South Africa
Part 107

Kyle had gone away for over a week with a bunch of German tourists. He was their local tour guide 'cause he knew all the local hot spots. Jeez! Getting paid for surfing? How awesome was that? Meantime, I was hitting the books big time 'cause we had our half-yearly exams coming up. One day, though, I'd be like Kyle... no school, no homework, no exams. Woohoo!

Jason and I were getting along pretty well. But the more we got to know each other, the more he wanted to do stuff that I wasn't too sure about. He wasn't like Kyle or Brian. He was... well, kinda weird, even kinky, in some ways. Sometimes he'd freak me out, and cause me to wonder where he was leading me. But we were still close buds. In spite of his unusual behaviour, he was a cool guy and fun to be with. And it was interesting to learn some totally neato stuff about how Jason's bro Craig felt about Kyle.

Jason was also a big influence as far as my school work was concerned. Like me, he didn't have a photographic memory. He had to work hard to get good grades. So I figured if he could, dammit, so could I.

It was Sunday night when Kyle rocked over to see what I was up to. I hadn't seen him for a while 'cause I'd been studying my butt off. The last of the exams were due that week.

When the spiky mop of black hair bounced into my room, I was laying on my bed, dressed in track pants and a white t, headphones on, and reading my geography notes. It was totally wicked to see his friendly face again, and to notice that he was checking out my bod and the bulge in my trackies, as per fucking usual. But I didn't mind. Actually, I thought it was cool. I gave him a big smile and removed my headphones.

"Hey, Kyle! How's it going?"

"You missed some awesome surf yesterday arvie, buddy. Three to four and bitching!"

That's all I needed to fucking know. Damn! I replaced the headphones over my ears, and turned up the volume. "I'm not listening to you," I shouted. Within a second, he was tickling my stomach and causing my abs to contract as I giggled and wriggled. "OK, OK!" I surrendered. "I'll listen! I'll listen!"

"Working hard?" he asked after I'd removed the headphones, and he'd plonked his butt on the side of my bed.

"You bet. But it's cool. I've heard about some of my grades already, and they're up there in the high Cs."

"Hey, that's pretty kiff, bro. I told you you could do it. Didn't I?"

"It's hard work, though. And I've been missing the surf. Made a deal with my folks to work hard."

"So what's the chance of seeing you once all the hard work is done? I've been missing you, man."

"Hey, me too. You were away for fucking ever!"

"A week and a bit."

"Yeah, like I said... forever."

"Oh, cool!" he grinned. "So like you missed me too?"

"Yeah. So?"

"How are things with Jason?"

"He's cool. Also working hard for the exams." Then I raised myself on one elbow as I remembered something important. "Hey, how's this?"


"His bro Craig is shit scared of you."

"Crap. I think Craig's cool."

"Yeah, but we were rapping the other night at Jason's and talking about Alan, and how strong that fucker is."

"While he's got his fucking bodyguards with him, yeah."

"Shuddup, Kyle. I'm talking here. Anyway, I was telling Jason about how scared Alan was of Mark. Then Craig said that Alan was scared of you as well. So I told Craig that was bullshit, 'cause Alan beat you up one time. So Craig told us about the time he saw you beat the shit outa Alan in the ring one day at school, and how he'd hate to face up to you when you're mad. And I mean... fuck it, Kyle... Craig is built like Mark, and he's strong. He wrestles both Jason and me down without even trying!"

"Yeah, well I won't ever be in a fight with Craig anyway. He's cool."

"Jason and I wanna arrange a friendly fight with you and Craig, though. Just for fun, huh?"

"No way, Wingnut! Friendly fights have a habit of turning into serious fights."

"Oh, fuck," I grumbled. "So I was right after all."

"About what?"

"I told Jason that you'd wuss out."

Kyle seemed genuinely surprised. "Serious? You told him that?"

"No," I admitted. "But I was thinking it." The next thing I knew, Kyle's fist had a firm grip of my nads, and was squeezing them. "Fucking hell, Kyle! Ouch! Shit! That's sore!"

"You thought what?" he asked as he squeezed harder.

"Stop it, Kyle! I'm gonna scream, and my folks will come in here." Well, that little bit of blackmail did the job. He released the pressure, and allowed his hand to rest on my lazy dick.

"So now who's the wuss?" he grinned, then let his fingers trace the outline of my dick through my trackies. I'm sure he could feel it beginning to harden 'cause I sure could. Then his fingers found the head of my woody, and massaged the soft material over and around it. I tried to ignore it... but... hey!... fucking hell!

"I was only kidding, Kyle. The three of us did talk about it, but Craig said there was no way he was gonna face up to you. I think he's scared that you're gonna damage his looks or something." Then I giggled at the memory of what I'd said to Craig at the time. "Told him that he couldn't do much more damage to you than what's been done already."

Kyle ignored my cheeky remark, and slid his hand under my t. He liked feeling my chest, and had often told me how erotic it was... the soft, warm, satin feel of my skin, and the firm contours of my muscles. His hand eventually wandered down to my pubes. "You're getting quite a little bush now, Wingnut." Then his fingers found my woody, and began to stroke the hard muscle running the length of its underside. Damn, that felt sooo wicked! I couldn't stop my dick from bouncing as he touched the tender ridge of my knob. But this wasn't the right place or time. I was freaking.

"My folks might walk in, Kyle." My bro removed his hand, and allowed my boner to stand up and away from my stomach like it always did when it was hard, and cause my trackies to tent. "I need to sleep over again, Kyle. I miss it when you're not doing that to me. It's awesome!"

"Do you and Jason do that kinda stuff?"

"He told you about it anyway, so why are you asking?"

"I dunno," he shrugged. "Just curious."

"It's not the same, though," I had to admit. "Jason and I are kinda more rough with each other. It's not like when you do it, 'cause you make me feel good about it. With him it's kinda like, "Let's jack or...? And let's see who cums first!" Then we just do each other, and it's over."

"Let's jack or...? Or what?"

"We suck each other sometimes. But, hey, Jason told you that already... so... anyway." I'd kinda run outa words, and didn't know what else to say.

"So what? Are you saying you didn't wanna tell me?"

"It's kinda different, Kyle. Jason gets right into it. I can't explain it. But I can tell you that we could never do it when there's other people around, or in the house, 'cause he fucking goes off and he screams when he cums. And he pisses me off 'cause it's like all he wants is for us to suck each other."

"Worries you, huh?"

"Yeah, 'cause it's like a fucking gay thing."

"Yeah... but what about us?"

"That's different... I mean, with you and me. I dunno why. But with Jason, it's... I dunno how to explain it. He likes to undress me, and play with my dick, and it's not always cool."

"And you with him?"

"Only when he starts. It's like he's the one who gets it all happening. It doesn't bother me whether I touch him or not. Like I'd be happy doing other stuff. Yeah, I know that the girls would go crazy if they had the chance to touch him 'cause he's helluva good looking, but I'm not a fucking girl."

"Sounds like it bothers you."

"It's screwing up my mind, Kyle... 'cause you and I do it and it's cool, so why shouldn't it be cool when Jason and I do it? And he likes to wear my clothes, too... 'specially my briefs and stuff. Freaks me totally."

"But you're still friends."

"Yeah, 'cause I dig him a stack. We can talk about stuff. It's not like it always freaks me out, 'cause sometimes we lay -- like you and I do -- naked together, side by side, and we talk about stuff... y'know, like girls and stuff, and what we'd like them to do to us. And then we pretend to do it to each other. It's just freaky sometimes ... but not all the time."

"Well, I just got into your pants, too. Does it hassle you?"

That was a typical Kyle question. He was always aware of the other person, and how they felt. He wasn't the kinda guy to force himself on anybody, but that didn't stop him from getting plenty of sex. My bro was a sensitive person... not that you'd notice his sensitivity in the pool or the surf or wherever... but it was there, hidden beneath his macho bod. And it would always surface when he was worried about coming on too strong.

"You make me feel good, Kyle, 'cause I know you always tell me how cool my bod and everything is, and I feel really good when you do that, and tell me stuff. And I like you, too. If we were bros, it would've been sooooo fucking cool 'cause I think you're awesome, and I like to touch you too 'cause you're so fucking strong, and one day I wanna be like you -- or like Conan. Also," I remembered to add, "I don't have to worry about you saying stuff to anyone."

"What about when I give you a BJ?"

My mind was instantly flooded with a horny vision of Kyle's larger than average lips enveloping the swollen head of my cock, and sliding down my rock-hard shaft. "That's just so damn special, Kyle. And I like doing it to you too 'cause you've got such a damn python there," I laughed. "And it feels fucking awesome."

"You've still got a boner."

"Yeah... 'cause you're talking so much. Anyway, I wonder what you think sometimes. Am I a gay boy or something like that."

"I'm sure people would give you that label if they knew about all this stuff. But it's only a label, bro. Labels mean fuck all. Meantime, be careful with Jason if you're uncomfortable. Have you tried to talk to him about it?"

"I can't talk to him like I can to you... about sex, I mean. To him, it's like a huge game... a power thing."

"Try to rap to him about it, and tell him how you feel."

"Maybe... I'll try."

"I've gotta jet, little bro."

"Hey! You can't go just yet!" I insisted. "Can't you stay and help me with my homework? Ask me some questions?"

"Only if you keep your boner," his eyes smiled as a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Shuddup, Kyle. You're giving me a compy [complex]."

"With that monster, you shouldn't have a compy, Wingnut. You should be showing the fucker off somewhere."

Kyle stayed for another hour, asking me questions. I knew the answers to most of them, which was pretty cool. And Kyle was quite proud of me 'cause of how much work I'd obviously been putting into my study. Every time I'd answer correctly, he'd congratulate me... make me feel pleased with myself, and put a smile on my face. But he didn't criticize me when I got one wrong. He was cool about that, too. Kyle rocked.

After he'd gone home, I was as horny as a rattlesnake. All that talk about BJs and whatever, and him feeling my woody. Jeez! He said I should be showing the fucker off somewhere? Yeah, right. Like where? But it was totally cool that Kyle thought my dick was awesome.

I could've jacked off thinking about Jason. Or maybe the orgy we'd had with the girls on the swim tour. But I chose instead to jack off thinking about Kyle, and him giving me a BJ like only he knew how. He'd once told me that my juice tasted wicked, and that I should bottle it. I loved hearing things like that. Kyle knew how to turn sex into something really special. He knew how to make me feel special with his sensitive words and feather-light fingers.

As I was stroking my woody, I figured Kyle would've been jacking off in his room at the same time. I turned him on... no two ways about that. He would have been thinking about running his hands over my chest and abs... he had a thing about my flat stomach, and the way my ab muscles contracted at his touch. And he liked to play with my nads while he was sucking me.

Sex was cool. But sex with Kyle was totally fucking awesome.

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