South Africa
Part 66

After I'd removed my rugger top and shorts, Kyle noticed what I was wearing underneath. "You're wearing a jockstrap?"

"I always wear one for rugger. That's the bulge you've always gawked at."

"It looks fucking cool, bro," he laughed. "You should wear that to the beach so the girls can see your cute butt cheeks."

I cracked, too, and agreed with him as I tossed the jockstrap on the floor. I was about to lay on the bed so that we could jack each other, when he surprised me.

"Now, put your hands on your head, and close your eyes."

Still standing, I did as he asked, wondering what the hell he was up to. Then I felt something around my cock… and it wasn't a hand! "What the fuck are you doing?" I yelped as I jumped backwards, and saw him kneeling in front of me.

"Lubing up your dick."

"With your mouth?"

"Yeah. You don't like it?"

After the initial shock, I began to realize what was going on. He was doing something I'd often fantasized about, but had never really expected to happen. Holy shit! But I managed to answer calmly. "No… it's cool."

"Then shuddup, and close your eyes."

I felt his moist lips envelop the head of my woody, then his tongue glide up and down the length of the underside of my shaft. It was a totally wicked feeling, but I couldn't help shaking like a fucking leaf. This wasn't Steph. This was Kyle, my surfing bud, my best friend. And my damn cock was in his mouth!

All too soon, he stopped sucking, then used his fist to jack me. My mouth was open, but no sound would come out. Then, from every electrically-charged corner of my groin, a torrent of juice gathered, ready for an almighty explosion. I winced as my boner became thicker, and his grip became tighter.

"Stop, Kyle! Stop, please! It's hurting!"

He took his hand away, and allowed my woody to jerk upwards as the first wad of grommet juice fired outa my pisshole. I felt my knees buckle, then I let out a tight-lipped whine each time my woody bounced, and another jet of cum exploded. It seemed to last a helluva long time, but was probably less than ten seconds. What a fucking awesome ten fucking seconds, though! Whoa!

When I opened my eyes, I saw Kyle's chest and shoulder covered in my thick, sticky juice. I was still shaking like crazy when he asked me if I wanted him to lay down on the bed.

"Uh…" I couldn't believe the words that were forming in my mind, but I also couldn't stop them from being uttered. "I want you to stand, too. Put your hands on your head, and close your eyes."

I knelt before him, then checked to see if his eyes were closed. They were. It was the bomb to see him towering above me like that, with his arms raised, and his powerful, muscular chest completely exposed. He was like some kinda bronzed god… only bronzed gods didn't have spiky, black hair like his. They should've, though, 'cause Kyle's hair was totally neato. Kinda like his trademark.

I pulled his heavy boner down to face level. Whoa! Up close, it looked fucking huge, with a big, swollen head that would stretch a pair of lips to absolute full capacity. I remembered how Steph's mouth had looked when she blew him… like she was trying to eat a watermelon whole.

I'd never tasted cock before, so I put the tip of my tongue on his pisshole. Hmmm. That was OK. Then I slowly sent my lips over the high ridge of his bulbous knob, and massaged it with my tongue. It was then that I realized that I was actually blowing him instead of just lubing his boner with spit. So, I followed his example and took his cock outa my mouth, then began to stroke its rock-hard shaft.

I was so damn mesmerized by his one-eyed python staring at me that I clean forgot to duck when Kyle offloaded a bucket of boy juice that exploded all over my face and hair. "Oh, fuck!" I cried, but when I looked up at Kyle, he was still in heaven, and totally speechless. It was only after his boner bounced for the final time, and had jetted it's last ribbon of juice, that he opened his eyes and saw the mess I was in.

"Come… I'll clean you up."

We went to the bathroom where Kyle wiped us both with tissues, then suggested I take a shower 'cause there was cum still in my hair, and my chest was kinda sticky and shiny.

"So what did it taste like?" he smiled.


"My dick… dork!"

"Kinda weird, huh… but I can see why girls like giving blowjobs."


"'Cause the feeling of a hard dick between your lips is pretty awesome." That seemed like a totally weird thing to say after having told him once that I'd never put his pisshole in my mouth. But… oh, well… it was like my mom always said… live and learn. "Anyway, how did mine taste?"

"Awesome. Salty from sweat, and musty from your pee. I was thinking about blowing you, but I didn't want you to freak."

"You wouldn't blow me? Would you? Huh?"

"If you beg," he grinned.

"Seriously, Kyle. Would you?"


"Fucking cool!"

After I'd showered, I hung around Kyle like fly to shit for the rest of the arvie. I kept looking at him and seeing the same person, but also a different person. He didn't exactly say that he would blow me, but it was the way he said 'maybe', and smiled. Next time, and I was pretty sure there would be a next time, I wouldn't close my eyes. I wanted to watch my woody sliding between his lips, like I'd watched Steph. Woohoo! Wait a second! A thought suddenly occurred to me.

"Hey! Did you open your eyes when I sucked your dick?"




"Yeah, right."

"Did you when I sucked yours?"

"No. I was shaking like a fucking leaf. I was too scared to look. I bet you did, though, 'cause you're more experienced."

He answered me with another of his lazy smiles, which I took to mean that he had watched me when I had his dick in my mouth. But, hey, that was cool. Everything was cool! Suddenly my bro and I were closer than we'd ever been, and it felt fucking magic!

That night, after supper, I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened… and what could've happened if we hadn't been so worried about freaking each other. And what he'd said about the taste of my sweat and my pee. That was just soooooo damn cool! He was tasting the real me, not the me who'd just scrubbed himself under the shower. He was getting the genuine Wingnut article after a game of rugger! Sweat, pee, and all! Yes!

There was no way that I could sleep without jacking, and thinking about Kyle's lips sliding up and down my woody, or mine sliding up and down his. After my experience with Rochelle, and an even better one with Steph -- soooo much better -- it was easy for me to relive those incredible moments and sensations in my mind as I fisted my woody. But would Kyle swallow? Or would I? I remembered the sounds that Steph had made when she was forcing my sticky load down her throat, then Kyle's. Would I ever hear those same sounds coming from my bro? Awesome!

Next morning, I waited for him outside my house, then we walked to school together.

"Hey, Kyle, were you serious?"

"About what?"

Jeez! Was this guy thick or what? "About giving me a blowjob?"

"It's no biggie… why?"

"Brian was telling me that he and Alan blow each other."

"I feel sorry for Brian."

"Yeah, me, too… but he said that one time he swallowed Alan's cum, and it didn't taste like anything."


"So I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to have an older bro that you could do things with."

"We do things, anyway."

"Don't make it hard for me, Kyle… you know what I mean. But it's cool if you don't wanna talk about it 'cause this is sounding pretty weird."

"Can I tell you a secret?"


"But you can't tell anyone else or I'll fucking kill you!"

"OK, already!"

We walked a few more paces before Kyle spoke again. "Steve and I blow each other."

Huh? Steve? The six-foot, blonde god that had just about every chick in town wetting her panties? The surfer who could ride a stick like a fucking champion? It took me a while to absorb what Kyle had just told me. "Steve and you? You're fucking kidding, right?" I shook my head in total disbelief. "Steve! Fucking hell!"

"So it's no biggie," Kyle grinned.

"Steve and you together? Damn!... Awesome!"

For the rest of the day, I kept having visions of Kyle and Steve blowing each other. I'd busted them a couple of times naked on the bed, but I figured they'd been jacking. OK, so I'd also entertained the idea that it might've been more, but, hey, I figured that was just my crazy brain going troppo. Not! They really had blown each other. Jeez!

There was one problem, though. Steve was like some kinda famous dude outa some Hollywood movie. He could snap his fingers and have just about anybody he wanted. So where did that leave me? I was still a grommet, and maybe Kyle just wanted to do me a fav like Steph had. I knew that Steph's reason for blowing me was just to give me experience. She loved Kyle. So maybe Kyle was just being nice to me 'cause I was like a li'l bro to him… and… Damn! Too many crazy thoughts. Too many ifs and buts. Too many maybes. I figured I'd just stay being me, and if something happened, it would happen. Maybe.

As it turned out, nothing much did happen for several days, and I began to wonder if Kyle had changed his mind about blowing me for whatever reason. Maybe he felt guilty about having admitted it. At least the surf was cool, and we spent every spare minute after school riding our sticks and having a total rave.

It wasn't easy to see Steve as the same person I'd known before, though. Everytime I'd look at him out on the back line with his long, wet, blonde hair clinging to his head and neck, or screaming down the face of a wave, I imagined his uncut dick pumping Kyle's face, or Kyle's monster pumping his. Awesome!

When the weekend finally arrived, Kyle had a bunch of chores to do around the yard and the house. I hopped the fence after my rugger game on Saturday and saw him up the ladder, cleaning leaves and crap outa the gutters. But he was too busy to notice how totally cool I looked all covered in mud, with my shirt hanging out, and my socks all uneven. Damn!

"You doing anything tonight?"

"Yep, going for pizza with Steph, Mark and Carol. You wanna bring Candy?"

"Cool! Anything else?"


"Like can I sleep over?"

Kyle looked down at me from up the ladder, and grinned. "If you wanna."

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