South Africa
Part 64

After returning home from the holiday park, and all the fun we'd had, including my first blow job, things weren't quite the same as we'd left them. I was out of a job. Sox was gone, and there were no more landmines to pick up. I'd never experienced the death of anything or anyone before, and it was totally bewildering to think that I'd never see Sox again… ever. It was all just so damn permanent.

Late one afternoon, I hopped the fence and breezed into Kyle's room. "Hey! Wanna see something awesome?"


"I tried this new thing with Brian where we jack off, then let our dicks go. It's awesome. Wanna check it out?"

"You make a fucking mess, bro, and you clean it up. OK?"

"Cool." Kyle gave me some tissues, then I dropped my boardies, which caused Kyle to get an instant bulge in his shorts. I faced the wall, standing a few feet from it, then began to fist my woody. When I sensed that I was gonna offload, I took my hand away from my boner and felt it become even stiffer as my balls tightened, and hugged the base of my shaft. I thrust my hips forward, then watched a spurt of boy juice fire outa my bucking woody and splatter over the wall. More sticky missiles followed in rapid succession until the wall was dripping with fresh cum.

"Pretty cool, huh?"


"You wanna try it?"

"There's still a bit of juice on your pisshole."

I reached down, and scooped the leftover jizz on my finger. Then, before my bro knew what the fuck was happening, I wiped it over his lips as a joke. I thought he was gonna freak, but he didn't. Instead, he ran his tongue around his lips, dropped his shorts, and began to jack off while facing the wall.

The sight of Kyle fisting his throbber as he stood was the total fucking dope! The bicep of his right arm bulged like a football with each stroke, while his pecs rippled and stretched, demonstrating the awesome power of his tanned upper bod. His legs were slightly bent, causing his thigh muscles to pop like thick slabs of steel flesh. I guessed that watching me jack must've made him pretty hot 'cause he didn't take very long to offload.

I watched him take his fist away from his throbber just before the damn thing went totally ballistic, bucking and bouncing in a frenzy of movement as long ribbons of juice exploded from his knob and showered the wall. Kyle's six and a half inches was a helluva lot more incredible to watch than Brian's weenie. Woohoo! Totally fucking wild!

"So how come you and Brian are trying all these crazy tricks?" Kyle asked as I helped him clean our juice off the wall.

"'Cause dicks aren't supposed to have a fist around them when you cum. We wanted to see what it looked like."


"It looks totally cool… don't you think?"

"Yep. So now you know what goes on inside a girl's pussy."

"Or someone's mouth."


"Yeah… like Steph's. She swallows, right? So how come Rochelle didn't swallow when she blew me?"

"You disappointed?"

"Kinda. But it was still fucking awesome. I guess it was pretty cool for my first time."

The rest of the weekend was wicked. We had a rave surf… it wasn't huge, but the shape of the waves was perfect, and they were all rideable. It rained a lot, but that was also cool… the north wind was blowing, which meant good surfing conditions. Hey, rain wasn't the kinda thing that bothered surfers. Wet was wet!

Back at school, I was into rugger practice, so I couldn't walk home with Kyle and Mark. I caught up with my bro later, though, and marched straight up to his front door so he could see how cool I looked.

"Hey, Kyle!"

"Get those damn boots off before you come inside! How the fuck did you get so damn fulla mud? You look like a pile of dirt with some human underneath… that's if you are human."

"The field was all muddy 'cause it was raining."

"What did you do? Swim in the stuff?"

"Nope… just got nailed by a senior who tackled me." I removed my rugger boots, and left them at the door before following Kyle to his room.

"You training with the seniors now?"

"Nope," I laughed. "They were training in the next field, and I shouted to one of the guys that he looked like he'd damaged the back of a bus. Anyway, I couldn't run fast enough to get away, so he nailed me in the mud."

"One day, you're gonna get beaten up by the whole senior team."

"Nope. They all think I'm cool."

"Going for a wave?"

A wave? Hey, I needed a big fav, so I gave my bro my most irresistible pleading look. "Hey, Kyle, will you ask my mom? She's got this thing about doing homework first… but I can do it later tonight."

"Oh? What am I supposed to tell her?"

"Tell her that you need me to show you a few surfing tricks."

"You? Show me? Yeah, right!" he cracked.

"Well, think of something… like you don’t wanna go out on your own or something."

After Kyle asked my mom if I could go surfing with him, she explained to my bro that she'd gotten a note from one of my teachers. "He does all his work OK, but he rushes through it, and his presentation isn't what it ought to be. I want him to take more time with his homework."

"Mom, I will," I protested. "You can check it!"

"Alright," she relented with a sigh, "but don't stay out until dark. If your father has to fetch you, then you're grounded for the whole of the long weekend."

"I'll be home by six."

"Then homework!"

"Yes, mom."

Back at Kyle's house, my bro phoned Steve to check if he was gonna join us. "He's screwing some chick, so he's gonna catch up with us later."

"Jeez! In between screwing and surfing, how does Steve find time for anything else?"

The surf was pretty decent, which explained why so many damn surfers were there, including Steph. Steve arrived a short time later, and the afternoon was a total rave. We all had wetties on 'cause the water was pretty cold. Normally, I preferred to surf in boardies hanging low on my hips, but, according to Kyle, I looked pretty damn hot in my wettie. He said it showed off my bod… and looked like someone had painted my bod with black paint. Cool!

We were outa the water just before six. After that, I had dinner with my folks, then got stuck into my homework, which took for-fucking-ever! The good news, though, was that Friday was Freedom Day, and Monday was Workers Day, so we had a four-day long weekend coming up.

On the Thursday night, Kyle slept over at Steph's place. Hey, I didn't need to be a fucking brain surgeon to figure they wouldn't be in any condition to be up at sparrow's for an early surf, so I went by myself. Later, they arrived and met up with Steve and me on the back line. The moment I saw them, I paddled over to my bro.

"Hey, Kyle! Neato! The surf is cool! Did you get into Steph last night?"

"I'm not telling."

Hello? Not telling? So I shouted across to Steph, "Hey, Steph! Kyle says you were good last night!"

"Fuck off, you little prick," Kyle barked. "You're gonna get me into all kinds of shit."

After catching a few waves, we were all together again on the back line when Steph started to chirp me. "So," she grinned, "you wanna find out just how good I am?"

"I was kidding."

"I'm not."

Uh, oh… I was in trouble, big time. "Not what?"

"I'm not kidding."

"About what?"

"Still want that blowjob you're always asking for?"

It was a cool day, but I could feel the intensity of the heat radiating from my face. I must've been fucking scarlet! "Kyle will kill me."

"No he won't," she smiled. "I've got his permission. Anyway, I'm disappointed in you."

"In me? Why?"

"I thought you were saving yourself for me."

"I am!"

"Liar. Kyle told me about your holiday escapade."

"He told you?" Whoa! I was in deep shit!

"Yep, so I figure I'll just have to settle for being second best."

"It's not like that!" I objected. "I was conned by those girls!"

"That's not the way Kyle tells it."

"He's a liar!"

"So, you wanna come around to my place tonight?"

"Tonight?" Jeez, how the fuck was I gonna get outa this mess? "Uh, well... I'll have to ask Candy first."

"What are you gonna say to her? Hey, Candy, Steph's gonna blow me tonight, so can we postpone our date 'til tomorrow?"

There was only one solution. I had to get the fuck outa there. Fast! I spotted a wave, called it mine, and paddled furiously toward the incoming swell. Within seconds, I was skimming down the face of a lifesaving wall of water, and outa reach of that evil chick's clutches.

This next section is the convo that took place between Kyle and Steph during Wingnut's absence. Mr B.

"You're being fucking wicked, Steph."

"I learn from you."

"I just don't want him thinking something, then it doesn't happen. And he thinks you're nothing but a cock teaser."

"Actually, I was being serious. If you sleep over tonight, then maybe Wingnut can as well."

"You sure you wanna do this?"

"Wingnut has me curious. He's like a hunk in a boy's body. The big question is, is it gonna be OK with you?"

"It's cool with me if it's Wingnut. Just don't go offering the same deal to all the grommets on the beach, though, 'cause they all wet their damn boardies already just looking at you. I wonder how many brains you go through at night when all those little dudes are jacking themselves stupid?"

"There's only one brain I wanna go through. I enjoyed last night. Anyway, I've gotta go see my folks off. They're going to some office function, and staying overnight. So I'll be home alone."

"Not for long."

And now back to Wingnut's version of the story. Mr B.

Steph and Steve had already left the water for home before Kyle and I did. Darkness had begun to fall as we walked barefoot back to my bro's house in our wetties, with our boards tucked under our arms.

"So, are you gonna check with Candy if you can skip your date?"

"I was lying to Steph… Candy's gone away for the weekend with her folks."

"Cool! So you're gonna ask your folks if you can sleep over at Steph's?"

"If you want."

"I wanna see Steph blow your lights out."

"I'm scared."

"Still? Even after the holiday?"

"Just 'cause it's Steph… maybe she'll be disappointed or something."

"Hey, chill! Any girl who's disappointed in you needs her head read, bro."

"You gonna be there?"

"Want me to?"

"Yeah… I don't want this thing to be all quiet and serious. Anyway, I'd feel better if you were there."

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