South Africa
Part 59

My mom thought I was gonna sleep for a whole damn week after I'd gotten home from the swim tour. But I didn't hit the sack until after midnight, which was way past my normal bedtime. Anyway, there was no school the following day, so it was cool.

It was mid morning before I jumped the fence. "Hey, Kyle! I heard the surf is really cooking! Wanna get wet with me?"

"Gotta stack of stuff to do."

"It's really cooking." There was no way my bro could resist my enthusiasm, and I knew it.

"OK," he relented with a grin. "Just for a couple of hours."

It was a total damn rave to be out amongst the waves and the bright sunshine, and so wicked to be back in the surf after a week of swimming. The weather was really hot, too, so it was boardies time. Wetties were OK, but boardies were better. Besides, I could pull them down and show a bit of ass crack.

The best thing, though, was that most of the local dudes were at school, so we had practically the whole beach to ourselves. During one of the lulls between sets, Kyle asked me if I'd seen Candy yet.

"Nope, but I spoke to her on the phone, and she'd heard that I look cute in a dress, and that maybe I should rock over to her place and try on some of her outfits. She won't tell me who told her, though, 'cause I'll kill him."

"Hey, face it… you looked pretty hot in a dress. Even your pecs looked like little tits."

"I looked like a damn big tit! And I'm still itching like mad. And I think I've got a rash where my pubes used to be."

"They'll grow back."

"I can't wait twelve years to stop itching… I'll be an old man by then! I thought you'd stop the initiation dudes from doing that to me!"

"Didn't wanna," he grinned. "Your cock looks kinda sexy all bald. Anyway, you got all excited when you were being shaved… I could tell by your boner."

"So what if Candy wants to hold it? And feels no hair?"

"She won't wanna hold that ugly thing."

"You are soooo damn jealous!"

"Of that bald weenie?"

Later in the day, I saw Steph arriving at Kyle's house, so I hopped the fence to tell her the good news, and to do a bit of boasting.

"Hey, Steph! I got a medal on the tour! No-go over here got his ass whipped." Once again, I ducked too late, and got a clip over the ear from Kyle. "See? See what a bully your boyfriend is? He bullied me the whole time we were away."

"You are such a bullshitter," Kyle objected.

"He made me run around in a damn dress!"

"Heard you looked pretty cute, too," Steph smiled.

"I'm going. See ya!"

Cute? Me? In a dress? Steph had to be joking. What about all those times she'd ogled my bod in the surf when I pulled my boardies down? Yeah… she had to be joking about the dress. Anyway, I could hear them cackling like a couple of stupid hens as I hopped the fence and returned home. One day, I thought to myself, she'd blow me, then we'd see about fucking dresses.

Next morning during swim prac at school, I was gonna ask Mark if he knew who'd blabbed about me being in a dress, but I soon got the message that he was in one of his dark moods again, so I backed off. Besides, everbody's focus was on practicing for the school gala, an interhouse competition where we could choose whatever events we wanted to enter. I was in the same house team as Mark. Kyle was in another team with Kev and Jumbo.

That afternoon, I hopped the fence again, and took care of the crap detail before breezing into Kyle's room where he was into his homework.

"I'm gonna murder Brian!"


"He's been going through the whole damn school, and telling everybody about me in the dress, and the guys are whistling everytime I walk past them. And his fuck bro, Alan, is telling me that he's gonna fuck me when I visit Brian 'cause he heard that I didn't have a dick."

"Ignore him. He's a jerk."

"Easy for you to say. Anyway, I've gotta get going. My mom says I've gotta put in extra time on my work 'cause of the tour. And the surf is totally blown out. Even Long Beach is screwed, so I heard."

"Thanks for coming around, bro."

"I wasn't coming," I laughed. "I was just picking up the dog crap."

During the walk home from school, the following arvie, I figured I'd spice up the convo a little by taking the piss outa Mark.

"So Joey says this prick prefect was giving him a hard time 'cause his shirt was hanging out. I asked him who it was, and he said it was Godzilla the Hun. So I figured it was you."

Mark stopped walking, reached into his blazer pocket, and produced his little black book. "How do you spell your name L-I-T-T-L-E P-R-I-C-K for detention?"

"You can't do that! We're not in school now!"

"You're still in uniform."

Oops! Backpedal time. "Anyway, that's not what Joey said."

"What did he say"

"He said it's the prefect with the muscles. So I figured it could only be you. So I told him that you were my friend, and he asked me to speak to you."

"OK, so you're speaking to me. You can tell him that."

Why was it that I never seemed to get anywhere with Mark?

While I was doing my homework in my room, I saw Steve arrive at Kyle's house. I figured I'd give them some time together to talk about big guy stuff before I hopped the fence.

It was odd to see the door to Kyle's room closed, but it wasn't locked when I tried the handle. So I opened it, and waltzed in.

"Hey! What's up?" Oops! It was perfectly clear what was up… Kyle's dick… and Steve's hand was wrapped around it. Both guys were totally naked on the bed, and freaked big time at the unexpected sight of me. They hurriedly separated themselves from each other as they tried desperately to appear normal. I had to think of something fast. "Hey, Kyle, I've picked up the dog crap already. I've gotta go and do some homework. I'll come around later." And with that, I closed the door and vanished.

Whoa! Kyle and Steve? That was totally fucking awesome! I went back to my room, and took regular glances out the window to see when the coast would be clear for me to go back to Kyle's. Meantime, I thought about Steve, and how the chicks stuck to him like shit to a blanket at the beach. The dude oozed sex, and looked like he'd just stepped outa some Hollywood movie. Wherever he went, groupies were sure to follow. And he was one of the hottest surfers around. Hey! Was that a mirage I'd just seen? Nope. Those guys were wrapped around each other like a couple of rattlers in heat. Totally stellar!

The moment I saw Steve leave Kyle's house, I was over the fence like a blur, and into my bro's room in seconds, only to be quized as soon as I appeared.

"Hey, how long were you here before you walked into my room?"

"When Steve was here? Ages. Hey, I want you to massage me like that! Woohoo! That looked really cool! I've never seen you and Steve do that before. It looked totally rad. Anyway, I need some help with math."

"You should've asked Steve. He's a math wizz."

"Didn't look like he was into math when I was here."

Kyle totally cracked at my last comment, which was a relief. At least he wasn't mad at me.

It was raining pretty heavily the next day, which was a sign that we were in for some wicked storm surf. I walked down to the beach with Kyle and Steve, but nothing was mentioned about my busting them the previous day, and I wasn't gonna say a fucking word… at least, not while Steve was around. At the same time, I couldn't help wondering if he knew about Kyle and me jacking each other. I guessed that maybe those things were secrets between guys, and not for open discussion… certainly not between guys like us… surfers… guys who got the groupies all excited, wetting their panties just by looking at us parading our bods. There was nothing wussy about us. No way.

Anyway, we met a couple of guys down at the beach who said that the storm surf was gonna be gnarly, big time, by the next day. We paddled out in our wetties, 'cause the water was like ice, and the air was cold.

The swell was already huge, and there was one unbroken wave that forced me to paddle like fucking crazy for about twenty meters before it broke. Kyle and Steve told me later that they were pretty impressed with my fitness. "You've actually gotta do something like that," Kyle said, "…paddle like fuck to catch a wave that's not breaking, to know how hard it can be." It was worth it, though, 'cause once I was on the face of that massive wall of steep, green water, I got a totally wicked ride that seemed to last forever. Steve and Kyle also got some pretty good rides… but Kyle had to sprout wings on one of them to get over the lip, and to avoid getting totally trashed.

We were all pretty stuffed by the time we'd finished all that damn paddling, but it was worth every second of it. We showered at the beach, then walked home with the tops of our wetties pulled down, and our sticks under our arms.

"How come your wettie is pulled down more than necessary?"

"Ask the groupies."

I had to disappear as soon as we'd gotten home 'cause I had a stack of homework to do. But I kept thinking about what Kyle had meant by 'necessary'. Why did girls wear tops that showed half their tits? Why did guys wear boardies with nothing underneath? Why did guys wear baggy pants that showed the tops of their boxers?

"Mom? When you were young…"


"Yeah… younger… that's what I meant… did guys show off?"

"All the time."


A kinda knowing smile spread across mom's face as she looked at me. "Well, each boy had his own technique, I suppose. Some were outrageous, some were more subtle… but they were all show-offs."

"How outrageous?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, like at the beach and stuff. Y'know… like their boardies kinda hang down a bit, and show a bit."

"A bit of what?"

"Stuff that you don’t normally see."

"Is that what you do?"

"Not on purpose," I lied. "Anyway, all the guys wear their boardies low on their hips. It's cool."

"And you'd like to know what kind of affect that would have on me if I were younger?"


"I'd pretend not to notice."

"Pretend? Hmmm. That means you would've noticed."

"I was the kind of girl who played hard to get."

"So how come dad got you? Did he wear his boardies low?"

"I never noticed," she smiled.

Next morning at school, I was raving about the storm surf, and was totally amped to get stuck into it again that afternoon. One of the guys had gone down to the beach before school to check it out, and said it was gonna build to five or six feet or more. Woohoo! And Kyle told me that you had to be paddling next to a huge wave that was breaking to hear the massive roar. "It's so damn loud that you can't hear the dude next to you shouting." Awesome! I wanted to experience that! Big time!

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