South Africa
Part 5

It was a couple of days before I got a chance to visit Kyle again, although I did sneak over for a sec the day before and told him I had a stack of homework to do, and that I couldn't stay. He seemed disappointed, but glad that I'd told him. Meantime, I'd been dying to ask him whether he and Steve had jacked each other off, and eventually got an opportunity the next day.

"Hi, Kyle. How ya doin'?," I grinned as he placed his stick on the wall. "Can I stay a while?"

"Hi, Wingnut. Sure, bud. C'mon in." He turned up the volume on his CD. Alanis was playing.

"I've been thinking about the other day, y'know, when I told you about me and Brian."


"Did you ever do that?"

"With Brian?"

I cracked right up. "No, dammit, with another guy."

"Promise to keep a secret?"

I nodded my head until I thought it was gonna fall off. Woohoo! He was gonna tell me!

"OK. Well, first off, Wingnut, it's got nothing to do with being gay. It's to do with being friends. Understand?"

"Seems kinda weird, though. I mean touching another guy's penis."

"Hey, it's no biggie, dude. A lot of guys would never let anyone touch their dicks. There's no way I'd let just anyone touch mine, either. And you shouldn't let anyone touch yours if you don't feel right about it. So there ya go -- it's no biggie."

No way he'd let just anyone touch his? Did that include me? "So how did it feel when someone did it to you? Was it cool having some dude jacking you off?

"It kinda got my attention," he smiled. "But just be careful who you let do it to you, OK? Like you said, a lot of guys think it's a gay thing and you don't want people saying that about you. Anyway, dude, you'd better start thinking homework."

Back in my room, I thought about everything Kyle had told me, but I was pissed that I didn't have the nerve to ask him if the other dude was Steve. Maybe I could ask him next time. So what did it all mean? Could I say to mom and dad, "Hey, Kyle says it's OK for me and my friends to jack each other off". Yeah, right. I'd be grounded for a fucking lifetime and Kyle would be in deep shit.

I didn't see much of Kyle for the next day or two. I'd catch a glimpse of him coming home from swim practice or whatever, but he seemed really moody and I was nervous about talking to him. I could always tell when he was pissed at something. It kinda radiated from his hazel eyes, but I needed to know if he was mad at me for asking him about guys jacking off. He was in the yard cleaning up the dog shit when I quietly approached him.

"That's my chore, Kyle."

"Don't worry about it, Wingnut, it's done."

"Can I ask you something? Are you mad at me?"

"No, Wingnut, but I'm sure as hell mad at Steve."

"If it's big guy stuff, you don't have to tell me."

"It's big guy stuff."

"But I wanna know, dammit!"

Kyle laughed at my persistence. "Well, we argued on the phone. He told me to get a girlfriend and to get a fucking life, then hung up."

"I could borrow one of mom's dresses."

He cracked up again like I knew he would. It was cool to make Kyle laugh. "Anyway," he continued, "I wanted to prove that she was a slut. She phoned me and invited me around to her place. Her folks are mega-rich, man. They had this big digital TV upstairs in the billiard room and we watched a hot porno. She was also feeding me a stack of beer. So, I had my chance. Her girlfriend was there, too, and they both blew me. Later, her girlfriend watched me screw her."

"Fucking hell! Does Steve know?"

"Not yet, but he will. I figure it'll be all over fucking town pretty soon, and then he'll know I was right."

"But what about your friendship?"

"There isn't one, dude. It's all over."

"You've still got me, though."

"Yeah, Wingnut," he smiled. "Thanks for being here for me. You're a pretty cool dude to have around."

Nine days seemed such a hulluva long time while Kyle was away on the inter-school swim meet. It was to hell outa town somewhere and the team went there by bus. I filled in the time with Brian and some other friends, but I really missed my big bud and all the surfing. At night, I'd play with myself in bed thinking about Kyle being blown by those two girls, and then screwing one. Fuck, that must've been a horny sight! I imagined his muscles popping and bulging, and his skin all shiny with sweat, while the girl squirmed and groaned as his boner slid in and out of her pussy. It was much better thinking about that than the Japanese comics. The trouble was, nothing much came outa my dick when I played with it. I was gonna have to ask Kyle about what came outa his when he got back. I wanted to see what it looked like.

When Kyle did arrive home, I was over the fence like a shot wearing the new boardshorts my folks had bought me. "Hey, Kyle! Check these out, dude!" I beamed.

"Cool! Hey, dammit, Wingnut, if your grin was any wider, your face would split in two."

"So how do I look? I think they're a size too big 'cause they keep sliding down my hips. I wanted to look like you and Steve and show a bit of ass crack. The pubes will have to wait, though."

"You look awesome, dude. The groupies are gonna wet themselves crazy when they see you."

"You really think so? Wicked!"

Kyle took the rest of the week off school. His mom told me he was feeling sick and had a lot of schoolwork to catch up on, so I figured it was better not to hassle him too much. One afternoon, I noticed that Steve had paid a visit. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to know what was going on.

"Hi ya, Kyle. Are you feeling better now?"

"Hi, Wingnut. Sorry for being a grumpy shit the last few days. Hey, it's good to see you again!"

"I saw Steve here."

"Yeah. He found out about me screwing his girlfriend. We had a serious fist fight, then started laughing. Anyway, he's ditched her and we're back together again. Cool, huh?"

"Excellent! Woohoo! So now we can all go surfing again! Wicked!" It was so fucking cool to see Kyle smiling again. He had one of those big, cheesy grins that made you feel all warm and happy inside. "So how did the swim meet go?"

"First week was awesome. I was winning everything I entered. The coach was so proud of me, he was giving me a big head. Then I went away for the weekend to a farm with the guy I was billeted with. I kinda got involved in stuff that I don't wanna tell you about. Anyway, the second week was a fucking disaster and it looks like I'm off the team."

"Jeez, Kyle, I wish you'd tell me about your big guy stuff. I wanna help!"

"Thanks, Wingnut, I appreciate it, honest. But it's just stuff I've gotta sort out for myself."

"Well, at least you're back, and Steve's back. And I can't wait to wear my new boardies to the beach!"

The next day we all went surfing for the first time in ages. It was a totally wicked session but there was still something bugging Kyle. It must've had something to do with what happened on his swim meet, but there was no way I was gonna push him about it. He had a short wick, and I wasn't gonna be the one to light it.

Next morning, after breakfast, Kyle had already left home. I was disappointed that he hadn't invited me to go with him, but I guessed he had some thinking to do and wanted to be alone. I asked him about it when he got back.

"It was something Steve said to me. Kyle, he said, something's changed and I don't like it. I want the old Kyle back. Give me that and I'll give you the old Steve back. You need to see the fucking sun rise, buddy. Whatever's changed you, lock it away. I need you so damn much."

"He said that? That he needs you so damn much?"

"You think it's mushy?"

"No fucking way, man. That's how I feel about you, too! And I'm no fucking wuss! ... Am I?"

"No," he laughed. "You're no wuss, Wingnut. Just the opposite."


"Anyway, so I went for a dawn patrol and sat on my stick watching the sun rise -- and Steve was right. I feel different now. Everything that happened on the swim meet is like a surreal painting for hanging in the attic or basement, or somewhere dark where it can't be seen."

"I wish you'd tell me about it."

"Maybe one day. For now, let's just forget it. A friend of mine told me that I shouldn't start my life over, but just pick up where I left off. And he was right. And he said that I was lucky to have a wicked li'l grommet like you for a bud."

"He did? Well, he was fucking right! When you were away, I played with myself nights thinking about…" Oops! I could feel my face turning red.

"About what?"

"You wouldn't understand, Kyle. It's little guy stuff."

"Tell me!"

"No fucking way, man. You won't tell me about big guy stuff so I'm not gonna tell you about little guy stuff."

"How tall are you?"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"I just wanna know."

"Going on five feet."

"Like four feet what?"

"Almost eleven."


"Tell me why you wanna know."

"It's big guy stuff."

That night, I put on my new boardies and checked my reflection in the mirror. Yeah, it looked pretty cool the way they hung low and showed the top of my ass crack. I was gonna drive those groupies wild! So maybe I didn't have any pubes yet, but Kyle said that I had a killer dick. That'd be enough for now.

Before I went to bed, I played with myself again thinking about Kyle with those girls, and their lips sliding up and down his shaft. Whoa! That would have to be so damn awesome! Would Brian do that to me? He said he wanted to, but would he really? What if something came outa my dick? Hey! I'd forgotten to ask Kyle if stuff came outa his dick when the girls did it to him. I was gonna have to make a list of questions to ask him. "Hey, Kyle, when stuff came outa your dick…" Nah, if I was standing there reading off a long list of questions, he'd think I was totally fucking lamo! And why did he wanna know how tall I was? He was up to something. But what?

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