South Africa
Part 91

Because Kyle and I weren't seeing as much of each other as we used to during our school days, I was spending more time hanging with my buds, surfing and skating. And, of course, seeing Candy. But that didn't stop me from hopping the fence now and then to see how things were going with my big bro. He was still my bestest bud even though I had lots of buds. Besides, he'd given me a blowjob for Christmas. Hmmm. Did that mean I was gonna have to wait 'til next Christmas? Not if I had anything to do with it.

Meantime, the situation between me and Candy was getting kinda serious, and there were certain things I needed to ask Kyle about... things I could never ask my dad... and things I'd never tell any of my friends, not even Brian. No fucking way!

And, of course, there was Steph. She'd helped me before . Maybe, if I asked Kyle's permission, Steph would help me again. Steph and I had already spoken, but she said I should check with Kyle first. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as my dad always said.

One afternoon, I arrived home... well, my other home... and the front door was locked. I rang the doorbell several times. Nothing. So I knocked. And knocked some more. And knocked again. When the door finally opened, Kyle was looking a bit pissed off.

"Hey, Kyle. I knew you were home."

"Didn't you get any fucking toys for Christmas?"

"Sorrrrrrry. But I guessed you were maybe naked in the pool at the back, so I had to make a noise."

"That wasn't a noise. That was fucking World War III. Anyway, what you been up to?" he asked as I followed his mop of black hair through the house.

"Skating. Surf's crap. Onshore slop."

"Oohhh? Getting fussy now, are we? Huh? And now?"

"I'm hot, so I wanna swim. Thought we could swim together."

When we got to the pool, I dropped my shorts and t on the lawn, and dove in. "C'mon wussy boy," I laughed after I'd surfaced. "Water's cool!"

"You dropped something."

I watched him stoop to pick up something from the grass. "What?" Then he held the joint between his thumb and forefinger. Uh, oh. I was in deep shit, and totally fucking shattered. I couldn't say anything for a while. Even my semi had shrunk to something barely visible under the water. "One of the guys asked me to keep it for him," I lied.


"You don't know him. He's a skater."

"Don't fucking lie, Wingnut. If it's yours, just tell me to fucking put it back in your pocket. Don't lie to me."

"I'm sorry, Kyle. I haven't smoked it up. I'm straight, I promise."

"And that thing?" he asked as he held the joint aloft.

"I don't know why I took it."

Kyle grabbed my shorts, and put the j back. "Yeah, well... it's back in your pocket."

"You can trash it if you want."

"Nope... you can trash it if you want."

"Now you're mad, huh?"

"Wanna know why?"

"'Cause of the joint."

"Nope... 'cause you lied first. Friends don't do that. So what if you've got a j? I know you're trying to kick it. I'm not a fuckwit. I've been down that road. And I'll tell you something... it's not that hard if you want to."

"I'm sorry for lying. I don't know why I got it. Maybe just in case."

"OK. Tell ya what. Let's rather not talk about it. I trust you. OK?"

Whew! Quick change of sub. "So how was the diving trip?"

He told me all about the SCUBA dive as we floated around in the pool... about how he and Mark were nervous at first, especially Mark.

"Conan was nervous?"

"Sure. It's not like being in a pool, y'know. And having an external lung strapped to your back, and a piece of fucking rubber in your mouth, isn't exactly natural. It's kinda spooky down there. It's another world."

"See any sharks?"

"Yep... pyjama sharks."

"Cool. They're harmless."

"Yeah, right. You should check 'em out up close, Wingnut. They didn't look too fucking harmless to me."

Kyle went on to tell me about the penguins, "like little torpedoes," and the instructor's sons who were like pros under the water, "especially the ten-year-old". Sounded totally cool to me, and I wished I had the opporunity to SCUBA.

When he was done telling the story, I decided the time was right to ask him about my situation with Candy. "I need to speak to you, Kyle... about something serious."

"Drugs again?"

"No... it's more serious."


"I think Candy is gonna let me screw her."

"How do you know that?"

"'Cause last night we both got really horny, and like we were fucking with our clothes on, and I came in my pants while her crotch was rubbing against me. Then she stuck her hand in my pants and played with my sticky dicky." That cracked me right up, even though it was my own joke.

"So what's the prob?"

"I've never screwed a girl before."

"So you want me to explain it to you?"

"No... bigger than that. I want Steph to help me out."



"Doing what?"

"I want her to show me what to do so I'll know what it feels like. One of the guys I skate with says that the first time he was in pain when he fucked his girlfriend. I guess it's like when you suck me."

"You feel pain?"

"It's not pain... it's like my dick gets so tender it hurts. I dunno how to explain it... it's like a good hurt... like I wanna pull my dick out but I also wanna keep it there."

"What? You wanna screw Steph?"

"Don't make this so damn hard, Kyle."

"Oh, yeah... so I just rock over to Steph's place and ask her to let you screw her?"

"It's not like that... I just want her to show me stuff, 'cause she knows it all, and like me and Candy have never done it, and I don't wanna hurt her. Steph's gonna be like a teacher, and she's gonna show me the tender spots."

"Her G spot?"

"Yeah... that. And all sorts of stuff."

"She's not gonna do it."

"She might... if you say it's OK. I asked her already."


"It wasn't like that."

"Like what? Hey, Steph, can I fuck you?"

"No! Now you're getting mad."

"Fuck, yeah! You went ahead and spoke to her without even speaking to me first?"

"Hey, Kyle, don't be mad... please?"

"What did she say?"

"She said no way. She said I had to speak to you first. So I figure if you say it's OK, then..."

"She'll think I'm treating her like a slut."

"If you were my real brother you would've helped me. So I guess we're just friends, then."

"Don't start getting heavy with me. I'm thinking."

Yeah, right. Thinking about what? Had he forgotten that I was thirteen and still a virgin? And that Candy was a virgin? What were we supposed to do? Rush headlong in and fuck the whole thing up? What would happen then? Candy wouldn't wanna do it any more, and I wouldn't either... probably. I didn't see what the big deal was. What were bros for for fuck sake?

I decided that there was no point in hanging around anymore, so I exited the pool, towelled myself, and began to get dressed. "Guess I'd better go."

"Wait the fuck there. You know how hard this is? Would you arrange for me to fuck Candy?"

"You? Yeah, I would. Nobody else, though."

"She wouldn't do it, though... not even if she was older."

"I'm sorry I asked Steph, Kyle. I shouldn't have said anything about it."

Kyle swam to the edge of the pool and asked me to get my cute ass down there, so I sat on the tiled edge with my shorts on. "Whaddaya mean cute?"

"Shuddup and listen. Y'know, the fun part of having a girlfriend is finding out about each other for the first time. Not something you learn in school or sex ed classes. Stuff like just exploring each other gently, and then slowly your dick will just slip in there when you're both ready... and it's gonna be pretty special. So what if it doesn't happen right now? That first time is pretty damn special. And if you really love each other, you'll be gentle. Arranging something with another girl to teach you is not gonna cut it. It's not the same thing. Candy hasn't even blown you yet, and she's gonna want you to explore her before you even go that far. I think you guys have made a start... like now you know how you feel about each other."

Kyle was right. That wasn't the kinda thing you learned in sex ed or from your school buddies. That was quite a fucking speech, and I was trying to wrap my head around it. I hadn't realized that I'd been silent for so long.

"Hey! You listening?"

"Yeah... I know what you're saying."

"But you're impatient, 'cause all your mates have screwed their girls already. Right?"


"They're all liars. All guys do that. And I guess you do as well."

"Yeah... they think I have... fucked Candy, I mean."

"See? I can just see all your buddies now trying to figure out how to play catchup with you."


"Just picture it in your head," Kyle laughed. "They probably all jack off just thinking about you and Candy."

"So do I," I giggled, which caused Kyle to crack up totally. Then he grabbed me, dragged me into the pool, and pulled my shorts off while I was struggling for air.

"Actually, I can picture that thirteen-year-old boner of yours inside Candy," he smiled as I surfaced.

"Pretty impressive, huh?"

"Yep... pretty impressive."

"Make you horny?"



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