South Africa
Part 83

It took me a couple of days before I could come to terms with what had happened between Kyle and me. It was all so fucking confusing. I had him pulling me one way, and Sean pulling me the other. Anyway, on Tuesday morning, I decided to wait for Kyle so that we could walk to school together.

"Didn't see you in the gym yesterday. You gonna give boxing away?"

"I just had some stuff on my mind."

"Saw you at recess, though, playing soccer with your friends on the field, and looking like I always remember you... shirt hanging out, half unbuttoned, running like hell from one end to the next."

"Surf was shitty yesterday."

"Yeah... I saw. Did you go down?"

"Nah... I've been gated [grounded]."

"How come? 'Cause you were trashed?"

"Nope. Just 'cause of all the surfing and never being home. Folks say I've gotta study or Santa won't be seeing me this year," I giggled. "I think they still think I believe in Santa."

"Yeah... folks never want us to grow up."

"My dad said he cried for days when he found out Santa wasn't for real."

"Yeah," Kyle laughed. "I can believe it."

"Mark crapped all over me yesterday for missing boxing. I don't know if I wanna do it, though."

"Then tell him so. I think Mark saw it as a training thing for you, 'cause he thinks you're so tough."


"You know what I mean."

"Anyway, seems I don't really need all that much training... how's your jaw?"

"Jaw's fine. How's your leg?"

"Bruised, but cool. I'm sorry for hitting you like that."

"Hey, you just lost control. We all do, sometimes."

"Kyle, did you know that a lotta the guys playing rugger take ephedrine?"

"That's like a major caffeine boost or something. Right?"

"It's like a natural thing, though... not chemical... and it gives you a boost... like more energy and stuff."

"You take it, too?"

"Yeah. But it's not like a real drug."

"You're thirteen, and you shouldn't need that shit. You've got enough energy as it is."

"Yeah, but... ah, forget it."

"Don't fucking start. I'm listening. I'm just telling you what I think. Jesus, Wingnut, don't keep making me the heavy."

"Yeah, well it's like a natural, herbal thing. It's not like a drug. You said I could talk to you about stuff."

"Weed is a natural, herbal thing, too. I guess I should start smoking it now that I know it's not a drug, huh?"

"Yeah, well there's a lotta doctors and stuff who say that they should just unban it 'cause people who have asthma use it to help them."

"That's in their medicine."

"Mixed with chemicals and stuff."

"I'm not gonna argue with you, Wingnut. And stop trying to make taking all kinds of shit sound right. You're so damn fit, you don't need it."

"It's since I started smoking weed that I lost all my fat."

"That was puppy fat. You'd lose it anyway. And how much are you smoking?"

"Sean and me have about three reefers during the week, and then over the weekends maybe. And you're wrong about Sean, Kyle. He doesn't force me to do stuff."

"How come he's not losing his puppy fat?"

"I dunno."

"I'm not trying to be heavy, Wingnut, I'm just trying to look out for you. I told you that."

"Yeah, I know. And I hate it when you worry 'cause it gives me the creeping guilts."

It was a relief to hear him laugh. "Creeping guilts?"

"Yeah... makes me feel like a creep 'cause I'm letting you down."

"Yeah... well, that's what separates you from the other dudes who just don't give a shit about anything or anybody."

Well, at least our little convo had cleared the air, and I felt a whole stack better after apologizing for hitting Kyle on the jaw. By the time we'd arrived at school, I was on a high... a natural one, of course... and I was a fucking demon in the boxing ring. Well, more demon than usual... but I still got my ass kicked.

Kyle must've been feeling pretty hyped, too, 'cause he actually knocked Mark down. Now that was something I never thought I'd see... Conan's knees buckling under him. Coolio!

A few days later, though, things weren't so coolio. The guy I normally sparred with kept hitting me in the ribs. I asked him to cool it, but he didn't, so I climbed into the fucker. The coach wasn't too thrilled about me losing my rag, so he pulled me off, and gave me a fucking earful.

Anyway, being gated kinda kept me off the shit 'cause I couldn't go surfing with Sean. I was allowed to go out on Friday night, though.

"Grief! You mean you guys are gonna stay straight tonight?" Kyle asked after I'd hopped the fence, and bounced into his room.

"Yes, dad. Sorry, Kyle... I know you're trying to be cool and all, but it's not like we get stoned every chance we get. Anyway, I told Sean that we should go to the movies instead of trying to find a rave party -- just for a change. Then we're gonna go for pizza."

"That's cool, buddy. I just want you to understand. Yes, I know I did all that shit once, but that doesn't make it right."

"Hey, I know that. And I know my dad used to smoke dope when he was young, but he'd freak if he found out about me. And I know that you still smoke a joint now and then, Kyle. Sean asked Steve, and Steve said you smoked occasionally. Hey, it's no biggie."

"Why did Sean ask Steve?"

"'Cause I told Sean that you throw a wobbly every time I talk about dope."

"Yeah? Well, I guess it's not gonna do any good to say that Steve's lying."

Lying? Steve? I started to get a little uptight. "OK. So, you're saying that you never, ever, take a hit?"

"Once in a while I may take just one hit off someone else's joint. It depends on the situation , and what's happening. I don't go out looking for the stuff. OK?"

"OK, OK! Fuck! Sorry."

"Aaaagggghhhh! I just wish I could get it through your head!"

Maybe it wasn't an appropriate moment to laugh, but the look of frustration on Kyle's face made me crack. "I've gotten to you again, huh?"

In a second, fifty seven tons of Kyle came crashing down on me. I struggled as best I could, but he was too strong for me. Next thing, I was being carried outside toward the pool. "I think you need to cool off."

He had to be joking, right? "Hey, Kyle," I laughed, "I'm gonna hurt you sooo bad if you do what I think you're gonna do."


Actually, the water wasn't too cold, so I stripped, and threw my clothes onto the side of the pool. "Hey! Wanna come swim?"

Kyle stripped, and dove in. He was like me... nudity was no biggie. Sean was different, though. He'd freak about being naked, even when he was stoned. Anyway, Kyle and I goofed off in the pool for about half an hour. It was cool to be messing about with him on the same level... just a couple of guys being buddies. Then it came time for me to split.

"I've gotta jet, Kyle. What are you doing tonight?"

"Going to Steph's."

"Hmmm. Oil change, huh?"

"Maybe," he laughed. "Hey, bet you won't go home like that."

"Like what?"


"How much you wanna bet?"

"Ten bucks."

"You're on."

While I held my wet clothes under my arm, we both checked to make sure nobody was coming down the street. Then I sprinted through the garden toward the fence, and took a flying leap. Kyle told me later that he was laughing his tits off, watching my white buns disappear over the wall, then scramble through my bedroom window so that my mom wouldn't see me. Hey, ten bucks was ten bucks!

It was after lunch when I woke the next day, Saturday. Hello? Who wanted to get outa bed on a cold and rainy day? Earlier, I'd seen Kyle on the roof of his house, fixing a tile. That was when I decided to go back to sleep. If I hadn't, guess who would've been up there fixing the tile? Exactly.

"Hey, Kyle! I've come to collect my ten bucks. Never thought I'd do it, huh?"

"So what did you get up to last night?" he asked as he handed me the tenner.

"Went to the movies... then to a friend of Sean's."

"Candy with you?"

"Yeah... for a while, but we took her home first. Hey, Kyle?"


"She is seriously touching my dick now."

"I thought she was already?"

"No... now she's into stroking it, and she doesn't even mind the juice."

"Progress. Is she letting you past her panties yet?"

"I'm getting there. I tried, but she said it was tender when I touched her."

"Yeah... be careful. If she's a virgin, she's gonna have a hard time."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna give it to her," I laughed. "Hey! What do you mean if?"

"Just an expression."

"What are you doing today?"

"Chores, chores, and more fucking chores."

"Need some help?"

"I thought you were going out?"

"Hey, I can still find time to help you."

Me and my big fucking mouth. He had me up the ladder, scooping mud and bird shit outa the gutters. So it was sweet revenge when I dropped some on his head.

"Oops! Sorry, Kyle!" But I couldn't help laughing at the sight of his spiky, black hair covered in goo. "Hey! You're looking up my shorts!"

"You're wearing my white briefs. Pouch looks nicely packed."

Anyway, even though we were doing chores, we had a lotta fun. Those were my fav times... just goofing off and funning around... being buds. Best buds.

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