South Africa
Part 58

It was so damn hot at school the next day, we were allowed to take off our ties. Big fucking deal. If I'd been in charge, we would've been allowed to come to school in boardies. Anyway, the team organized swim prac during the breaks, so it was wicked to be able to cool off every few hours.

That afternoon, on the walk home from school, Mark asked us to wait for him at his gate while he changed into boardies. It was unusual for him to wanna come to the beach with us, but the cool waves were the only place to be on such a hot day.

We were so damn amped to get to the beach, that we almost ran the rest of the way to our houses. I couldn't help smiling, though. It looked totally weird to have Mark in boardies, with all his bulging muscles, while Kyle and I were still in our uniforms… especially since Mark was a prefect! But it was easy to tell that Mark wasn't a surfer… he had his Speedos on underneath.

It took only minutes to change, grab our sticks, and run down to the beach, where I was surprised to see most of the guys in wetsuits. They must've been boiling! Pretty soon, I was laying face down on my board, and paddling out to the back line… out to a wide-open world that was blue, wet and mine… and my absolute fav place to be.

Mark swam out about half way, to where the waves were peaking just right for body surfing. And from what I saw, he was damn impressive. Then again, he was damn impressive at just about everything.

Steve was there, too, and at one stage Mark and I chatted to him. It was obvious that Kyle didn't wanna talk to the blonde surfer-god, though, 'cause he paddled out to a set and caught a wave. Steph came down a little later… she looked totally outasight in her tight girl-boardies, and a bikini top. Naturally, I pulled my boardies down a little to give her an eyeful of my pubes.

By the time we'd finished surfing, it was almost dark, and we were all totally stuffed on the walk home. Mark was raving about the fun he'd had. It was as though he'd discovered a whole new way to get his jollies... and it was wicked to see him so happy. He looked like a totally different guy when he was smiling and amped. Almost human.

It wasn't until after breakfast the next morning that I discovered I'd missed out on a dawn patrol with Kyle and his dad.

"I banged on your window, bro, but you must've been in the land of zzzs or something."

"And I suppose the fucking surf was wicked. Right?"

"Glassy… but there was a small swell… it was surfable. And it was hot, hot, hot even before the sun came up."

"Bang harder next time, dammit! I'm really pissed off!"

Well, I didn't have to wait too long to get wet again. Kyle and I went down to the beach after he'd done his chores around the hood. It was glassy, but the break was more like a shorebreak, and throwing over. We both got ourselves hammered in the sand a couple of times, 'cause we rode the damn shorebreak all the way in.

Saturday night, we all went for pizza. Steve was there with some friends, and a spunky looking chick. He came over to our table to say hi, but he avoided Kyle's eyes. I also noticed that Steph was eating one-handed. Her other hand was under the table, and the look on Kyle's face made it pretty damn obvious what was going on down there.

After we'd eaten, Carol and Mark went clubbing, but Kyle said he wanted to save money for the swim tour, which was only a few days away, so he and Steph walked me and Candy back to her place.

"Have you swallowed your spit?"


While I was giving Candy a helluve tongue kiss at the front door, I could hear giggling coming from Kyle and Steph, who were waiting some yards away.

"What were you guys giggling about?" I asked as I joined them.

Steph smiled, and told me that it was just a private joke between her and Kyle, but I knew she was lying. So what was so funny about the way I kissed Candy? Oh, well…

At Steph's house, I sat in the den and listened to music while Steph and Kyle were saying goodnight in the living room. Yeah, right. That would've taken like a couple of minutes, but they took fucking ages! And they were damn noisy! Besides, Steph's folks were out, so while the cat's away…

So I sat there imagining what it must've looked like with Steph's sexy lips riding Kyle's boner. I'd seen it plenty of times… thick and straight, with a big, cut head. I pictured Steph's mouth about half way along the shaft, and the rest of his woody inside, getting ready to explode a truckload of boy juice down her throat. Whoa!

"Is that the kinda noise you make when you're getting a blow job?" I asked as we walked home.

"What noise?"

"Like you're a hippo giving birth?"

"How the fuck would you know what a hippo sounds like giving birth?"

"I don't… but I guess it would sound something like that noise you were making."

"How do you know it was a blowjob?"

"Just a wild fucking guess, 'cause Steph spilled some on your cargoes."

Kyle inspected the huge, sticky patch on the front of his pants, and seemed surprised. "It's water."

"Oh, yeah? What? Did she pour water over you to cool you off or something? I'm a grommet, but I'm not totally thick. I know about these things."

"Like what?"

"Like the mess your spunk makes when it messes on your clothes."


"I'm sleeping over."

"Says who?"

"My folks said it's OK, and I knew you'd think it was cool."

"You just wanna sleep over so I can jack you."

"Oh? Hey, I can jack myself now… I know how." I saw his hand coming, so I ducked before it connected with my ear.

We were both naked soon after entering his room, and he was laying on his back on the bed. The temptation to jump on him, and sit on his chest, was irresistible. I remembered the last time I'd been in that position, and shot a load all over his face.

"Could we do that thing where I shoot all over you? I dig that."

"Nah… you lay on your back."

Damn! It would've been cool to see my juice splatter all over his face and hair like before, but I did as he asked, and put my hands behind my head. Then he did something strange… strange but way, way cool. I watched his hands explore my whole bod, but his touch was soft and delicate. His fingers went everywhere… all over my chest and nipples, over my abs, around the inside of my thighs, then back to my chest again. It felt like there was some kinda electricity coming outa his fingertips, that surged through my bod, causing my veins to become raging torrents, and turned me on something fierce!

By the time he'd closed his fist around my woody, and got down to business, I was ready to shoot a bucket. But I managed to hang on for a while 'cause I wanted his awesome touch to last for as long as poss. He was driving me crazy, but it was a helluva cool kinda crazy. Woohoo!

At last, I'd reached the point where I was no longer in control. My legs stiffened, my back arched, and my knob spat volleys of juice all over my stomach and chest. Some even landed on my chin.

After Kyle had given me some tissues to clean myself, I asked him if he wanted me to do him. It was a question that he didn't have to think about for too long. He laid on his back, and placed his hands behind his head as I'd done. Then I copied his technique, and let my fingers gently explore his bod. Kyle's build wasn't as big as Mark's or Steve's, but he was strong and muscular all the same… and his tan was a deep, bronze color that looked totally wicked.

Once in a while, as my fingers caressed his skin, I'd check to see the expression on his face. His eyes were closed, and he had a kinda goofy, half-smile. I figured I must've been doing a pretty good job 'cause he was in another fucking world.

Finally, I took hold of his monster. "Your cock is still sticky from the blowjob. Smells kinda kinky."

He didn't bother answering, so I kept jacking his long, thick shaft until his balls were totally spent. Then I squeezed the last of his juice from his pisshole. It was obvious that his load wasn't as big as usual, and I figured it must've been 'cause of the blowjob.

"Kyle, I think you're running outa juice, bro."

Kyle and I were pretty busy the next day, sorting out stuff for the swim tour, so it wasn't until the arvie that I hopped the fence and breezed into Kyle's room.

"Are they really gonna shave the guys, Kyle?"

"Dunno. It's not always the same."

"I've got no damn pubes."

"You've got a few."


"You're gonna itch," he grinned as he packed stuff into a suitcase.

"I can't walk around the pool scratching my balls!"

"Hey, they might just shave your head, or color it, or something."

"My folks will freak!"

"No they won't… you will."

"Candy will laugh at me, so I'll have to go into hiding."

"You'll end up looking like a tough dude."

Jeez, what was the point? He had a smartass answer for everything. "You getting initiated?"

"Nope… been through that already. I might end up on the initiation team, though."

"Cool! Then you can stop them from shaving me."

"Fat chance. They might make you do the elephant walk, like they did with me."

"What's the elephant walk?"

"All the juniors form a line, then each dude holds the dick of the guy behind him, and the line walks through the corridors."

"I'm not holding any guy's dirty dick!"

"You held mine, and it was still covered with sticky cum."

"That's different. I know you wash."

"Just chill. OK? And whatever happens, just do it… else you're gonna be branded a total wussy boy."

"Fuck! Fat lotta help you are! And I know if Mark's involved, he's out to get me."

"Crap. If Mark was out to get you, he would've done it already."

"Maybe he's just saving himself up."

"Enough already. There's dog crap in the yard."

"Fucking dog," I mumbled as I made my way outside.

On the Monday afternoon after the final training for the swim tour, I called into Kyle's to see what he was packing. My mom had insisted that I take PJs. She had to be kidding! No way!

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked as he noticed the notepad and pencil I was holding.

"Making a list."

"What for?"

"My mom's packed in a hundred pairs of briefs and boxers, and another hundred pairs of socks, and a hundred toothbrushes, and a dozen tubes of toothpaste, and soaps, and all sorts of shit… AND SHE'S PACKED IN A PAIR OF PJs!"

"Cool," he smiled. "I've never seen you in PJs."

"And she won't lemme take the things outa the pack! So I told her that I'm coming here to see what you're packing." I watched Kyle take a pair of old PJs outa his closet and add them into his bag. "You're packing PJs, Kyle. Please tell me those aren't PJs."

"They are. We share beds on the trip. And I don't want some goon feeling my bod."

"Crap! You won't wear them!"

"Will, too. Oh… you haven't put them on your list yet."

"Fuck!…. PJs. Bleh!"

Later that afternoon, I was looking out my window -- still fuming about the PJs -- when I saw Steve arrive at Kyle's house. Woohoo! About ten or fifteen minutes afterwards, they both walked down the street. As soon as I saw Kyle return home, and come through the gate, I hopped the fence.

"Was that Steve?"


"You guys friends again?"


"Cool! At least now there'll be somebody else around that you can beat up on besides me."

"Don't bet on it. Packed your PJs?"

"Fuck, yeah. But I'm warning you, Kyle, you'd better wear yours or I'm gonna put fleas in your Speedos!"

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