South Africa
Part 82
Based on emails from October, 2002.

Getting older had its downside. Right? For example, this is what I wrote Gary: "Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tick tick tick ....WHAM!! tick tock tick tock tick tock. That's better. Just gotta check on that damn clock of yours every now and then to make sure the tocks rhyme with the ticks or whatfuckingever."

But the silly old dude didn't notice the change from the tick tocks to the ticks before the WHAM! So he missed the whole point of the joke! Jeez! Why did I bother?

Meantime, there was a load of shit going down about the after-Valedictory party. The school head had sent letters to all parents about the guys being spaced and drunk. Hey, if the school was so fucking concerned, why didn't they get involved in trying to organize the party, and getting the parents more involved or something? Anyway, the drugs and booze thing had been happening for fucking years now and all of a sudden there's this hassle. Parents had complained to the school about it, and the head wanted to stand up and pretend he was interested.

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHH! FUCK! I got so pissed off about that. Yeah, well, he could stick his letter where the sun didn't shine.

I was at home yesterday morning studing for English Lit when Bruce arrived.

"Monday is our language paper, Steve. We're doing English language on Monday."

"Fuck off! It's lit. I checked!"

So we both checked. Hmmm. OK, so it was English language. I'd done the blonde thing again. But it was cool cos language wasn't an ace paper and I always did OK with it. Besides that, there was no urgency as far as study was concerned so Bruce and I got naked. Well, not right away. Bruce tackled me and sent us both sprawling onto my bed. Arms and legs all over the damn place. Then he started to kiss me while his hand was fondling my crotch.

"Why do I get the impression that you like me?" I asked as I ripped off his T while he was busy. That fucker had a bod that did really bad things for me. :)

Without answering, he stood on my bed and allowed me to undress him, then watched me fondle his balls while my mouth caressed his abs and chest.

By the time my lips had enveloped his cock, and were gently sucking and licking it, its veins were like blue worms threatening to explode. But we were pretty relaxed and in no hurry at all, so he asked if I could massage his back for him. "Sure!"

After he'd laid face down on my bed, my eyes couldn't help admiring his awesome fucking physique - solid and buffed - while my fingers massaged his muscular shoulders, neck and back. I figured that one of the most valuable lessons I'd learned from Cody was the art of erotic massage. You didn't even need to get anywhere near the person's private parts for a while. You just had to gently let your fingers knead and soothe your partner's body. Any part of it.

For me, it was when Bruce massaged my chest and abs. Shuddup, Gary. For him, it was when he laid on his stomach and let me massage all the way from his back down to his firm buns, then from his solid legs to his feet. He went totally fucking frantic when I did that. :)

So on this particular occasion, we took turns at massaging each other the way we enjoyed it most. The convo was mostly about school and the impact it had had on each of us, as well as the friends we'd made.

After a while, the convo drifted around to the subject of Cody. Bruce never really knew Cody, so he was quite intrigued by how close Cody and I were, as well as the stories about how we would hang together and enjoy each other's company. I didn't go into any great detail about the personal relationship between me and Code, but I did touch on the closeness we'd shared as friends, laughing and surfing, and just hanging together.

Bruce had brought a plug with him. Thoughtful dude. He had me laying on my back, holding my raised ankles, while he lubed my hole. Then he gently pushed the plug in, and left it there for a while as we kissed some more.

The plug felt HUGE inside me, but I knew why it was there. Bruce didn't want to hurt me when he entered me. He wanted me to relax.

Before I rolled the condom over his throbber, I took some time to play with his cockhead, knowing that he was being sent to seventh heaven as my tongue ran around and around the sensitive ridge of his knob.

When we were both ready, I rested my lower legs on his shoulders. That signaled him to push my knees closer to my chest as he gently entered me. By that stage we were both covered in a shiny layer of erotic-smelling sweat.

Eventually, his thrusting became faster and more violent. He was like a man possessed as he clenched his teeth and squinted in readiness to shoot his load.

I felt his cock swell inside me a second or two before he let out a loud gasp, which was followed by a series of smaller whimpers as he offloaded every damn drop of his juice.

By the time he was done, I was about ready to bust! So when he collapsed on top of me, all fucking exhausted, I couldn't help laughing. "Hey! No way you're gonna fucking fall asleep now! Not now that you've got me so fucking horny!"

I was in such a fucking hurry, I didn't even worry about the ass plug. Instead, I used my fingers to massage his crack while we hugged and kissed. "You ready yet?"

Bruce got onto his knees and arranged himself into position. Whoa! I was so damn excited when I saw that rosebud winking at me, and I was in so much of a hurry by then, I almost forgot about the fucking condom!

There'd been such a huge build-up while he was making love to me that I must've been inside him for about a minute when Mr Dick - mine, of course - decided that enough was enough and allowed my juices to leave without permission.

Fuck! I was soooo angry! But Bruce sensed what was happening, and cracked up totally. His body was gyrating cos he was laughing so much. Hahahahaha! Yeah, right. So I slapped his back, and then we wrestled. That dude was a strong fuck, and didn't have any sympathy for you if he happened to get you into a scissors hold or a strangle hold.

After turning my bed into something that looked like the sole survivor from a tornado, we showered together which was pretty spesh. :)

Last night I was at Cody's house with Steph, Wingnut and Jacky. The T's had ordered a bucket of KFC, and Mrs T had made a special dessert of Malva pudding, which was Winger's fav, so I figured Mrs T had made it specially for the grommet. Well, she'd made it for all of us, but I was sure that she'd chosen the Malva pudding cos the Winger had dug it so much. Hey, it was delish! Mmmmmmm!

Steph and Jacky had gotten into a major tongue wag with Mrs T - the girl thing - while Winger insisted on going through the whole Craig versus Steve fight again in great detail for the benefit of Mr T, and had us in hysterics. I must've been a bit dozy during the actual fight cos I didn't remember Craig hitting the canvas 15 times hahahaha! OK, so I remembered him having a bit of a shiner and a bloodied nose, but I must've forgotten about his face looking like a pumpkin that a truck had run over.

Oh, my fuck, that little dude was so funny as he took center stage in the den, and went through all the actions of my fists flying, and then Craig falling to the canvas. If only! Hahahahahaha!

Mr T didn't believe a fucking word of Winger's version of events, but he kept on encouraging him to tell us more. And the more Winger got worked up, the more damage Craig suffered, and the more dramatic Winger became.

Anyway, the evening was like a celebration of me getting through the fight undamaged. Well, kinda undamaged, anyway.

Mr T told us about a couple of fights he'd had as a youngster. Just the fun things he remembered. "I was about Winger's age, but I was big for my age. So the coach put me up against a senior. It was the biggest hiding I'd ever had in my whole life cos the senior was under the impression that I was the same age as he was! But I only had myself to blame. It was my fault cos I'd told the coach that I could take on that senior and beat him. I was cocky. Are you listening to me, Wingnut? Are you paying attention?"


"I couldn't box for about two months after that cos I was so badly messed up."

"So why did you do it?"

"Like I said, I was cocky. Do I remind you of anyone?"



"Me, hehehehe."

"Well, that incident taught me a lesson. A huge lesson. It taught me something about thinking I was invincible. I wasn't, of course. None of us are."

As Mr T spoke to Winger, I figured that he was aware of a lot of the shit that Winger had been involved in in the past, and that Cody had had to rescue him from sometimes.

The evening was so enjoyable that we left late. But we also promised that we'd get around to doing it again soon.

Jacky was spending the night at Winger's place. His folks had a spare room that was Jacky's to use whenever she slept over. She was always very welcome at the grommet's house cos his folks dug her quite a bit.

Hmmm. OK. So I would get pissed off cos she couldn't fucking leave him alone for a fucking minute, and was always hanging on him or touching him. But that was just me... and the result of a bit of jealousy, I reckoned. But at the same time the friendship between me and the grommet was still intact, so Jacky hadn't done anything to fuck that up.

Mr T drove me and Steph to her house cos I'd told him that I would make a plan from there. I wanted to spend a couple of minutes alone with Steph anyway, and didn't really want Mr T sitting in his car waiting for me.

So Steph and I did some dumb kid things I guessed. We kissed and smooched and got each other all worked up, knowing full fucking well that we were gonna have to get into our own separate beds that night and play with ourselves.

"Well, I was thinking that maybe..."

"Don't say anything you'll regret, Gary."

Anyway, after I left Steph's front gate, I stopped off at a friend's place. It was about 1am. Yeah, I knew he would have some weed, and at the time I just felt like mellowing out with a reefer.

He and I sat for a while talking shit, and then I went home. The walk seemed to take forever. I rolled the reefer as I walked, then smoked it. Talk about a head rush! Whoa! I hadn't smoked anything for a while so it was a total zing.

I wasn't in the mood for an early night, and I was wishing that Steph or Wingnut had been able to spend the night with me. But no such luck.

At home, I used my time to good advantage. I worked for a while on Cody's News Page, and then played a round of Heroes. Yeah, right. I got fucked up solid ten to nothing. Hahahahaha! I could almost swear that Craig was the Tan Knight. Fucker! Do you understand any of this, Gary?"

"Uh... well..."

"Never mind. I shouldn't have asked."

I got a really cool email from Jason. He and June are such special people that I wonder how things coulda gone wrong for them.

"Hey, Gary, I've just checked out your Rude Dude pics of those two HMB guys. OMF! That is soooooo fucking HOT! You say those two guys remind you of me and Bruce? Maybe. Hahahahaha! The guy with the dark hair could almost be Bruce. :) Hey, did Bruce pose for pics with some other blonde dude that I don't know about? Traitor!"

Peace, Love, Respect
Your friend and the Codeman's


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