South Africa
Part 62
Based on emails from July, 2002.

Home alone. That was me. I was in a position of trust cos the entire fucking household had been given a week's holiday while my folks were overseas.

I spoke to Bruce, and explained the situation. "Hey, bud, I'm scared to stay here on my own."

"Yeah, right. You're scared of starving to death."

"That too. Wanna stay here for a couple of days? Pleeeeease?"

"I can stay 'til maybe Sunday or Monday. I've got a job to do for someone - gotta load a printer driver on their PC."

Bruce was a PC nerd, but with an awesome bod and killer looks to go with it. My kinda nerd. :)

So, was I exhausted by having Bruce at home with me? Betcha! So was he. Nah, it wasn't that bad. Last night we climbed into bed after watching some TV and he picked up a book that he'd been reading. So how the fuck was I supposed to try to concentrate on a book with that muscle dude laying next to me?

I let him read while I crawled under the covers and played with his cock in my mouth. Hahahaha! Drove him fucking crazy 'til the two of us arranged ourselves in a 69 position, laying on our sides. I wished Code had still been around to teach Bruce how to swallow cos he made such a helluva fucking mess. We had to sleep in my fucking jizz.

I was fucking exhausted after that, and fell asleep just after he'd resumed reading the book.

Actually, I'd been totally exhausted for the last few days cos of all the physical activity, such as going to Cody's special place on the mountain. After I'd arrived home from the 'Sermon on the Mountain', I slept for about four hours before Julie and I went out that night. THEN THE DRAMA STARTED!

Julie and Craig's girlfriend were like best friends, which was something I discovered at the pizzeria. Julie and I were sitting at a table eating pizza and drinking a beer when Craig walked in with his bird. The two girls were all over each other with a bunch of 'howzits?' and shit. Craig gave Julie a kiss cos like they were also buds. By that stage, I was fucking boiling!

Craig totally ignored me, which was cool cos I couldn't handle the fucker. I didn't understand how Cody could have been friendly with that asshole.

So Julie invited them to sit with us. Craig knew I wouldn't start any aggro shit with him cos he'd sorted me out a few times. He initiated a three-way convo between him and the girls, and left me sitting there like a spare prick at a wedding.

Every now and then Julie tried to get me involved in the convo, but Craig was continually manipulating the fucking convo back his way. Eventually, I told Julie that we should move cos I was getting claustrophobic. Why? Cos I was sick and tired of listening to that pumped up cunt talking about himself.

Craig's face turned red, but I knew he wouldn't try anything there at the pizzeria. Then Julie said that she wanted to stay with her friends.

"OK, suit yourself. Stay." I'd had enough at that point, so I got up from the table and walked out of the restaurant.

I was on my way down the road hoping to hitch a ride cos Julie's car was still sitting in the mall parking lot. Suddenly, I felt a fist roaring into the back of my head, and it was like you-know-who. As soon as I turned to face him, he sent a flying fist at me, but thank fuck I'd manage to duck it. Then he planted me in my breadbox, and I felt my knees go weak. I couldn't stand. It was like a wave of nausea descending upon me.

Craig was going fucking beserk, cussing at me and telling me how he was gonna fuck me up if he ever saw me again. It was a whole fucking shouting lecture about me staying out of his space.

"Hey, Julie invited you to our table, not me," I insisted. "Why the fuck don't you just stay out of our way, huh?"

"You're still a fucking chickenshit cunt," he snarled, using his dancing hands to signal me to fight him. "Why don't you come and take me out of your way, huh?"

"And give you an excuse to beat the crap out of me? No way."

He turned, and stormed back to the mall fuming.

Later, Julie phoned me at home, and fucking blasted me away for embarrassing her like that. Apparently, she hadn't heard about what had happened at the roadside with Craig and me, and I didn't tell her.

"Anyway, Gary, I've had enough of her. She treats me like a fucking kid, and I can't handle that. If I wanted a virgin, I'd look for a nun."

Then I phoned Steph, and we arranged to connect sometime for coffee. She was pretty cool on the phone, and said she hadn't got a boyfriend at the moment.

I really liked Steph, and I knew a hundred reasons why Cody loved her. So it was cool. I thought she might've told me to fuck off when I called her, but she never did. I figured she'd had time to calm down. Besides, I'd been sort of clean.

Anyway, Mother Bruce would be staying for a few nights, so I could depend on him to keep me clean as well as exhausted. :)

The morning I wrote Gary, I'd been cruising around the house. Got out of bed at 10, then made some toast with cheese. "Yeah, I could make toast, smartass."

Winger was due to return from his rugger tour on Sunday or Monday - probably Monday. So the two of us could surf out the rest of the school hols. There was one more week to go. It was also Wingnut's birthday in about a month or something, and I needed to check on the date. I knew it was sometime in August.

I wrote Gary three days later after checking out his site and catching up with the news. "What is it with you and all the young dudes gravitating towards you? Woohoo! G-R-A-V-I-T-A-T-I-N-G! How's that for a fucked up word? So Shaun's the same age as me? Probably boring as shit. Blonde, good looking, bod to die for, cock to stop you from ever starving hahahahaha! Cool it, Gary. I'm just pulling your chain hahahahaha! Fucking hell, it doesn't take much to give you a hardon, does it?"

Meantime, I was almost certain that my relationship with Julie was in the past. I'd had the most fucking amazing meeting with Steph yesterday arvie. The rain had been pissing down. When it finally let up, the two of us went for a walk to the coffee shop, where we sat at a table and drank cappuccinos.

"SHE SMOKES! That's a fucking new one. She started about four months ago. Dunhill Ultimate Lights. She's good looking, Gary. Still as beautiful as when she was with Code. What didn't we speak about? Well, we didn't speak about us going together. Actually, we did. We didn't speak about sex, though. Well, not really. We didn't speak about Julie. Oh, yes we did. I called her a bitch, and Steph reckoned that I'd probably used that word to describe her a few times as well. She laughed.

"Any girl you can't screw is a bitch, Steve. Get used to it. The world is full of them."

"So, is Steph a bitch?"

"What would you say?" she smiled.

"What if I said I wanted to go out with you?"

"Think you could step into Cody's shoes, Steve? I was spoilt by the way he was, and the way he treated me."

"Don't ask me to do that. Let me just be me. There's nobody who could step into those shoes, and you know it. But it's time for all of us to stop hiding now, Steph. I've been lost in my own self pity, and during the last week a million things have dawned on me about what a shit I've been."

"How about we just start as friends."

"But then I can't screw you, Steph. Damn!"

She laughed her tits off when I said that, and it was as though Cody was sitting there with us. It was the same way she used to laugh when she was with him, and it felt so damn good to hear it.

"It's called love, Steve. And yes you can... when we think we're both ready."

"I'm ready! I'm ready!"

"You're horny. Nice... but horny."

"I'm just kidding. I know we both need time. But I need to have someone next to me who I can talk to, and tell things to. I don't feel like I can talk to Julie like I can talk to you."

Then she took my hand in hers, which was a cool gesture, and one I really appreciated.

"I'm not sure, Steve, but I think I love you. I've always had a soft spot for your looks, even when I was going out with Cody. But you were always so into yourself like nobody else mattered except you. Then again, you've changed since the last time we spoke, and maybe it's cos we all needed some time. I think I'll always love Cody, and contemplate what could have been between us."

Well, Steph totally knocked my socks off when she said that.

After coffee, we chatted on the beach in the drizzle for a while... just holding hands and talking. She even let me kiss her before we walked home.

I didn't know how much she knew about Cody and me. I'd gone through Cody's mails to Gary trying to see if he'd written anything about Steph being aware of what was going on between him and his buds, particularly me. But if she did, then it didn't appear that Cody had ever written about it. Or maybe he wasn't sure either.

And Julie? I phoned her and told her about how I felt... that it was all over between us. At first she screamed and cussed. Went totally ballistic. Then the anger turned to tears, which fucked up my brain. She wanted to give our relationship another chance, but I didn't want to. That scene at the pizzeria was a total fuckup and made me see a side of her that had totally fucked my brain.

ANYWAY, last night Bruce was horny for a change. :) He was in one of those real romantic moods, so all I had to do was lay back on the bed and let Auto Bruce do the rest. The hardest work I had to do was lift my legs while he rimmed me, and sent me to cloud nine. I was in such a good mood, that even when he forced that fucking golf ball into me I enjoyed the pain.

"You asked about eating oysters, Gary. Well, the only thing I can think of is that it's like rimming. It can be fucking gross, but it's what it's doing to your partner that's cool. Like when Bruce sticks his tongue into my ass crack, and runs that wet tip around my hole, it drives me fucking demented. It's the same thing when I eat pussy. The girls fucking go crazy, and then you end up having the best fucking sex ever."

"I guess it's also like last night when Bruce had finished fucking me, and had pulled off the condom. I went down on his semi and cleaned his cock with my mouth. He was so fucking tender that everytime my tongue touched his ridge his body would go into a spasm."

"The taste of pussy depends on the girl as well."

"Sounds charming. Ew!"

"You had to be there, Gary."

"No thanks."

With everything that had happened during the past week, I was glad to know that Wingnut was due home soon. I couldn't wait to hear all about his rugger tour, and hoped that it had been a good one. I'd really missed that little grommet, and his cheeky grin.

I'd been on the comp playing with the pic I had of him in his boardies, and was planning to include it in a special Cody's World news page that I was putting together called Steve's Drivel.

Maybe the page was gonna be a one off. I hadn't really decided. But I enjoyed playing with the graphix even if my style of writing wasn't like Cody's. I figured there was a chance that I'd be accused of trespassing on hallowed ground. On the other hand, I wanted to keep Cody's site alive with new content. Who else was gonna do it? Who else had the time or inclination? Who else knew Cody like I did? I was the one who'd worked with him on his site and stories for years, so I had to be the logical choice. And if people didn't approve, well....

I'd also written a small article called The Birth of Daniel. :) Got the info from someone's mail. :)

"Hey, Gary, you also asked about the 101 stuff. Well, when you take subjects at university in your first year, they're called stats 101 or math 101 or psycho 101 or fuck 101 or sex 101 or... You get the drift. Now, if I can just get rid of my headache, I'll be hundreds. Bruce and I polished off a bottle of Pinotage last night. OUCH! Cheers, Gary."

Your friend and the Codeman's


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