South Africa
Part 83
Based on emails from October, 2002.

Besides studying for my final exams there wasn't a lot going on at the moment. I'd gotten myself into a bit of a routine... rising early, studying for a couple of hours, then hitting the surf for about two hours. Had to hit the surf pretty early, though, before the wind fucked it up. Then it was more studying and a bit of gymwork.

"You're getting too fucking lazy, Steve."

"Shuddup, Gary."

Saturday night, Steph and I went out for a while, just for a bite to eat and a chat. We were on our own cos she wanted to spend some 'quality' time together.

"Hey, babes. Send your folks on an errand and we can make it really high quality."

"Hmmm. One track mind, Mister Shaffer. But I like it."

So that was about the limit of my social life. No visits during the week while the final exams were on. Eight weeks!!!! It wasn't really such a big deal, though, cos Steph and I didn't normally meet during the week, and I'd been making it a scene to get into bed early and explore my toolkit. :) Just to make sure it all functioned correctly.

Steph and I hadn't been attending drug support sessions lately either... not since the scene with Craig at Wipeout. But it had been OK. Steph said she was gonna try to stop smoking [cigarettes] as well, which I thought was pretty fucking cool. She didn't smoke when she was with me, though.

I told Gary that I'd received the most amazing email from June, and that I was pretty stoked about it. She had some cool things to say. On the other hand, I'd also received mail from some of the FunTB chat guys who had comments to make about Gary's thoughts on the subject of Saddam and Iraq. I just told them to shove it, and take my name off those mailing lists that were doing the rounds. As far as I was concerned, what had been said had been said, and fuck knew that slanging each other via email was a waste of energy.

Speaking of energy, Winger caught a smack from Craig the other night when he was visiting Jason. Fortunately, the situation didn't appear as though anything major was gonna develop; at least that was what I was hoping.

The grommet was at my place on Monday afternoon for a short while. Why? To raid our fridge and my stash of chips [potato crisps], of course.

"That's where Craig's ring caught me when he smacked me," he announced while pointing to his cheek as we entered my room.


"There! I'm pointing at it!"

"I can't see it."

"Stop being blonde."

"Oh! There!" I said as I poked the spot with my finger. Hahahaha!

"Ouch! Fuck!"

"So what's the story? You want me to go and beat him up again?"

"Again? I kinda remember you laying on your face on the canvas. But I know what you mean. I reckon you coulda beaten him, and that's why I got this smack. Told Craig he was lucky."

"How the fuck do you get into these scrapes?"

Having a mouth full of food and juice didn't stop the grommet from answering my question with a muffled but enthusiastic voice. "Well, it was Jason who started the ball rolling cos he and his bro were having this little barney when I rocked in. They were arguing about whose turn it was to tidy up the dishes and shit, and Jason made a joke about wishing that Acid Head - that's you - was there to teach Craig a fucking lesson. So Craig wrapped his hand around his bro's throat and pushed him up against the kitchen sink. That's when I kinda chirped that Craig wouldn't do that to you cos he'd get nailed. Hehehehe. Craig was as mad as hell. So he smacked me."

"Acid Head?"

"Yeah, well you call me Wingnut cos of my ears, and everyone calls you Acid Head cos you're so hot. Hehehehehe. Right? I told Jace to stop calling you that but he told me to make him. Maybe I will one day."

"Hey, fucker," I said as I rescued the remaining crumbs from the large packet of crisps that the grommet had plundered, "you're like a damn vacuum! You open the food cupboard doors and all I hear is 'whoosh'!"

"Can't help it. Fruit Chutney flavored crisps are kiff."

"Want me to tickle your back for you?"


The grommet then pulled his T over his head, and laid on his stomach on my bed. His bright blue satin boxers were protruding from the top of his shorts. Kinda like an invitation for me to get a bit adventurous. So my fingers traced the valley from the base of his spine up to his shoulder blades.

"That feels cool," he mumbled. "You wanna hit the bag a bit later?"

"We can do, buddy. I was hoping that you'd still be here regularly to make sure I stayed fit... just in case you ever needed some backup."

"I don't need backup. I wanna train just in case you need backup."

Wingnut's back and shoulder muscles were helluva prominent, and when you placed a flat hand over them, and they moved, it felt totally wicked. Whoa! So I let my hand go up the back of his legs, then a little way under his shorts and boxers. Didn't get as far as I might have but that was cool. It was a good moment and I didn't wanna spoil it. Just doing what I did was OK with me. What the fuck? I could jack myself silly afterwards. :)

His eyes were closed and he was totally relaxed; obviously enjoying my massage.

"You want a turn now?" I asked.

"Yeah, cool."

I pulled off my top then laid on my stomach. He took advantage immediately and jumped onto my back, planting his knees squarely in the middle.

"Ouch! Fuck!"

Then it was a free-for-all as the two of us wrestled as though our lives depended on the outcome. Arms and legs were flying in all directions until I got the better of him. Hahahahaha! I picked him up and threw him onto the bed, but he managed to roll over backwards before I could pounce on him.

It wasn't long before my room was starting to look like a bomb had hit it, with bedding strewn all over the place.

We never did get around to putting the gloves on for a hit cos we were both too stuffed after the wrestle.

"Hey, if you're going around to Jason's, don't piss Craig off."

"What makes you think I will?"

"You're a fiery dude, and you don't back down when it comes to fighting. You're so much like Cody it's scary."

"Being like Cody is scary? How do you figure that?"

Winger asked the question as he sat on the side of my bed, and caused his abs to create wrinkles... a whole lotta thin horizontal lines of rolls that ran across his normally flat stomach.

"In a lotta ways you're a living reminder of the Codeman."

Later, when I was writing Gary, it occurred to me that meeting Wingnut would be quite a challenge for Daniel. Tame the Winger! Hahahahaha! "I really think you need to try to get back to Daniel, Gary. Maybe he can get over Cody's death. You need to write those chapters cos it may help you as well. And Daniel and Wingnut could have a load of fun together. But don't be surprised if Daniel gets clobbered, hahahahaha! Cos they've both got short fuses."

"Oh, shit! I forgot to tell you I ended up at the doctor's on Saturday morning. It was right after I sent off emails and shit. I doubled over on my bed from the pain of fucking cramps. They were so fucking bad that I couldn't straighten up properly. So my mom took me to the doctor's surgery."

"Hey, it wasn't all bad. He's got a really cute assistant and I think she digs it when I go there cos we get on really great. I also think she's trying to steal me away from Steph. She's in her twenties and OMF, what a bod! She's a beaut! Nice ass. :)"

"Anyway, I sat on the surgery table while the doctor prodded and poked me, and she was checking me out. I had to explain the bruises, so I told the doc about the fight, making sure his assistant could hear what I had to say."

"Oh, dear!" she said as she came over to me and touched the bruise to 'check it out'. Yeah, right. That touch was definitely not a 'check it out' touch. It was one of those 'let's get it on' touches."

"Be careful, Steve. She could be one of those dreadful seductresses with no scruples who wants to get into your pants and lead you astray!"

"You're learning, G. :)"

Anyway, the doc said my cramps were probably due to a lack of something in my diet, especially cos I've buffed up lately. So he gave my mom a script for some tablets that I must take for a while. More like a mix of mineral salts and vitamins.

After the nurse had left the room, leaving the doc and I alone, he asked me if I was on any substances. What the fuck could I tell him? I just replied no. Then he went on to say that he'd seen teens who had come to him suffering from cramps, and who had explained that they'd spiked up. "I'm not one of them," I said as I put on my shirt.

Anyway, as for the nurse, well, hmmmmm. Steph was cuter, and I didn't want to screw our relationship. Maybe I could just invite the nurse around to help me with biology. :)

"Hey, Gary, about that email crap that's going on. The stuff about your opinions of Saddam and Iraq. Fucking hell, I didn't know that adults could go on and fucking on like a bunch of old ladies with sore tits. Hahahahaha. Cody used to say that to Steph and Carol when they got pissed off with us... me, Cody and Mark. They'd get their panties in a twist and Cody would come up with that fucking saying, and had us all hosing ourselves, which only made the girls even madder."

"Interesting that you should refer to the girls."

"Anyway, that's what this email bitch looks like. Fuck! And they say that teens are screwed? It's no wonder there's so much shit going on in the world. Cody would've just told the whole bunch to stop having a fucking nappy [diaper] rash and just accept the other guy's point of view as his, whether you like it or not. It's just the way he is, and your point of view is not gonna change that."

"Hey, I'm just generalising here... not pointing fingers at anyone in particular. But if the mail that has been flying around is a demonstration of adult logic, then fuck that. I'd rather stay a teen forever! Teens have got two heads; one screwed on and the other screwed in. When we're lucky, that is. :)"

"Not sure if Cody ever mentioned grapefruit to you. But right now I've got a date with a grapefruit. Cya."

Peace, Love, Respect
Your friend and the Codeman's


Note from G: Yep, Cody did tell me about the grapefruit thing he did with Paul, and I remember including it in one of the early Daniel chapters, but I don't remember which one. So I started reading some of the early Daniel stuff just now. I should never do that cos the first thing I wanna do is start rewriting it! My style has changed quite a bit since those days, and I suppose it will go on changing, so it doesn't pay to go back over old ground.

Daniel and Wingnut? Yep, that would be quite a challenge hehehe. More than you realize! Lemme think about it.

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