South Africa
Part 59
Based on emails from June, 2002.

After watching Winger bounce down the road, then returning to my room, I couldn't resist smiling at his reference to my cheesy cock. Hey, I had to double check, right? So I pulled my trackpants and boxers down and stood in front of the mirror. My cockhead was shiny from precum. Wonder why? I pulled the foreskin right back and, damn, there was no cheese! Of course, this whole checking exercise made my cock a total skin stretcher, and I had to relieve the tension. :)

I remembered the one time that Cody had stood behind me in his room and jacked me off. He stopped just as I was about to cum, and then waited a while before starting again. He did that a few times until my cockhead was purple - it was so full of blood.

Then he jacked me again, and waited until the last possible moment before letting go. If the mirror hadn't been in the way, my jizz would have blown right across his fucking bedroom.

So that's what I did in my room. Then I cleaned my mirror. :)

Connecting with Gary in FunTB chat the previous night was a fucking surprise, and it was cool. He wasn't quite sure who surferdude was at first, then I gave him a hahahahaha. That did the trick. I wasn't on for long, though, cos it was late my time. I ended up going to bed after I'd disconnected, and woke early next morning to carry on studying for my exams. I was just totally bushed.

Next time I was in chat, I found Dave from HotGuyz cos I was having a hassle uploading the old Cody News 21 page, which was the very last that Cody had published himself. At that stage, I'd also found 22 on one of his floppies, but it was incomplete. It was supposed to be a Christmas/New Years page, so I made up my mind to check it and see what I could do with it. I also added some stuff to the AboutMe page.

On the 21 News Page there was just one pic I couldn't find. It was the mod that Cody made called Cody Dreamin'.

While I'd been in chat, the guys and I were talking about the World Cup soccer. It was a short time later that Brazil won their game against England, and it was totally fucking tight. I coulda made some money on that game cos I said they would win. They would definitely be in the final, and probably win it. :) "So, Gary, you can tell the guys in chat 'I TOLD YA SO!'"

Meantime, there was still a bit of work to be done on Cody's World to sort out broken links and shit like that. I was gonna try to upload them to edit and clean up before I downloaded them again; probably the following week or the week after. No rest for the wicked. Or guys with wicked pecs hahahahahaha! Settle, Gary.

I wasn't sure what was happening that weekend. Hopefully, there'd be some surf, but I had my final paper the following Monday that I HAD to study for.

"I also need to speak to Julie because I'm not a fucking monk, Gary. I love her but I also need the physical side of things. And I don't believe for a fucking second that she's a virgin. Anyway, that's my prob. Cya, Gary."

The next time I wrote the old dude, I'd finished my final exam paper for the midyears. So I was as relaxed as a slack dick on valium.

I'd planned to meet up with some guys from school a bit later. We were going out to PARTY! Why? "Cos we can! :)" Bruce was gonna pick me up, then we would go to his place for a short while before meeting up with the guys in town. Otherwise, things had been pretty quiet. I'd been to the new Cody's World site and downloaded some of the HTML pages so that I could check them for any stuff that needed to be changed.

The previous Friday night, I'd gone out with Julie and NO WE DIDN'T! We went to Stones, played pool, and raved out on the vibes there. Then we went to a late movie. After the movie, I asked her if she wanted to sleep over at my place.

"Do you have a spare bed?"


"I'm not prepared to share a bed with you just yet, Steve."

"So you wanna go home alone and finger yourself?"

"Piss off, Steve! You are so damn crude!"

"Hey, don't be shy cos I'm gonna get home now and wank myself stupid thinking about you. What's your fucking case with the two of us sleeping together? It's not like you haven't touched my fucking dick before."

"I just don't think we're ready yet. We've only been going out for a short while. Just give it a chance."

"I've been ready since I met you, so don't give me that shit. I get off just thinking about us being naked together. I'm not a damn monk, Julie."

When I kissed her outside her house, I put my hand into her pants, and she was fucking wet just thinking about what I'd said. Anyway, her hand was met with the same damp reception when she fondled my cock. :) And I KNEW she wanted my hard length inside her. I figured she was shitting herself that I'd dump her right after [sex].

"I'll tell you one thing, Gary. When we do eventually end up in bed together, that is gonna be a real sweaty orgy!"

Saturday morning, I hit the books, then went for a surf for a short time just to clear my head. Cody used to do that. He called it "clearing the cobwebs". That night, I went around to Julie's place for a little while. The two of us were in her bedroom. She was tickling my back for me, and it was pretty cool. I must've dozed off. Hopefully, she took the opportunity to inspect the other bits and pieces while I was out. :) She never said a word about what I'd said the night before. I was hoping that she would have.

I spent the whole of Sunday studying for Monday's paper, and it went alright. At that time, there was just one week to go before July 1, Cody's birthday.

"I found myself giggling the other night, imagining his laugh and the kind of crap that he used to get up to. Did he ever tell you about the time the two of us came home totally slaughtered, and then stopped at a tree on the way home, and juiced the fucking thing? There we were. Two fucking lighties jacking in the middle of the fucking neighborhood, and giggling our tits off at the sight of our cum crawling down the bark of that tree. Well, the giggling came after the oohs and aaahs as we climaxed. It was just one of those nights that we hardly slept. We would start giggling again at the stupidest fucking things. Cody would say something like "tree", and we'd be holding our stomachs as we succumbed to more hysterics. Or we would hear a dog bark and we would say, "Guess what he's 'barking' at?" Hahahahahahaha! Fucking hell, those were the most awesome of awesome times."

I'm off like a Jewish foreskin. Cheers.

Your friend and the Starman's,


"Party time" was the subject line of my next email to Gary. I was slipping and sliding. I was with about 20 of the guys from school. We'd gone to a club in town on the Monday night, and we got absolutely blotto. A post exams bash. A couple of the guys were totally off the fucking wall. Even Bruce got himself pretty pissed. He was dancing on the fucking tables. Whoa! That dude could fucking dance! He had rhythm like you just didn't fucking see in a white boy. The drinks had made him a bit brave, though. He started to chat up a chick, and her boyfriend saw red. He threatened to bounce Bruce off the walls until the "off the wall" boys climbed into him and beat him up outside the club. Then we all had to fuck off outta that hood and onto another club cos the bouncers were ready to beat the crap outta all of us.

I was bouncing off the ceilings a bit. But that didn't stop me from noticing Bruce. He had such a fucking fine bod. He was dancing with his shirt off, and OH, MY FUCK! You didn't normally notice Bruce's bod cos he didn't kinda show off with it or anything; not with the type of clothes that he wore. They hid far more than they revealed. So when he was bare chested, it was like some kinda erotic revelation.

We got to Bruce's house at about 3 in the morning. We'd already decided that we were gonna have sex after the party, and we were both feeling pretty fucking horny.

As soon as I got out of his car, though, I hurled [my guts up] in his garden, and felt like I was dying. Hahahaha! Bruce pulled down his zip while I was bent over the flower bed, and tuned to me, "Stay exactly as you are, bud."

When we eventually got to his room, and undressed on his bed, he battled forever to get me hard. Just too much fucking booze. But, hey, when I got there, ooohboy! "Anyway, enough of that, Gary. I'm sure you're not one little bit interested in what happened from there."

So I told Gary that I'd gotten some really cool emails from Dio, Richie, Francois, and Brian about the graphics I'd made for MrB's Anniversary. Dio had also sent me a pic of himself. He looked like one of those Kung Fu masters. Pretty neat. Richie sent me a pic of Table Mountain taken from a plane. And Brian sent me a pic that brought tears to my eyes cos it was a typical me and Cody pose. We used to lay like that and talk and laugh, and a hundred memories came flooding back. He told me that he'd also sent Gary a copy so that he'd know which one I was talking about. What drove me up the wall when Cody and I were like that was his fingers pulling my foreskin right back while his tongue rode my ridge and my piss hole. It felt like electric shocks zapping through my cock. And the more he played with his tongue, the fucking harder I got. Then he...

Oh, and Francois sent me this pic of like a coastline with fog rolling in, which was also pretty cool.

Then Bruce's hands started to stroke my stomach, so I placed my arms behind my head and arched my back. His hand felt fucking wicked, gliding over my smooth skin. His other hand was fondling my...

Hey, those graphics on the MrB Anniversary page didn't look too bad. I thought I could've done a lot better with them, but it was a really fried brain time for me back then.



"Get on with it!"

"With what?"

"You know very well with what. Now just get on with it! And that's an order!"

That old dude could get a bit uppity sometimes. So where was I? Oh, yeah. I thought it was my cockhead hitting the back of Bruce's throat that did it. He tried to pull his head away as I let out a small screech, but... :)

"The guys wrote some really nice words for your anniversay, Gary. You must've been quite chuffed about that. Actually, that page was good to read."


OK, OK. Chill out already! I'm getting there, I'm getting there! I held Bruce's head firmly while he was trying desperately to spit my cock out of his mouth, and I shot a huge sticky creamy load all over his tonsils. As he swallowed, it caused my cock to tighten even more, so I just let it rip. My whole body went into a fucking climax spasm, and I was gritting my teeth. I wasn't even sure if there was still jizz exploding, but my cock was contracting like it was in seventh fucking heaven.

"I really like the graphics that the guys sent you for your anniversary as well. Some kickass stuff there."


"Gary? Are you still there?"



"I've gone for a wank."

So anyway, as soon as I let Bruce's head go, his breathing was fucking heavy and he put his head on my stomach. I watched the jizz in his mouth dribble out onto my gut. That was a problem, cos my stomach began to heave. Too much fucking booze. "I'm gonna puke!" Bruce jumped off me like someone had put a battery cable up his ass.

Luckily, I made it to the bathroom in time, where I puked my fucking guts out again. I stayed there for ages with my head in the bowl. Bruce eventually came up behind me. "How are you doing?" he asked as he rubbed my back.

"I'm puking my guts out and you're asking me how I'm doing?"

Bruce started to crack up something serious.

"What's so fucking funny?" I heard my voice reverberating off the white porcelain walls of the bowl. It sounded like I was in some kinda weird tunnel.

But he was laughing so much, he couldn't answer my question. So he pointed at something. I looked down between my legs and saw a huge thick string of cum bungi jumping from my cockhead. The sight of that thing caused me to start laughing as well, but I was still heaving, and it was as messy as hell. "I won't go into detail, Gary."

"Thank God for small mercies. Ew!"

"Yesterday, I felt like my head had fallen off. Yeah, Gary, the one on my shoulders. Supposed to be going out with Julie tonight for pizza. No shag [fuck]. At the moment, I don't have a snowflake's chance in hell there. But who knows? So I'll checkya l8r."

Your friend and the Starman's,


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