South Africa
Part 6

The next time we all went surfing together Kyle borrowed a friend's stick for me to use, and the session was a total rave. The surf was small but had good shape and speed. Anyway, I was still learning. The only problem was the surf line -- it was packed with riders which made it a real battle to be in the right place at the right time to catch a ride. Kyle told me later on the beach that he must've seen me drop in on other guys six times or more, but at least I was getting some killer rides.

"You're gonna get your head knocked off if you keep doing that, Wingnut. Once a guy is on the wave, it's his."

"I've still got my head, dude," I laughed. "Besides, did you see the look I gave those guys who gave me shit?"

"Yeah, Wingnut's 'fuck-off-and-die' glare."

Both Kyle and Steve cracked up. But at least they knew that I wasn't some wuss, and that I could handle myself. During the walk home the guys were talking about hiring a vid 'cause Steve was sleeping over.

"Let's get Halloween H20," Steve suggested.

"Have you seen it, Wingnut?"

"No, Kyle, but I'd like to."

"Why don't you just go hire it?"

"My folks won't let me watch horror movies. Hey! You could ask my mom if I can sleep over, too! And then I could see it!" I watched Steve and Kyle glance at each other. Uh, oh, they had big guy stuff planned. Damn! I looked at the ground. "Hey, guys, it's cool. I can always see it some other time."

"If it's cool with you, Kyle, it's OK with me," Steve said. "I don't mind if the grommet sleeps over."

I kept staring at the ground in case Kyle was gonna say no. Then I heard him say yes. "Woohoo! Hey, are you sure it's OK, Kyle? Like positive?"

"How the fuck was I gonna say no, with you looking down at the ground all miserable like, and your hair all wet, and your boardies covering almost nothing and showing everything? Besides, Steve and me can do big guy stuff tomorrow night. I'll ask my folks before I ask yours. OK?"

"Hot damn! This is so wicked!" I clenched my fist and jumped. "Yes!"

Kyle's folks were totally cool and said I could sleep over but my heart was in my mouth when Kyle asked mine. He told them that he and Steve were gonna hire some vids, and what the vids would be, but also that it depended on what the store had available. Halloween H20 might not be in stock, he said. When my mom agreed to my sleeping over, I felt like jumping ten feet! Yippee!

Kyle's folks had gone out for the night so it was just the three of us watching Halloween. Actually, to be honest, it was two and a half. I couldn't help covering my face with my hands through all the really scary bits -- and they were fucking scary! I was hoping that the guys hadn't noticed 'cause they would've thought I was a wuss. Anyway, if they had, they didn't say anything.

After that, we watched Armageddon with Bruce Willis. It was a helluva long movie so I just faded away and stacked up some Zs.

"Hey, Wingnut! Wake up! Movie's over, dude. You wanna shower?"

"Nope, I'm clean."

"K, well Steve's gonna take a shower. Help me fix the mattresses."

When we'd done with the beds, there was hardly any room left on the floor, but it was so damn exciting to be sleeping over with the guys. I opened my bag and pulled out my PJs, then shoved them back in. "Hey, you guys sleep naked, right?"

"Hey, your PJs are cool -- maybe a bit colorful," Kyle laughed, "but cool. And I think your mom would prefer it if you wore them -- at least your shorts."

"You guys gonna wear anything?" I asked as Steve returned to the room wearing a towel.

"No way, Wingnut," Steve smiled. "That's for fucking wussies."

"Well, I'm no fucking wussie," I announced as I stripped.

"You're gonna be one helluva lady killer, Wingnut," Kyle chuckled. "Guys your age shouldn't have dicks and muscles that big."

"Why not? Anyway, I read somewhere that if you've got it, flaunt it. So that's what I'm doing. And don't you guys start lecturing 'cause you do it, too. So, there!"

I sat on the edge of my mattress as Kyle asked me if I wanted him to turn off the light. "What for? I'm waiting."


"I thought you guys jacked off every night." Steve suddenly cracked something wicked and buried his face in his pillow. "Hey! What's so damn funny?"

"Listen, Wingnut," Kyle said. I could tell that he was annoyed at the way Steve was carrying on. "We don't jack off with a room full of people watching."

"We're not a room full. I thought we were all friends."

Steve lifted his face from the pillow and looked at Kyle. "The grommet's right, y'know," he said between giggles.

"So?" I asked Kyle.

"So, what?"

"So are you gonna do it?"

"Maybe when I hear you snoring. Anyway, what's so damn special about seeing it?"

"Well, when I jack off at home almost nothing comes out. Rudy at school was saying that when his brother jacks off he gets this huge stream of thick, white stuff. I wanna see it. I don't have a brother."

Steve was in hysterics by this time. "Yeah! C'mon, Kyle, show us."

I glared at Steve. "Hey, I'm not a fucking kid! I'm going on twelve! I'm being serious here and you're making a whole fucking joke out of it."

Kyle got out of bed and went to the door. "Follow me, Wingnut." I followed him to the bathroom. "Hey, remember the talk we had a while back about what you do depends on the situation and who's around?"


"This is not the right time, bud. If it was just you and me, I would maybe show you, but we're not alone, OK? If you wanna jack off under the covers that's cool 'cause Steve and me might do it later. But it'll be like our own thing. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, it's cool. I just thought that we were like bros and all."

"Hey, it'll happen -- just not tonight. It's your first night over here."


When we returned to Kyle's room, Steve wanted to know what we'd talked about so Kyle told him. I waited a while until I figured they were both asleep before I started jacking off. I was thinking about what it would've been like if I'd seen Kyle and Steve doing it, and seeing all their juice spurting out of their boners. It got me so damn hot that I couldn't help making a whole bunch of noise. Anyway, it worked 'cause I shot a pretty decent load and had to go to the bathroom to clean myself.

About an hour later, I was still half awake just thinking about how cool it was to be sleeping over with my two best surfing buds when I heard a whisper.

"You still awake, Kyle?"


"Your boner's dripping like crazy, dude."

"What about yours?"

"Fuck, man, my sheets are totalled."

Everything went quiet after that, but I figured they were playing with each other's dicks. At least, I was hoping they were. And, one day, they'd show me for real. Yes!

It was still dark when I woke next morning, but I was way too excited to sleep another second. I jumped up on Kyle's bed, parked my bare butt on his chest and held his wrists. "Time to get up and hit the surf, dude!"

"Jeez, Wingnut!" he yawned. "It's still fucking dark!"

"It'll be light in half an hour!" I hadn't realized that my piss boner was pointed right at Kyle's face until I saw his eyes narrow and focus on it for a second. Then he looked away as though he was embarrassed. "What's wrong?"

"Wrong with what?"

"My boner?"

"There's nothing wrong with it, dude. I just didn't expect it to be so up close and fucking personal before daybreak."

"Do you think it's cool?"

"If it was mine, I'd be pretty happy with it. But I've already got one."

"Is it hard?"

"Morning equals hard, dude, three hundred and sixty five days a year."

"What about afternoons and nights?"

"Same deal."

I was shivering like crazy as the first rays of the new day's sun peeked over the mountain. I was using Steve's board as Kyle and I sat on our sticks on the back line waiting for the right set, but just being there with the him and seeing the sunrise was totally wicked. I was the only one without a wetsuit, but that was OK. I was warm inside, and excited to be a part of what Kyle called the 'morning patrol'.

After about two hours of rad surfing, Kyle and Steve decided to call it quits. I borrowed Kyle's stick and surfed for a bit longer. I was becoming totally addicted to this sport. It was the best thing ever, and it made me feel kinda special, as though I belonged to an exclusive club.

When we got home, Steve had stuff to do and I had to go out with my folks. Mom said I was being unusually quiet.

"I was just thinking about our rave session this morning."

"Rave session?"

"Surfing. It's surfer talk, mom. Anyway, it rocked big time."

"I'm not surprised. That's what boats are supposed to do. And a board is a boat. You see? I understand these things better than you realize."

Mom totally cracked me up. But it wasn't just the surfing that I was thinking about. What if Kyle had touched my boner when I woke him up? What if I'd touched his? He'd already told me that I shouldn't do it with anyone if it didn't feel right. But I was pretty sure that it would've felt right with Kyle.

"Hey, Kyle, you can touch it if you wanna." Nah, he might get mad. "Hey, Kyle, lemme know if mine feels like a big guy's boner." Nah, then he'd think I was a dumb kid. "Hey, Kyle, lemme know what it feels like when I touch yours." Nah, he'd think maybe I was gay.

"Mom? Did you wrestle with girls when you were little?"

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