South Africa
Part 57
Based on emails from June, 2002.

It was Friday, and thank fuck for that. It had been a stressful week. It really had. And I seriously needed to destress. Felt like destressing yesterday cos Wingnut breezed into my house and I was in fucking need of having my cock down his throat. Hey, it was cool. I showed some serious discipline even though my face must have looked like it was in pain. But that was cos my cock was so hard that it was pulling the skin on my face downwards hahahahaha.

Julie and I had arranged to play some pool that Friday night. I told her I just needed to relax, and that I wasn't in the mood for a movie.

It was also the beginning of a long weekend. It was Youth Day on Sunday.

"Am I invited?"

Shuddup, Gary. Anyway, Monday was a holiday. Father's Day was also just around the corner.

What??? Yeah, yeah, I could hear Gary after I'd written him about selling my dick for bux. "I'll beat him up." I'd never thought of myself as a rent boy, but I guessed I was. A male slut. I figured I was just too young to know what was going on.

At the time, my friendship with Cody was still new, and he'd given me my first blowjob. I got into his pants as well, and it was the first real dawning on me that all was not well in my head sexually. At least that's how it felt back then. But I loved it. At the same time, I was so fucking naive and powerful cos although I was being seduced [by older men] without realizing the consequences, I used my looks and body to control people for money and drugs. I was about 16 at the time. It was the start of all the crap that I've had to deal with since then.

"I'll write about it sometime and send it to you, Gary. At least what I still remember."

As I wrote to Gary, the weather was overcast. I thanked him for his rewrite of my Joburg #2 story. "You did a fucking cool job of that. So you've got permission to go to Blimpies and buy yourself a sub."

"What's a sub?"

"A thing with a lotta seamen in it."

"Sounds cool to me."

"Did Cody ever tell you about the time he wrapped my cock in a bread roll and then ate me like a hotdog?"

"Yes, he did. Some dudes in white coats came and took me away for a week."

"That was the funniest thing."

"My being taken away?"

"No, you idiot! Cody was gonna put mustard and Tabasco on it, but I convinced him that I would rearrange his face if he hurt me. That was the kinda fun shit he enjoyed, though. He was always wanting to try this or that. EVEN cum on pizza."

"Blame Daniel."

"Who wrote Daniel?"

"A friend of mine."

"Yeah, right. He got that idea from YOU!"

Anyway, this week, one chick at school who does some modeling brought in some pics of herself taken by her "agent". Yeah, fucking right. This one pic of her wearing a mini school skirt with her shirt tied up around her tits was totally fucking horny, and had all the guys totally fucking stiff. She was going out with one of the school jocks. Go figure. So this dude gets totally pissed off with us about gawking at the pic, but what could he do if she wanted to show herself off like that? "Hey, dude," I said to him, "live with it."

It was cool that Gary liked the graphics I'd made for Cody's birthday. I almost lost them cos of a virus on my comp. Managed to get most of the stuff back, though.

"Hey, Gary? I need to find out something. With all the stuff Cody wrote you, did he ever kiss Wingnut?"

"Once, for Wingnut's birthday. The whole kit and kaboodle. Here's what he wrote me..."

hey - seeing that its your birthday pressie - can i kiss you?

yeah - i guess.

i put my mouth on his and at first he didnt want to open it but eventually my tongue slid into his mouth and the taste of him drove me fucking wild. his tongue started to respond to me and my hand slid up and down his chest abs and cock. his hand found my cock as well and he started to stroke me. he was getting into it and i could imagine him kissing candy like that. our bods were pressed tightly against each other. i kissed his nipples and licked his abs and his bellybutton. his whole body arched which made his abs rock hard. i then went down on his boner taking it all in. both of our bodies were shaking and i sucked his nads and went back down on his boner cos i could feel that he was close to shooting his load. i put my hand between his legs and forced them open and slowly found his rosebud with my finger. i slid it in gently and then he screamed and lost it. his juice shot out with such force that most of it shot out the side of my mouth. his bod was like a bucking bronco as he offloaded. as he relaxed i felt his hand start to stroke me in earnest. i wouldve liked him to suck me off but i thought that maybe id already gone too far and i moved away slightly to give his hand easier access. my cum shot across him leaving creamy trails across his stomach. i gasped cos i was so fuckin aroused by the time i shot my load.

we didnt speak for ages and then he piped up.

that was fucking awesome code.

yeah it was for me too.

we didnt bother to clean ourselves. we snuggled up to face each other and he put his leg over me and we fell asleep. we made love to each other again that night at about 4 in the morning. i say love because it was pretty intense what i did with wingnut that nite. it went way beyond jacking or just sucking each other off.

in the morning i left him sleeping while i made breakfast and then woke him up. he went to shower first and then we sat eating and spoke about surf. not a word was said about the night before. we spent the whole sunday together surfing which was really cool.

its wierd but our friendship is still the same - i thought that maybe something would change cos of that nite but it was similar to a steve and me type of thing.

After that, there was some surf happening, and that's where I was headed... picking up the grommet along the way. Hey, check out the visual - Steve and the grommet heading for the beach with our boards tucked under our arms. Pretty cool, huh?

"So so."

Yeah, right, Gary. Hahahahaha!

"Don't be such a bitch."

Cya Gary

Your friend and the Starmans

The next time I wrote Gary, I apologized for not realizing that it was MrB's 3rd anniversary. Cody would never have forgotten it, or let me forget it. We would have worked on a graphic together. I'd only just seen Gary's last email so there was no way that I had fucking time to get something together before June 15. I was totalled that the other guys had sent Gary messages and graphics, though. That was total class.

My immediate plan was to visit Mr T. I knew that Wingnut had bought him something for Father's Day. Cody would have organized something for his dad. He always did. Often, the two of them would go on a Dawn Patrol. Cody had a very special dad, and his dad had a very special son.

"Hey, Cody? Can I come along on the Dawn Patrol?"

"Fuck off. You're not my dad."

Hahahahahaha! It was their special time together.

I got my dad a packet of Biltong. It's like beef jerky but a hundred times better. Not so dry.

"Anyway, Gary, I wanted to let you know that you really helped Cody through your stories. You made him feel good about himself and who he was. And I know that if it weren't for you Cody and me would never have had the special friendship that we had together. Through the stories, I came to know my friend much better, and know what made him tick, even though I didn't always appreciate him. So you need to tell all your readers that they need to get out there and hug their friends as a special anniversary thing, and tell them that they love them. And here's a special one for you, Gary."

(0) HUGS, and thanks for everything. It's not over [for me] yet, but you've made it easier in hundreds of ways by just being there. Thanks, and congrats on the site.

Your friend and the Starmans


I can't remember if I thanked Steve for that hug. If I didn't, I should have. Mind you, getting hugs from 6' blonde surf hunks with awesome pecs and abs is getting to be pretty ho hum. Happens all the time. Hardly a minute goes by without some scrumptious dude wrapping himself around me and squeezing me. So you can understand why I sometimes lose the plot. Yeah, right.

It was the same with Cody's email. It wasn't until I began to write a story based on it that I started to fully absorb what he'd written. Suddenly, it would all sink in. Prior to that, I'd be focused on answering him, and sometimes I wouldn't fully comprehend the full meaning of his words. So let's try it again:

(0) HUGS, and thanks for everything. It's not over [for me] yet, but you've made it easier in hundreds of ways by just being there. Thanks, and congrats on the site.


How's that? Jeez, maybe it's just that I don't wanna think too much about Steve hugging me. I'd be a total fucking mess. Can you imagine that? Tanned skin, muscles, blonde hair, and all that other yummy stuff pressed against you? I couldn't cope. I just couldn't fucking cope.

But I do appreciate the "just being there" thing that Steve referred to. That's what fossils do. We hang around for a million or two years waiting to be dug up. "Ooer! Look what I found!" Dust, dust, dust, brush, brush, brush.

I read Steve's contribution to Cody's World today - the latest news page. Not all that much impresses me these days, but that did. Steve did a fantastic job. His motivation? Love. Simple as that. So there's a lesson in life. What you do for love is way beyond what you might do for any other reason. Steve put his heart and soul into that effort. Here's one reaction from a MrB reader:

hey gary...

Just saw the latest Cody News...and the picture of Winger.

JesusMaryandJoseph....God help Winger's parents when the rest of the girls (and boys) have a good look like that!!! I am amazed that he is only 14!! NOW I can understand why Winger turns Steve's crank!! I'm glad he posted it; tantillizing us....while protecting Winger. He's done a fab job with the newest page....very much like Cody's previous pages, but adding some wonderful stuff from himself. True to Cody; true to himself!

If you could forward my thoughts to Steve, I would appreciate it. the others, it's easy to delete!!


Sometimes Steve loses the plot, and goes off on some binge. But he always comes back. He's a very talented boy. I can call him a boy cos he's younger than 30. He truly is very talented, not to mention smart. I consider myself very fortunate to be his friend and confidant.

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