South Africa
Part 18

It was Saturday and my dad was watching the cricket on TV. The Pakistanis were batting and giving our bowlers a real workover, dammit. When it was time for the South African innings, I asked my dad if I could watch the cricket with Kyle.

"What does he have that I don't?"

"You're totally cool, dad, honest. But Kyle's kinda younger."

"Thanks for making my day, son," he smiled. "Yes, you can watch the cricket with Kyle. But don't overdo the visiting thing. OK? You're getting to be a stranger around here."

"I'll wear a name badge. Thanks, dad. See ya!"

I went to my room, ditched my briefs and pulled on my track pants. I checked the bulge. "Cool!" It was just so damn rad to wear track pants without briefs 'cause I enjoyed watching Kyle's eyes travel down to my tent. For a guy going on twelve, I had a pretty awesome piece of meat, and I liked peeps to notice.

I hopped the fence and headed straight for Kyle's room. "Hi, bro! Hey! Can I watch the cricket with you?"

"Hey, Wingnut. Sorry, bro. Maybe later. I've got some study to do." Sure enough, he eyeballed the lump in my pants, but I pretended not to notice.

"Will you call me? I'll go talk to your dad."


Kyle's dad was a wicked dude for an old guy. He knew a lot about sport and we raved about cricket and rugger while his wife made some snacks. It was always so cool to be treated like an important visitor than just a son, like I was at home. Sure, my folks loved me and I loved them, but rapping with Kyle's dad was like talking to an equal, if you know what I mean. He even said I was a pretty bright kid for my age. Woohoo!

It was a bit of a bust about the cricket, though. Our team was being creamed by the Pakis. The only highlight was Zulu Lance Klusner when he went in to bat. He was an awesome cricketer -- a total all-rounder, and an excellent guy to watch.

Sunday, we managed to get wet for a while. Steve came around and talked Kyle's dad into allowing his son go for a surf. Steve was a pretty hard guy to ignore, and the fucker knew it. He'd stand there barefooted in his black wettie, with his long blonde hair draped over his muscular shoulders as though some giant tidal wave was gonna come crashing through the front door at any second. It always made me laugh when Kyle's dad would shake his head and surrender with a smile to Steve's "suggestion".

The surf was crap, but it was a rave to be out there with my buds again instead of being stuck in a room studying. There was something about being amongst the waves that kinda cleared the brain cells and made you feel a whole stack better. As usual, the guys were in their wetties while I surfed in my boardies which were hanging off my hips. "You're gonna lose those shorts one day, Wingnut."

"My dick'll have to shrink first, man."

After school the next day, I had a homework problem I needed to see Kyle about, and asked my dad if it was OK to visit my bud for a while.

"Are you sure you don't wanna move in completely?"

"Awww, c'mon, dad. You know I like it here, living with you and mom. Kyle's just my friend, that's all."

"Don't be long, then. Dinner's at six"

"Thanks, dad."

I hadn't expected Steve to be there when I arrived with my school bag. As it happened, Kyle was busy with some math prob that Steve had helped him with. Kyle had told me before that Steve was a fucking math genius, and that he could do the damn stuff standing on his ear. So, Steve offered to help me with my prob and, while I was asking him questions, he checked out some of my books.

"Hey, Wingnut, I didn't realize you could draw so damn well!"

"Yeah, well I guess it's OK. I like it, and I take a lotta time with it. Glad you think it's cool, though." It was always an awesome feeling to get a compliment from the big guys.

I left shortly after, but Steve stayed with Kyle. I guessed they were gonna jack each other off or something -- I could see it in their eyes.

When my homework was done, I got outa my school pants and briefs and into my track pants. I pulled them down to where my boardies usually hung and checked out my sexy bulge in the mirror. Yeah, totally fucking neato. It went perfectly with my puffed chest and my flat abs.

Then my dick started to get hard. It was sticking straight out to begin with, then flopped sideways. I could see the shape of my knob clearly through the material. Damn, why didn't that happen when I was at Kyle's house? He might've dropped his homework and jacked me off right there and then.

"I wonder what Kyle and Steve did after I left," I contemplated as I continued to check my reflection. Brian had told me about how some guys blew each other. Did Kyle and Steve do that kinda thing? I looked at my woody stretching my track pants and imagined those two surfer gods in my room watching me. I put my thumbs inside the elastic waistband and slowly dragged my pants down until my boner sprang out like a startled lizard.

"You like my cock, guys?"

"Whoa! Yeah, Wingnut. It's fucking cool!"

"You wanna do something with it?"

"Like what?"

"Like suck it?"

I looked down past my flat stomach and imagined Kyle and Steve kneeling on the floor, licking my nads and the underside of my dick. A little blob of watery pre-cum oozed outa my piss hole. Damn! This was a fucking wicked fantasy! I was gonna have to keep it happening!

I grabbed a pillow off my bed and held it to my crotch, pretending that it was Kyle's face. I closed my eyes and visualized my throbber sliding between his wet lips, and his tongue riding my knob and shaft, as I rubbed my groin against the soft cotton. Damn, it felt so fucking cool!

It took just a few minutes before I blew my load all over the pillow, still imagining my woody inside Kyle's mouth, and him swallowing my boy juice. And all the while, I was moving the pillow up and down my throbber and balls.

There was a huge wet stain on the pillow. Fuck! I used a tissue to clean as much cum off as I could, but the wet patch remained. I had to hope that my cum wouldn't crystalize by morning and make my mom wonder what the fuck had been happening.

As I laid in bed, staring into the darkness, I began to feel a bit guilty about my fantasy. Neither Kyle nor Steve looked like the kinda guys who would suck another guy's cock, let alone swallow his juice. But I just couldn't shake the feeling that maybe they did it to each other -- as a kinda private thingy just between themselves -- a blood-brother secret that nobody else knew about. So how would I find out if my hunch was true or not? There was no way I could ask them. No fucking way! They'd kill me for sure! Anyway, one thing was undeniable -- when I had the pillow against my woody and I was shooting my load into what I was imagining was Kyle's mouth, it was the biggest thrill I'd ever had in my life. It was just too fucking awesome for words.

With all the study and stuff, it was Saturday before I got to spend some time with Kyle again. I hopped the fence and helped him with the garden chores -- well, I picked up the dog crap. That was getting to be my job, and I guessed it was my fault 'cause I'd offered to do it so many times before. But I didn't mind. I knew that Kyle appreciated it -- and I liked to please him.

"Hey, bro," I said when I thought he might be in the mood to do me a fav. "My folks are going out tonight."

"That's nice."

"Yeah... but they didn't wanna leave me home alone."

"Sensible." He had his back to me and was pulling some weeds from the garden.



Damn! He wasn't taking the bait! "So, I'm going with them."

That got him. He turned and looked at me. "But you don't wanna go, right?"

"Got no choice."

"You can sleep over here if you wanna."

"Cool! I already asked and mom said it was OK."

"You little fucker! You were testing me!" He threw a clump of weeds at me that draped over my hair. I just stood there and grinned.

Later that night, Kyle was fixing the spare mattress in his room. I was disappointed 'cause I wanted to share his double bed. "So why don't I just share your bed instead of going through all the mattress-putting-out stuff?"


"'Cause why?"

"I dunno. Just help me fix it."

"OK." I agreed 'cause I didn't wanna make him mad at me. Anyway, maybe I could get to sneak into his bed later on when he was tired and couldn't be bothered arguing. Wingnut had his ways!

We watched a movie in the TV room called "Mortal Combat". I thought it was totally kewl but Kyle didn't like it at all. "What was wrong with it?"

"Too predictable."

"You knew what was gonna happen?"


"Hmmm, so if I thought I knew what was gonna happen -- not in a movie, but in real life -- would I be right?"

"You might be. What do you think's gonna happen?"

"Oh, nothing," I shrugged. "It's just a gut feeling I have about some guys I know."

"Like who?"

"I'll tell you later."

We were both nude in Kyle's room as we sat listening to music on his CD player. I was too busy watching my bro's awesome boner to notice that he was eyeballing mine. "You're getting a helluva shadow there, Wingnut."

His voice suddenly jolted me outa my day dream. "Huh? Oh! My pubes! Yeah, pretty cool, huh?" I checked my little patch of dark grey. "But it looks kinda dirty."

"That's 'cause you don't wash," he laughed.

I jumped up and tried to pin the fucker down, but he was way too strong for me and just rolled me over on my back. By the time he'd pinned my arms with his knees and pressed his knuckle to my chest, I knew it was time to give up. Besides, his wicked throbber was just a foot or so away from my face and I couldn't take my eyes off the damn thing. "Jeez, Kyle, that thing is fucking huge."

"I'm surprised you noticed."

"Yeah, right. How the fuck am I not supposed to notice?"

He just grinned. "Anyway, for a little guy's, yours isn't so small either."

"Yeah," I said proudly. "It's bigger than Brian's. He's as jealous as fucking hell."

Feeling Kyle's buns resting on my chest and seeing his boner so damn close was making me helluva hard, but he rolled off me before I could say what I wanted to. My woody was hugging my gut, so I lifted it and let it slap against my skin. It made a loud noise, so I did it again. Then again. I had a feeling that now was the right time to ask him -- I had to seize the moment. "Hey, Kyle, can we jack each other off again?" I'd wanted to say "suck" but the word didn't come out.

I closed my fist around my woody and watched Kyle's eyes widen as they studied my massaging action.

"Fuck, Wingnut! If my folks came in here now..."

"They won't. Chill! I'm psychic."

"You're fucking crazy, that's what you are."

I was so fucking horny that, within a few moments, I was arching my back and making little sobbing noises as I jetted my load onto my stomach and chest. I ran my finger through my juice and was somewhat disappointed that it was still kinda watery. But, at least I'd shot it a fairly long way outa my knob. "Can I watch you now?"

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