South Africa
Part 84
Based on emails from October, 2002.

Judging by some of the content in Gary's return email, he was going through some crap session with Internet Billing. I wasn't sure what to say about that 'cept that maybe Brian 'The Pest' could help in some way. I didn't know quite why I was suggesting that course of action cos I really didn't know what the fuck Brian did!

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon I went for the most amazing fucking surf at Cemetry. Cody and I had surfed there often... or at least whenever we could get a ride down there.

There was one time when Cody and I were at Cemetry in a thunderstorm, with a huge fucking whale - I'm talking 40 tons or whatever - not too far away from where we were surfing. Its tail was out of the water, and it formed this massive backdrop against the strikes of lightning forking their way through the dark gray sky. Oh, my fuck, it was just too fantastic.


But back to Thursday afternoon... the north [wind] came up and the surf stood up. It was just totally awesome down there.

"I've been saying that for years."

"Shuddup, G."

There were only a few guys out [surfing] cos you needed transport to get to Cemetry. It was miles from the train station. But I was lucky cos Bruce dropped me off at the beach, and promised to collect me afterwards.

"You wanna hang around to watch?"

"Love to, but I've got some other shit to sort out."

Before we left Cape Town, I'd tried to get hold of Wingnut but his phone just rang and fucking rang. He must've been down at the local cos the surf was good there too. But Cemetry was BIGGER and FASTER! :) It was a fuckoff ride when it was working.

Next day, Winger phoned me and we went down to the local together. It was real storm surf, but it was definitely cooking.

One of the amazing things about my grommet buddy was the way he paddled through the waves with the best of them. He was so fucking strong for his size, and had stamina to spare. He rarely sat still in the water. Instead, he paddled all the time... out, in, across, back out, and back again. Almost always on the move.

Jason had been out with us that day as well, and had made a comment to me later while we were under the showers. He talked about Wingnut being lucky to have the build he had. Jason didn't go into the specifics, such as Winger's naturally meaty and defined pecs, sixpack, broad shoulders, and good looks, but all those attributes must have been pretty obvious to anyone who'd even paid scant attention anyway. Hey, I could've mentioned to Jason that Winger had a hunk cock as well, but I figured Jason might've known that already. :)

Actually, chatting to Jason was pretty cool. He didn't give the impression of having an ego, even though he wasn't too shy of Winger in the looks or bod departments. And judging by the way his wettie hugged his crotch, he also didn't look as though he'd been left out of the hardware department either.

The contrast between Jason and his brother Craig was amazing. Whereas Craig had an ego even bigger than mine [if that were possible], Jason was totally laid back. As far as he was concerned, you could take him or leave him. Maybe that was why Jason and and Winger got along as well as they did. They were both pretty cocky little fuckers.

Late on Thursday night I decided to visit FunTB chat but no one was there, and nothing was happening. So I went to bed and jacked off thinking about Winger and Jason getting it on. :)

Wingnut had told me one time that the only thing the two of them had ever done was jack each other off. Oh, my fuck! That would have been cool enough just to see the two of them naked together.

They were great buds, though... forever chirping each other. But they were also forever laughing together. Very tight buds.

I figured the one thing I really liked about Jason was that nobody could dis his bro. If anyone said anything shitty about Craig then Jason was prepared to get hurt defending him. So there ya go. They fought like typical brothers but, at the same time, they also stood up for each other.

Wingnut and Jason? They fought like typical friends, but also stood up for each other. The difference with Jason was that his brother came first, and Winger came second. Yeah, well, I didn't have a brother so I didn't understand how anyone could think of getting beaten up to defend a dickhead like Craig.

Last night, Steph and I were planning to take some time out to go to a movie, but my folks said that they were going out. Cool.

"Hey, babes, would you rather spend some time at my place? Just the two of us?"

So that's what we decided to do. My dad actually drove me to her house to fetch her, which was cool. My dad was not helluva talkative to my friends, but he liked Steph. On the way back to my house, we stopped at KFC and got a couple of chicken burgers and fries.

Later, after my folks had left for the night, Steph and I got to talking about exams and school and surfing and even a little about the fight with Craig. :) Then we graunched a bit, and it was the normal thing. My hands automatically headed for her tits at first cos they were really fucking cute, and she would always get turned on second to fucking none [when I did that].

So it wasn't long before my boxers were soaked with my juice, and she'd taken off all her clothes except her bikini panties.

Steph had a special way about saying all the right things to make me feel fucking good, like, "the gym training has paid off, Steve. You're looking better now than you ever have".

Then she went down on my boxers and pulled the satin over my now-aching cock, and moved her face closer to it. I was desperate to take the fucking things off completely cos I wanted to feel her lips wrapped around my hard meat. At the same time, I also wanted to share this wonderful experience with her, so I grabbed her panties and slid them down her smooth, shapely legs. Then we caressed each other's sensitive parts with our loving tongues and mouths for a long, long time.

Eventually, she pushed me on to my back, then laid next to me with one arm draped over my chest, and one leg draped over my stomach. She was tickling my ear with her free hand, but I was well aware of my aching cock pushing away from my stomach as I gazed at the ceiling.

"You're damn crazy," I said. "You're going to have me jizzing the whole den."

"No, I'm not," she giggled. "You've got to show some self control... like I am."

"Oh, yeah? Like you've got self control? You've been molesting me. I'm gonna tell my mommy when she gets home."

Like greased lightning, and without warning, she jumped up and planted her cute bare butt on my stomach. "Who's molesting whom?" she smiled down at me, looking totally fucking beautiful.

"Hey, I could force myself... if you're really desperate."

She leaned forward and kissed me, then rested her head on my chest. "I just want you to hold me for now. You're doing weird things to me, Steve."


"Like I think I'm falling in love with you, and it scares me."

"Hey, I know I'm in love with you, babes. We just need to go slowly. I'll take the signal from you. All the way."

At that very moment of my existence, the sensation of Steph's warm breath against my chest, and the discreet smell of her scent drifting into my nostrils, were the only things I wanted right then. For a long while, we never said anything. In fact, we might have even dozed off for a few moments. Finally, she sat up and asked if I wanted something to drink.

"Beer would be cool. There's some in the fridge."

"Beer's gonna make you fat!" she laughed as she slapped my gut, then stood. "Then I'll have to dump you."

I never said a word as I laid there on my back and watched her walk through to the kitchen. A few moments later, she was on her way back toward me... her flat stomach, perky tits, and beautiful smile for my eyes to enjoy.

"Only one beer?"

"We can share it."

She sat on the carpet next to me and that's what we did... passing the beer back and forth as we chatted. My erection had also subsided to a respectable semi so at least I wasn't appearing to be like a fucking dog in heat.

After a while, she sat behind me, and began to massage my shoulders and neck. From time to time her soft, feminine hands would move across my chest, then down my stomach to my pubes. Naturally, my fucking cock stood up. Boing! Maybe that's why she did it... to check if the damn thing was still working.

"What's the matter? Did you think it was dead? It was just resting."

Then it was her turn to be massaged, but I was more into kissing her and exploring her with my tongue. :) She was obviously enjoying the attention cos she would close her eyes every time my tongue raced all over her smooth bare skin.

Then out of the blue came a whisper. "Make love to me, Steve."

Whoa! "I need to get a condom."

"No. It'll be fine."

"You sure?"

She didn't answer me. Instead, she bent her knees as I positioned myself to enter her. It was a feeling that I would never forget. Skin. Just the two of us. No condom.

I could feel her warm, lubricated pussy accepting me, and drawing me further inside. She gasped slightly as she threw her head back, and I could feel the tightness of her grip around my cock despite the fact that she was slippery and moist. It was such an incredibly awesome feeling, I wanted the entry process to go on and on and on. And on.

When I was all the way in, we embraced and kissed passionately as her eager legs wrapped themselves around my butt. At the same time, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I was reading Steph's every move as a signal for me to start. And I'd read it correctly. Woohoo! The two of us began a love dance that had caused us to lose all awareness of time. We had been totally consumed by our own beings. Nothing else existed... just the two of us as a united pair, but also as individuals... all at the same time.

There was so much magic going on that it was almost impossible to comprehend. Her fingers were like little magic wands, playing with my abs, then moving down to my pubes... setting every single nerve on fire... doing the most incredible things to me as my muscles danced happily to the tune of her loving touch.

My breathing had become increasingly more rapid - faster and faster - until I could no longer hold back the small cry that warned of my surge of juice about to make its escape.

Steph tightened around me as I pushed faster and harder. The explosion, when it happened, was like a magnificent celebration of Steph and me becoming one person.

It was like being caught in a beautiful storm. One massive wave after another. All the elements of the Earth being united as one.

My erection had subsided quite a bit after I'd offloaded every ounce of whatever had been inside me, but I kept it moving. I knew that Steph hadn't climaxed yet, and I was desperate for her to experience the same exquisite pleasure that I'd just experienced.

My cock did manage to get a bit harder because of the way I'd continued to love her, and eventually I could feel her legs pull me closer toward her. Then she let out a loud, gaspy cry.

Even after Steph had climaxed - and it had lasted for quite a while - we continued our dance.

"Fucking hell, Gary, I was inside the most beautiful lady in the world without a condom! Whoa! After that, we showered together, taking our time to explore each other."

"We were determined - even in our silence under the warm cascading water - to know everything there was to know about each other's bods. Hey, I could have taken her again in the shower, but just caressing each other's skin with our slippery, soapy hands was wild enough."

"After the shower, Steph phoned her folks and asked them if she could sleep over, but they said no cos she should have arranged it beforehand. Besides, her dad wanted to know what time he should come and fetch her."

"We played cards while we were waiting."

"Yo! Gary! How does that song go? 'Oh, what a night, late December 1964.' See? I do know some of the stuff you old fogies listened to. Hahahahaha!"

"Hey, I slept like a log last night. Totally passed out. Plans for today? Not sure yet. I've only just surfaced as I write this. It's 7:30am. I don't often have a sleep in but I was fucking exhausted after last night. Actually, the whole damn week had taken all my energy."

"So, yeah, that's the lastest news from the land of boxer shorts and bikini panties. :)"

Peace, Love, Respect,
Your friend and the Codeman's


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