Part 4

I woke to see mom standing over me and covering me with the bed sheet.

"Daniel, I wish you would sleep under the covers instead of laying spread-eagled in the buff like that."

I had a huge piss boner and I knew mom would have seen it, for sure. I could feel the heat from my face turning red.

Mom just laughed. "Nothing to be embarrassed about, son," she reassurred me with a knowing smile. "Your father had one just like that and I saw it plenty of times. Youíre going to make some girl very happy with that fine specimen of yours, young man."

I must have been glowing like a beet by then. Mom laughed again and kissed me on the forehead.

"Donít sleep in too long. Iíll be making breakfast shortly. Oh, and make sure that gorgeous thing settles down before you come out. I donít want Richard getting jealous."Mom went to the door, turned and smiled, then closed the door behind her.

"Gorgeous?" I thought.

I threw the sheet off and went over to the full-length mirror. My cock was at full attention. It felt good to be standing there totally nude with my morning boner bouncing up and down. As my fists clenched, I watched my biceps and pecs bulge. My brown nipples were erect. I tightened my flat stomach so that every muscle in my six pack stood out like cobble stones. I looked proudly at my small bush of blonde pubes. Hmmm. Maybe I was gorgeous.

So, my dad had a cock like this? I wondered if his was as big as mine when he was my age. I guessed it was pretty awesome. I moved closer to the mirror in an attempt to see what my boner would look like to someone who was kneeling in front of me. But, every time I squatted, the mirror image would follow me. Doh!

"I must ask Paul what it looks like when itís right in front of his blue eyes," I said to myself. The thought of fucking Paulís cute face made me want to jack off right away.

I returned to the bed and laid on my back. My fingers lightly tickled my balls until it almost drove me crazy. I turned over and rubbed my cock on the sheet as I visualized Paulís lips sucking the boy juice out of me. I dropped one leg over the side of the bed and fingered my hole. Man! How I wished I could've unloaded my balls down that kidís throat right there and then.

I stood up and went back to the mirror. My cock was about to burst! I used the back of my left hand to rub my hangers while I jacked off with my right. My boner felt like it was made of iron. I was standing with my feet apart and knees slightly bent. I thrust my pelvis forward as I felt my nuts tighten, then watched my molten Daniel juice splatter all over the mirror. It trickled down the glass pretty slowly because it was so damn thick and sticky. When Iíd spent my load, I licked my hand. I was kind of embarrassed about that even though I was alone. It seemed a strange thing to do. Then I thought Ďwhat the hell?í and knelt down in front of the mirror. The glass was cool on my hot tongue and my cum tasted kind of salty. It was good, though.

"Thanks for helping me clean the house, darling."

"K, mom. I cleaned my room, too, even the mirror."

"Goodness! Whatís come over you all of a sudden?"

I laughed to myself as Richard walked into the room.

"Hi, Daniel. Thanks again for those eggs the other morning. Iím leaving after breakfast tomorrow. Hint, hint."

"K, Richard. Iíll get up early and... Oh! Paulís sleeping over again tonight, so weíll both make Ďem for you."

"Great! Iíll look forward to it!"

I double clicked on the Email icon and watched the files download. "Kyle? Who the fuckís Kyle?" I read the letter:
hiya dudes,

thanks for the cool message on my website. glad ya like it! and thanks for the compliment hehehehe. i donít think im anythin special but its cool that ya do.

your friend,

I clicked on reply and started typing.
yeah man the three of us had a pretty cool time yesterday especially after i showed the guys your website hehehe - freddie thinks ur awesome - i guess he thinks im pretty awesome too ;) where do you live in SA? my schools sendin the swim team over to cape town for a school meet next month - ive never been to SA before so maybe you can show us around

I sent another email to Mike telling him about what happened yesterday with Freddie, Paul and me. I figured that should give him something to wank over for the next week.

"That was a way cool lunch, mom." It was one of my favorites -- hamburger, fries, lots of salad and a stack of ketchup. Dessert was ice cream. A double serving. Woohoo! I figured my cock needed feeding too.

It was about an hour after lunch when I received Kyleís reply. It took a long time to download so I guessed he mustíve sent a pic with it.
hiya Daniel

this is rad! ya must be at the school were competin with next month! cool!!!! send me ya pic so i know what ya look like hehehehe itll be fun showin ya round and you can meet my best friend paul - he rocks!

hope ya like my pic! ;)

your friend
I watched as the pic of Kyle slowly opened. It mustíve been about a quarter of a MB. As his face filled the screen, I saw his wicked smile and these really cute freckles on his nose. His lips were full, moist and opened, and looked as if theyíd taste fucking awesome. I couldnít help thinking how theyíd feel firmly wrapped around my throbber.

I scrolled down to his shoulders and chest. Fuck! This kid had a really smooth swimmerís body and not a hair anywhere. I could have spent my life eating those nipples. His skin was lightly tanned and perfect, with not a zit or blemish in sight!

When I arrived at his Speedos my eyes popped. A few black pubes spilled over the top. The white tie was dangling down the front like it was saying "untie me". I tried to work out if he had a boner or not. The shape of his cock head was showing in way cool detail but it didnít look hard. Man, this kid mustíve been six inches on the slack! The pic ended just above his knees, revealing his muscular thighs. Meantime, my boner was busting to get out of my shorts.

I locked the door and undressed. I scrolled back up to Kyleís face, then stood there with my hot meat pointed straight at him. I imagined those thick, red lips begging to eat my cum. I could almost hear Kyle saying, "Hey, Daniel, your cock is way awesome, dude. Fuck my face. I wanna taste your juice."

I started to stroke my seven inches of proud throbber as I kept imagining Kyle begging to eat my load. I moved as close as I could to the screen while pre-cum flicked onto his lips. I stopped wanking for a moment while I rubbed my hand around my balls and up my crack, then smeared his image with my sweat. I somehow knew he would love the smell of my boy scent -- it would make him as wild as hell and beg for more.

I ran my hands over my chest and down to my blonde pubes, then caused my cock to bounce so that more pre-cum flicked over his face. I was gonna tease this sexy mutha so that he would plead like crazy.

My hands got busy again -- one on my balls, the other stroking my cock. My nuts tightened. The rush felt like boy juice was draining from every part of my body. It was totally fucking awesome! My knees buckled as jet after jet splattered all over Kyleís face. "Eat this, you hunky cock sucker," I thought.

After cleaning up the mess with my tongue, and having the fuck scared out of me by the static electricity, I wondered if I should tell Kyle what happened. Oh, fuck. Why not? I wrote the email and sent it off.

I punched in Paulís phone number. When he answered, I asked him if he could talk his dad into letting him bring the digital camera over. He said heíd try and that heíd be here around 5pm.

It was just before 5pm when I decided to have a quick shower. I was naked and about to take a piss when there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Itís me, Paul."

Paul let himself in. "You going somewhere?"

"Nah, just making myself beautiful for you, cock sucker," I joked.

He studied my dick for a moment. "Yeah, well a guy would be a fool not to wanna suck that awesome piece of meat, man."

"Later, dude. And only if youíre good."

There was something special about Paulís boyish giggle. It was way cute, and his sparkling eyes always laughed just as much as his mouth did.

I walked over to the toilet to piss. Paul moved to where he could watch the yellow stream jet out of my piss hole, then continued to watch me as I showered. He wouldnít let me close the glass door. His unwavering attention caused me to get hard.

"Jeez, Daniel, thatís such a fucking rad cock, man. Itís perfect. Wow! I wanna eat it tonight."

"You might get lucky, dude," I smiled.

I turned my back to him, spread my cheeks and soaped up my ass. I knew his eyes would be following my every slow and calculated movement. Sure enough, I heard him mumble, "you fucking teasing prick." I kept my cheeks apart as I let the water cascade down my back and wash the suds from my ass crack. I wanted him to get an eyeful of my brown and pink hole and drool.

Mom told us that dinner would be ready about 7. "K, mom. Paul and I are just gonna play on the comp for a while."


"Never mind, mom. Later"

As Paul and I entered my room, I saw a box on my bed. "You got the camera! Woohoo! Way cool, man." I roughed up his jet black hair and planted a big smooch on his lips. He looked like he was in love.

I told Paul all about the emails between me and Kyle and what I did with his pic. Paul thought that Kyleís pic was awesome, and said that he hoped I had plenty of cum left for him tonight.

"Sure, man. Buckets." Then I told him I wanted him to take some rad pics of me so I could send them to Kyle.

"What kind of pics?"

"Youíll see. Just work the camera. K?"

I got out of my shorts and boxers and ripped off my t. I left my d cap on, though. Mom had stitched the letter Ďdí on one of my baseball caps. It was my fav.

"Youíre gonna pose in the buff? Man, this Kyle dude might post your pics on the Net! Youíre crazy!"

"Nah, I got a feeling about this kid. He seems totally cool. I figure I can trust him. Besides, weíll be seeing him at the swim meet. If heís an asshole, Iíll punch his fucking lights out."

"Well, I hope youíre right."

I ordered Paul to sit on the floor while he took the pics. All the horny pics Iíd seen on the Net were of guys where the camera lens was looking up at them and highlighting their cock. I really wanted to show mine off to Kyle. Just the thought of this guy seeing me in all my naked glory gave me a huge boner. I pretended the lens was Kyleís face as Paul clicked away. Kyle would get to see every square inch of my smooth, tanned skin, as well as my seven inches of hot meat. "Beg, sucker," I thought.

When Paul had used up the cameraís memory, we transferred the pics to the compís hard disk. I couldnít believe what I was seeing. I didnít wanna sound big headed, so I asked Paul what he thought.

"Fucking awesome, man! I thought they looked pretty hot through the view-finder but they look even more awesome on the screen. Wow! I always knew you were hot, but not this hot! You could make a fucking heap as a teen porno star."

"That good, huh?" I saw the dark, wet patch on Paulís baggies. Yeah, I guessed he thought that I looked pretty awesome. "Youíd better let that cum stain dry out before dinner, man," I laughed.

We selected two of the best pics and emailed them off to Kyle with a note to say there were another ten if he wanted to check them out.

Dinner was great but the conversation was fucked. Having Richard around was the pits. Jeez, how I disliked that old fart. He was so smarmy, he sucked big time. I was sure mom was putting up with the asshole just for old timeís sake. I was looking forward to Paul and me fixing his breakfast the next morning. Better still, it would be his last meal here! Yes!

Paul and I pitched the two-man tent in the backyard. Actually, this was the best part about having Richard stay over for the weekend. Sleeping in the tent was a kind of adventure. We could pretend we were way out in the wilderness somewhere, even though the only wilderness Iíd actually get to see was Paulís little patch of black pubes. We stood back and admired our tent-pitching skills.

"Hey! Youíve got a boner! I can see it in your shorts," Paul laughed.

"Itís just naturally that big, man."

"In your dreams, Daniel. What were you thinking about that gave you a boner? Was it that Kyle dude?"

"Not this time."

"Who then?"

I smiled at Paul. He hesitated for a second.


I turned away and let him suffer.

"Daniel? Were you thinking about me?" He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. "Daniel?" His blue eyes were eagerly searching mine.


"You fucking teasing prick! You were thinking about me! And you got a boner! Ha!"

Paul playfully pushed me back a few steps, then totally cracked me up when he started making out like some Zulu war dancer. I doubled up with laughter and fell to the ground when he pounced.

That beautiful, irresistible face was looking down at me, just a few inches from my eyes. He had such soft, fine skin and perfect eyebrows. His jet black hair tumbled down over his forehead. His breath smelt hot and sweet. My eyes narrowed and focused on his ruby lips. They were parted and moist. I watched them until they went out of focus and touched mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue inside.

"Daniel?" It was my mother. I rolled on top of Paul and pretended to be wrestling. My crotch was on top of his so mom couldnít see our boners.

"You boys! Always roughhousing! Iíll be glad when you get girlfriends and settle down. Anyway, I just came out to see if you were OK. Night, Daniel. Night, Paul. Donít let the boogie man frighten you," she laughed.

We said goodnight to mom and crawled inside the tent. There was plenty of moonlight coming in through the open flap so we could see quite well.

"You said you had buckets."


"Buckets, man."

"Oh, yeah." I smiled. "Man you really are hungry for my cock."

"So where are they?"


"The buckets, dammit!"

I dropped my shorts, knelt over Paulís face and dangled my hangers just above his face. "Here they are, cock sucker. Two of Ďem. Which one do you want?"


Paulís eager tongue lept out of his mouth and licked my nads. I lowered myself slightly so that he could work around to my hole. Pretty soon his tongue was moving around all over the place. It felt hot and steamy, and totally out of this world. Every nerve in my body was on fire, and my cock was bursting.

I took hold of Paulís jet black hair and watched the thick blue veins in my hard boy shaft disappear into his mouth. He looked up at me and smiled with his sparkling, blue eyes. I could tell that he was in heaven. I smiled back. "I hope you enjoy your meal, sir."

When Paul had swallowed every single drop of Daniel juice that I could produce, I kissed him softly.

"Itís my turn to blow you now, Paul."

"Blow me?" But youíve never... I mean..."

"Just shut up and fuck my face. Why should Freddie have all the fun?"

It took Paul a moment to believe that I was serious before we re-arranged our positions. I propped myself up on a couple of pillows. "OK man, gimme both balls full. I wanna taste my sex-crazed bud."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Sit on my chest and pretend youíre an asshole like me."

He did. And it was fucking wild! I thought Iíd pass out from that fat six inches cutting off my air supply and then emptying itís hot, sticky load down my throat.

"How was it?"

I smiled.

"Stop teasing me, Daniel! How the fuck was it?"

"I gotta tellya Paul, if I donít get to eat you every day, Iím gonna get real mad."

Paul grinned the biggest grin Iíd ever seen. "That reminds me", he said. "What was it you didnít like about what Freddie and me did to you yesterday?"

"Nothing, dude. Nothing."

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