South Africa
Part 39

After school had resumed for the final quarter, I was back to rugger and swim prac, which was cool. I'd kinda missed my sports during the holidays -- although it was fun to go surfing almost every day with the guys. I was also back amongst my own age group which was kinda weird after hanging with Kyle and Steve.
On the final Sunday before school, my folks took me to a theme park called Ratanga Junction. The only reason I wanted to go was 'cause they had big-screen rugger.

"Hey, Kyle! You wanna come with us? Some of my school buds are coming."

"Not this time, buddy. You have fun with your friends. I'll watch the rugger on TV. Don't take this the wrong way, Wingnut, but you need to spend more time with kids your own age. Besides, I don't want you making a fucking fuss of me in front of them."

"Are you getting tired of having me around?"

"No, bro. It's totally cool having you around, but we don't have to be joined at the fucking hip."

"So I can still sleep over and stuff?"

"Sometimes I think the only reason you sleep over is so that I can jack you off."

"No it's not!"

"Then how come you're always asking me?"

"'Cause you like it, too! Besides, it's getting bigger, and I wanna keep you informed of my woody's progress."

I'm not sure why I bothered to check the surf conditions after the first day of school. Even if they'd been good, I had too much fucking homework to do, anyway. And as it turned out, so did Kyle.

"Can I do mine here in your room?"

"So long as you keep quiet."

"You won't even know I'm here."

"That'll be the fucking day."

Well, I was as quiet as I could be, but when I did say something, Kyle ignored me. I didn't mind, though. It was wicked cool to just be with him in his room. It kinda made homework a bit more acceptable. The weird thing was, it wouldn't have been the same if he did his homework with me in my room. Why was that? And why wouldn't it have been the same if he'd slept over at my place? Well, two guys in a single bed could've been a bit of a prob. Maybe it had something to do with his room's vibes. They made me feel like it was kinda my room, too -- like I belonged there. In fact, Kyle's whole house was the same. It was one big welcome mat.

There was less homework the following day, so, when I saw Kyle doing chores in the backyard, I hopped the fence. "Need a hand?"

"You can have the dog crap detail."

"That's what I figured. What are you gonna do?"

"I've gotta get into the pool to clean the black algae from the corners."

"I'll do it. Just gimme a chance to scoop the poop first. Jeez, it's a fucking good thing that you don't crap all over the lawn like your dog does."

After I'd finished the crap detail, I began to strip down to my briefs.

"Don't you wanna go get your wetsuit? It's damn cold in there."

"Nah, itís not gonna take long."

The depth of Kyle's pool was seven feet at the deep end, so I had to take a gulp of air and dive to reach most of the algae. After I'd surfaced a second time, I heard him remark on the length of time I could spend down there without needing more air. I didn't think it was any biggie. "Now you know how I can talk so much." Then I dove again.

It took longer than I'd expected to scrub all the corners clean, and, although I hadn't complained, the water was almost as cold as ice. When I finally emerged, Kyle remarked on my color. "You're purple! And I dunno why you bothered to wear underwear. Everything's showing through."

"Maybe I should wear these instead of my boardies at the beach."

"Yeah, right. You've got enough groupies hanging around you as it is. Hey, you're gonna need to start shaving soon."

"Crap," I said as I rubbed my hand over my chin. "Even you don't shave yet."

"I do. But I only shave like once a month to remove the fluff. Anyway, I was talking about that bush you've got growing above your cock."

"Getting impressive, huh?" I beamed.

"Yep, it is."

Just then, Steve arrived. "Yo, guys. Hey, Wingnut, how come you're almost naked?"

"Been cleaning the algae in the pool."

"You've gotta be kidding," he said as he stooped to gather a handful of water. "I can't believe you were in there without a wettie! You're a maniac! It's like ice!"

"Nope, I'm just not a wussy boy like my friends. Anyway, it's not that bad." I gave Steve a shove. "Here, feel it for yourself." Steve was redfaced pissed when he surfaced. He was fully clothed and wringing wet. I figured I was dead meat for sure. Then he grinned.

"You're right, Wingnut. It's not that bad." Steve heaved himself outa the pool, then stripped. I thought he was gonna go for a swim or something, so I wasn't prepared for what he had in mind. Suddenly, I was in the water with him. Steve was one helluva fit and strong dude, so I was no match for him as we wrestled. Within a minute or so, I was minus my briefs.

"Doesn't bother me," I laughed. "Kyle said that everything was showing through, anyway."

"Maybe this will bother you." And with that, Steve tossed my undies over the fence -- not my fence, the one on the other side. "You wanna jump over bareassed and go get 'em?"

"Nah, I'd only end up giving the old lady a wet pussy." Apart from that, I thought to myself, she'd freak and tell my folks.

Kyle lent Steve one of his tracksuits while I dressed in my shorts and t. Then we went to Kyle's room to listen to music and just chat about stuff. There was no surf anywhere 'cause the wind was blowing full onshore.

"Your briefs are where?" mom asked, placing a hand on her forehead.

"Well, I was kinda hoping that you could ask Mrs Robinson if she could go get 'em."

"Me? They're not my briefs."

"Yeah, but if I go, she's gonna ask all kindsa questions and stuff."

"She's not the only one."

I explained to mom the whole story. "So we were just goofing off, that's all."


"Didn't you do stuff like that when you were a girl?"

"Girls have more sense."

"Must be pretty boring being a girl, then."

I was prepared for the worst when I knocked on Mrs Robinson's door. Then it took what seemed like ages for her to answer, probably 'cause she was old and frail. The door opened a few inches, and her wrinkled face peeked through the gap. "Yes?"

"Sorry to bother you Mrs Robinson, but my undies are in your backyard."

It was the best part of a minute before the surprised lady comprehended what I'd just said. "Your undies?"

"Yeah. Y'see, they were hanging on the clothes line and this bird flew down and kinda grabbed 'em. Then it flew for a bit and kinda dropped them in your yard. I saw the whole thing happen with my own eyes. Pretty awesome, huh?"

Another minute passed. "But it's not even spring. What would a bird want with your undies?"

"Not sure. Maybe it realized they were the wrong size or something." I managed a feeble smile.

"I don't suppose your undies being in my yard had anything to do with all that noise I heard earlier? The laughing and the yelling from next door?"

Now it was my turn to be lost for words as my face turned scarlet.

"You'd better retrieve them, son," she smiled as she opened the door fully, then stepped aside. "If I get them, you'll be a grown man by the time I get back."

I'd never been inside Mrs Robinson's house before. It was full of old-fashioned, dark, timber furniture decorated with lace doilies, and bunches of silk flowers in vases of colored glass and porcelain. The paintings on the walls were of more flowers, and landscapes. And the smell of the place was kinda musty, but it was neat. Kinda homely and comfortable. "Thanks, Mrs Robinson," I smiled as I returned to the front door.

"That's quite alright, young man."

"I'm sorry about lying. How did you know?"

"I've raised six sons, young man," she said as her old, gray eyes twinkled. "I've heard more than my fair share of whoppers."

For whatever reason, only known to the gods, the following day was a cooker -- 29 C. The wind was still blowing up the shit, though, so I found myself in Kyle's room after school. Steve was there, too. He'd brought a couple of CD's around for Kyle to tape.

"Woohoo! The new Chilli Peppers! Can you tape it for me as well?"

"Jeez, you're a fucking nuisance, Wingnut."

"Yeah, but I'm fun."

Once the tape was done, I had to leave. "Mom's threatening to ground me for the weekend if I don't get my homework done. It sucks."

"You're not Robinson Crusoe, dude."

"Enough is enough," I said, mimicking my mom, "if you don't do your homework, then you're not going anywhere this weekend."

"Hey, Wingnut," Steve laughed, "you do that a bit too well."

"What do you mean?"

"He's only joking," Kyle grinned. "Forget it."

Back in my room, I listened to the Chilli Peppers while I did my homework. I would've asked Kyle if I could do it in his room, but I figured three was a crowd. There were times when I kinda knew when they wanted to be alone. It wasn't 'cause of the way they looked at each other, or anything like that. Hell, they were two of the most macho dudes I'd met, and there was nothing about their behaviour that seemed odd or suspicious. It was just a feeling I had. "Hey," I thought as I chewed the end of my pen, "they're probably jacking each other right now." Well, the thought of those two dudes fisting each other's boners just yards from where I was sitting was just too fucking much. No way could I concentrate on my homework while those hot images were invading my brain.

I dropped my shorts, then laid on my back on my bed. While I stroked my woody, I fantasized about how it would be if both Kyle and Steve were jacking me. Hmmm. That would require two hands. OK. But there was a problem. My woody wasn't big enough. What to do? Hey! I remembered how I'd touched Kyle's balls once when I'd jacked him, and he went totally ballistic. Yeah! So I wrapped my fist around my boner while I used my other hand to massage my nuts. Fucking awesome! And knowing [or guessing] that Kyle and Steve were jacking each other at that very moment, just yards away, while I was imagining their hands on my dick and balls, was one sure way to make me jet a bucketful of hot, sticky, boy juice.

As usual, I arched my back, and stiffened my legs 'til my thigh muscles threatened to burst through my skin. Most of my cum landed on my stomach, but some got caught in my fist and caused it to slide more easily up and down my shaft until the last of my load had been squeezed outa my piss hole. Instinctively, I drew my hand to my nose and smelt my fresh, warm jizz, then tasted it. Hmmm. Pretty much the same as Kyle's.

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