Part 3

I was at my 'puter when I heard mom answer the front door. Iíd gotten an email from Mike who paid me out big time for what I'd done to Freddie. I shouldnít have told him. Those fucking fags were all the same. They stuck together. I answered the knock on my bedroom door.

"Iím sure you remember Freddie," Paul said, sarcastically.

Freddie and I looked at each other. I was kind of shocked while Freddie grinned in a sheepish, self-conscious sort of way. Finally, I got my mouth to work. "Whatís so funny?"

"Your black eye, dude. Itís one helluva shiner."

Paulís grin was wider than Freddieís but much less inhibited. "Well, Daniel? Are you gonna make us stand out here in the hall all day?"

I moved away from the door and motioned them to come in. I peeped down the hall to see if mom was close by. She wasnít, so I locked the door and followed the guys inside. They sat next to each other on the edge of one of my two single beds. I flopped down on my bed, looking as cool as I could, and flicked my blonde hair out of my eyes. I decided to let Paul do the explaining.

"Freddie wants an apology."

"Fuck Freddie."

Freddie avoided my eyes. He was staring unfocused at my bare chest. I glanced back at Paul as he nudged the kid.

"Freddie? Remember what we talked about? Go ahead, dude, and say it."

Freddieís voice was soft and nervous. "I think you should say youíre sorry for what you did to me yesterday."

I slapped the side of the bed as I fell back laughing my tits off. Paul was nearest the door so he answered the knock. He took the tray of milk and cookies from mom.

"Well, you boys have certainly lifted Danielís spirits! Iím glad to see that youíre all getting along so well. Iíll leave you to it. Richard and I are going out for about an hour."

Mom went off down the hall. After a minute or so, we heard the front door close. I waited until the car drove off before I spoke.

"Listen you little fag, Iíve got nothing to apologize for, OK? And as for you, Paul, youíre the one who owes me an apology! What the fuck were you on about yesterday?"

Freddie stood up. "Heís my friend and he gave you what you deserved." Freddieís voice was louder and stronger now. "Youíre gonna say youíre sorry and then suck my penis."

I burst into loud laughter and rolled around clutching at my stomach. "Penis!" I still hurt from Paulís kick yesterday but I couldn't stop cracking up majorly. When I looked up, Paul was standing over me.

"You want another black eye, you homophobic asshole?"

"You got lucky yesterday, prick. Donít push it."

"There are two of us here, man. Better odds than you gave Freddie yesterday. And weíre as mad as shit. Now, do like Freddie says."

Paul was dead serious. Iíd never seen him like this before. I thought about how my eye still hurt and how my stomach was still tender. Those guys could have bashed the shit out of me with no problem.

Freddie loosened his belt and unbuttoned his baggy, blue jeans. He reached into his boxers and pulled out a thick cock that was already semi-hard.

"Get your lips around this, Danny boy. Iím gonna blow a huge load down your throat all the way to your asshole."

Paul laughed. "Freddie! You memorized our script pretty good! Way cool, dude."

"Hey, listen guys. OK, OK, Iím sorry, alright? I just got carried away yesterday. I was mad at Paul for all that fucking faggy, lovey-dovey stuff. Letís forget it, K? Letís just call it even."

"Weíll be even when you eat my cum, and maybe not even then." Freddieís voice was immature for his age but there was a masculine, determined quality about it now.

The dude got out of his jeans and ripped off his shirt. There was a small patch of hair around his stiffening cock and practically none under his arms. He looked younger than he really was but his slim body was well muscled from swim training. He had those swollen, fleshy nipples that some guys get during puberty.

Paul placed his hands on my shoulders, then pushed me down on the bed. "Get your shorts off, man."

I hesitated for a second but I could see that those guys meant business. Half of me wanted to kick both their fucking heads in. Half of me was undecided. I was confused. I reached down, took my shorts off and threw them angrily on the floor.

Paul picked them up and put them to his face. "I could never resist your smell, Daniel, even though Iím mad as all hell at you."

For some strange reason that kind of relaxed me a bit as

Freddie straddled my chest. He wiped his pre-cum on his finger and spread it around my lips. "You like the taste, Daniel? Thereís a lot more coming."

Paul giggled at the double entendre.

As Freddie ordered me to prop myself up against the pillow in a half-sitting position, my mind went kind of numb. It was like I was in the dentistís chair -- I didnít wanna be there but had no choice. Freddieís hands grabbed me around my head as I watched his rock-hard cock getting really close. From here, it looked like a fucking monster even though it was probably less than six inches. His smell reminded me of mine when I'd scratched my balls and put my fingers to my nose. I'd always done that a second or third time to savor the aroma.

"Open up, Daniel. Itís lunch time."

"Iíve never done this before, man. I donít know what to do."

Paul leaned over. "Just try to remember how I do it to you. Keep your lips firm around his cock and get that tongue working overtime."

I felt the kidís hot, hard meat slide between my lips and fill my mouth. Paul was giving advice. "Slide it in and out, Freddie. Fuck his face. Use your hips."

"I know, I know, man. Youíve told me five hundred times already."

I did like Paul said and kept my lips tight around the kidís shaft as it moved back and forth while, at the same time, keeping my tongue moving around. I could taste his pre-cum, and I had to admit that it was kind of nice. My problem was trying to breathe as his hot, fat cock rammed its way to the back of my throat. I quickly learned to breathe through my nose on the backstroke. Spit was filling my mouth and dribbling out of the corners as the flavor of his salty boy juice was becoming more intense.

"Fuck, this is hot!" Paul yelled. "This is way better than any porno, man! Itís so fucking cool to watch! And what do you know? Danielís got a boner!" He dissolved into hysterical laughter.

Freddieís voice was at fever pitch. "Feel my hole, Paul! Finger me!"

The dudeís breathing became faster and harder. He started to moan. "Fuck! He was gonna blow in my mouth!" I thought. He increased the pressure of his grip on my head and I could feel his fingers digging into my scalp. His groin was ramming my face every half second as his rod thumped against the roof of my mouth and caused me to gag. Then he let out an almighty series of screams.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ooooo! Fuck!"

"Shit!" Paul yelled. "This is fucking rad!"

My mouth was overflowing with hot cum.

"Swallow it, man. Swallow it!"

I followed Paulís order and tried to force it down. It was thick and sticky, and hard to swallow in one go. It kept accumulating in my throat.

Freddie took his cock out of my mouth and squeezed its swollen head until the last drop of cum appeared. "Lick this off."

For some reason, I did as I was told. I should have been as mad as hell but I wasnít. What was happening to me?

"OK," Paul said, eagerly, "time for the grand finale."

I was too blown away to say anything at all. They were in control and, for the first time in my young life, I felt helpless. I was at their mercy. I couldnít believe this was actually happening to me.

Freddie got off me and helped himself to the milk and cookies while Paul took his place on my chest. It seemed kind of spooky to see Paulís patch of black pubes so close to my face.

"Play with my nuts and tickle my ass."

His hole was warm and sweaty. His long hangers were soft and cool.

"Hey Freddie!" Paul said -- his voice quivering with excitement. "You stroke me. It feels better when somebody else does it."

I continued to tickle Paulís hole and play with his nads while I watched Freddieís small, neat hand work on Paulís rock-solid meat.

"Here it comes!"

I closed my eyes and felt his hot boy juice splatter all over my face. It was on my eyelids and up one nostril. There was a big blob on my lips and several on my cheeks. I instinctively moved my hand to wipe it off.

"No way, man." Paul grabbed my arm and laughed. "You need a shower."

I was led to the bathroom, placed in the shower and told to sit down. I felt their warm piss hitting my face and coming from two directions. Nobody said anything. When it was over, they left while I showered.

Mom placed the shopping on the kitchen bench. "I bought some hamburger and rolls. Are the boys staying for lunch, Daniel?"

"You wanna stay for lunch, guys?"

Paul and Freddie nodded and smiled. They both thanked mom.

"Can we eat in my room, mom? I wanna show the guys a website."

"A what? I donít want creepy spiders in this house, Daniel!" She shrieked. "Get rid of it!"

We all cracked, then explained to mom what a website was.

"OK, boys, Iíll bring your lunch in when itís ready."

While I was logging on to my server, Paul interrupted my concentration.

"Hey man, how come youíre not mad at us?"

"I am mad."

"No, youíre not. I can tell when youíre mad. Youíre not mad."

"Donít fucking hassle me."

"Daniel, admit it. Youíre not mad."

Freddie interjected with a giggle. "I think he liked it."

I didnít quite know how to deal with the laughter that followed the dudeís comment. I tried to ignore them as I double-clicked on the website. "Check this out, guys."

As the main page of the site came up on the screen, the guys moved closer to the computer for a better look.

"Wow!" Paul said. "This is way cool, man. Who is it?"

I told him it was a guy from South Africa. Freddie leaned toward the screen. "Thereís his pic! Shit, heís a hunk!"

"Settle, Freddie. Youíll stain your boxers and your mom'll freak when she sees them in the wash."

We navigated the site and checked out all the pics. They werenít porno but they were way cool -- lots of Speedos and guys with great bods.

Freddie tapped me on the shoulder. "Can we send this dude an email?

"Sure. What do you wanna say?"

Freddie dictated the email:

hiya dude - way cool site man - love the pics! im with two of my buds and we all think ur a hunk - good luck with the swimmin :o)

As the email was sent, Paul asked me why I was showing them a site with pics of guys.

"I figured you dudes would appreciate it."

"Yeah, but how come you knew about it before we got here? I mean like you said that you hated all that fag stuff, right?"

I ignored Paulís question and logged off the site.

"Daniel?" Paul insisted, "you are gay, arenít you? You like looking at guys, right?"

Freddie didnít wait for my answer. "Did you like what happened this morning? You did, didnít you?"

I had no words. Emotion overwhelmed me and I started to whimper. I'd never cried before that I could remember, except when my dad died. Paul lifted me up out of the chair and threw his arms around me, then Freddie joined in. I put my arms around them. It felt totally awesome to be held tight by those two guys in my moment of truth. We all wept together.

Paul spoke first. "Hey, Daniel, itís cool, man. Weíre your buds. You donít have to worry."

"Yeah, Daniel!" chirped Freddie, "I wanna be your buddy, too!" He grabbed his shirt and dried my eyes. "You know something, Daniel? Youíre an awesome cock sucker for a first-timer."

I grabbed the kid in a mock headlock. "Iíll get you for this, you little hairless prick."

Freddie managed to wriggle his way out of my hold and bounced away. "Hey! Whereís that chest expander thingy Paul told me about? I wanna see you work out."


"I wanna see your muscles. Youíve got a rad bod, man."

"Yeah!" Paul agreed. "Give us a show!"

I suddenly felt really good about myself. Here were two guys who admired my body. What better audience could I have to show it off? And I liked to show off.

"Hang for a sec dudes. Iíve got a pair of those string bikini thingies the muscle guys wear on stage." It was made of an almost transparent material and only just held my cock and balls in its tight pouch. Mike sent it to me with the chest expander. I guessed he was hoping to see me in it one day. I got out of my shorts and into the g-string, then tossed my shorts in Paulís direction where they draped over his face. He let them stay there until Freddie demanded a sniff, and whisked them away from Paul. Man, these dudes were fans, big time!

For the next ten minutes I went through my exercise routine. I figured I was pretty well built for a teen 'cause of the stares I'd get from the girls during swim practice. The guys sat down in front of me so they could look up at my body. As I stretched and contracted my muscles, I watched their faces soak up every tanned bulge. If their eyes had been tongues, they would have licked me to death. Actually, Freddie caught a bead of my sweat on his finger and put it in his mouth. The weirdest thing was that a few hours ago they had the power. Now I had it. They were idolizing me.

"Paul," I ordered after I'd finished my routine, "check if the doorís locked then sit behind me. Freddie, you stay in front." When Paul sat down behind me, I asked Freddie to slowly take off my g-string. "Not so fast, kid. A little at a time. I want you to beg for it."

Freddieís delicate fingers gradually slid my g-string down -- an inch one side, then an inch the other -- until my blonde pubes popped out. The dudeís eyes were as hungry as hell. My meat was almost hard now and the fine nylon was hugging the head like cling-wrap. Finally, my seven inches of swollen boy cock burst out of its confines and the g-string dropped to my feet. I stepped out of it.

"Stick out your tongue, Freddie, and let me watch my pre-cum dripping onto it. Paul, get your face into my crack and tongue my hole like your life depended on it."

Nobody argued. The guys scrambled into position and did exactly as they were told. I was the supreme power. I squatted a little to spread my buns and allow Paulís tongue to more easily enter my hole. Below, I could see my pre-cum building up on Freddieís tongue as he looked up at me with adoring eyes.

"Eat it, kid. Give me the best blow job ever."

Freddie swallowed my cock like he was never gonna see it again, while Paulís hot tongue ate my hole. It was so damn awesome to have those two guys slurping and sucking and licking me like I was some god. Maybe I was a god. I sure felt like one.

Freddie reached up with one hand and felt my chest, while his other hand fondled my nads. Paulís hands were stretching my buns apart as his face pushed hard against my ass. His hot, wet tongue felt like satin in my hole.

Rather than fuck the kidís face, I let his head move back and forth. He was doing a fine job as his lips firmly wrapped themselves around my veiny shaft and his busy tongue set my cock head on fire. My whole body started to tremble. "Guys, Iím gonna shoot. For fuckís sake, donít stop what youíre doing!"

Just before my cock exploded, I grabbed Freddieís head with both hands to make sure every single jet of my juice shot into his cute face. His gagging and slurping made it feel even more awesome while Paulís tongue kept working its magic on my hole. I soon emptied a truck load into Freddieís face, and could hear him gulping every molten wad that catapulted out of my boner.

Before the guys had left my house just after lunch, they asked me if I liked what they'd done to me earlier in the day. I said I didnít like all of it, so Freddie wanted to know which part I didnít like. Paul was eager to know too. I just smiled. "Let the fuckers wonder," I thought.

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