South Africa
Part 61

That afternoon, I had cricket practice for a big game that was coming up soon, so I didn't get to walk home with Kyle and Mark. I was just about to bowl, and was concentrating on demolishing the batsman, when I saw Kyle walk onto the pitch.

"Just wanna remind you to pick up the dog crap when you get home."

"I'm fucking bowling here, Kyle!" Then I realized what I'd just said. "Oops! Sorry, coach!"

So there I was, getting a major lecture from the coach about swearing, while Kyle wandered off with a huge, cheesy grin from ear to ear. Him and his dumb jokes! I'd give him a piece of my mind when I got home. Big time!

When I walked into his room, he was busy doing pushups.

"One thousand and four, one thousand and five, one thousand and six…"

"Thousand and six? Yeah, right!" Then I planted my butt on his shoulder blades, and dangled my legs alongside his head.

"Get the fuck off, you fat slob!"

So I bounced on him, and he collapsed in a heap on the floor.

"How many did you do?"

"Thousand and six."

"Crap! Even I can only do about twenty."

"Yeah, but you're a weak shit."

I got off him, and let him get back to his feet. That's when I noticed that something was definitely wrong… I could tell by the look on his face, and the moisture in his eyes. "What's up? You look like someone died."

"Everything is cool."

"Yeah, I know," I drawled. "I'm too young."

"It's not that."

"Are you crying?"

"Nope. Just mad at something that happened on the walk home with Mark."

"Glad it's not me."

"Go pick up the crap, and I'll see you later. I wanna phone Mark again. He hasn't been answering my calls."

So what could be the problem with Mark, I wondered as I collected Sox's land mines. Whatever it was, I probably wouldn't get to know about it 'cause I figured there was a lotta big guy stuff they didn't wanna tell me. One thing I had noticed, though, was that Kyle and Mark had been having some pretty deep convos during recess over the last day or two… not that I heard what they were saying. Outside of swim prac, I didn't mix with the seniors at school.

After the big cricket match, which was held away from our school, I couldn't wait to spot Kyle in the quad and tell him all about it. I'd scored thirty six runs, and got two wickets, which was totally damn cool! I figured I was kinda overdoing my description after a while, though, 'cause Kyle's eyes were kinda glazing over. So I changed the subject.

"Anyway, did you finally get in touch with Mark?"

"Yep… he phoned after you'd finished the crap detail, and invited me to dinner at his place. Macaroni and cheese."

"My fav! How come I wasn't invited?"

"We had stuff to talk about."

This big guy stuff was getting to be a bit too much of a fucking habit. That afternoon, Kyle's door was closed. I'd made the mistake of opening it before, and busted Kyle and Steve naked together. So, this time, I knocked. Sure enough, Steve was there again, but both guys were wearing their boardies. They still had guilty looks on their faces, though. Hey, I wasn't that dumb. Anyway, it gave me an opportunity to tell Steve all about the initiation during the swim tour. My fucking version! Despite that, he cracked up big time when I showed him my absence of pubes.

"So I hear you look cute in a dress," he grinned.

Jeez, not again! "Har-de-fucking-har!"

"Want me to take you out this Saturday?"

"Want me to take you out right now?" I threatened, shaking my fist.

I was never gonna live that damn dress thing down… never! Anyway, I went back home to do my homework, but, after a while, got stuck with a problem. It was Kyle time again! I could've asked my dad, but, hey...

Steve had gone, and my bro had his nose buried in his books, when I returned to his room. "Kyle? I need help with this damn math thingy." It took half an hour, but I was quite happy to let him to do my homework for me. "Thanks, Kyle. See ya!"

Next day, there was a major cricket match on TV, which the seniors were allowed to watch in their common room. And the juniors? Yeah, right. So Robbie and I stood at the seniors' door hoping somebody would invite us in. But as soon as Alan saw us, he shouted, "Get the hell outa there!" Once again, though, it was Kyle to the rescue. He managed to convince the rest of the seniors to allow us in, provided we'd be quiet, and just watch the match on telly. Quiet? Me? During a cricket game on telly? Yeah, right. But at least I wasn't evicted.

For the first ten or fifteen minutes, Alan kept glaring at Robbie and me, which was making us helluva nervous. Then Kyle piped up during a lull in the game.

"Hey, Alan, when are you gonna stop being such a shit?"

"Fuck you! When are you gonna stop hanging around your friends so I can kick the shit outa you?"

"You've got a short memory."

"You got lucky," the slob snarled. "Anyway, fuck off and leave me alone."

Kyle moved to another seat, which was just in front of me. I nudged his back to get his attention. "Thanks, Kyle."

"You owe me," he whispered over his shoulder.

"I'll pick up the dog crap when I get home. It's no biggie."

The rest of the game was the bomb, and it looked like South Africa might win. And then? Damn! We lost the game in the last over. What a bust!

And that wasn't the only drama. When I got home, I accidentally knocked my board over in my room, and dinged it. So where was the fucking logic? I'd ridden monster waves, gotten nailed more times than I could remember, and no dings. Well, only one. Then, in my room, one dumb slip and my stick's broke.

"Hey, Kyle. Check this out." I thought he was gonna be mad at me, but he just grinned, then took my stick into the garage where he mixed some fibreglass and hardener, and patched up the ding.

"The hardener's still sticky, so be careful with the damn thing. You can sandpaper it later yourself."


I'd just finished the crap detail when Steve arrived. Then we all skated down to the beach minus our sticks, 'cause we'd heard that the surf was all slush. A few guys were out, but not many. Anyway, it was just cool to be there on the beach, taking the fresh sea air into our lungs. Even though the surf was crap, I still couldn't imagine living anywhere else, or being with anyone else. It was like Steve, Kyle and I were meant to be together… three buddies standing on the sandy beach, holding their skateboards, and checking out the ocean. It was our home, our club, our territory. We belonged to it, and it belonged to us. We were just as inseparable from our environment as the gulls and the dolphins.

On Friday, Kyle went out with Steph for pizza and a movie, but he was in for a little surprise when he got home. Me.

I felt something touching my nads, which woke me up. I'd been sleeping naked on the spare mattress, and noticed that the covers had been pulled down. "Hi, Kyle. Your folks said it was OK to sleep in your room."

"That's cool. What were you dreaming about? You've got a major woody."

"Not sure… but it feels good."

"Looks good as well," he laughed.

"Wanna jack me?" I wasn't sure if I should've asked the question, 'cause he'd been out with Steph. But… hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"Wanna hop into my bed?"

Woohoo! I hopped into bed, and under the covers, then watched him undress. The more I saw of his tanned skin and muscular bod being revealed, the more excited I became. In a few more seconds, he'd be naked alongside me. Wicked!

As soon as he climbed in next to me, I put my hands behind my head. But, instead of going straight for my woody, he rolled the covers down, and checked me out while he played with my balls, and the hard muscle between them and my asshole. It was totally cool to see him enjoying the sight of my woody… like it was really special to him. Sure, he'd often joked about it being a winkie, or ugly, or whatever, but I knew that he loved to look at it. And why not? I was proud of the damn thing!

Anyway, the sensation of his feather-light fingers exploring my nads, and around my ass crack, was just too fucking awesome for words. I instinctively closed my eyes, and stretched my legs so that my thighs bulged, and my toes curled. It was like every nerve in my bod was on edge, tingling with excitement.

"That feels pretty cool. Does Steph do that to you?"



After my dick had oozed a bunch of pre-cum, he rubbed it around my shiny, cut knob, and along my shaft, to lube my woody. Then he began to jack me. It felt sooo incredibly wicked, I tried my best to make it last as long as possible, but, after a minute or two, I lifted my ass of the bed, and offloaded my boy juice all over my stomach. Whoa! That felt so damn rad!

"You're becoming a regular damn cum factory," he laughed.

I thought Kyle was gonna give me a tissue, but, instead, he scooped my cum in his hand and massaged it into his boner. "That feels fucking awesome," he groaned. Then I closed my fist around his iron-hard monster as he laid back, and locked his hands behind his head. He was in Wingnut heaven.

While I ran my fist up and down his long, thick shaft, I used my free hand to explore his smooth, tanned pecs. There was something totally sexy about my bro's chest, and his silky skin. Even with his arms raised, and his hands behind his head, his pecs were still meaty and solid, and there was a wicked fold of thick muscle at the point where they were joined at his shoulders. OK, they were totally different to a girl's tits, but they felt funky all the same. Way funky! Anyway, they had nipples, and Kyle's nipples were like little pebbles under the palm of my hand, so there had to be a sexual connection. Besides, it was totally cool to feel them, and to watch them rise at my touch.

I could tell by his tightly closed eyes, and the pained expression on his face, that he was getting pretty close to offloading a bucketful. Then he raised his ass, and his boner became a helluva lot stiffer in my hand, not to mention almost impossible to control. I watched his pisshole as it exploded the first of his sticky ribbons of juice over his abs. With each volley of jizz, he let out a little yelp, until he'd emptied his balls of every last drop.

I left it to Kyle to clean himself while I turned on my side, facing away from him. I was still dog tired, even more so after being jacked off, and needed to go back to sleep. A few moments later, he moved up close behind me, and I could feel his soft cock pressed against my back. Then he put his arm around me, and closed his hand around my semi. Well, it didn't stay a semi for long, 'cause it had more fucking energy than I did, but there was no way that I felt like being jacked off again. It was totally wicked, though, to have Kyle's warm bod against mine, and to know that he was my bud, and that he cared for me. That's what buds were for, right? Right.

Anyway, that's the way we fell asleep. And it wasn't until just before sunrise, that Kyle woke me and asked me to sleep on the spare mattress before his folks woke up. Damn!

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