South Africa
Part 72

I was in the middle of taping some of Kyle's CDs when his mom knocked on the bedroom door. "It's Kyle. He wants to speak to you."

Huh? I thought. Why would he wanna speak to me? He's at Steph's house, probably fucking her stupid. "Hello?"

"I forgot to bring a condom, and Steph doesn't have any."

"You phoned me to tell me that?"

"They're in my underwear drawer, buddy. Can you bring one over?"

"But I'm taping!"

"Hey, bro. This is a fucking emergency... literally!"

"OK already! Chill!"

I searched his underwear drawer and, sure enough, there were a bunch of condoms. Hey? There was a joint in there as well. Kyle didn't smoke dope, so…? Oh, well, I'd ask him later. Then I hightailed it over to Steph's house where I was outa breath as I knocked on the door.

"Hi, Wingnut." She was dressed… or undressed… in a sexy, almost transparent negligée. "Thanks," she said as I handed her the small, foil package. "You're an absolute darling." Then she gave me a huge hug before slamming the door in my face.

"Thanks, buddy," I heard Kyle yell from inside the house.

Jeez, those guys must've been totally fucking desperate. Anyway, I was still taping when Kyle arrived home, and bounced into his room wearing an ear-to-ear grin.

"Must've been good. You're glowing."

"How's the taping going?"

"Pretty cool… just about finished. Hey, Kyle, can I have one of your condoms?"


"I dunno… just in case."

"You're gonna jack with it, huh?"

"It's just in case," I insisted. "And I bet you don't know that there's a joint hidden under your underwear."

"Yeah, right. Go ahead and take one. You owe me. The joint's Steve's, and it's been there for ages."

"So how come he leaves a joint here with you? You don’t smoke."

"But he does. He's probably forgotten about it."

"Does he smoke a j when you do stuff together?"

"Not in this house."



"Does that make him hornier?"

"He doesn't need anything to make him hornier. He's like you… always fucking horny."

"You should talk!"

Anyway, I took the condom home, put it in my underwear draw, then listened to the music I'd taped. Would Candy let me fuck her? Would I wanna fuck her? She'd grabbed my woody often enough through my cargoes, but she hadn't seen it yet. Maybe not all girls were the same. Maybe Steph was different. When Steph blew me that time with Kyle, it was like no biggie. Well, it was a helluva biggie for me, but not for her or Kyle.

I wondered if Kyle had ever asked Steph to blow him, or whether she just did it of her own accord. Yeah. Like that time Kyle wrapped his lips around my woody. I didn't ask him to. Fact was, it shocked the fucking hell outa me. So maybe things like that just happened without anybody saying anything. And if blowing somebody kinda just happened, maybe it was the same with fucking. Like some kinda mental telepathy was going on.

But Candy was a virgin, and a lotta the guys at school talked about virgins bleeding the first time. So what if Candy bled? Would I keep fucking? Or would we have to stop to get a bandage or whatever, and clean it up? Ew! Anyway, I was gonna have to remember to ask Kyle all about that stuff. Wrong! Steph wasn't a virgin when she and Kyle did it. She was Mark's girlfriend before that. So who was I gonna ask? Mom? Yeah, right. Candy? No way. Sean? What the fuck would he know? How come life was just so fulla damn questions, and no answers?

Next day, Sean and I went down to the mall just to hang for a bit, then spent some time skateboarding. Later, I came home to change into my wettie before going surfing. I overheard Kyle and his dad working in their garden, so I figurerd I'd hop the fence to say hi.

"Thought you'd be wearing your boardies," Kyle remarked as he observed my wettie with the top down, exposing my chest.

"Nope. I think my blood's thinning with age." Kyle's dad totally cracked when he heard my comment, then he called me a wuss. "It's Kyle's fault! He influences me, and now I've gotten used to wearing my wettie in winter."

Before I left, Kyle answered the phone. It was Steve. He was at home with some chick named Tammy, and said that he'd bring her down to the beach. Well, I'd seen Steve with some pretty hot looking chicks before, but this one was drop-dead gorgeous. Woohoo! And I couldn't help noticing that she was giving me the eye. She and I hit it off right away. She was a typical groupy, though, and just sat on the beach watching us guys surf.

Out on the backline, as we sat on our boards, and rolled with the swell, I shouted to my blonde surfer bud, "Hey, Steve? Can I have your leftovers?"

"You wouldn't cope," he laughed.

"What? You scared she's gonna compare?"

"There's no comparison, winky."

"That's it! You're scared she's gonna compare."

"Hey, shithead, go stir your hot chocolate with it 'til you know how to use it. OK?"

Well, if Steve wanted a challenge, he'd picked the right guy. For the rest of the day, I made passes at Tammy every chance I got. Steve tried his best to ignore me, but I made damn sure that he took note. He may have been the sixteen year old, six foot, blonde Adonis, but I wasn't all that far behind at almost thirteen. Anyway, I'd managed to get my fair share of smiles from Tammy. If she didn’t have the hots for me, then I was a monkey's uncle.

Later in the afternoon, Steph and Carol arrived, and were talking to Kyle on the beach as I rode a wave all the way to shore. Every time I saw Steph, I couldn't help thinking about her wicked tits, and her lips wrapped around my woody. It was like she'd created this permanent image in my mind. "Hi, Steph," I grinned as I trotted toward her, stick tucked under my arm.

"Hi ya, buddy. How's it going?"

"Cool. You?"

"OK. I might join you later." Steph didn't appear to be all that happy. Maybe it was 'cause she was with Carol, who didn't surf.

"Cool. Then you can teach Kyle how to ride a stick."

Kyle glared at me, and sent a silent but emphatic message that I'd interrupted something important. I took the hint, and ran back to the water. What was all that shit about? I asked myself as I paddled out through the foaming breakers.

On the walk home, I quizzed Kyle, but he didn't say much, except that he and Mark had had some kinda argument with the girls the night before when they'd gone clubbing. Anyway, my bro was obviously in a major pissed off mood, so I figured I wouldn’t hang around. I phoned Sean when I got home, and we went skateboarding.

The first thing Kyle noticed when I breezed into his room was the skin missing from my hand and elbow.

"Aren't you supposed to wear safety gear?"

"Yeah, but we were in a hurry when we went 'boarding."


"Nah. It's OK." Yeah, right. It hurt like fucking hell, but I wasn't gonna be a wuss.

Then the phone rang. It was Steph, and I could tell by Kyle's comments that she was apologizing for something. On the walk to her house, Kyle explained that she'd called earlier and given him an earful, then slammed the phone down. "PMT."

"What's that?"

"Premenstrual tension. It's a girl thing. They get it before their periods. I know my mom goes off when she's about due, and gives my dad a helluva time."

"Why do girls have to go through that shit?"

"Rather them than me."

"Did you tell her I'm coming with you?"


"She likes me, huh?"


"Can I sleep over at your place tonight?"


Steph actually looked pretty cool when we arrived, despite the PMT thingy. She gave Kyle a beer, me a Hunter's cider, which was more alcoholic than the beer, and made herself some tea. "You need to clean those grazes before they go rotten," she said as we sat on the sofa.

"They're cool."

Well, maybe the PMT thingy caused deafness as well, 'cause she ignored me and got some stuff to put on my grazes. "Is that all?"

"Nope. There's one on my hip, too." I stood, took off my shirt, then she dabbed this damn stuff on. Jeez, it stung! And I couldn't help grimacing. The other thing I couldn't help was getting a boner. Even though Steph was mothering me, and being kind in a way that only females could, I could still smell her perfume. It was subtle, but helluva damn sexy. And just the fact that she was touching me, and being so near to me, sent my blood rushing south.

Steph had obviously noticed the huge bulge in my cargoes, 'cause her hand went straight to my woody. I jumped, and almost shat myself.

"Stand still if you want me to clean this wound. I just need a handle to hold onto," she smiled. And what a wicked fucking smile she had.

"Big handle, huh?" I tried to make light of the situation, but I was shaking like a leaf. There was only one thing to do… shift the focus onto my bud. "You gonna blow Kyle?"

"Why? You wanna watch?"

"Can I?"


Damn! In any case, what I'd said had given Kyle an instant boner, which was pushing his cargoes into a massive tent. He must've been visualizing those luscious, red lips gliding up and down his shaft, and that magic tongue of hers doing incredible things to his swollen knob and piss hole. A minute later, when Steph had done with cleaning my wounds, she moved behind my bud, ran her hands over his abs, then slid them into his cargoes. "Oh, jeez," he sighed as my eyes were riveted to the movement going on inside his pants. I could imagine her hands sliding up and down his thick, hard boner, which had to be leaking pre-cum big time.

But that's as far as it went. "Cockteaser," Kyle smiled before giving Steph a kiss goodnight.

"Just building you up for when I'm ready."

On the walk home, I asked Kyle why he didn't take Steph into her bedroom and screw her or something.

"She's due for her period."


"What are you yucking about?"

"Just the thought of it. Do girls bleed when they're virgins? Like when they first get fucked?"

"They gush all over the place, bro. Walls, ceiling. Some guys have been known to drown."

"You're so fulla shit, Kyle."

"Still gonna sleep over?"


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