South Africa
Part 26

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. And it did. The very thing that every surfer dreamt about. After Kyle had finished swim training, he grabbed me and Steve and we all ran down to the beach. They were in their wetsuits, as usual, which looked so fucking cool, but I was dressed only in my boardies -- no Speedos underneath. Woohooo! The waves were about eight feet. I'd never seen waves so fucking big before, except in movies, and the sets were coming through at about ten to twelve feet. Whoa! The best thing, though, was that all the waves were breaking so neat, they could all be caught. Totally outasight!

After getting some really rave rides, I was about to get one that I'd remember forever. I took off on an awesome peak. It was like a damn roller-coaster ride to the bottom where I did a turn, then cut back towards the wave. It was like slow motion at that stage 'cause the peak lifted over my head and, for a second, I stalled my stick. The next second, I was inside the green room. No amount of verbal descriptions from the guys or stuff I'd read in surfing mags could have prepared me for the actual experience. There I was, locked inside tons of swirling water where all I could hear was the eerie whoosh of my board -- and my screaming. I was so fucking stoked, I just had to yell as loudly as I could. But I was sure nobody could have heard me. I was in the sacred place reserved only for the lucky few.

When I finally exited the green room and flipped over the crest of the wave, I saw Kyle and Steve at the end of their ride. "Did you see it? Did you see it? Did you fucking see it?" I yelled as I paddled toward them. They were both wearing huge grins, so I figured they must have.

We sat on our boards and raved about my new experience for some minutes until Kyle made an observation. "You're fucking blue, Wingnut!"

"Blue is for boys. Anyway, I don't feel cold -- I'm too fucking stoked! Woohoo!"

I didn't get another tube after that, but I caught some wicked waves. So did the guys. The surf was so good, we stayed in the water until almost dark. On the walk home, we were all totally fucked and sore -- not to mention freezing -- but it was a way cool feeling to be so knackered and so amped at the same time.

"Mom! Dad! Guess where I've been?"

"I know where you will be if you don't stop dripping water all over the carpet."

"The green room!"

"That's nice, dear, now put your board away and towel yourself before you cause flood damage."

"The green room! Inside a wave! Right inside the tube!" It was no use. I might as well have been talking about stamp collecting, so I stowed my board away and showered.

After supper, I was still so hyped from the experience, I just had to visit Kyle. On the way to his room, I bumped into his dad. "Whoa! Wingnut! Not so fast!"

"Did you hear about the green room?"

"Kyle told me all about it," he grinned. "I'm very impressed with how you've taken to surfing so quickly. You're a natural."

"Thanks," I beamed. "Kyle tells me you're pretty stylish as well for an older guy. Is he here?"

"In his room. And what's this stuff about older guy?"

I was feeling so damn amped, I raced through the door, dive- tackled Kyle on his bed and tried to pin him down. "I'm fucking invincible! I can beat anyone -- even you!" As I endeavored to get my legs around his waist to squeeze the shit outa him in a scissor grip, the asshole grabbed a fistful of my nuts. "Ouch!" I let go pretty quickly. "Shit, Kyle, don't be jealous 'cause my balls still work," I laughed. Anyway, he knew how stoked I was about the green room, so he let me rave for a while until I was ready to go home.

The next day after rugger practice, I rocked straight over to Kyle's room, still carrying my school stuff. "You won't believe this, Kyle! Brian and I walked to his place after rugger and Alan came into his room. He started dissing you and calling you chickenshit. So I told him he'd have to have a million bodyguards 'cause he's too wussy to take you on alone. Anyway, he backhanded me -- and that's why I've got a cut lip."

It wasn't often that I'd seen Kyle with such a serious expression on his face. "You've got a big mouth, Wingnut," he said, glancing up from his homework.

"Yeah, well I got mad when he called you chickenshit 'cause I know you're not. Anyway, I thought I'd better come here to clean up before I go home. Mom totally freaks if I get into fights."

"Alan doesn't fight -- he bullies."

"You know what the asshole said? He said you're a weak little wuss who wouldn't dare take him on unless there was a coach or teacher watching."

"He can say what he likes. That doesn't hassle me. Well, it does, but not enough to start a fight."

"Yeah, right -- I know you too well, Kyle."

"He's a fucking bully, and he didn't need to lose it with you. Brian is like your best friend, and I can see that friendship getting screwed up as well. Anyway, lemme fix your lip. Just tell your mom it happened at rugger."

I found out later from Brian that Alan and some of his goons were gonna set a trap for Kyle at school. "What kinda trap?"

"They're gonna bait him in the change room during break. Alan said they're gonna give it to him real good, and that he'll have to be carried out."

"Fuck! We've gotta do something!"

"Already have. I phoned Mark, the boxing dude who spars with Kyle in the mornings at the gym. He and Alan used to be in the same boxing team as lighties. Mark said he's gonna organize some of the swim team dudes."

That afternoon, Brian told me what had happened at Kyle's school during the day. "They lured Kyle into the change room like they'd planned, and two of Alan's goons were holding Kyle so that Alan could beat him to a pulp. Just then, the swim team guys came through the door. The goons stepped away from Kyle, and they all went to fucking water," he laughed. "Anyway, Mark said that they offered Alan the chance to take Kyle one on one, but he chickened out. So then they warned him and his goons to stay away from Kyle, and to stay away from you and me."

"Fucking cool! Did Kyle know about the bait?"


"Did he know about the swim team?"

"Nope. He didn't find out until later when Mark told him all about it, and how I'd phoned him the night before."

"So Kyle was gonna beat the shit outa Alan for cutting my lip?"


"But how come you ratted on your own bro?"

"He's still in one piece, isn't he? And so is Kyle."

I couldn't wait to help Kyle out with his chores. Naturally, I was the pooper scooper once again, but I didn't really mind -- well, so long as it wasn't "sqooshy", and provided I was upwind. Ew! Steve was there, too, and after the chores we sat around in Kyle's room listening to music and talking about shit. I guessed that I was making too big a fuss about Kyle being my hero 'cause eventually he told me to shuddup. "I appreciate what you're saying, Wingnut, it's just that it makes me feel so damn uncomfortable."

"But you are a fucking hero!"

"I bleed like everybody else, bro. And my temper's too short. Now shuddup."

For the next few days I had to be content with "grommet" stuff. Kyle had gone clubbing with his buds and some girls. Yeah, going on twelve had its downside. On the other hand, girls were a fucking pain in the ass and there was no way that I could understand why guys wanted to hang with them -- except for the obvious reason but, hell, that only took five minutes! Anyway, I couldn't complain too much 'cause Kyle only went clubbing at night, so most days, if the surf was cool, we'd spend time amongst the waves.

Finally, I got to meet the girl that Kyle was going out with -- Steph. We were surfing one afternoon after school when she came down to the beach. I knew it must've been her 'cause Kyle waved, then paddled to shore to say hi. Actually, she looked pretty neat for a girl -- a bit of a head-turner -- so I pulled my boardies down 'til my cock was the only thing holding them up, then headed for the sand.

"You Kyle's chick?" I asked as I dropped my stick on the beach.

"Just a friend -- and you must be the grommet he's always talking about."

"Always?" That made me feel pretty damn good. "Yeah, the guys call me Wingnut." I watched her put her hand to her mouth and giggle. "What's so damn funny?"

"Sorry. It's just that Kyle told me about your nick, and I thought it was pretty… well, y'know, different."

Anyway, she seemed pretty cool, and I'd noticed that her eyes had wandered all over my bod while I was standing there, so at least she could recognize a stud when she saw one.

Back out in the surf, I paddled over to where my bro was. "Hey, Kyle! She's pretty neat! You gonna fuck her?"

"Jeez, Wingnut, you've got no fucking tact! I'm surprised you didn't ask her whether I'd fucked her or something! And I saw you pull your boardies down -- you're lucky your cock didn't jump out!"

"Yeah, well just watch out -- I saw her checking out my woody." Both Steve and Kyle cracked big time after I'd said that, so I continued to act like I was some kinda irresistible sex symbol. It was totally cool to make the guys laugh -- it made me feel important.

For the rest of the afternoon, Steph sat on the beach watching us tame the waves -- well, I'd often glance at her to see if she was watching me, and some of the time she was. Woohoo! I could not only ride a pretty cool wave, but I could also attract the attention of a neat looking chick. Hey, my grommet days were definitely numbered!

The four of us went back to Kyle's house where Steph and Kyle's mom got along really well. While they were chatting in the kitchen, I joined Steve and Kyle in his room. Steve was fooling around putting his hands down Kyle's boardies -- or was he fooling around? Anyway, Steve asked Kyle if he wanted to blow him. "Fucking hell, Steve! What if Steph walks in here now and sees what you're doing?"

Did he mean that if Steph wasn't around that he'd blow Steve? I didn't ask 'cause I figured I might get in some deep shit. But one thing was obvious. Kyle had a major boner and it was tenting his shorts big time.

Later, the three of us walked Steph home -- then Steve split to his place -- so it was just me and Kyle on the way back to his house. "Hey, was Steve being serious back there in your room?"

"What do you think?"

"I guess he was just goofing off, huh?"


I got the feeling Kyle wasn't gonna elaborate, so I changed the subject to rugby. Our team wasn't doing too well, and they were up against the Aussies on the coming weekend. "I hope we beat the shit outa those Aussie guys."

"I hope so, too, but I wouldn't bet on it."

"Why are you looking at me kinda weird?"

"I am?"

"You're studying my face or something."

There were a few moments silence before Kyle answered my question. Then he kicked a stone and watched it bounce along the road. "I was thinking about how Steph eyeballed you today. And I've noticed other girls gawking at you. You're not a bad looking dude, Wingnut. Pretty hunky if you want the truth. And you've got a nicely shaped bod."

"Are you mad at me 'cause I like to show off?"

"Nah. You do it in such a way that it's cool -- kinda funny, even. But you've gotta watch your ego, bro. You don't want it getting outa hand."

"Steve shows off, too, and he's not big headed. He's cool. And you show off, too, 'cause I've seen you!"

"Yeah," he laughed, "I guess I do. I suppose it's OK to be aware of yourself, but just don't let it become an obsession. People don't like other people who are full of themselves. Understand?"

It was my turn to kick a stone, and it bounced a bit further than Kyle's. "Yeppo. That's Alan's problem, right?"

"For different reasons, yeah. But he focuses on himself too much. It's like he's obsessed about something he's gotta prove all the fucking time. He should learn to chill out."

I wasn't sure if this was the right moment to say what I wanted to say but, hell, I needed to say it. "I never thought I'd have a friend like you, Kyle. I mean, it wasn't like I wanted a bud who was like this or like that. Know what I mean? Like, I never had you planned or anything. Then, when I met you, it was like I recognized you. I know it sounds kinda weird -- but it was like I suddenly knew that you were all the right kinda things, even though I didn't know what they were before. Am I making sense here?"

"Yeppo," he smiled as he placed a hand on my shoulder. "I thought it was way cool when you introduced yourself and offered to help me with my chores the first time."

"Did it look like I was sucking up to you?"

"Yep, it did," he laughed. "But I was glad."

"Me, too."

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