South Africa
Part 62

Steve rocked over on Saturday, so the three of us spent the day surfing. The waves were pretty damn good, and I got a lotta chances to style, which was cool 'cause Candy was on the beach with some of her friends. Every time I surfed close to shore, I'd wave at them, and they'd wave back. I guessed they thought I was pretty neat 'cause I was the only guy wearing boardies -- low on my hips, of course -- while Steve and Kyle were wearing their wetties. Wusses.

When we all decided to take a break, I sat with the girls who were making a huge fuss of me. It was kinda weird in a way 'cause most guys talked about chasing girls, but there I was being chased by them… and I wasn't gonna miss my chance to show off, and let Kyle and Steve know how totally cool I was. Actually, it wasn't easy making convo with girls. They talked about hair and makeup and stuff a lotta the time, or other girls. Lamo stuff. But on the beach, there was really only one thing worth talking about. Me.

Sunday, we watched the Cycle Tour for a while -- thousands and thousands of cyclists. But that got kinda boring after a while. Seen one, seen 'em all. So we spent the rest of the day surfing.

Tuesday was always pool cleanup day at Kyle's, so I hopped the fence to help out. Then Steve turned up, and decided to pitch in. We were all naked in the pool, but the water was so damn cold that there wasn't a boner in sight. On the plus side, my curlies had begun to grow back, and it was cool to have a little black smudge above my dick… if you looked really closely.

At one stage, I was the only one in the water, brushing the bottom corners of the pool, so I surfaced to see what was going on. Kyle was towelling himself, but not in the usual way. He had a boner, and was using the towel in a kinda teasing way while Steve was pulling faces at him. I dove again to finish cleaning the corner, and wondered what the fuck was going on with those guys. I didn't wanna spy on them, but there was only so much air in a guy's lungs. When I'd surfaced, Kyle and Steve were rolling around, wrestling on the grass. I couldn't help noticing that they both had major skin-splitters.

"Why am I the only one working here?"

"'Cause you're the youngest."

"Probably the only one who can hold his breath that long."

Steve put his fist around his boner, and said, "Here, hold your breath around this mother."

Whoa! That was totally unexpected, but I still managed to fire back. "If I get that between my teeth, I'll circumcize you!"

"And I'll lube your tonsils before you get a chance."

"Have to catch me first, blondie."

I dove again the moment I saw them heading for the pool, but the fuckers grabbed me, and started tossing me back and forth between them. They were helluva strong, so I didn't have much choice but to be a human beach ball. It was cool fun, though, and we were all giggling our tits off. Later, Kyle made some peanut butter and cheese sarmies, which we ate by the pool, just chillin', with our legs dangling in the water.

From time to time during the convo, I couldn't help taking a quick peek at Steve's dick. It was uncut, but didn't have a very long foreskin like I'd seen on other dudes. His was short, and his knob poked out a bit. And the other interesting thing about him was his blonde pubes. I'd never seen blonde curlies on any other guy, and they looked kinda neat. Actually, everything about Steve looked kinda neat. He could've easily just snapped his fingers and had practically any girl he wanted.

Next morning, on the walk to school, I was feeling totally amped for some reason. "Was Steve serious?"

"About what?"

"Putting his dick in my mouth."

Kyle cracked up big time before he spoke. "No."

"Cool, 'cause I would've bitten the head off."

"He would've choked you."

"I'd dig to jack him, though. He's got a really cool looking dick."

"Oh? Oh, OK."

"Not as cool as yours," I hastily added. "But I'd like to see that foreskin sliding up and down his cockhead." I was about to ask Kyle if he'd seen that happening, but decided I'd better not.

"I'll wear a condom next time, and you can pretend."

"It's not the same."

"How do you know?"

"'Cause I jacked with a condom once, and it didn't feel the same."

Kyle turned, and gave me a look of surprise. "Where did you get a condom?"

"From Brian. He steals Alan's."

"Alan? What stupid bitch would let that slob fuck her?"

"You're right," I laughed. "I think the only sex he gets is when Brian jacks him. Ew!"

During swim prac, the team had a arranged a comp between Mark and Kyle, just for the hell of it. I was in the crowd watching, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Mark creamed Kyle in all the freestyle events. I was cheering like crazy for Kyle until my voice was almost hoarse, but it must've worked -- eventually -- 'cause Mark only just beat Kyle by about a second in the backstroke. Then, my bro turned the tables in 200m fly, and nailed Conan big time. It must've almost killed him, though, 'cause he was a total wreck when he hauled himself outa the water.

I wanted to congratulate Kyle right away, but he was gonna have to wait. I was dying for a piss, so I headed for the boys room in double quick time. Robbie came with me. I'd no sooner begun to unzip my fly, when a guy of about sixteen walked in.

"Hey, faggot! Kyle fucked your ass yet?"

I turned to face the guy, then felt an incredible stab of pain in my groin. I collapsed on the floor in total agony, and began to cry. The next thing I heard was Kyle's voice.

"What happened? Who the fuck did this? Robbie? Did you see who it was?"

"Yeah. It was a big kid."

"Take me to him. Point him out."

Then I was alone again with my pain. Fuck, it hurt! By the time Kyle had returned, some minutes later, I'd managed to get to my feet, and most of the pain had subsided.

"Looks like you've been out horse riding."

"Very funny. So how's the wall you walked into?"

"It's only my lip… it's not that bad. Just a bit of swelling, and bleeding on the inside."

"So you found the guy?"


"And he did that to you?"

"Nope. He was in no fucking shape to do anything. It was Alan. I figure he wanted to get back at you for what happened in the common room during the cricket."

"What a fucking asshole."

Later, I found out from Robbie what had happened… how Kyle had kneed the prick who'd kneed me, and then copped a couple of smacks from Alan. I also discovered that Kyle had to report to the school counsellor for a suspension hearing, but was given work-squad duty instead, mainly 'cause Mark had put in a good word during the hearing.

That afternoon after school, I hopped the fence, breezed into Kyle's room, and have him a big hug before he knew what was happening.

"Thanks for what you did today."

"No biggie." Then he pulled down my shorts, and cupped my balls in his hand. It was instant boner time, even though I winced 'cause my nads were still helluva tender. "Hmmm, they look pretty bruised." His face was just inches from my woody.

"A BJ would make me feel a lot better."

"You wanna phone Steph?"

"Later maybe." Damn!

Next day, the seniors had gone on an ecology trip up the mountain, while we -- at least, the guys in the cricket team -- played an away match. And we won! So I was feeling pretty chuffed when I rocked into Kyle's room that evening. He was in the middle of some school project, but took the time to listen to my tale of victory.

"Hope you picked up the dog crap," he said after I'd told him all about the game.

"Nope. There's gonna be a double pile tomorrow. Of course I picked it up! Anyway, how was your day on the mountain?"

"Pretty cool," he said as he returned his attention to his school project. "There were some chicks up there, so Mark and I got a blow job in the caves."

Woohoo! How cool was that! "No kidding? Were they like teens?"

"Yeah… from Steph's school. They were playing hooky."

"Did the other guys check you out?"

"Yeah, they stood in a circle while we were getting blown."

Then it dawned on me. He was pretending to be working on his project 'cause he didn't want me to see his lying eyes. "Yeah, fucking right! I should know better than to believe everything you tell me. So how was it?"

"Pretty neat."

"Missed you guys at school today."

"Miss the bruises we give you?"

"No… you know what I mean." Did he? Well, I hoped he did. Then I borrowed some tapes, and went back to my room to finish my homework.

Next day, at school, Brian told me that I'd better stay away from his house for a while, 'cause Alan was gonna give me a hiding if I showed up.


"Just for fun. And he said that your bro Kyle could do nothing about it. Anyway, Alan can beat the shit outa Kyle, and he's not scared of him."


"Yeah? So how come Kyle got a fat lip the other day?"

I couldn't wait to tell Kyle about the convo I'd had with Brian, so I hopped the fence that afternoon, picked up the dog crap, then rocked into to Kyle's room.

"Anyway, I told Brian that you can take his brother out any day of the week!"

"You haven't arranged that day, have you?" he asked as he raised his eyes from his homework.

"Not yet. Want me to?"

"No. It's cool, thanks. My lips are still healing."

"Lucky shot."


"You scared of Alan?"

"Nope. That lard belly? No way."

"That's what I told Brian."

"Just don't go making crap for me. OK? I have to go to school there as well… and Alan controls almost a damn third of the seniors." Then he glanced at my crotch. "How are the nuts?"

"Still tender when I touch them. I have to be careful when I jack off that my fist doesn't bang down against them. So I just fist the head. This is a good time to phone Steph and ask her to blow me, huh?"

"Thought you would've phoned her already."

"Nope. But I think about her blowing me a lot."

"Tell you what… you blow me, and I'll blow you."

"Stick your pisshole in my mouth? Yeah, right. You serious?"

He stood up from his desk, and smiled at me. "Wanna sarmie?"

"Answer me!"

"Peanut butter or jelly?"

"Peanut butter and jelly." I followed him to the kitchen, where he got a loaf of bread, butter, and the rest of the stuff. "Kyle, would you stick a pisshole in your mouth? Really?"

He laid slices of bread on the bench, and began to butter them. "Depends on the pisshole, maybe."

"Mine's clean, 'cept for the pisshole that I can't get my hand into," I laughed. "Anyway, I wouldn't stick yours in my mouth. That is so damn gross! Girls just do it 'cause they like to hold the muscle. And they pretend not to gag."

"How do you know that?"

"It's obvious that they don't really wanna put that in their mouth!"

"Then why do they do it?"

"To make their boyfriends horny so they can get fucked." Hey! What the fuck? What was wrong with my logic? I had to wait a full minute before Kyle stopped laughing.

"Candy made you horny yet?"

"I'm getting there. Her hand brushed my cargos the other day."

Anyway, he finished making the sarmies, which we took back to his room and ate. Then I asked him if I could borrow some more tapes.

"Where are the tapes you borrowed the other day?"

"I'll get them now. Chill out! I'm not gonna fucking sell them!"


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