South Africa
Part 92

After I'd arrived home from being with Candy, my mom told me that Kyle had been looking for me.

"Did he say why?"

"He said he wanted to treat you and Candy to a movie."

"Must've gone with Steph."

"No. He said she was out somewhere with her folks. I guess he spent the night on his ownsome."

"Maybe he was with Mark."

"No. Mark was out somewhere with Carol."

When Kyle did eventually arrive home that night, I heard the ruckus from my bedroom window, and leaned out. He was staggering around like he was made of jelly.

"Hey, Kyle... heard you were looking for me... you OK?"

"Yeah... I'm ratfaced... so of course I'm OK."

"Need some help?"

"Nah," he slurred as he poured himself through the door, and disappeared.

Fine fucking example he is, I thought as I went back to bed. He lectures me about carrying one lousy joint, and he comes home looking like he's demolished half the booze at Corners. I guessed he must've been feeling sorry for himself 'cause all his friends had disappeared for the night.

Things were better the next day, though. After surfing 'til late afternoon, I hopped the fence and breezed into our room. Kyle had been working at the shop all day.

"Surf's rocking."

"Wanna go back again?"

"Yeah! Coolio!"

The sun was beginning to set as we paddled out to the backline dressed only in our boardies -- it was hot so we didn't need our wetties -- but there was still plenty of light. And I could tell that being in the water was doing Kyle a stack of good. He loved the water as much as I did. It was a great place to let all your troubles slide. The waves weren't all that big, but they were fun and clean, and we had a really cool session.

While we were surfing, I stuck pretty close to Kyle. Normally, we'd find our own space on the waves, but I'd been feeling kinda guilty about not being there when he needed me the previous night.

"Your mates must really wonder how you got a bod like that," he said as we sat on our boards, waiting for the next set. "Your back muscles are like sinews when you're paddling 'cause you lift your chest up so high, and you work hard."

"Been checking me out again?"

"Shuddup, Wingnut."

Actually, my surfing buds didn't compliment me on my bod... probably thought it was a wussy thing to do. And I didn't comment on theirs, either. Kyle was about the only dude I knew who made feel like I was really special, and didn't mind telling me so. Mind you, I thought the same about him.

After showering at the beach, we walked home with our boards tucked under our arms as we drip-dried.

"Thanks, Kyle. I miss surfing with you."

"Hey, I enjoyed it totally. You're really styling nowadays."

"I had a good teacher... kinda scary dude, but he surfs well."

"Yeah," he laughed, "and you're a scary pupil."

"What are you doing tonight?"

"Meeting Steph, then going for pizza. Mark's working, so Carol's gonna be with us. Wanna come?"

"I'll check. Candy and me are supposed to be watching vids at her house. Her parents will be out, so I'm gonna babysit her."

"Yeah, right. Wear a condom."

"Haven't got one."

We stopped by Kyle's house, where he gave me two rubbers.

"Why two?"

"Just in case you break one trying to roll it onto that tiny dick."

"Yeah... jealous, huh?"

Well, all that stuff Kyle had said about exploring each other's bods and being gentle didn't work. Candy and I were watching vids, while we kissed and cuddled on the couch. I was playing with her tits, and she had her hand down my pants.

"Hey, Candy, Kyle gave me two condoms."


"Yeah, right. They're still in their packaging. You wanna?"

"Wanna what?"

"You know... do it."

"Maybe later."

"Later tonight?"

"No, Wingnut... I mean like later later. I'm not ready yet."

"Whaddaya mean you're not ready? What about Sean's girlfriend?"

"What about her?"

"They do it. Sean told me."

"Sean's a big mouth. Does Kyle boast to you about fucking Steph?"


"That's 'cause he doesn't need to. Guy's who boast are fulla shit. Any girl knows that. That's why guys don't boast to girls... only to their dumbass buddies. Anyway, if you really love me you'll wait 'til I'm ready."

"You scared?"

"Yeah... I am. You?"

"Guess so," I grinned. "I guess anything's scary the first time."

That night, after getting home, I practiced with one of the condoms in my room. I got a woody... well, I already had a woody 'cause I was excited by the idea... then I rolled it on. Hmmm. Not bad. Pretty tight fit. Then I checked myself in the mirror. A bit weird looking, kinda like the end of my dick was blowing a bubble, but it was cool.

There were a whole bunch of images in my head while I jacked off. Candy's tits, Kyle's mouth, Kyle's boner, me fucking Candy - kinda, the way my dick felt when Kyle was blowing me... Jeez! That was soooo fucking awesome, sitting on his chest like that, and watching my woody glide between his lips!

Next day, holding my trophy, I hopped the fence, and breezed into you-know-where. "Hey, Kyle! Check this out!"

He took the condom from me, and examined the contents. "You fuck Candy?"

"No... I was gonna tell you I did, but I remembered what you said about lying to your friends."

"Looks a bit watery, and there's hardly any cum in there."

"It was full, Kyle. Honest! Full of thick, white juice. Thought you might wanna spread it on a sarmie or something."

"Yeah, right. Hey, Steph's coming over tonight to watch the cricket. My folks are going out to a sports cafe. You wanna bring Candy?"


Candy and I arrived at Kyle's after dinner. Sri Lanka were batting second, and Safrica had such a high score that the game was pretty much a non-event. Meantime, I was trying to play with Candy's tits without attracting the attention of Kyle and Steph, but Steph would smile occasionally, and squeeze Kyle's leg, so I figured I'd been busted. Actually, Kyle seemed to be on a bit of a downer, and I figured it might have had something to do with Mark. He hadn't said anything to me, but I knew that he and Mark were pretty thick. Back in their school days, they were practically inseparable... when they weren't bashing the fucking crap outa each other, that was.

After watching the cricket, we all walked Candy home, then Steph and Kyle had to wait while we did our graunching thing. Five minutes later, Kyle and I walked Steph home.

"You guys wanna come in for a while?"

"Gotta get moving, babes. Work tomorrow."


They kissed while I kinda cooled my heels for a while. Didn't wanna stare, even though they'd probably GAWKED at Candy and me. I knew that Kyle and Steph were fascinated with what Candy and I were doing 'cause it reminded them of what they were like when they were grommets.

On the way home, he told me he was sorry for being in such a shitty mood.

"It's cool, Kyle. It was neat just being there with you."

"You and Candy are hitting it off pretty good, huh?"

"Yeah... did you check my boner? I saw Steph watching it, but I couldn't get it down. Think she likes it?"

"No," he laughed. "She likes mine."

"Yeah... I guess she must be too tight for mine, then... so your little one is OK."

That cracked him up. "Fuck off you grommet weenie."

I was desperate to get my rocks off, and I was hoping that my bro could do it for me. "Can I sleep over tonight, Kyle?"

"Can't, buddy... I've got work in the morning."

Damn! "That sucks! You should still be in school. Your weenie is still too tiny to be out in the big, wide world."

I didn't see much of Kyle over the weekend. There was a cut on his cheek, and I guessed it was compliments of Conan. Anyway, I mostly surfed and skated, and gave Kyle some space. He looked like he needed plenty of it.

A few days later, I was at home and heard a splash in the pool next door.

"Heard the splash so I knew you were home," I said as I rocked up to the pool.

"How did you get in? The door's locked."

"Jumped the gate."

"Could've got a spike up your ass."

"Cute ass... you said so. Anyway, I'm too good."

I stripped down to the white briefs that Kyle had given me, then dove in. A few seconds later, I was wrapped in my bro's powerful arms. Cool! He was back to normal.

"So what are you doing tonight?" I asked, hoping for a friendly pair of lips that were prepared to surround my woody.

"Probably go to Steph's."

"Can I come watch?"

"Watch what?"

Yeah, right. "Watch you fuck her tight little pussy."

"You're disgusting."

"Yep," I agreed with a grin. "Wanna come and watch me and Candy?"

"Nope," he laughed as he swam away. "I'm off Disney."

I cracked up, too. "Yeah, it's like the Jungle Book... wild animal sex."

"Dream on."

"One day I'll still be getting a boner and you'll be on Viagra."

"One day I'm gonna shove my dick up your ass and cum outa your mouth."

"Hahahahahaha! With that little thingy?"

That started a wrestling match between the two of us. And I guessed it was also an excuse to feel each other. I enjoyed feeling Kyle's bod... his broad shoulders, deep chest, and strong arms. But he seemed to have forgotten how strong I was getting. Soon, my legs were wrapped around his middle, and were squeezing the crap outa him. But, just before I expected him to give in, he gave me such a thump on my thigh that I figured I was gonna have a bruise for a fucking month.


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