, right," I groaned as I tried to get my sore nuts to settle. "Sorry for being a lowlife chickenshit. So go back there and beat him up. I'll phone the hospital [and tell them] to expect you."

"Jesus, you've changed."

"Yeah... getting fucked up regularly [by fists] does that to a person."

"I don't want to spoil this evening, Steve, but you stood there and just let him climb into you for fuck sake. A while ago you would've fucked that cunt up before he even lifted his hands."

"I was waiting for him to give me a blow job."

Bruce collapsed laughing at my remark, and that kinda eased the sit [situation] that was happening between us. Then he said to me, "That's what I'm here for."

"You can do me later. You drive, and for fuck sake concentrate [on driving]."

I leaned over [to his side of the car], and undid his jeans. He lifted his butt so I could pull them down. Then I found his already hardening snake through the slit in his boxers, and stroked him for a while.

Eventually, I went down on him, wishing that I could see the [expression on his] face that the passing cars were seeing, while my lips engulfed that throbbing cock of his. Even with the noise of the Beetle's motor, I could still hear his breathing getting louder and louder.

"Tell me when you're gonna cum," I asked as I lifted my head, "and for fuck sake just keep an eye on where you're going."

He never said a word, so I went down on him again. After a while, he shouted, "I'm gonna cum! Aaaggghhh!"

Before the "aaaggghhh", I raised my head away from his cock, which exploded in a spray of juice that went all over the steering wheel and his T and his jeans. I was fucking hosing myself laughing!

"You fucking cunt!" he shouted between all the aaaaaahhhhhing and hahahahahahs.

"That's for dissing me.... and [anyway] I'm supposed to be your friend."

"No shit, man. Just look at me. Shit, shit, shit!"

"Actually, it's cum, cum, cum. But I guess you can call it what you like. I'll clean the good bits. The rest you can clean yourself."

I went down and cleaned up his cock, which had gotten lazy. Got fucking jizz all over my T from his jeans and his T.

When we'd arrived back at his place, we took an ice cold swim in the pool, and worked each other up into another frenzy. I was totally amped to fuck him, and he was also ready for me. While we were floating around in the pool, he wrapped his powerful legs around my waist as I fingered his crack and kissed him.

The plan was to go to his room, where we could do the whole ceremonial buttface scene, but I couldn't wait. We were still in the pool when I aimed my erection at his rosebud as he slowly slid down onto it. It was like a fucking comedy [with me] trying to get my cockhead in the right position. Eventually, I had to support him so that he didn't break the fucking thing off once he'd gotten all the way down.

Then I put my hands behind me to support his feet, and we did a reverse fuck, where I leaned against the wall [of the pool], while he did all the fucking by pushing down on my shoulders, and using his feet to slide up and down over my overexcited cock.

"Lemme see. His feet were where? I'm trying to visualize the positions. I think I've lost the plot."

Jeeeez, Gary! You had to BE there! Just shuddup and pay attention. I guess MrB readers are asking the question now... so when did they put on the condom? We didn't. It was the first time that Bruce and I had ever had sex with each other without a condom. And, yes, the thought did go through my mind about how fucking stupid we were being.

Later, in his room, when we slept together, we used condoms. The only person I'd ever done bareback with before - and who had also done it to me - was Cody. And that most incredible feeling of having his skin-clad muscle sliding into me is something I will never forget.

My plan was for Bruce to get off me before I erupted, but that never happened either. I felt the rush in my groin, and I must've - or at least I'm sure - that I whispered to him that I was going to cum, but he stayed right there, and it was a totally fucking incredible feeling to cum inside him. He told me afterwards that it was like a warm rush. He said that if he gets pregnant he's going to move in with me hahahahaha! Like fuck he will. He can go and have his baby somewhere else.

That was the start of a whole night of very special sex between the two of us.

This morning, I left his place early and went for a surf at sunup. And now here I am, looking at the happenings on FunTB chat. Absolutely fucking zilch. I'm in here on my fucking own. Nobody to cyber with. :) It's fucking difficult to stroke yourself into a frenzy looking at a black screen. :(

Sunday: Been surfing most of the day with Winger. When I got home, I went into FunTB but my comp decided to do its own thing, and I was knocked off [the site] after a few minutes, and couldn't get back on. Been a reasonable day for surf as well. My face is feeling quite burnt, but I've sorted that out with 'Aftersun' [cream].

Wingnut came around late yesterday afternoon cos they had a swim comp [at his school]. He asked if I minded going for pizzas cos he promised Candy that he would meet her for pizza. I said it was OK, but at the end of it, I felt like a real spare wheel while the two of them were having their private moments. Before connecting with Wingnut, though, I went on FunTB again for a few minutes. :) Chatted with Dio and csb.

At the pizza restaurant, I didn't have to look under the table to know that Candy was rubbing the top of Wingnut's thighs, and almost definitely a bit further up than that cos he had a screaming hardon when he stood to leave the table.

They were also pecking at each other and, one time, he went onto her neck like a fucking vampire hahahahaha! Actually made me realize that he wasn't eleven anymore. SHIT! I just felt a little uncomfortable, and wished Steph had been with me. At least that would've been more fucking normal.

I saw a friend of mine outside [the pizza restaurant] and went out to chat to him and his girlfriend for a while. That was just not a fucking cool time for me.

It seemed like ages later that Wingnut and Candy were ready to leave the restaurant, so I said to Winger that I would meet up with him at my house. I'm sure he could tell how pissed off I was even though I didn't mean to be.

I arrived home, then worried about whether or not he would be OK at night on his own... would he get mugged, and shit like that. It actually wasn't too long before rocked up to my place with his small rucksack on his back.

"I'm sorry for what happened," he said as he dropped his rucksack on my bed. "I shoulda maybe have made it [us getting together] for another night. You looked totally raw."

"It was OK. I just felt like a fucking spare [wheel] without anyone else with me."

"Yeah, fuck. Anyway, I'm sorry."

"You're here, I guess, and that's all that matters. So what do you want to do?"

"Check out a surf vid?"

We watched a really old surf video that I had, that must've been made in the 70s. It was a good laugh watching the whole different vibe [back then] and listening to Chris's chirps about the guys' haircuts and their baggies and shit like that.

"That was MY era!"

I know, Gary. :-P Anyway, we had a few beers while we watched the vid. Then he listened to music while I took a shower. After that, we were in the kitchen, and I put together some hot dogs. I can do that. :)

We sat on my bed, eating. We were both in our boxers. He was telling me about his swim training and had me in hysterics until he started talking about Craig, and how fucking awesome shawesome Craig was at competitive swimming. I told Wingnut what happened at the pub. Then he chirped that I'd been learning nothing of what he'd been teaching me [with the boxing]. Little shit.

"You've got a crumb," I said as I observed a speck of bread from the hotdog bun on his pec. I moved it with the back of my finger, then let my finger stay there a little longer than necessary, and allowed it to brush over his nipple, which went hard as soon as my hand pulled away.

"You and Cody ever kiss?" I asked, not being able to resist the question.

"Why? Can't remember if we did. I don't think so."

"I just wondered."

"Isn't it weird? Like two guys kissing?"

"It's cool."

"So, are you asking cos you want to kiss me or something?"

Or something would have been better, but I answered by saying, "Yeah. I'd like to know what Candy can taste." Actually, I was surprised by the convo. It was pretty cool. I was thinking that he might have freaked but he didn't.

"Like tongue kissing?"




"So, you want to try and kiss me?"

I wan't sure if it was the beer that was making him so brave or what, but I didn't give a shit, and I moved up next to him and put my arm around his back, then pulled him a bit closer toward me. He closed his eyes and pursed his lips. I put my mouth on his, and gently put my tongue onto his lips, which parted. I thought he would have freaked out totally, but he didn't.

After a few seconds, I felt his hot, wet tongue writhing with mine. My cock was starting to fight for breath. And then? He started to really enjoy what was happening.

I put my spare hand on his thigh and moved it gently up until I could feel his rocking rock. And all the while he never tried to stop me. His breathing was getting really hectic, but his tongue kept doing its thing. Kissing Wingnut was like some magic that was happening that I can't explain. His taste was different to anyone else's I've ever kissed. Like fresh. And it was powerful. Not like a wussy kiss.

He moved his head closer and carried on. Oh, my fuck! This was the most incredible thing that has happened, and I was in seventh fucking heaven! My boxers were soaking wet, and his cock was like gyrating against my fingers. He didn't want to stop kissing!

Then the most wonderful thing happened. He grabbed my cock through my boxers and started to jack me. I just followed suit. Then I rearranged the two of us so that I was laying on my back and he was next to me... almost on top of me. I totally but totally wanted this to last for fucking ever. It was what I had been fucking dreaming of.

I pushed him away slightly, and he lifted his head. I was drenched in sweat, and his skin was coated in a glimmering matt sheen. His black fringe was like matted on his forehead.

"So I guess I kiss pretty good, huh?" I asked.

"So why haven't you got a girl then?"

"Don't know. Maybe cos my face is still a mess [after the beating my dad gave me]. Wingnut?"


"Are you enjoying this?"

"I guess."

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