South Africa
Part 53
Based on emails from May, 2002.

It was May 3rd when I next wrote Gary, asking him how his vacation was going, and hoping that he was enjoying his relax; getting out in that bomb of a car. Hahahaha! Actually, I thought Tough Titties was fucking tight. Made for sex! I could imagine him... no... maybe not him... somebody [like me] and somebody else getting busy in the back seat and giving the suspension a hard time. Boing, boing, boing!

I also explained that I was working on the Joburg story, but that it was taking a while cos of school and whatever else. I was really battling to concentrate on a lot of shit, but I figured it was the pressure that I was putting on myself that was the main problem. Fucking typical. Born to stress.

I was pretty impressed with the way Gary had put his gazzasheroes site together. "That interview with Art Matthews from Just Jinger was fucking cool. Code loved those guys, and I enjoy their music as well. Hey, everyone in SA enjoys their music."

Wingnut had been a regular visitor to my house for the past week. Nothing special. Just called around to say hi. But it was always cool to see his face. Awesome face. On the Wednesday, a public holiday, we even took a swim together in the pool. For some reason he was becoming friendlier towards me.

Yesterday, he visited again. He was laying on my bed, reading a surf mag. His T was folded up at the bottom, and I could see his stomach, which was an invitation too hard to resist. Wingnut's skin was like a fucking delicious magnet, that drew me closer, and closed my mind to everything else.

I sat beside him and slipped my hand under his T, then played with his nipples. Nice, big, juicy ones. Whoa! They went fucking rock hard, and so did his cock. And mine. Touching Wingnut was like touching electricity. He was trying to act like nothing was happening, and just pretended to carry on reading the mag. Yeah, right.

"Cool mag, huh?"

"Yeah," he shrugged without taking his eyes off the page.

So, using one hand, I started to unbutton his jeans. Once the way was clear, I stroked his cock through his briefs, and the thing was fucking rock hard.

"You gonna stop me now or just bitch about it later?" I asked, with a touch of sarcasm.

The little fucker put down the mag, looked at me, and said, "Sorry. Oh! I didn't realize you were there. What was that?"

OK, so his smartass remark caught me by surprise, and I began to laugh. "You can be such a little prick sometimes."

"Little?" he asked as he looked down at the bulge that was fighting to get out of his briefs.

Then he stood so that he could pull his jeans down his muscular football/swimmer legs. When his briefs followed immediately after, his cock stood up at an angle away from his gut. I thought I was gonna go fucking mad at the sight of that delicious thing. Thick, hard, cut, and just begging to be sucked.

I put my flat hand on the inside of his firm, well-muscled thigh, and let it drift tantalizingly up to his perfect balls, which were noticeably inflated. Full of Winger juice. Yum!

"Fuck that!" he said. "If I'm naked then you're going to be naked as well!"

Being ordered around by a grommet wasn't a big concern. Actually, it was kinda cool. Wingnut could be quite masculine and assertive when he wanted to be. So I obliged by pulling my pants and boxers down my legs. Then we both stared at my bouncing cockhead, which was already slimy from pre-cum.

"So what now?" I asked as if he was the 18 year old and I was the 15 year old.

"Now you can jack me."

Jack him? What a waste, I thought to myself. "Can I blow you?"

Suddenly the roles were reversed. He was back to being the 15 year old and I was the 18 year old. His eyes had widened in surprise as he asked, "You wanna? Blow me? Serious?"

"Nah," I joked. "I'm kidding. Of course I'm fucking serious! Hey, you don't have to do a thing. I just wanna blow you, that's all."

I was beginning to shake cos I knew how far Cody had gone with Wingnut, and I was about to be allowed into Cody's territory - with the grommet's permission.

I pushed Wingnut's T up so that his pecs were exposed. Whoa! What awesome things they were. Meaty and totally edible. I put my mouth around one nipple, and began to lick and kiss it; giving it little sucks as I went. Almost immediately, his nipples became hard stones.

Then I pushed him flat on his back on the bed, and let my hand play with his heavy, cum-filled balls, while my mouth worked its way up to his neck. I could feel his stomach fall away from the underside of my forearm as he sucked it in. Every muscle in both our bodies was tense with excitement.

Wingnut began to reciprocate by placing his hand on my stomach. I lifted and arranged myself a little so that he could get to my cock, which he gently stroked. My foreskin was tight, and I could feel it sliding up and down my slippery, swollen cockhead. Wingnut's other hand was busy stroking my abs, and it felt fucking awesome. This was not what I had expected to happen, but the moment was carrying us both away with blind passion, and it was totally out of fucking sight!

My lips gradually worked their way down towards his cockhead, then slowly enveloped its throbbing, warm smoothness. Right away, his body arched and his lats flared as he stretched, forcing his crotch closer to my face, and his cock further into my mouth. He was so fucking excited at the touch of my lips and tongue that he let go of my cock and grabbed my blonde hair with both hands like there was no tomorrow. Each time I went down on him, he would pull my hair to get my face away from his cock for a while. He was trying to prolong the pleasure... to save his load until it was impossible to contain the rush a moment longer. And whenever he did that, he would clench his teeth and gasp as he took in frantic gulps of air.

I was then that I began to masturbate as I sucked him. Hey, I didn't mind giving myself a handjob so long as I had his tight body right there with me. I was in seventh fucking heaven.

I had to give the grommet credit, though. He had loads of willpower. My jaw was beginning to ache big time before I felt him push my head right down on his pulsating boner so that it was almost choking me.

The first jet of his juice hit the back of my throat. Then I pulled my face away slowly so that I could see his explosions while I was still stroking him. I watched his powerful volleys of thick, sticky Wingnut juice shoot across his stomach, and all the way up to his heaving chest. His jizz tasted fucking fantastic. Mmmm!

But even when I thought he'd fired his final wad, his cock was still bouncing, and a thin stream of his delicious juice shot across his stomach, followed by a series of smaller power jets that landed from his navel to his pubes. Finally, his balls had been emptied.

By that stage, my own cock was in serious pain, but I didn't wanna put pressure on the grommet to do anything he wasn't happy with. So I straddled him and started to jack off. I leaned forward as I felt the rush coming to a climax. My cock lost control, and my jizz flew across his chest and onto his face. I was worried about that, but only for a split sec. Then my total load exploded in a few bursts and did the same thing... it was all over him, draping him in my wet, sticky load. His cheek was covered in white, creamy Steve cum cos he'd turned his head to avoid being splattered with the long ribbons of spooge blasting out of my piss hole.

"Sorry, bro," I said as I grabbed the side of my bed cover, and wiped his face clean. "If I was Cody, I would have licked it off cos that's what he used to do with me. He used to love cumming all over my face, then licking it off."

Neither Wingnut nor I said a word for what seemed like ages. Then he was the first to speak.

"Did you end up having to swallow some of my stuff?"



"Don't be. It was fucking cool." And with that, I rolled onto my back, exhausted.

"How come you wiped your stuff off my face with the bed covers? Cody used to eat it off."

"Cos I'm not sure how far I can go with you, Wingnut. Seriously. You're still a..." I was about to use the word 'lightie' but decided against it. "You're still young, and I don't know what you're thinking sometimes."

"About what?"

"About me. About us. I'm not sure if it freaks you out... the stuff that we do."

"Sometimes I think you wanna be like Cody. But you know that's not gonna happen. I wish you'd be like you were when Cody was still here. We - you and me - used to have such kiff times together, wrestling and stuff without you playing with me. Hey, it's cool that you touch me, and I dig it. But I miss the rough stuff we used to do together."

"You do?"

"Yeah. I miss the old Steve."

"Does it freak you out to touch me?"

"Sometimes... just cos it's so damn big, and you get all excited and stuff. And I don't want you to do things to me that I'm not ready for."

"Scared I'm gonna try to bang you or something?"

"Or something?" he laughed, then got serious again. "Yeah. I'm scared."

"We don't have to do this," I explained. "It's just that you're such a fucking hunk, and you make me horny as hell."

"Really? Think so? That I'm a hunk?"

"Yeah, I do. You're way too fucking built for someone your age. And way too fucking strong as well."

I'd seen Wingnut pull himself up with one arm on my chin bar at home in the gym, and his back muscles just fucking bulged, and his lats would turn into iron bars that ran the length of each of his sides. He was awesomely built for his age... any age.

"Thanks, Steve," he beamed. "You're pretty hunky as well. Well... the girls all say that about you."

We spoke like that for a little while, massaging each other's egos, and then all too soon he had to leave... like leaving a vacuum in his wake. My room was empty again. No more Wingnut. How I missed his face, his warmth, and his company.

After he'd gone, I jacked off another huge load of Steve juice re-living the whole episode with the grommet; remembering his smell; that special smell he had when he offloaded. Falling in love with Wingnut was just too fucking easy.

Then I hit the comp, and told Gary that I would be away for the weekend with my folks. There was a friend of the family getting married out of town, and it was gonna be a big get-together. Once again, I apologized for not writing as often as I used to, and for not getting the Joburg story together.

"Hey, Gary, keep cool and don't worry about me so much."

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