South Africa
Part 20

The school holidays were coming up pretty soon, and I was busy with rugby trials in the hope that I'd be selected to go on tour. Our tour would coincide with Kyle's and Steve's trip to the surf champs at Jeffrey's Bay, so at least I'd have something to do while they were away. Or would I?

"Dad, if I don't make the cut for the rugger team...?"

"What makes you think you won't?"

"Jeez, dad," I said, planting my hands on my hips, "don't you know anything about life? Things don't always work out like you wanna."

"Well, I've seen you play, son, and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll make the team."

"But if I don't, would I be allowed to go with Kyle and...?"

"No, because you're too young -- and no, because Kyle and Steve wouldn't want you tagging along."

"But I tag along -- anyway, what's this "tag along" thing? I hang with the guys all the time!"

"That's different, son. Kyle and Steve are teenagers and this is gonna be an adventure for them -- a part of their maturation process." Dad placed his newspaper on his lap and peeked over the top of his reading glasses. "When I was their age, it was very important to me to prove my independence and to try my wings. Lord knows your grandparents weren't too keen on allowing me to investigate the big, wide world for myself, but they finally relented."

"You mean they finally gave in when you earbashed the crap outa them?"

"Something like that -- but it won't work for you," he grinned, "not just yet, anyway. Your time will come, son, and lemme tell you that it'll arrive so quickly your mom's and my heads will be spinning."

I saw Kyle briefly the next day. Steve was there, too, and neither of them was sure at that stage whether their folks were gonna let them hitch to Jeffery's Bay. It was a long way, and I knew that Kyle's mom wasn't too happy with the idea. "There are a lot of weird people out there," I heard her say one time.

We sat around in Kyle's room and chilled, listening to music on his CD. There wasn't a lotta convo which I guessed was because the exam grades were due the following day, and the guys had a lotta deep shit on their minds. I got the impression that they weren't feeling too confident. In any case, I had to leave early.

In my room that night, I thought about how it would be if Kyle, Steve and I could go to Jeffrey's together -- three teens -- well, I was going on twelve but I looked more like maybe thirteen -- hitching along the highway. How totally fucking cool would that be? The three of us in our boardies, with mine hanging off my hips, of course, and showing a bit of ass crack, and our boards tucked under our arms. Hot damn! I figured the sight of us would be so fucking cool that we'd have drivers fighting over who was gonna give us a ride -- especially if we had our woodies bulging big time in our shorts.

But that was just a dream. I knew that my folks would never let me go with the guys, and maybe the guys wouldn't want me hanging with them on their maturation thingy -- whatever the fuck that meant. So I'd just have to do my best at the rugger trials and hope to make the team. Kyle would be really proud of me if I did, not to mention my folks.

After rugger practice the next afternoon, I decided to pay a quick visit to my bro before going home. He was in the front yard weeding the garden. "Hi, Kyle. How'd the grades go?"

"Fucking bust!" he replied, giving me a quick glance, then returning his attention to some determined weed. "The whole damn class did badly - down an average of 15%. That gives me a C+. I haven't told my folks yet but I'll bet they'll be disappointed even though they know I've worked my ass off. Damn this fucking weed!"

"Jeez, Kyle. That's a total fucking bummer. I mean, the grades." I hung my head to let him know how I felt.

"Hey, Wingnut, it's cool man. No need to slash your fucking wrists over it. I'll live. Besides, the sight of you has cheered me up big time." He stood and held the plucked weed in his hand.

"It has?" I lifted my face and smiled. "How come?" I already knew the answer to that question 'cause Kyle always got a kick outa seeing me in all my heroic glory after rugger practice.

"Just make sure you check yourself in the mirror before you shower."

"So tell me what I look like."

"Well, your shorts are too damn tight and they creep up your crack and give you a wedgy. And your jersey is hanging outa your shorts like it's wondering where the fuck to go. And one sock's down. And you look like you've brought half the fucking rugger field home with you. You're a damn mess with all those grass and dirt stains. Your mom's gonna freak."

"So is that good or bad?"

"Good," he laughed. "You look way, way cool, and you damnwell know it, you little shit."

"You wanna know what else is cool?"


"I made the team! And Brian's also coming on the tour -- we'll be bunking together, so that's totally damn neat!"

"Cool!" Kyle threw a couple of weeds into the wheelbarrow and assumed a serious expression. "Hey, you wanna be careful of initiations, bro. The home team always initiates the away team."

"Yeah? Like how?"

"I dunno. It's always different. Maybe they'll make you run naked somewhere."

"Is that all? Shit, I'd do that anyway!"

"Through the main street of town during lunch hour?"

"They wouldn't get me to do that! Would they?"

"You never know, Wingnut. Maybe worse." The teasing fucker's face dissolved into an evil grin.

"You're just trying to fucking scare me. Admit it, asshole! Hey, before I go, any news about the J-Bay trip yet?"

"Yep, looks like it's on. Mom's not happy at all about it. Either is dad, but I figure he thinks that it's something I've gotta do as part of my growing up experience."

I quickly put two and two together in my head. "It's called a maturation process, Kyle. I'm surprised you didn't know that already."

Kyle was dead right. I looked pretty damn cool when I checked my reflection in the bedroom mirror before saying hi to mom in the kitchen. "Hey! Guess what, mom? I made the team!"

"Congratulations! Your father will be thrilled when he... Goodness me!" Mom replaced a pot on the stove as he took a moment to examine me. "What on earth...?

"It was a pretty rough game, mom, but I came through OK. Are you proud of me?"

"Yes, son. Very proud. But I'll never understand boys. Now, do me a favor and take a shower before I give you a big hug. If I hugged you now, I'd also be needing a shower."

"Aw mom, it'd be way cool if dad could..."


"Maybe you could take a picture?"


Friday afternoon couldn't come quickly enough. School's out! Woohoo! The surf was up so Steve, Kyle and I took advantage of the waves for a couple of hours. But every time we sat out the back waiting for a set, Kyle would tell me more stuff about initiations. That dude had a fucking mean streak, and obviously got some kinda masochistic buzz outa trying to scare the shit outa me. I tried not to let him get to me, but I had to admit that I was getting kinda nervous about what the home team might get up to on the tour. Anyway, apart from some cool rides, I'd also managed to talk the guys into letting me go to the movies with them that night. Yes!

The mall was crowded something wicked for the first night of the school holidays, and it was a totally wild atmosphere. Every dude in town must've been there for the new Star Wars movie. For me, it was a total blast to be with the big guys on a real night out. I felt like running and jumping and yelling, but I had to stay cool, like this was nothing special. Wingnut's out on the town with the guys, man. Yeah. Cool.

Steve had a girl with him -- she seemed pretty funky but she wasn't his regular girl. Kyle didn't have a date, and I was kinda glad of that. It would've made things a bit awkward for me if he had. Besides, I wanted to be with him.

During the movie, Steve's girl was sitting at one end of the four of us, while I was at the other. Kyle was next to me and I could see him doing something weird with his popcorn box. I didn't take all that much notice until I heard Steve and Kyle talking in whispers. "Got any more in there, Kyle?"

"Yeah, go for it."

"What the fuck!?!?"


"What the fuck are you doing?"

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out what was going on. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Kyle replied between giggles.

"Fuck you, Kyle," Steve whispered. "You're crazy!"

"Ask your girl if she wants some popcorn."

Steve was giggling, too. "Fuck off! I can't believe you, Kyle. Fucking hell!"

Before I could find out what the hell was going on, Kyle had put the popcorn box away. Then he adjusted his fly. What the...? Anyway, I was pretty interested in the movie, so I figured I'd ask later.

After the show, pizza seemed to be on everybody's mind. I had a large Hawaiin. Kyle had a large Adriatic with mushrooms, salami, green peppers and olives. "You want my olives, Steve? I hate 'em." "Sure." And Steve shared a Blaster with everything 'cept seafood. I figured he didn't need any 'cause he had a girl with him, but I wasn't gonna say anything -- not if I wanted to stay in one piece.

The convo was pretty much about the movie, and how it wasn't as good as the original Star Wars. Nothing was said about the popcorn box -- probably 'cause of the female company. Once we'd done eating, Steve took his girlfriend home while Kyle and I walked back to his house. I'd already gotten permission from my folks to sleep over, and it was cool with my bro.

His folks were asleep by the time we'd arrived, so we decided to turn in. I stripped naked and sat on the edge of his bed. "Hey, Kyle, can I share the bed with you tonight?"

He glanced at my dick which was draped across the top of my leg before he answered. "Hey, buddy, I'm not so sure."

"C'mon! It's freezing!"

"Seems your dick doesn't know that."

"Yeah, well it will. In a little while I'll have to send out a fucking search party with sniffer dogs to find it." I gave him my big, brown puppy-eyes look. "Please, bro?"

I could see a glimmer of surrender in his eyes and dived under the covers before he could say a word in protest. "It was a cool movie, huh?"

"We've discussed all that already, Wingnut," he mumbled, staring at the ceiling, hands folded behind his head.

"Yeah, sorry." I didn't wanna go to sleep right away, so I had to think of something to talk about. "Hey! Steve's chick was pretty hot."


"Bet he fucks her silly."

"No bet."

"She probably fucks like a rattlesnake."

"What?" He turned his head to face me. "Is that what all the guys at school talk about? Have any of your friends had a girl yet?"

"Well, there's one guy," I said enthusiastically, now that I'd gotten his attention, "who's always going on about screwing girls -- he says he screws every Friday and Saturday night! He was telling us about how it feels and how hard it is sometimes 'cause the girls are virgins and he's gotta break the skin that covers their pussies when they're virgins." Kyle began to crack up big time as I told my story. "Hey, dammit! I'm being serious here! What's so fucking funny?"

"Just the way you're telling it, Wingnut. Wide-eyed and so fucking intense. Hey, the guy's bullshitting you."

"No, he's not!"

"Yes he is, bro -- and there's no fucking skin over a virgin's pussy."

"There isn't?"

"No, there isn't -- and he's a big mouth who's trying to impress you with a load of bullshit."

"Yeah? That's cool to know for futures," I smiled with a great sense of satisfaction at gaining this new pearl of wisdom. "I've seen his dick, and it's small. And the foreskin covers like the whole tip. And I often wondered how he gets all those girls he's always boasting about."

"In his dreams, Wingnut. Speaking of dreams, man, I'm pooped. 'Night."

"Night." Kyle was asleep within minutes but I couldn't relax. It was just too damn wicked to be in the same bed with my best friend, and have him so close to me. I studied his way cool face for a while, then his chest rising and falling with his breathing. And I could feel the warmth radiating from his body. It made me helluva horny, and I couldn't resist the temptation to feel his dick. Almost at the same moment my hand gently touched his semi, I felt it react and begin to get hard. I was so incredibly nervous, though, I couldn't stop my hand from shaking like a leaf as his meat became harder and harder beneath my fingers, until it felt like a rod of hot steel.


"Oh, fuck!" I freaked to myself as I pulled my hand away.

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