South Africa
Part 60

Next morning at assembly, all the guys who'd won medals during the swim tour were asked to line up in front of the students and teachers. It was so damn cool! Everybody was cheering and clapping, and I was grinning so much, my cheeks hurt. I could see Kyle amongst the sea of eager faces, and he was going totally ballistic, which I thought was kinda cool 'cause he hadn't won anything. Anyway, I figured maybe I could make a Wingnut medal and give him that.

I changed my mind about the Wingnut medal shortly after assembly. I saw Kyle charging across the field with Mark in hot pursuit. Then Mark dive-tackled Kyle, and brought him crashing to the grass. Woohoo! A fight! Wrong! By the time a couple of guys and I had arrived on the scene, it was obvious that my buds were just fooling around.

"Crap! They're only playing! I wanted to see them bleed again!"

Mark and Kyle nodded at one another, then, like greased lightning, they were on their feet, and pulling my shorts up so high I thought I was gonna be fucking twins!

Yeeeeeooooooowwwwwwww! When they finally let me go, I had to stand there like I'd been riding a fucking bull.

"One day I'm gonna get both of you guys, and you're gonna feel ever so fucking sorry."

"Was that swearing at a prefect, I heard?"

"No… but I can understand that's one of the first things to go with old age… your fucking hearing!" Then I felt pain in my ankle where Kyle had just kicked me to warn me to chill. He was probably thinking that Mark would bust me if I'd kept on swearing. I guessed it was lucky that none of the other kids had heard me, else I would've been booked, for sure.

As soon as we got back to the quad, I headed straight for the boys' room to check out my aching nads, and to prize my boxers outa my ass crack. By the time I'd returned, both assholes were giggling their dumb tits off, even though they were doing their best to appear serious. Yeah, right.

"Watch your back, Kyle. I'm not taking any prisoners. And you can tell Conan as well." Damn! They were supposed to take me seriously, but they just folded up, and totally cracked.

All was forgiven, though, as we headed for the surf after school. The size of the waves had dropped off a bit, but Steve, Kyle and I had a rave session. Steph turned up a bit later, and gave me an instant boner. She'd only have to say 'hi', and I'd get a woody. It wasn't so much that she looked way hot in her bikini top, it was more about me imagining her giving me a blowjob. Guys had a kinda intuition about that kinda thing, and I just knew that she'd love to wrap her lips around my cock if the time and place were right.

"Hey, Kyle!" she smiled as she paddled over to us. "Great surf!"

"I was wondering if you were gonna make it out here this arvie. Still OK for tonight?"

"Shit, yes! I'm in the mood to party!"

"Hmmm, how much?"

"Enough," she laughed.

"What party?" I demanded.

"Club… tonight… adults only."

"You guys aren't adults! Bet they're gonna check your ID tonight."

Steph must've noticed the boner in my boardies, 'cause she paddled closer to me, then pulled the top of my boardies away from my stomach. Whoa! I couldn't believe she'd actually done that! And I nearly fell off my stick!

"Hey, buddy," she grinned as she peered down my shorts, "you gonna let me sort that out for you one day? I've got a way of getting rid of that swelling."

I could feel the heat radiating from my face, big time, and I must've been redder than a fucking beet. To make it worse, my woody got bigger, and the damn thing was pushing my boardies out like a tent after she'd let go of the waistband. Despite my embarrassment, I looked at Kyle as if to say, I can't help it if she thinks I'm hot. I wasn't really sure what to think, though, 'cause Steph was giggling like crazy as she paddled back toward Kyle.

"I can't believe that a little dude like Wingnut has got such a big dick!"

"Mine's bigger."

"I know." I watched Steph sit up on her board, lean over to Kyle, and rub his crotch while she kissed him.

Well, I wasn't gonna put up with any more of that damn shit. "Hey!" I yelled. "You guys gonna surf, or what?" Then, our attention was diverted to Steve as he shouted that the next set was rolling in, so we all paddled across, and out to the peaks.

Kyle must've gotten himself trashed at the club 'cause he wasn't awake next morning. I left a message with his mom to say that I'd gone down to the beach with a friend, and to meet us there if he could. He didn't arrive, though. I figured his folks must've been mad at him… and I was right.

I dumped my wettie in Kyle's bathroom, then went into the living room where his dad was saying something about Kyle spending at least one night of the weekend with his folks. "Your mother and I are going out tonight, and we'd like you to come with us." I could tell by the look on Kyle's face that he wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but also that he wasn't gonna argue. So that meant I couldn't sleep over, which I'd planned to do. Damn!

That night in my room, I looked down between my boardies and my stomach to see exactly what Steph would've seen in the surf. Hey, she was impressed! She even said so after she'd paddled back to Kyle. But did she really mean what she'd said? "You gonna let me sort that out for you one day?" Woohoo! Prob was, she'd caught me by surprise, and I couldn't think of a fucking answer! All I could do was glow like some lamo, mute, fucking stoplight. Maybe part of the reason was that my pubes still hadn't grown back. Damn!

Anyway, I dropped my boardies and imagined Steph kneeling in front of me, then my woody slowly disappearing between her delicious, ruby lips. But there was another prob. How would it feel? I'd asked Kyle a million times, but all he could say was "awesome". Fuck! What kinda lamo description was that? What if I'd been his English Lit teacher, and asked him to write an essay on blowjobs? One word? Awesome? Is that it? You don't even get a fucking F, Kyle.

The closest I'd ever come to a blowjob was the time I'd sat on Kyle's chest, and exploded my boy juice all over his face. It totally freaked me out at first, but aftewards, the more I thought about it, the more wicked it was. Seeing my juice splattered over his cheeks, forehead, and hair was the dope! Fucking extreme! Best of all, he didn't seem to mind! So why did he say no the last time I asked? Maybe he was kinda embarrassed or something.

I closed my eyes, and imagined Kyle's face as I fisted my woody. I remembered that time in the kitchen when he was making sarmies, and he said something about sucking a dick. But when I questioned him about it, he became evasive. Would he really let me stick my pisshole in his mouth? Whoa!

Anyway, I kept stroking my woody while I imagined Kyle's face in front of my dick. Pretty soon, I let out a yelp. My knees sagged a little as I struggled to keep my balance. In my mind, Kyle's face was being totally fucking drenched in my sticky juice as I felt each wad jet outa my knob.

Kyle's dad gave us a lift to the Downhill Extreme the next day, Sunday. But we had to find our own way home. We caught up with Steve, Mark, Carol, and Steph, which wasn't so easy 'cause there were crowds of spectators lining each side of the road, trying to get the best vantage points. It was a total rave, though, watching the guys on their skateboards screaming down the mountain. Some of them kinda lost it on the sharp bends, and came off their boards at helluva speeds. Good thing they were wearing helmets, as well as knee and elbow pads. After the event, we split into small groups for the ride home. It was easier to thumb a ride in pairs. I was with Steve.

"You ever been blown?"

"Lots of times."

I felt like asking if he'd been blown by Kyle, but I figured he might get mad. "What's it like?"


"Fuck… that's what Kyle always says. There's gotta be more to it than that!"

"There is, but it's kinda hard to describe."

"Who blew you?"

Just then a car slowed, and steered onto the side of the road. "Move your ass, Wingnut. We've got a ride."

Next morning at school, I was raving about the Downhill. Hey, so was everybody else! "Did you see that guy do three somersaults when he came off his board?" "Four." "I counted three." "Four." "OK, four. "Anyway, it was fucking awesome!"

That afternoon, I hopped the fence, and picked up the dog crap, while Kyle used the long-handled net to scoop leaves outa the pool. As soon as I'd finished my job, I stashed the crap in the incinerator, then turned to my bro.

"Hey, I need to show you something."


"Check this out!" I dropped my boardies to my ankles, placed my hands on my hips, and thrust my crotch forward.

He gave my dick a quick glance, then resumed scooping the pool. "What?"

"Check my fucking pubes!"


"That's what I fucking mean! I told you they wouldn't grow back for a hundred years! And now it looks like I've got a disease! Check it out!"

"Check what, for fuck sake?"

"Here!" I pointed to the base of my cock, then he bent down to get a closer look at what I was talking about. Whoa! Seeing his face so close to my dick caused me to get an instant rise.

"That's dirt."

"It's leftover pubes!"

"That's new fluff. It's growing back already."

"Yeah? Well, the one good thing is that you guys won't have anything to shave next year." Despite my seriousness, all I succeeded in doing was to make Kyle laugh. "Hey, it's not funny! What if Steph phones and asks me to come around 'cause she's suddenly in the mood to blow me?"

"She won't," he grinned as he stood up. "She likes cock, not winkies."

That was it! My fist travelled at lightning speed, and connected with the bicep of his right arm, giving him one helluva mousey.

"Yow! My arm feels dead! Oh, shit! The pain!" Then he glared at me. "You're dead!"

"Catch me!" My boardies were down around my ankles, but I dove in the pool anyway. I figured he wouldn't follow me 'cause he had his track suit on. Wrong!

"No way I'm gonna let you get away with giving me that mousey," he said with a menacing grin as he surfaced, and flicked the water from his face. Then he gave me a killer mousey on my thigh, which hurt like fucking hell!

[A mousey: A punch on a muscle that causes the muscle to vibrate or tremble, so that the sensation is something like a mouse running around beneath the skin. Kyle]

I swam to the shallow end, then sat on the step, rubbing my leg, and making a sobbing noise that was a cross between laughing and crying. That was the weird thing about pain… it made you wanna laugh and cry at the same time, as if you couldn't decide which way you wanted to go. It sorted out my boner, though. My dick was just hanging lazily over my nads. But Kyle had a real skin-splitter… probably from the excitement of giving me a mousey. Asshole.

By next morning, it had become a major bruise, so I showed it to Kyle on the way to school. "See what you did?"

"See what you did?"

I looked at the big, blue mark on his arm, and grinned. "You'd better not tell any of the guys at school that it was me who gave it to you."

"You'd better make sure you keep your damn mouth shut, too, you little shit. I'd be laughed outa fucking class."

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