South Africa
Part 67
Based on emails from August, 2002.

Well, as we sat on our boards waiting for the next set, Wingnut seemed pretty determined about not being ready to screw Jacky 'yet' but he was happy with the idea of being blown. After all, Steph had introduced him to that little stunt some time ago. "So has she?"


"Blown you?"

"Nah. Jacky digs jacking me off and she takes my hand and shoves my finger into her pussy."

"What about Candy?"

"She busted up with me cos of Jacky. She told me that Jacky was just a slut out to use me, and then dump me. Anyway, she doesn't dig me anymore."

"I reckon she does... but right now you're so blown away with Jacky."

"Yeah, so... she's my girl so fuck everyone else. It's my life."

I slowly let the convo die cos as soon as the topic had gotten around to his new girlfriend. He'd become totally fucking aggro, and fuck everyone else. So we surfed for a while longer, then went our separate ways.

I figured it was pretty unlikely that Winger would sleep over that night cos of the mood he was in, so I was surprised to answer the phone at home and hear him say that it was OK to sleep over. Woohoo! I'd be able to give him my birthday gift. I'd made him a bead wristband. Actually, I'd made two; one for the grommet and one for another bud's birthday.

Wingnut rocked over with his jeans trying desperately to slide off his hips, and his colorful boxers sticking out the top by about two inches. He was also wearing his favorite thick blue fleece hoody, with a white vest underneath. Perched on his back was his old worn out mini backpack, that went just about everywhere with him. I invited him to follow me through to the den to say hi to my folks.

"Yeah, Gary, I did that. The vibe with my folks is very very fucking different at the moment, and it's like a new experience for me. Anyway, he was sleeping over cos we had a Dawn Patrol planned for the following morning. That was the story, and thank fuck he had his stick under his arm."

Wingnut was just the sort of dude that everyone liked, though. Even my folks. He's got really cool manners with adults, and they enjoy him.

In my room he headed straight for my CD collection, and checked it out. He listened to a few tracks through headphones while I loaded the PC to make sure the game was working. Then I left him to play the game while I took a shower. Hey, I didn't want any problems with 'cheese dick' hahahahaha!

After I'd returned to my room, I stood behind him as he played. It was just such a cool vibe to stand there with my hands on his shoulders. My thumbs were massaging his shoulder blades, and he seemed to dig that.

Later, I loaded an old surf movie into the VCR called North Shore, and we climbed under the covers in our boxers to watch the show. I had a box of Choc Krust biscuits, and told him that I would make him clean the crumbs with his tongue if he messed.

After the surf movie, the grommet loaded the vid of Friday 13th, which is also one of my old slasher movies. He'd seen the later ones but not that one, which was neat. We watched that until the early hours of the morning, then turned off the lights, and he cuddled up to me. It wasn't a cold night, so......... :)

"Hey, bud," I said as I gently rubbed his crotch with the palm of my hand. "Want my special birthday present to you?"

"I think I know what's comin'."

"It is cool?"

"Yeah... I guess."

He maneuvered his hips so that I could pull his boxers down his legs.

"You gonna take yours off as well?"

"If you want."

"Yeah. You OK with that?"

"I'd love it, bud."

We faced each other, and I stroked him. I felt his hand close around my cock before we used our free hands to explore each other's pecs and the rest of our bodies. He was totally relaxed about the whole thing even though his cock was as tight as a steel spring.

At that point, I pushed the covers off us completely, then rolled him on to his back. He lifted his hands to cradle the back of his head, causing his meaty pecs to form thick rolls of muscle just below his shoulders, and just above his warm hairless pits.

I kissed his cute navel, and ran my warm, wet tongue down to his bush of pubes. Then, one at a time, I gently caressed his smooth nads with my tongue. His breathing by that stage was getting really heavy and excited.

I licked his cock, letting my tongue go up and down the length of his rock-solid shaft. Then I took as much of that monster as I could in my mouth. It was like a total wave of excitement that had gripped me, causing my stomach to come alive with a thousand fluttering butterflies. I wanted this moment to last a lifetime, so I gradually I went down on him, and gently sucked his most awesome, awesome cock.

"Turn around," he asked in a whisper, trying to catch his breath.

I obeyed his request, giving him access to my cock as we laid on our sides, and I continued to enjoy his spicy taste. I was expecting his hand to take charge of my cock when I felt his mouth close around it. It gave me such a fucking fright that I let go of his cock for a second or two.

"Oh, my fuck, Gary! His whole technique was Cody's. He sent my whole brain to another planet. Every now and again, I would pull my hips away so that I didn't cum too soon. Then I would take my mouth away from him to avoid the same thing."

I felt like kissing the grommet, but I resisted. Instead, I let my lips close around his navel, and licked it. Then I returned to his nads and cock. It was a slow-motion montage of total total fucking love. I couldn't remember how long we'd been carrying on before I felt the thrill of the surge in my groin. I stopped blowing him to warn him. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" I twisted my hips so that my cock was pointed skywards. He had his fist around it when it blossomed into flying jets of my jizz, which landed on my stomach and ribs. But some of the thick sticky stuff had managed to land on him as well.

After that, I went back down on him again in earnest while he was still fondling my semi. I heard him grunt that he was about to cum, so I closed my mouth around the base of his cock. I sealed my lips as tightly as I could, not wanting to waste a single drop of his magic boy juice. Then he offloaded as I used my tongue to electrify his pulsating knob. But there was no way that I was gonna contain every drop of his prize, which exploded with such force that it shot out of the corner of my mouth as if the seal of a vacuum had been suddenly broken. The grommet must've been gritting his teeth and clenching his fists as all that was happening. Whoa!

A few moments later, we were laying next to each other, totally fucking exhausted.

"Thanks for the birthday," he said in a hushed voice.

Then I rolled off the mattress and collected the bead wristband before getting back into bed, and handing it to him. "Happy birthday, bud."

"This is fucking awesome!" he enthused, wide-eyed with appreciation, and beaming from ear to ear.

Wingnut placed the gift on his wrist, then gave me a hug. And that's how we fell asleep.

Sunday was a blur. We rocked down to the beach for an early morning surf. Not quite the Dawn Patrol we'd planned, but it was still pretty early. After that, he had to get home, and I had to spend time studying. But I was on such a high that I wondered if his cum had been laced with coke or something.

"This email has gone on and on and on. Gary, it's hard to explain how I feel right now. Winger. Steph. This is like everything I've always wanted since last year... for the three of us to be such good friends. My relationship with my folks as well. And thanks to you, I'm getting off the shit that I've been on. I think I'm just about there."

"End of year studying is gonna be taking up a huge amount of my time. But it's coming together. I haven't spoken to Winger since he left me on Sunday morning. I'm being careful not to push him or make a big deal out of what happened. I want him to treat it as just the most natural fucking thing between us as buds. That's the way Cody handled it, and it worked for him."

"I've gotta fuck off now cos this mail is just soooooo out of hand! I also finished putting most of the new Cody News page together. How's that for fucking motivation? But I won't put it up until the end of next week or something cos it's only for September."


Your friend and the Codeman's,


Two days later I wrote Gary again. I'd been to my second drug counselling meeting with Steph. I thought some of those fuckers were psycho. Tea and fucking cookies. I didn't know how Steph had been handling that scene for so long cos I wasn't. I knew that I needed to speak and listen at those meetings, but I just couldn't handle it. And I didn't wanna be treated like I should be wrapped in fucking cotton wool.

Last night, one guy asked me if I wanted to stand up and tell my story.

"There's no story to tell. I dig drugs, and I dig the high. I can put up with the downers."

After I'd made that monumental statement, everyone was fucking staring at me. Steph was digging me in the ribs, telling me that it was obvious that I was in denial, and that I needed to speak about it. I just thought 'fuck it', and stood up.

"I don't want to speak about it."

I was spitting fucking mad at that point, cos on top of everything else I was embarrassed as well. I felt like taking the fucking chair and beating the crap out of that guy.

During the break, Steph went to the kitchen and made us some tea. I told her that I wanted some coffee, or preferably a beer.

"Just have some tea. It'll make you feel better."

"No, Steph. A beer will make me feel better, and a joint would make me feel the best. Are you saying that they don't even have coffee here?"

"Keep your damn voice down. Please!"

"I'm sorry. These people are stringing me out badly."

Then Steph spoke to one of the women. A minute later, she came back to me with a cup of coffee. I had the fucking shakes, and was spilling the coffee all over the place. I wasn't sure if it was because I was angry or because I was showing signs of fucking withdrawals. But I'd been getting the fucking shakes at school over the past two days as well.

I was just soooo happy to get out of that claustrophobic place. What a fucking relief! One of Steph's buddies drove over to collect us and take us home. I'd never met him before. And the prick was good looking as well. Meantime, I was in my own little shit mood with nobody to pin the blame on.

G'day Steve,

Yeah, I can't pretend that I'd wanna go through all that shit... sitting in a room with a bunch of whackos. So what would I do if I were you? Get pissed off. But I'd also consider that Steph is a member of the group, and has been for some time. You have respect for her, so maybe she's right about the denial thing. Maybe you need to attend a few more meetings before you make a permanent decision. Maybe it's one of those hurdles you've got to get over. But I do agree with you that opening up your private life to a bunch of strangers - especially ones you don't even like or trust - ain't the most pleasant of trips.

However, you could turn it around in your favor. Rather than tell the actual story of your association with drugs and the drug world, you could tell them that you've spent the past 8 months writing to a fossil and baring your soul. And that eventually you plucked up the courage to actually read it yourself... the point being that you've undertaken your own therapy by staring at your own past reflection. But I really can't advise you on this one. I'm like you in that I hate being interrogated. Maybe Steph is the one to guide you through this maze.

As for your shakes, sounds to me like the result of pressure. I get them too now and then, especially with the pressure I'm under with the Luke fiasco. My brain wants to run away with paranoia... WRITER OF GAY TEEN EROTICA ACCUSED OF PEDOPHILIA. Well, if I crack under that kinda pressure - pressure from my own imagination - I'm a goner. It's stand up and fight time. Being tough has never been my forte. But I'm aware of the dangers of paranoia, like imagining boogie men in the dark and all that crap. And I have Cody's and your experiences to draw courage from. You guys handled your challenges like troopers, so I can handle mine. That is what MrB readers will expect, and that is what I will deliver.

And I'm really glad that your experience with Winger the other night when he slept over has given you such a high. It's gotta be one of the most tender moments for you... totally different to most of the sex you've experienced with others. I've always been a great believer in love over sex. I know that I've written a lot about Daniel's orgies and whatever, but really sex is just the icing on the cake of love.

Cool about your dad taking an interest in school and other things about you. He must've been doing some serious soul searching lately. "You're drifting further and further away and we don't know what to do about it!" He must've paid attention to his own words. He's finally realizing that being a dad is not just about providing shelter and food. Reminds me of Luke's dad's attitude. He's often told me that "Luke's got a place to stay and food in the fridge." Yeah, right. Like that's enough? No wonder Luke is off the rails. Where's the love?

It's also interesting that you and your dad have gotten together through punching each other's lights out - shades of Cody and Mark in the early days, and just check out what that led to. Yeah, dads need to be more than dads and sons need to be more than sons. Like Cody wrote when he and his folks celebrated the rising of the sun on New Years 2000. "I'll be celebrating the new millenium with my folks - my best friends."

OK, Steve, that's about it from me for the mo. I've got a feeling I'll have my hands full for a while with all the drama I'm facing. Thanks again for letting me know how you're doing. :)

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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