South Africa
Part 49

There was something mysterious going on with Kyle. We'd been surfing early, and had had a rave session, when he wanted to go for a swim in the school pool. "So what's wrong with your pool at home?"


"School hasn't even started yet," I argued, but it was a waste of breath. After we'd arrived at the pool, he asked me to take a swim while he attended to some business. "Where are you going?"

"Up to the comp lab."

"To do what?"


"How long are you gonna be, Kyle?"

"About twenty minutes."



"Nothing," I lied. "Just hurry."

It didn't figure. He had a comp at home… well, it was his dad's, but he used it. Besides, I didn't like swimming in the pool all by myself. It was kinda spooky being alone in such a big place. In another week or so, there'd be a thousand kids running around the school grounds, and I'd be one of them. It was way different to my old school, and I'd be one of the youngest instead of one of the oldest. It was kinda scary. But it would've been even more scary without my big bro to hang with.

"Jeez, that was the longest twenty minutes ever! I must've swum a hundred fucking laps! What were you doing?"

"Updating stuff… kinda like a diary."

"You keep a diary? Cool! Am I in it? Can I see it?"

"Diaries are personal things, Wingnut. Besides, you already know about all the stuff that's in it."

"Not all the stuff… like when you go clubbing, and the stuff you do with Steph."




Yeah, right... chill. He keeps me hanging around like a stale fart, then won't tell me stuff I wanna know. Shit.

Late that afternoon, I took Candy to the movies, then slept over at Kyle's. It was wicked to have a big bro… somebody I could tell secrets to, and ask questions about all kinds of shit. Oh, yeah… and jack off with.

"Does Steph know that we jack each other off?"

"Fuck, no!"

"I haven't said anything to Candy, either. Girls don't really understand guy stuff."

It wasn't like I slept over at Kyle's every night, though, not even during the summer hols. Sometimes he'd go out with the guys, sometimes my folks would tell me that I was overdoing it, and sometimes he'd have somebody else sleep over.

I was up early one morning, and went down to the beach to check the surf. Woohoo! I ran back home, jumped the fence, and breezed into Kyle's room. Steve was naked, and still half asleep on the spare mattress.

"Surf's up! Hey! Steve the spunky hunk, ladies' man! So how goes it?" Then I noticed his woody. "Hey, you need to piss. You've got a boner."

The next thing I knew, Steve was all over me like a fucking rash, laughing and wrestling me to the floor. He was a big mother… maybe six foot, and built something wicked, so I had no chance. Then he grabbed my shorts and pulled them up almost to my chest. Fucking hell! He gave me a wedgy that almost put me outa business.

I was right about the surf, though. We spent the whole day raving. I'd made a few friends with the other grommets… not that I hung with them or anything. I was kinda like their role model, 'cause they were all copying me, and wearing their boardies low on their hips, so that only their dicks and buns were keeping them up. Well, just buns, in most cases.

Over the next few days, the wind was howling something fierce at the local, so Kyle, Steve and I hitched a ride to Long Beach where we'd heard that the surf was going ballistic. Mom was a bit nervous about my thumbing lifts, and there was no way she would've let me go alone. But, hey, with my two big bros in tow, it was cool. It was also exciting to get rides in different kinds of cars driven by all sorts of people. They'd ask questions about who we were, and where we were going. We were treated kinda like celebrities for a little while. Sometimes, though, it sucked… like when a pickup would stop for us, and we'd all have to pile into the rear tray. At least it was a ride.

The next time I slept over at Kyle's, we were laying naked on our backs on his bed while I asked him all about the school, and what the teachers were like.

"I wanna play cricket and rugger, as well as swim."

"The swimming and cricket are probably gonna clash. That's something you'll have to sort out."

"Hey, the other night at the pizza restaurant, while I was playing vid games with Candy, what were you guys talking about? You were chatting for like fucking ever!"

"The girls were asking us about the hike."

"You didn't tell them everything?"

"Nope," he laughed. "Not everything. But they wanna come with us next year."

"Girls? On a hike? With us? No fucking way! What did you tell them?"

"We kinda changed the subject."

I felt like changing the subject, too, as I eyed his six and a half inch tummy-hugger. "Hey, Kyle, are you into having a jack?"

"Yeah, I guess. You want me to jack you?"

"That'd be cool."

"Come and sit on my stomach."

Whoa! That was a newie! Sounded kinda exciting, though, so I threw a leg over his chest, and planted my buns on his abs. "What now?"

"Lean back on your hands so that your boner points straight up."

I watched his fingers wrap around my woody, then pull it toward him. To look down the length of my bod, and see my cock so close to his face, was totally fucking awesome. He was studying it as if he was seeing it for the first time. "Is it getting bigger?"

"And better. It's wicked."

"Like how?"

"It's got this thick muscle running the length of the underside. And it's like a light pink color until it reaches your cut line, then it changes to a darker pink around your head, and a little bit down your shaft. And it feels so damn strong!"

"So how come girls don't notice stuff like that?"

"Maybe they do. Maybe they talk about it with their girlfriends."

He spat on his hand, then began to stroke my woody. I closed my eyes, and allowed him to take me to heaven. "That feels awesome, Kyle."

"You like this, huh?"

Jeez! Was he kidding? "Yeah."

"Has Candy stroked you yet?"

"I tried to put it up against her hand once, but she kinda freaked."

"You Frenching her?"

"Yeah, and I get a boner every damn time… dunno why, though." I was getting pretty close to offloading, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on my bro's questions.

"How does she kiss?"

"Awesome," I squeaked. Then my body convulsed, and I felt my woody dancing like crazy in Kyle's tight fist as wad after wad of my boy juice exploded outa my knob. It was only after I'd opened my eyes, that I realized just how much juice I'd offloaded, and where most of it had gone. "Oh, shit! It's all over your face, Kyle. I'll get some tissues."

"Just stay there, li'l bro." I watched him squeeze the head of my cock, scoop the last bit of jizz from my piss hole onto his finger, then put it into his mouth.

"Fuck! What are you doing?"

"Trying to find out how you'll taste when she blows you. Mmmm. Not bad."


He used his finger to scoop another sticky, white blob from his chest, then offered it to me. "Taste it."

"Tastes like salty nothing… like yours. You gonna eat all of that?"

"Yeppo… wanna help me?"

It seemed kinda weird, but also kinda cool. So I remained where I was, seated on his abs, while we both used our fingers to gather up my juice and eat it. There were bits on his face that he couldn't see, so I ate those.

When we'd finished, I asked him if he wanted to sit on me, 'cause I thought it was only fair. But I wasn't too sure if I wanted him to blow all over my face. It had happened once before, and I kinda freaked.

"Nah, I'll just lay here."

"OK." I rolled off him, laid alongside him, then used the tips of my fingers to trace lines around his abs, where my butt had earlier been parked. He was obviously enjoying it 'cause his eyes were closed, and he had a half-smile on his face.

Then I spat on my hands, and began to stroke his thick, rock-hard shaft, which almost dwarfed my fist. At least two inches of his throbber, with its large, sculptured knob, protruded above my thumb.

I was having a totally cool time watching his balls rise and fall with each of my strokes, when he raised his ass off the bed, arched his back, and shot a massive load all over his stomach and chest. It was like all of thirty seconds after I'd started to jack him.

"That was fucking boring!"


"You shot too damn fast!"

"You like stroking my dick?"

"Yeah. It's huge compared to mine, and I like it."

"Guess that's why Candy won't touch yours… yours is pretty huge as well."

"Yeah, right."

"I'm serious. Check yourself out."

I got to my knees, and positioned myself so that our dicks were parallel. "Yours is so damn thick!"

"Yours will get there."

"You reckon?"


I studied mine for a while, then had the urge to ask a question I'd asked before, but had never received a satisfactory answer to. "Hey, Kyle, what's it like when Steph blows you?"

"Pretty awesome."

OK. So nothing had changed. "Hey, can I ask you something?"


"This is gonna sound pretty lamo."

"Go for it."

"Would you let Steph blow me?"

"Whoa! You're gonna have to ask her!"

"Yeah, but would you let her?"

"Hmmm, I'll have to think about it."

"Hey, it's cool if you don't wanna. I mean, she's your girl and all."

"Lemme think about it." A cheeky grin spread across his face. "She just might swallow that tiny thing, balls and all, though."

"Well, she hasn't swallowed yours yet, right?"

He cracked, then gave me a mousey on my leg… right on the sweet spot, and I crumbled in pain. "Oh, fuck, Kyle, that fucking hurt! I owe you one."

"I'll watch my back."

He spent the next five or ten minutes answering my questions about Steph blowing him, but all I got was "awesome", and "wicked", and "feels good", and that kinda lamo shit. He could've been talking about scratching a fucking itch. What I really wanted to know was what it FELT like! Dammit! And who else could I ask? "Hey, dad, what does it feel like when mom blows you?" Yeah, right. Kyle was the only guy I could talk to about that kinda stuff… and he had a girl who did it to him. I figured my bro and I shared stuff, so it would be cool if Steph blew me. Besides, everytime I pulled my boardies down out in the surf, she'd check me out, and she made no secret of it. So, hey, she had to be interested. Right?

After a while, though, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I said g'night, then rolled over onto my side. I was almost asleep when I felt his fist around my woody, and the warmth of his chest against my back. I moved a little closer to him, and fell asleep. He was the best bro in the whole world.

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