South Africa
Part 63

The wind was blowing like crazy, and had been for the whole weekend, so Kyle, Steph, Steve and I decided to hitch to Long Beach where the surf was cooking. A lotta the guys were pretty impressed with Steph… she was really styling… and they said that she was one of the better girls on a stick they'd ever seen.

"Bet they'd like to see her sitting on theirs," Kyle said as we rolled with the swell, waiting for the next set.

"But she's got her own stick."

"That's not the stick I meant."


There was a guy of about fifteen or so that Kyle was chatting to for a while, and I wondered if he knew him. He had short, spiky, blonde hair and a killer bod for a young dude… awesome pecs and abs. Kyle couldn't stop his eyes from checking them out, although he always made sure that Steph wasn't looking when he was having a gawk at the blonde kid. Maybe it was just coincidence, but all Kyle's buds, including me, were well muscled. Kyle was no lamo in the hunk stakes either, so maybe hunks attracted other hunks or whatever.

Saturday night, Candy and I went with Mark, Carol, Kyle, and Steph to a movie. We'd no sooner taken our seats, where I was sitting between Kyle and Candy, when Kyle asked me to try the popcorn trick with my girl. He'd told me about it before. You made a hole in the bottom of the popcorn carton [after you've eaten all the popcorn, of course], placed it over your crotch, and stuck your dick through it. Then you waited for the guy next to you, which in my case happened to be Candy, to ask for some popcorn, and dip their hand into the carton.

"She'll freak!"

"Only 'cause it's tiny."

"Fuck off."

Anyway, the thought was kinda tempting, and I suspected that Candy was dying to touch my woody. Hell, she had her hand resting on my crotch through the whole damn movie! But I figured I'd better leave the popcorn trick for another time. Maybe when Kyle wasn't around to laugh himself stupid.

After the movie, we all went for pizza, then home. I didn't sleep over at Kyle's 'cause my folks said that I needed to spend more time on weekends at home.

"But why?"

"Because this is your home," mom explained. "The next thing you'll be asking is if we can all move next door, lock, stock, and barrel."

"It wouldn't be the same. I go there 'cause… well..."

"You prefer to be with them?"

"No, not that."

"Then why don't you invite Kyle to sleep over here?"

"'Cause it's more fun to sleep over at the other guy's place."

"Then why doesn't he sleep over here?"

"'Cause it's more fun over there. I dunno, mom. You're getting me all mixed up. Besides, you're not a guy. Kyle's my bro, and we can talk about guy stuff."

"You can talk about guy stuff here."

"Yeah, right. Guys don't talk about guy stuff to their folks, mom. Older people just don't understand, all they do is confuse their kids… like you've just confused me."

"And kids don't confuse their parents?" she laughed. "Anyway, it's your bedtime."

"'Night, mom. 'Night, dad."

Before I got naked, I sat on the side of my bed and rolled a piece of paper into a wide tube, about the size of a popcorn carton. Then I got my dick outa my fly, and placed the tube over my woody. While I looked at the opposite wall and pretended that it was the movie screen, I used my free hand to reach into the tube and feel the head of my boner. Hmmm, so that's what would happen if Candy fell for the popcorn trick. Would she freak? Probably.

It was impossible to figure Candy. At the beach, she was proud to be my girl, and to have all the other girls making a fuss of me. She never complained about my boardies hanging low off my hips, or my pubes showing above the waistline, or my asscrack being there for everybody to see. But I knew that she thought it was way cool to have all her friends wetting their panties big time. I guessed she boasted about me a stack while I was surfing, and she was sitting on the beach with her friends. I was gonna have to plant a spy amongst those groupies. Maybe Kyle would do me a fav and sit with them one day, then tell me all about what they'd said. Yeah, that'd be way neato!

Anyway, I got naked and laid on top of my bed. Kyle was probably laying on his bed, and jacking himself stupid. So why wasn't I there? I went to my window, but he had his blind pulled down. Damn! Jacking yourself wasn't the same. Was he thinking about me? Or thinking about Steph? Maybe he was thinking about Steph blowing him. Jeez, that would be so damn cool! Steph had one helluva sexy mouth, and I knew that she'd already given Kyle a few BJs. I'd tried to visualize Candy blowing me, but I could never convince myself that she would. Leaving her hand on my crotch at the movies was about her limit. Hell, she was only twelve, and not experienced like Steph was. Steph was sixteen already. A woman!

And what about that stuff Kyle had said in his kitchen when he was making peanut butter and jelly sarmies? "Depends on the pisshole, I guess." Was he serious? Nah. No way would he let me stick my pisshole in his mouth. Then I began to imagine him putting the butter knife down, and kneeling on the floor in front of me. "You wanna see what it feels like?"

"Stop talking shit, Kyle. You wouldn't do it."

"Wouldn't I?"

Then I stopped imagining it, 'cause I didn't know what would happen next. And even if I did imagine him sliding his lips along my shaft, how would I know what it felt like? A fist was totally different to lips. A fist wasn't red and wet, and there was no tongue in the palm of your hand. So it had to be a totally different feeling. AND I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE! DAMMIT!

The day before the public holiday was pretty neat 'cause we were allowed to go to school in our civvies. It cost us a dollar for the privilege, though, but all the money went to a children's charity, so it was for a good cause.

That night, I was supposed to sleep at home after taking Candy to a friend's house party, where a couple of the guys and I found a bottle of vodka. It tasted like fucking flyspray, so we added orange juice, then it was pretty neat. Whoa!

The walk home was all a bit of a blur. I remembered Candy telling me that she was never gonna speak to me again, and that I was a total disgrace. I also remembered feeling soooo fucking sick. Then I heard Kyle's voice.

"Shit, he can't go home like this. His folks will kill him."

The other voice was Mark's. "So what are you gonna do?"

"Take him to my place."

"He'll never get there."

"You can carry him."

"Crap. He's covered in puke. You carry him."


"Hi, Kyle," I said as he began to remove my shirt.

"You're pissed."

"Yep," I laughed.

"You stink, bro. I have to get these clothes off."

"It's cold."

"Bad luck."

The next thing I knew, I was draped over Kyle's shoulder, which pressed against my stomach, and caused me to puke some more. Jeez, I felt sooooo bad.

The rest of the night was a total blank. I woke up in the morning on the spare mattress as Kyle was asking me if I wanted breakfast. It took a while to get him into focus, and to absorb his question.

"Thanks, bro."

A few minutes later, he returned to his room with a bowl of cereal and milk, which I ate while still sitting on the mattress.

"You'd better take a shower 'cause you still smell like puke."

"Where's Mark?"

"He had some chores to do at home."

"Where are my clothes?"

"In the wash. You can borrow one of my old trackies."

"Does mom know I'm here?"

"I phoned her last night. Told her that we met you on the way home, and that you fell asleep here."

"Cool. So she doesn't know about… you know."

"No. You were totally fucking trashed, bro. What the fuck were you drinking?"

"We found some vodka."

"What did Candy say?"

"She hates me."

"And my dad's not too impressed with me, either. I should've shut up about why you were here this morning. I had to explain that Mark and I weren't with you when it happened, and that it wouldn't have happened if we could help it."

"Sorry, bro."

After breakfast and a shower, I felt pretty good again, and we spent the whole day surfing. Cool! It was a stinking hot day, and practically the whole town was at the beach. Even Mark and Carol came down for a swim. Naturally, I wasn't wearing any Speedos under my boardies.

"I don't understand how you get away with mooning everybody every time you catch a wave," Kyle laughed as we sat on our sticks between sets.

"How am I supposed to show off my pubes and not show a bit of ass crack? I can't have the front down and the back up."

"What pubes?"

"The ones that Steph's been noticing. You're just fucking jealous!"

For lunch, we all went across the road to the local pub for burgers and Coke. Candy and I had to sit on the perimeter fence, though, 'cause we were too young to be on licensed premises. Bleh! Anyway, it was cool 'cause a whole bunch of groupies crowded around to say hi, while Candy was being ogled by a bunch of grommets. It was like we were a couple of movie stars.

The only competition I had was Steve. He attracted groupies like flies to shit, but they were older groupies, maybe sixteen or seventeen. That wasn't so much of a prob, though, 'cause my groupies seemed to be pretty impressed with the tent in my boardies. I might've been twelve [almost thirteen!], but no way did I have a 12-year-old dick! Besides, it was totally neat to prove to the big guys that I could pull chicks as well as they could. Maybe better.

I was about to take a bite of my burger when I felt something wet in my ear. It gave me such a fucking fright, I almost lost my balance. Then I saw Steph's grinning face. She'd given me a "wet willy" by poking her wet finger in my ear. "I'm gonna get you in the surf, Steph," I warned. "But I guess you know that already."

"Promises, promises," she cracked, as I tried to dry my ear. Then she went back to the table where the other guys were sitting. They were all fucking hysterical. Oh, well…

Later that night, after supper, I hopped the fence and breezed into Kyle's room where he was listening to music.

"Hey, Candy touched your dick yet?"

"She's getting warmer."


"I saw her staring at the tent in my boardies today… I had a huge woody."

"The whole fucking world knew that you had a woody!"

"Pretty impressive, huh? Did you see the chicks trying to check it out from up close?"

"Yep," he chuckled.

"My boardies are too small. I need to get bigger ones."

"They'd fall off. Your boardies are already only being held up by your dick, and your fat ass."

"Fuck off! My ass isn't nearly as fat as yours!"

Within a second, I was pinned to the bed, with Kyle's fist drilling my chest. So I wrapped my legs around his waist, and almost crushed the shit outa his stomach. It was way cool to see the look of agony on his face. "Like you say, Kyle," I grinned as I squeezed even harder, "fight with the best, and die like the rest."

Well, he wasn't quite dead. The fucker gave me such a mousey on my arm that the pain forced me to release my grip.

Next day, we had the Swim Gala at school, where all the guys were divided into different house teams. I was on Mark's, and Kyle was on Jumbo's. It was my chance to get even with Kyle for bruising my arm, so I cheered like crazy when our team won a race, a booed the hell outa Kyle every time he bombed.

But I didn't stop there. No way! Afterwards, in the showers, I chirped to Mark, "I think we need to change Kyle for a friend that can swim."

"You're right. It's the age, though."

"Actually," Kyle responded, "it's 'cause my dick's too big, and it holds me back in the water. You guys with weenies are lucky when it comes to swimming."

"You're dick's too big? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That little thing? I bet you've already finished cumming, and Steph's still asking you when you're gonna put it in! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

"Yeah, by the time you've shot your drips of water, your hand's fallen asleep."

Damn! That got everybody in the showers cracking up big time, and I could feel my face turning brilliant crimson. Even Mark was laughing, and the fucker was supposed to be on my home team! Anyway, there wasn't much I could say in my defense except for, "It's pure mayo."

"Did Candy tell you that she's allergic to mayo?"

"Har-de-fucking-har! Anyway, you guys got your ass whipped, and you can't take it."

JJust then, Jumbo stood in front of me. My eyes went straight to his enormous, black cock that was hanging in a lazy arc away from his giant nads. "What's that you said?"

Oops! Time to backpedal, big time! "I just said that you guys were beaten fair and square," I answered in a voice that was having major trouble trying to get past my pinhole of a throat.

"What was that about ass?"

"Nothing… I was just kidding," I gulped.

"That's good, 'cause if you were serious, I'd shove my dick up your ass and cum outa your nose."

Everybody cracked up as the smiling giant walked away. Whew! That was close! A few moments later, I was at the shower next to Kyle's. "Hey, Kyle, he wasn't serious, was he?"

"Maybe. I believe a junior dissed him once before, and Jumbo tore his ass to shreds with that dick of his."

"Really?" I began to visualize the worst possible scenario.

"No," Kyle laughed. "Just kidding."

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